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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 1 – Spreading of Reputation

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip!!

Ao Wuxu's words had stunned Qin Yu and the others. He killed twenty six Immortal Emperors at once yet was still not satisfied!

"Very strong!" Ye Qu's eyes shined. His wide mouth opened up in a laughter. "Never did I expect that an ice cube like you, other than being cold and icy while training and battling, is even able to talk crazy at my level."

Hearing Ye Qu's words, Qin Yu was unable to refrain himself from smiling. Wu Lan also had a smile on his face.

It's just that Wuxu was still icy-cold. He looked at Qin Yu coldly and said. "Qin Yu, let me remind you…"

"Mn?" Qin Yu was startled.

Ao Wuxu continued coldly. "You had already used one of the two opportunities to command me. There is only one left. Furthermore… from today on, you are not allowed to put me back into Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas, I must continue to be within the Jiang Lan's Realm, this was something that you promised me."

"I know." Qin Yu nodded.

Ao Wuxu also nodded. He then walked over to the meadow far away, sat down cross-legged and no longer bother with Qin Yu anymore.

"Qin Yu, don't mind him. Wuxu is a person who doesn't like to talk too much with others." Said Wu Lan to Qin Yu while smiling.

Qin Yu didn't mind it.

Ye Qu started laughing. "Qin Yu, that ice cube is icy cold. I, Ye Qu, on the other hand is an enthusiastic and fiery person. If you're bored, feel free to come find me since I'll be bored anyways." This Tyrannosaurus rex Ye Qu was a straightforward boor.

Qin Yu nodded.

"Mister Wu Lan." Qin Yu had a question in his heart the whole time. "I have a question, although I have some idea about it but I am unable to completely figure it out. I don't know if you might be able to inform me?"

"You can speak." Said Wu Lan while smiling. Ye Qu also looked toward Qin Yu.

Qin Yu nodded. "As far as I know, Mister Wu Lan, you three had all promised Ni Yang that you would protect him in the time of life and death crisis. However, Ni Yang still died? Could this mean that you all didn't manage to protect him?"

Qin Yu's question was a bit pricking, however, Wu Lan and Ye Qu did not mind about it.

"We didn't manage to protect him. Qin Yu, we promised to protect him in the time of life and death crisis, however that Emperor Yu and Mystic Emperor were overwhelming. They asked Ni Yang to go to the Bewitching God Temple together with them. At that time, Ni Yang also agreed to it." Said Wu Lan slowly.

Qin Yu was instead startled.

Bewitching God Temple? What kind of place is that?

"However, Ni Yang was also only reigning civility. After he entered the Bewitching God Temple, Ni Yang, relying on the fact that he was familiar with the Bewitching God Temple, used some small tricks to cast off Emperor Yu and Mystic Emperor. However, the extreme joy turned into sorrow. When Ni Yang entered the a certain strategic location of the Bewitching God Temple, he stepped on a poisonous bug from the Divine Realm. At that time, us three were inside the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas. Who would've imagined that Ni Yang would be so unlucky? By the time we knew about it, there was already no way to help."

Wu Lan smiled lightly. "Oh, how extreme joy turned into sorrow. This Ni Yang had forgotten that in the Bewitching God Temple, no matter when, one cannot relax."

"A poisonous bug from the Divine Realm was that powerful?" Said Qin Yu in surprise.

From how Qin Yu views it, Immortal Emperor Ni Yang was, after all, a level eight Immortal Emperor. Merely a Divine Realm's poisonous bug, how could it be that dreadful?

Wu Lan's expression changed slightly. He didn't say anything for a long time. It was as if he was recalling his memories.

"Mister Wu Lan?" Qin Yu shouted.

Wu Lan was awaken by Qin Yu's shout, he gave an apologetic smile and then said. "Speaking of the Divine Realm's poisonous bug, Qin Yu, I can tell you this… one cannot look down upon anything from the Divine Realm. The Divine Realm's poisonous bug, let me tell you, even if it was people who had ascended to the Divine Realm, if they were to be poisoned by those poisonous bugs, it is also possible to cause their soul to scatter!"

