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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 62 – Agreement

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

"Old Dragon oh Old Dragon, you truly wished for the whole world to be in chaos. I, Chi Qing, am not gifted like your Dragon Clan nor do I possess the love from the world like Emperor Ni; even if I was to be somewhat lucky, but to be called the number one individual of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, I'm far from it." Scolded the Cyan Emperor while laughing.

The Phoenix Emperor Ni also laughed and scolded. "This old dragon, as the Emperor of the Dragon Clan, who knows how many treasures that he has but we don't know of. This Phoenix Clan of mine, at the time when we have the most members in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, we have merely two. And now, there's only me that's left. After I passed the Divine Tribulation and ascended, there won't be any more Phoenix in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. As for the Dragon Clan… it's a densely packed herd."

Qin Yu found it funny as he listened.

However, he was also able to guess that how could the Dragon Emperor of the Dragon Clan not possess exceptional treasures?

Level nine Demon Emperor level Super Divine Beast, the Dragon Emperor of the Dragon Clan, the Cyan Emperor who had remained a level eight Immortal Emperor for countless years and the mysterious granny Yin Hua. One cannot look down on any one of them.

"In the previous years when we meet together, there was also that Gold Punishment Lord. However, now the Gold Punishment Lord was already gone." Emperor Ni suddenly sighed and said.

"That's right, Gold Punishment Lord. I still remember the scene of us four meeting together." Cyan Emperor also sighed.

Qin Yu grew surprised.

Gold Punishment Lord, who is that?

Dragon Emperor noticed Qin Yu's confusion, he smiled and said. "Oh Qin Yu, it would seem that you still didn't know about the Gold Punishment Lord. However, you should know about the Dark Star Realm, right?"

Qin Yu nodded.

Between the territories of the Immortal Realm and the Bird Clan, in a region to the northeast of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, there was the legendary Dark Star Realm that occupied ten percent of the area of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

"There are three great sovereigns in the Dark Star Realm. These three great sovereigns belonged to a type of continued tradition and were passed on from generation to generation. These three great sovereigns are respectfully the Gold Punishment Lord, Black Flame Lord and the White Mystic Lord." The Dragon Emperor carefully explained.


Qin Yu's heart started to tremble.

He finally knew who the Black Flame Lord and the White Mystic Lord are.

They're actually two of the three great sovereigns of the Dark Star Realm.

The Dragon Emperor continued. "The three great sovereigns of the Dark Star Realm were passed on from generation to generation. Of which the Gold Punishment Lord was the leader whereas the Black Flame Lord and the White Mystic Lord were the assistants. The three great sovereigns ruled over the entire Dark Star Realm together. The Gold Punishment Lord of the previous generation was a good friend of I, Emperor Ni and the Cyan Emperor. The four of us frequently get together."

Experts are lonely.

Upon reaching the level of the Dragon Emperor, they are usually only associated the other three. The four of them all knew of the exceptional aspect of the other three.

Cyan Emperor also nodded and said. "Amongst the four of us, the Gold Punishment Lord's strength was the strongest. He was also our big brother. However… Gold Punishment Lord had already passed the Divine Tribulation and ascended into the Divine Realm."

Ascended into the Divine Realm?

Qin Yu was slightly shocked. Although he had always heard of passing through the Divine Tribulation and ascending into the Divine Realm; but all these years, it was the first time that he heard about someone who had actually ascended into the Divine Realm.

Gold Punishment Lord, the leader of the three great sovereigns of the Dark Star Realm. "Now that we mentioned the Divine Tribulation, it was also the three great sovereigns of the Dark Star Realm that's amazing. No matter which generation's sovereign they are, it seemed as if none of them had ever failed. However, the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm and even the Demon Realm, the chances of them failing was all very high." Cyan Emperor gasped in admiration.

"Senior Cyan Emperor, you said none of them had ever failed?" Qin Yu found it a bit hard to believe.

"That's right, the three great sovereigns of the Dark Star Realm, at least as far as I know, no matter which generation's sovereigns they are, they have never once failed the Divine Tribulation." Cyan Emperor nodded.

Qin Yu was unable to refrain himself from smacking his lips.

To be able to successfully pass a tribulation signifies the strength of the person involved. Every generation of the three great sovereigns of the Dark Star Realm had successfully passed the Divine Tribulation; the strength of these three great sovereigns of the Dark Star Realm was evident. Furthermore, the Gold Punishment Lord from the previous generation was known as the big brother of the Cyan Emperor and them. To be considered as the big brother by Cyan Emperor and them, his strength was obvious.

"Although the Dark Star Realm composed of only ten percent of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, but their true strength was reckoned to be powerful to a frightening level." Qin Yu was unable to help himself from gasping in admiration in his heart.

Granny Yin Hua, Cyan Emperor, Emperor Ni and the Dragon Emperor were chatting. Some of the secret stories of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms were casually being said by them. As for the Dragon Emperor, he was unusually good toward Qin Yu and would frequently explain some things to Qin Yu.

As these four people conversed, Qin Yu also found it a bit hard to ask. Thus, he frequently came across things that confused him. Having obtained the Dragon Emperor's careful explanations, Qin Yu also started to have a favorable impression of the Dragon Emperor.

After hearing all that, Qin Yu came to understand completely.

This time around, the Dragon Emperor and Emperor Ni came to congratulate the Cyan Emperor. The main thing was that the bitter training that the Cyan Emperor had been undergoing for all these years had finally succeeded. As for what the training was for… Qin Yu was not certain of it.

"Chi Qing, when do you plan to take on the Divine Tribulation?" Suddenly, the Dragon Emperor asked.

"When?" The Cyan Emperor pondered for a moment. "I have yet to carefully think about it. However… it shouldn't be too long from now. To be honest, what I wished the most all these years was to train and cultivate successfully. As for undergoing the Divine Tribulation after actually obtaining success, I instead grew a bit hesitate and indeterminate." The Cyan Emperor had a self mocking smile.

Qin Yu was confused. One could prepare when to take on the Divine Tribulation?

According to what Qin Yu knew, to undergo a tribulation, usually when one's strength reached the level, one would automatically sense when the tribulation will come. When to take on the Divine Tribulation, it was something that the Heavens decides, how could one possibly decide when to take on the tribulation?

However, Qin Yu did not ask and instead only continued to listen quietly.

"Chi Qing, maybe you would take on the Divine Tribulation even earlier than me." Said Emperor Ni with a smile.

Emperor Ni was also a level nine Demon Emperor. It's just that she currently still haven't sense when she would be undergoing the Divine Tribulation.

Granny Yin Hua spoke. "The amount of time Chi Qing stayed in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm was truly too long. There's not much sense for him to continue staying any longer. It's also good for him to undergo the Divine Tribulation earlier and ascend into the Divine Realm."

"Mn, that's right." Dragon Emperor said in approval.

In the middle of their conversations, Qin Yu decided to leave. It was mostly because toward the end of their conversations it had became trivial matters amongst friends. For an outsider and a junior like Qin Yu, it was not good for him to continue staying there and listen. Granny Yin Hua, Dragon Emperor and them also knew that Qin Yu felt awkward and decided to let Qin Yu leave earlier.

This time's banquet, Qin Yu did not eat anything. However, he managed to learn a lot of things.

After returning to his own residence, Qin Yu was still unable to keep his calm.

"Dragon Emperor, Emperor Ni and them, they ought to be the most upmost level group of people in the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm." Qin Yu's heart was trembling. The strength of those people were too powerful. Qin Yu was able to sense that…

If any of these four wanted to kill him, they would all be able to do it easily.

As for the Divine Armor?

Granny Yin Hua had once said that there are no less than ten people in the Immoral, Devil and Demon Realm that could break through his Divine Armor. From what Qin Yu saw, these four people was absolutely able to break through his Divine Armor and cause the Black Hole within his body to collapse!