Qin Yu was overwhelmed with shock.

It was also possible for people that have ascended into the Divine Realm to fall to the poisonous bugs from the Divine Realm. Isn't this Divine Realm's poisonous bug a bit too frightening?

"The Divine Realm's poisonous bugs are also separated into different ranks. Some poisonous bugs are powerful while some have a weak toxicity. Even if the Divine Realm's poisonous bugs were to die, their teeth, tail, sting and some other places were still extremely toxic. Once one gets poisoned by it… Ni Yang was merely an Immortal Emperor, how could he not die from that?" Wu Lan said it as if it was inevitable and right.

Qin Yu had an understanding.

The people from the Divine Realm were also separated into different levels. This Divine Realm's poisonous bugs were also separated into different levels. However, to be able to exist in the Divine Realm, then one cannot underestimate the Divine Realm's poisonous bug. Even if… it was nothing more than the carcass of a poisonous bug.

"Mister Wu Lan, can you tell me a bit about the Divine Realm?" Qin Yu asked.

Wu Lan looked at Qin Yu, he then lightly smiled and said. "Qin Yu, don't be too anxious. What you need to do now is to slowly train. When you're about to ascend to the Divine Realm, I would definitely tell you all that I know of."

Qin Yu smiled embarrassedly.

People usually have a sense of curiosity toward the unknown. Qin Yu was naturally no exception. What Wu Lan had said was correct; there was no usefulness for Qin Yu to know now.

"Eh, Mister Wu Lan, throughout the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, I'd reckon that there's not many people that have some understanding of the Divine Realm? Why are you so familiar with the Divine Realm?" This came into Qin Yu's mind and he immediately asked it.

Wu Lan was somewhat startled.

Ye Qu laughed proudly and said. "Big brother Wu Lan naturally knows about the Divine Realm. In the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, if one were to compare the extent in which one knows about the Divine Realm, there is no one more familiar with it that my big brother Wu Lan."

"Why is that?" Qin Yu immediately asked.

Wu Lan took a deep breath and lightly smiled at Qin Yu. He said. "Qin Yu, all of those in the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas are Demonic Beasts, and I…. am merely a common Demonic Beast from the Divine Realm."

A Demonic Beast from the Divine Realm!

It was as if there was a hurricane in Qin Yu's heart. Although he was able to sense Mister Wu Lan's origins were very mysterious, but when he obtained this result, he still felt extremely astonished.

Divine Realm?

It was the holy place that countless experts of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm yearned for. Regardless of whether it's Lin Yin, Cyan Emperor, or all the other experts, they all wished to ascend to the Divine Realm.

However Wu Lan, he actually came from the Divine Realm.

"Mister Wu Lan, how could that be? If you're from the Divine Realm, how is it possible for you to come to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm?" Qin Yu immediately asked. "Furthermore, your strength was merely at the level of level seven Demon Emperor, shouldn't the Demons of Divine Realm be very strong?"

Wu Lan lightly smiled. "You will know about how strong the Demonic Beasts of the Divine Realm are when you ascend to the Divine Realm. A lot of things from the Divine Realm are not as how you think they are. As for how I came to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm…. it was precisely because of that Bewitching God Temple."

"Bewitching God Temple?" Qin Yu once again heard the words 'Bewitching God Temple.'

"Enough, I temporary do not wish to talk more about this aspect… Qin Yu, what I currently hope is for you to ascend to the Divine Realm as early as possible. It's already been a long time since I left my hometown." Wu Lan looked toward Qin Yu. There was a trace of anticipation in his eyes.

Returning home!

The Divine Realm was Wu Lan's hometown. The Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, to Wu Lan, was merely a foreign place.

"Mister Wu Lan, I will strive my hardest to train." Qin Yu nodded.

Qin Yu suddenly looked toward the endless land.

Following Qin Yu's intention…

Suddenly, the entire Jiang Lan's Realm's Elemental Spirit Aura started to spin. In a split moment, rivers, great rivers and mountains appeared in the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Palace, buildings, pavilions, all kinds of flowers and three…

In a blink of an eye.

The Jiang Lan's Realm had a huge change. Unlike before when it only have an endless amount of land, the current Jiang Lan's Realm was like an ordinary planet. This was Qin Yu's world, he can change it into whatever he wanted.

"What an remarkable ability."

Seeing this, Wu Lan's eyes shined. He was unable to refrain himself from gasping in admiration. However, Wu Lan knew… that the person who actually possessed this remarkable ability wasn't Qin Yu but was rather Uncle Lan. Qin Yu was merely about to have this remarkable ability because he possessed the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Seeing the scene in front of him, Ye Qu was dumbstruck.

"Mister Wu Lan, Ye Qu, brother Wu Xu, and Yun Ming, you four; there is a lot of buildings and palaces here, you all can live wherever you want." Said Qin Yu while smiling.

Wu Lan was also very pleased with the countless amount of buildings.

These different kinds of buildings, and even the different styles of buildings, were actually some of the buildings that Qin Yu had seen before in the Blue Flame Star, Hidden Emperor Star and some other large planets.

"Mister Wu Lan, you all can go rest first. I still have to cultivate for another ten days to half a month. I shall take my leave." Said Qin Yu while smiling. He then picked a pavilion that's facing the water and started training.

Although Qin Yu had reached the late stage Black Hole Realm and his soul had also reached the first layer Heavenly Soul Realm.

However, Qin Yu knew that although his strength had increased, he might not be able to execute them completely in attacks.

What he planned to do was exactly the same as that time when he was doing seclusion comprehension training in the Blue Snow Star. He wanted to make it so that he can execute all of his strength perfectly. With the last time's comprehension as the foundation, this time should be a lot faster.

Not to mention, this time, when Qin Yu trained in the Jiang Lan's Realm, he opened the third layer of the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas and then sent out the Blood Dragon, Ao Wuxu, amongst those in the third layer. He ruthlessly killed all of the elites of Emperor Yu, even the Green Blooded Sword Immortal was killed in battle.

This battle had shocked the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm!

There were twenty six Immortal Emperor elites that were killed, and amongst them was the Green Blooded Sword Immortal!

Such a large loss, even in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm that has constantly been fighting, it was still a rarely seen scene. Furthermore, experts that reached the level of level seven Immortal Emperors were rarely killed in battle. That's because when a level seven Immortal Emperor was confronted with a level eight Immortal Emperor, although he cannot match against the level eight Immortal Emperor, he was still able to flee with absolute certainty.

Those who are able to kill a level seven Immortal Emperor were only experts at the level of level nine Immortal Emperor. Amongst these experts, how many of them would actually go around killing people?

However, Blood Dragon, Ao Wuxu, was a man addicted to killing. He did not care about things like bullying the weak. Since Qin Yu had commanded him, Ao Wuxu would therefore try his best to accomplish his mission perfectly and kill all that he can.

The maple leaves were drifting. A world of red. A white muslin covered woman was sitting on the ground. She appeared to be in perfect harmony with the red world.

"Your Majesty."

Suddenly, an old man appeared in this red world.

"Speak." Said the woman dully.

The old man said respectfully. "Your Majesty, Emperor Yu commanded his troops to surround and kill Qin Yu, unfortunately for him, the result was that all the Immortal Emperors underneath Emperor Yu were slaughtered. A total of twenty six Immortal Emperors were killed, only Emperor Yu and Yellow Gowned Immortal Emperor Mu Yan escaped with their lives."

That woman moved and stood up. She turned around, her gaze was clear and cold. "What about the the Green Blooded Sword Immortal?"

"Green Blooded Sword Immortal Zhi Bai also died in that battle. These twenty six Immortal Emperors that died could be considered as the elites of Emperor Yu. After undergoing such a battle, the Immortal Emperors underneath Emperor Yu that had reached level six Immortal Emperor level were only him and Mu Yan left." The old man was also sighing endlessly.