These are the true experts "The gap between me and them was so very big" Qin Yu took a deep breath.

These four people, even if the opponent was to be the level nine Immortal Emperor, Hidden Emperor, Lin Yin; Qin Yu still felt that… Lin Yin was inferior to these four.

As the core planet of the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy, the Jade Wave Star's transportation was very developed. There was also a lot of Interstellar Conveying Arrays. Amongst them, there were even three Interstellar Conveying Arrays that transports one to other galaxies from the Jade Wave Star.

These three Interstellar Conveying Arrays respectfully lead to the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy's north side, west side and east side. Altogether, it's leads to three major galaxies.

The galaxy to the west of the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy was the Blood River Galaxy. The Blood River Galaxy took the form of a strip. The outside of the galaxy was surrounded by a thin layer of red. It appeared like a crimson colored river.

The Interstellar Conveying Array that lead to the Blood River Galaxy is connected to the Reef Yellow Star.

On the Reef Yellow Star of the Blood River Galaxy.

The surging river was rushing toward the north. There are three people high up in the skies above the surging river. The leader of the three was Emperor Yu who was donned in a purple gown. Behind him stood two white clothed youths.

An enormous Immortal Awareness was sent over from the direction of the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy. It passed through the cosmic space of the two major galaxies and directly covered the entire Reef Yellow Star.

"Brother Chi Qing's Immortal Awareness is so very powerful." Emperor Yu's Immortal Awareness was also extended. It came into contact with the opposing Immortal Awareness.

"Old boy Feng Yu, what business do you have for you to send a transmission to me?" Asked the Cyan Emperor. Before this, Emperor Yu had just send a transmission to him via his Transmission Spiritual Pearl. Because the two were not located far from each other, they decided to communicate with their Immortal Awareness.

Not located far from each other; that was only in regards to the Cyan Emperor and Emperor Yu only. The distance of two whole galaxies, that's still a very frightening distance.

"Yu Fan had already told me everything, I am merely very surprised… that brother Chi Qing actually knew that person was Qin Yu." Emperor Yu had a smile on his face as he transmitted those words via Immortal Awareness.

"If old boy Feng Yu knows, it's not surprising at all for me to know." Said the Cyan Emperor with a gentle laughter.

Emperor Yu was cursing in his heart.

The old guy Cyan Emperor truly conceals too much. All these years, Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor had still never managed to see through exactly how much strength the Cyan Emperor were hiding. However, just the portion that was discovered by Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor was already terrifying enough."

"Brother Chi Qing, I seek for brother Chi Qing this time around because of the matter with Qin Yu." Emperor Yu directly voiced his purpose in coming.

"You said Qin Yu? Could it be that you want that Bewitching God Painting?" Cyan Emperor asked instead.

Emperor Yu was startled. He only now discovered that the Cyan Emperor actually knew so much. At this moment… Emperor Yu grew alert. He did not believe that the Cyan Emperor would not care about the Bewitching God Painting.

"So brother Chi Qing actually already knew everything. That's right, I want that Bewitching God Painting. You also know that it is very hard to take on the Divine Tribulation. WIth a misstep, millions of years of bitter cultivation and training would become nothing. No matter what, I want to increase my confidence and increase the success rate of taking on the Divine Tribulation." Said Emperor Yu very sincerely.

The Cyan Emperor grew silent for a long while.

"I understand what you were thinking." Said the Cyan Emperor after some consideration. "It's just that I have a favorable impression toward this little brother Qin Yu. If he were to be killed by you just like that, then…"

"Brother Chi Qing." Emperor Yu interrupted Cyan Emperor.

"I believe brother Chi Qing wasn't acquainted with Qin Yu in the past, even if you were to have a favorable impression of him after meeting him now, that does not account for much. Wasn't acquainted with him before and only knew him for a couple days, it shouldn't be enough for you to have a deep affection toward him. Could it be… that brother Chi Qing also have his eyes on the Bewitching God Painting?" Emperor Yu instead asked.