The woman had a smile on her face. She slightly nodded her head. "I got it, you can withdraw."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

The old man retreated. The red world once again only had the white clothed woman in it.

The white clothed girl watched the falling maple leaves. Her gaze faintly discernable. "To be able to kill that many Immortal Emperors and even make Emperor Yu flee for his life, that Qin Yu most certainly does not possess such a strength. Could it be…. he opened the Ten Thousand Best Atlas's third layer?"

"The strongest within the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas was the Blood Dragon, I believe he was only a level seven Demon Emperor? Hmm, what's going on?" The white clothed girl muttered softly. "Seems like I cannot underestimate this Qin Yu. Having opened the third layer of the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas, he is a now a threat to everyone."

Jade Wave Star, Crescent Moon Bay.

The Dragon Emperor and the Cyan Emperor were currently drinking. It had already been twenty years. Granny Yin Hua and Emperor Ni had long since left. Only the Dragon Emperor continued to stay there.

The Dragon Emperor stayed for precisely this date.

"Oh Old Dragon, I truly congratulate you." The Cyan Emperor had a face filled with smiles.

The Dragon Emperor had a very strange expression. Although he was smiling, there was also a bit of helplessly.

Not long ago, that battle, this Jade Wave Star was not far away from the Reef Yellow Star; Cyan Emperor and the Dragon Emperor clearly watched that battle.

"Your eldest son's strength was truly frightening. He actually reached the level of level eight Demon Emperor now. A level eight Demon Emperor Super Divine Beast. Haha…. just by his true body's strength, he is already no weaker than you are, right?" Said the Cyan Emperor while smiling

The Dragon Emperor was indeed merely a level eight Demon Emperor Super Divine Beast.

The Dragon Emperor drank a cup of wine, took a long sigh and then said. "Oh Chi Qing, what do you think is exactly wrong with I, Ao Fang? I have two sons, one is a Five Clawed Golden Dragon and the other is Blood Dragon. I should be proud of that."

"It was certainly something you could can be proud of. Your Dragon Clan would forever remember your distinguished name. For both of your sons to be so abnormal." Cyan Emperor laughed.

The Dragon Emperor laughed bittered. "It's just that these two sons of mine; I don't need to say much about Wuxu, I was certainly not good to him when he was younger. By the time I started to regret, he had already not considered me as his father anymore. Proud, aloof and peculiar. This type of temperament… he was simply unfit for becoming the Emperor of the Dragon Clan."

The Cyan Emperor also nodded. With Ao Wuxu's temperament, he was indeed unfit in becoming the Emperor of the Dragon Clan.

The Cyan Emperor consoled while smiling. "Don't you still have Wuming? From the way I see it, Wuming is very heroic. Moreover, he is also fond of making friends and brothers."

The Dragon Emperor slightly smiled and then nodded his head. "You're right. Wuming is barely qualified to be the Dragon Emperor. It's just that, to be honest, Wuming is also rebellious in his nature. Look at him… he actually married a White Fox. In the entire history of the Dragon Clan, other than him, is there any other Five Clawed Golden Dragon that married someone that's not a dragon?"

Cyan Emperor cannot help but nod in acknowledgement.

In the history of the Dragon Clan, other than Ao Wuming, there really wasn't any other Five Clawed Golden Dragon that married a non dragon. After all, the bloodline of the Five Clawed Golden Dragon was very precious."

"Sigh. Two sons yet they're both that rebellious. Wuming frequently wanders around the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, isn't that just because he doesn't want to see me? Forget about it… after I pass the Divine Tribulation and let Wuming inherit the title of Dragon Emperor, I'll be a lot more relaxed." The Dragon Emperor was filled with helplessness.

The Dragon Emperor, although his sons are amazing, his ability to educate his sons were extremely lacking.

The Cyan Emperor suddenly laughingly scolded the Dragon Emperor. "Oh Old Dragon, a while back, you were so nice to Qin Yu, seems like you wanted Qin Yu to be good to Ao Wuxu. You crafty Old Dragon."

Dragon Emperor sighed helplessly. "You also know of Wuxu's temperament. He's very proud and aloof. I reckon that he would likely not listen to Qin Yu. I believe that Qin Yu would kill him in anger. Thus, I first got our relationship good beforehand. This Qin Yu would give me face and at the very least not kill Wuxu."

Qin Yu was the master of the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas. No matter how strong the Demon Emperors in the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas were, Qin Yu was still able to kill them with only a thought.

Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 2 – Which Realm Does It Belong To?

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip!!

Cyan Emperor nodded and said while smiling. "That's right, with my understanding of Qin Yu, if you're good to him, Qin Yu would definitely not disregard you and kill Wuxu. Old Dragon, I still didn't really care about Qin Yu a while back, however now… this Qin Yu was also not something that can be looked down upon."

"That's right." Emperor Yu's brows ceased. "As far as I know, there are three very strong Demon Emperors in the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas. Wuxu is one of them. The other two seemed to be about as strong as Wuxu. Of course… that was when Immortal Emperor Ni Yang was still alive.

Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had previously used the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas.

Experts at the level of the Dragon Emperor all knew that there are three great Demon Emperors that's extremely strong in the third layer of the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas. The most dazzling amongst them was the Blood Dragon, Ao Wuxu and the Tyrannosaurus rex, Ye Qu. Contrary to expectations, Wu Lan's reputation was the smaller.

After all, the Wu Lan from back then had only agreed to protect Immortal Emperor Ni Yang's life and would not listen to any of his commands.

Immortal Emperor Ni Yang also had no way around it. After all… when he managed to get Wu Lan into the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas, he used some shadowy means. For Wu Lan to agree to protect his life during moment of life and death crisis, he was already very satisfied.

"It had been less than a hundred thousand years since Immortal Emperor Ni Yang died. A hundred thousand years, it is impossible for ordinary Demon Emperors to break through so fast… I'd estimate that the other two Demon Emperors are likely only level seven Demon Emperors." Said Cyan Emperor. "It's just that with Ao Wuxu and those two Demon Emperors, there really aren’t many people in the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm that would dare provoke the current Qin Yu."

The Dragon Emperor also nodded.

"If nothing unexpected were to happen, then Qin Yu's own strength was already at a very high level and would become a grand influential person in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm." The Dragon Emperor appeared as if he was seeing the scene from thousand of years later.

The Qin Yu that had opened the third layer of the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas was no longer the pushover that he was before. If one were to want to mess with him, one must first look at if one have the skills to do it!

The entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, the big shots of the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm and the Demon Realm were all paying close attention to that battle. At the same time, this great battle had spread through the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm like a wildfire.

Those big shots had all came to realize the dreadfulness of Qin Yu. At the same time, they obtained information or guessed that Qin Yu had opened the third layer of the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas.

Emperor Yu's crushing defeat had caused other big shots like Xue Tianya to have second guesses. They no longer dared to attack Qin Yu as they pleased without a hundred percent certainty anymore. Qin Yu…. all of the experts had started to pay attention of him.

He was an newly emerging power.

Emperor Yu, Blood Devil Emperor, Black Devil Emperor and them had started to pay greater attention to Qin Yu. However, the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm's countless cultivators had spreaded this matter like a legend. Perhaps, only the Dark Star Realm that doesn't interact with the outside world didn't know about Qin Yu.

Twenty six Immortal Emperors!

Each one of them were extremely powerful. For there to be so many dead at once, the speed of such a great news spreading was not something that needed to be talked about. One could immediately imagine how fast and frightening the speed of the news were spreading.

Thus, countless cultivators in the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm and the Demon Realm had came to know about the great name Qin Yu.