"Bewitching God Painting? Humph, Feng Yu, when Ni Yang had that Bewitching God Painting, when you, Mystic Emperor and him all gone to the Bewitching God Temple together, did I join you? That time when you all invited the Blood Devil Emperor and them to go together with you, did I join you? It seemed to me that I have never once bothered to go. You said that I had my eyes on the Bewitching God Painting? Isn't that a bit too ridiculous?" The Cyan Emperor sounded a bit angry.

Of course Emperor Yu knew about these things.

The top experts of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm had previously entered the Bewitching God Temple several times. However, this Cyan Emperor did not go even once. At the very least, Emperor Yu and them had never heard of the Cyam Emperor entering the Bewitching God Temple.

Unless the Cyan Emperor secretly entered by himself.

Emperor Yu didn't believe that Cyan Emperor would be foolish enough to refuse to enter with others but instead go in by himself into such a dangerous place.

"Brother Chi Qing, my words were mistaken. However, why must you protect that Qin Yu like so?" Emperor Yu grew a bit anxious. If Cyan Emperor were determined to protect Qin Yu, then it would truly be difficult for him to kill Qin Yu.

Emperor Yu clenched his teeth, he then said via sound transfer. "Brother Chi Qing, I remember that you still owe me a favor. You had said back then that if there is a request for you, then you would help me with your all. Now, I…"

"If you want me to kill Qin Yu, that's absolutely cannot be done." Said the Cyan Emperor decisively. "I owe you a favor, if you want me to help you in other things, then I can do it. However, killing him was absolutely out of the question."

"I didn't want you to kill you, I only need you… to not obstruct me from killing him." Emperor Yu continued. "This way… I would absolutely not do anything in the territory of the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy. However, once he exit the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy, you are to immediately tell me. As long as you let me know, then you would have returned my favor. What do you think?"

Experts at the level of the Cyan Emperor rarely owes other favors.

At that time, the Cyan Emperor needed a treasure. When Emperor Yu found out about that he instead was overjoyed. He used all means possible to obtain that treasure and presented it to the Cyan Emperor so that the Cyan Emperor would owe him a favor. Now that he had used this favor, Emperor Yu was also a bit unwilling to let it go.

Seeing that the Cyan Emperor was still silent, Emperor Yu continued. "I only wanted you to inform me. I don't need you to kill him and would even not attack him in your territory."

"Then… alright."

The Cyan Emperor finally agreed. "When Qin Yu go through the Interstellar Conveying Array, I would let you know about it. However, you must remember that no matter what, when you are within my territory, you are not allowed to kill him. As to how you will attack him and whether or not it's successful, those are none of my concern."

"Good, it's a deal." Emperor Yu was overjoyed.

"That's settled then." The Cyan Emperor retrieved his omnipresent Immortal Awareness.

Emperor Yu had a slight smile on his face. One of the two white clothed youths behind him spoke and asked. "Your Majesty, is it a success?"

"Cyan Emperor, since he agreed he would absolutely accomplish it." Emperor Yu was very confident. Suddenly, he asked. "That's right, how many of the Immortal Emperors underneath me managed to arrive on the three assemble points?"

The white clothed youth on the left side said respectfully. "There are currently sixteen Immortal Emperors that have arrived on the three assemble planets. The other Immortal Emperors were still rushing over. I estimate that in another day, there would be certainly forty eight Immortal Emperors."

"Very good." Emperor Yu's current mood was very good.

The famous Immortal Emperors underneath Emperor Yu included the Eighteen Emperors and Thirty Six Lords. At the same time, he also has many Immortal Emperors underneath him without much reputation. However, their strength was also very strong.

"Qin Yu, I have arranged an inescapable net; let's see how you will flee this time around." Emperor Yu was completely confident.

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