Those regular cultivators didn't know about the Ten Thousand Beast Atlas, all they knew was — Emperor Yu surrounded Qin Yu with a great amount of people but instead lost twenty six Immortal Emperors, including the Green Blooded Sword Immortal. Only Emperor Yu and Mu Yan managed to escape.

The whole battle was like a legend.

Emperor Yu, Mystic Emperor, Green Blooded Sword Immortal… in the minds of countless cultivators, they were the supreme, legendary and unequalled existences.

And ever since they heard about this legend!

Countless cultivators in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm had also placed Qin Yu as an unequalled, supreme existence. He had became a person at the same rank as Emperor Yu, Mystic Emperor, Blood Devil Emperor and other super experts.

Henceforth, Qin Yu's great name was spread through the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm!

Immortal Realm. In a boundless misty location.

Within the boundless clouds and mist, there was a pavilion. Emperor Yu was standing in the pavilion without moving. Currently, his clothes were very clean and he was no longer in a sorry state that it was in when he was fleeing. It's just that his gaze was very misty.

Yellow Gowned Immortal Emperor Mu Yan was far away. He was watching Emperor Yu from afar but didn't dare to utter a sound.

The shock to Emperor Yu this time was too great.

Almost all of his true elites subordinates had been wiped out, including his right hand man, the Green Blooded Sword Immortal, Zhi Bai.

"Mu Yan." Emperor Yu suddenly spoke.

Immortal Emperor Mu Yan rushed forth and said respectfully. "Your Majesty."

Emperor Yu had a very calm expression. However, he was also very abnormally pale. "Mu Yan, have you heard about what the common cultivators outside were saying? They are spreading Qin Yu's great name."

Mu Yan had a bitter smile.

For cultivators that possessed an unlimited life, a great battle that caused the death of twenty six Immortal Emperors was certainly something worthy of spreading. Especially because the fight gave birth to a dark horse named Qin Yu.

A lot of cultivators had a longing in their heart. They were longing that these people who are high and above, that Emperor Yu, Cyan Emperor and them, would be stamped.

This was merely a revolting mentality in the deepest part of this heart that was present in the majority of the people.

When they saw what the black horse managed to accomplish, they had all started to grow excited. At the same time, they all remembered his name 'Qin Yu.' Thus, the spreading of his name was of course without sparing any effort.

"Stamping on my body to accomplish his own fame!"

Emperor Yu had a self mocking laugh. "I certainly lost miserably this time around." Emperor Yu's complexion grew even more pale.

"Your Majesty?" Mu Yan noticed that Emperor Yu's tone was amiss.

Emperor Yu turned around and looked at Mu Yan. "Mu Yan, ever since I was a child, I, Feng Yu, have experienced all kinds of setbacks. However, never had I ever imagined that after I become Emperor Yu, I would actually be stepped on by a youngster to attain his own fame and glory. Haha…"

"Zhi Bai died, Yu Fan and them also died… oh how many years have they followed me, you and Zhi Bai had followed me all this time. Only after going through countless battles did I manage to attain the fame and glory of the current Emperor Yu. And, in merely a single battle, they all died."

Emperor Yu slowly walked a couple steps forward.

"In merely a single battle…"

Emperor Yu's voice was echoing. He had already disappeared.

"Your Majesty." Mu Yan shouted in surprise.

"Mu Yan, do not bother finding me. You are to administer all of my current territories. This time, I might be gone for two three days or two three hundred years. It is also possible… for thousand and millions of years before I come back. You don't have to bother finding me."

Emperor Yu's voice was faintly discernable as it echoed in Mu Yan's mind.

Mu Yan stopped. His expression had also grew heavy. Hearing Emperor Yu's final words, Mu Yan was able to sense the change in Emperor Yu's frame of mind.

This time around, the shock to Emperor Yu was too great.

Emperor Yu's current frame of mind was something that Mu Yan cannot imagine. However, Mu Yan knew… that if he were to break away from that kind of state of mind, he would be incapable of becoming that proud Emperor Yu.

Emperor Yu, when would be come back?

The Demon Realm was incomparably vast, it occupied fifty percent of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Amongst them, the Beast Clan's territory was located mainly in the western part of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. As for the Dragon Clan's territory, they are located in the northwest part. Finally, the Bird Clan's territory was located in the northern part of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

Between the Immortal Realm and Demon Realm's Beast Clan territory was an endless amount of Cosmic Space. This Cosmic Space was so big that it was comparable to an entire Star Field. Within this boundless Cosmic Space was all kinds of frightening Cosmic Energies.

It was a place that no one dared to pass through using Greater Teleportation. If one hundred people were to try to pass through it using Greater Teleportation, at least ninety of them would lose their lives. The remaining ten people would've been lucky as they would've traveled outside of the range of the frightening Cosmic Energies.

To the far west of the Immortal Realm, there are many planets that leads to the Demon Realm. The Giant Tree Star was one of the bordering planet at the far west of the Immortal Realm.

The reason why the Giant Tree Star was famous was because in the center of the planet was an extremely tall and extremely wide tree. The roots of this giant tree have nearly permeated through half of the entire Giant Tree Star.

Because of this mysterious giant tree, the Giant Tree Star's Elemental Spirit Aura was also extremely rich. There was also a lot lot of experts on this planet.

Inside the Strange Cloth City, one of the three major cities on the Giant Tree Star.

On the streets of the Strange Clot City.

A grave and stern male. His long black shoulder length hair was drifting in the wind. His black gown matched his profound eyes. He was naturally giving off a kind of extraordinary aura causing the people surrounding him to involuntary move back.

This was Qin Yu who had regained his original appearance.

As for his black gown, that was the Divine Armor, Black Frozen Snow. The current Qin Yu is no longer overcautious like he was back then. With his current strength that's close to that of level three Immortal Emperor, adding on the Divine Armor, Divine Sword Sky Piercer and so on, Qin Yu's true strength was absolutely at the level of level six Immortal Emperor.

Furthermore, the current Qin Yu was also confident enough to take on the attacks from Emperor Yu and them.

"Back then when I was in the middle stage Black Hole Realm, granny Yin Hua had said that in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, there were more than ten people that can break through my Divine Armor. Now that I'm ten times stronger, how many people are left in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm that can break through my Divine Armor now?"

The current Qin Yu no longer feared.

Perhaps, those that could cause him harm would only be the Dragon Emperor, Emperor Ni and the Cyan Emperor… it's just that Qin Yu believed that they would not come to fight him.

Qin Yu had bitterly trained in the Jiang Lan's Realm for another half month. Only after his comprehension toward the 'Sky Piercing Finger' and 'domain' had increased did Qin Yu come out of the Jiang Lan's Realm and set off toward the Demon Realm.

His journey so far had been calm and quiet. He had stopped for rest once and then hurried all the way to this bordering planet, the Giant Tree Star, in a single stretch.

Qin Yu prepared to rest for a while first and then enter the Demon Realm.

Qin Yu raised his head to look.

"Giant Tree Restaurant."

This was the largest restaurant that Qin Yu found in the Strange Cloth City with his Immortal Awareness. For it to dare name itself with the name of the planet, it signifies that this restaurant was no ordinary restaurant. Qin Yu immediately entered this restaurant. There were no guests on the first floor of the restaurant. There was only a large lounge to receive customers. The second floor was the actual location to drink and dine.

Qin Yu immediately headed up to the second floor.

That maid who's receiving the customers by the stairs saw Qin Yu. With her daily experience of receiving hundreds and thousands of guests everyday, she was able to immediately tell that Qin Yu was no ordinary cultivator.

"Young master, please follow me." That maid lead Qin Yu to a table by the window very tactfully.

Inside restaurants, the seats by the windows are usually the better ones.

Qin Yu casually ordered more than a dozen so-called signature dishes of the restaurant. He then ordered some good wines and the 'Green Leaf Wine' that's a local delicacy of the Giant Tree Star. After the food and drinks arrived, Qin Yu started to peacefully enjoy the feast.

"Say, brother, I heard that a very powerful expert had appeared in your Immortal Realm. What's he called again, Qin Yu? He actually killed twenty six Immortal Emperors at once, even the Green Blooded Sword Immortal was killed and Emperor Yu fled in a sorry state."

Not far away from where Qin Yu sat was a capable and experienced man who came from the Demon Realm. He was speaking with excitement. Qin Yu was holding his wine cup, unable to refrain himself from giving a bitter smile.

In this whole journey, Qin Yu had already heard about this countless times. It was evident that that battle had a huge effect. It spread wide and far. It's just that ordinary cultivators were not completely aware about what had happened and started spreading them with additions of their own imaginations.

One spread to ten, ten spread to a hundred, the false information had also turned true.

"I suspect that your Demon Realm doesn't have experts so strong right? Let me tell you, this senior Qin Yu of our Immortal Realm is immensely strong. His cultivation level had already reached level nine Immortal Emperor. Only the great Hidden Emperor could actually match senior Qin Yu." This man was clearly someone from the Immortal Realm.

Level nine Immortal Emperor?

Qin Yu drank a cup of wine while smiling bitterly. Surely this was also something that people had guessed. It's just that through all these passing of news, it had also become true.

However, the speculations of the cultivators were not something without foundation. To be able to fight the level eight Immortal Emperor level Emperor Yu all the way till he fled for his life and also killing so many Immortal Emperors, how could one possibly do that unless one's as strong as a level nine Immortal Emperor?

"Hey, what level nine Immortal Emperor?! This Qin Yu is a level eight Demon Emperor from our Demon Realm! His true body is even that of a Super Divine Beast that's birthed by the world, the Fire Qilin!" Suddenly, a burly man from a table besides them stood up and shouted.

"Fire Qilin?" Qin Yu almost spewed out his mouthful of wine.

"That's right, I have also heard that he is a level eight Demon Emperor Fire Qilin. Could it be that you all didn't know about it? That Emperor Yu used all those Immortal Emperors to set up the Sealing Element Refining Flames Array and even used the Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames to try to burn senior Qin Yu to death in vain." Another Demon Realm's man raised his head up and said. "Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames would kill an ordinary Immortal Emperor without any doubt. However, Emperor Yu had never expected that senior Qin Yu's true body is a Fire Qilin birthed by the world. Burning a Fire Qilin with flames? The result was something that I don't even need to say."

In a moment, the restaurant started bustling with noise and excitement over talks about Qin Yu.

There's surprisingly a lot of supporters thinking that Qin Yu is a level eight Demon Emperor Fire Qilin.

After all, the news about the Reef Yellow Star being burned completely by the Sealing Element Refining Flames Array was spread out by numerous people in the Reef Yellow Star with their Transmission Spiritual Pearl before their death. To be still alive even after being burned by the Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames… a level nine Immortal Emperor's body should not be able to withstand that. Only Fire Qilin or Phoenix could survive it.

However, there are still people retorting saying that a level nine Immortal Emperor possessed the strength to break apart the Sealing Element Refining Flames Array. However, there were also people who stood up saying that Qin Yu is a hidden expert from the Devil Realm…

Hearing the enthusiastic discussion regarding himself, Qin Yu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He finished his feast and then left this restaurant.

Those people who are discussing with great excitement still didn't know that the person from earlier was the target of their discussion, Qin Yu.

"Immortal Realm, Devil Realm, Demon Realm? To be honest, I don't even know which realm I belong to." Qin Yu arrived at the location of the Giant Tree Star's Interstellar Conveying Array with a face filled with smiles.

"Ten High Grade Spirit Elemental Stones." Said a man by the Interstellar Conveying Array to Qin Yu with a smile.

The price of transportation between the two Realms was indeed excessively expensive.

After handing over ten High Grade Spirit Elemental Stones, Qin Yu stepped into the Interstellar Conveying Array. After the flickering of lights, Qin Yu disappeared from the Interstellar Conveying Array.

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