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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 63 – Sealing Element Refining Flame Array

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: ME!

Angelica Dahurica Galaxy, Jade Wave Star. On a courtyard on the Crescent Moon Bay. At this moment, Cyan Emperor was anxiously questioning granny Yin Hua.

"Big sister Yin Hua, why would you make me agree to it?" Cyan Emperor was a bit angry and worried. At the same time, he was also confused. "Big sister Yin Hua, now that Feng Yu laid down an inescapable net, it would be very hard for Qin Yu to safely escape. Not only did you refuse to let me prevent him, you instead make me agree to let him know when Qin Yu leaves. This…"

At the moment when Emperor Yu and Cyan Emperor were conversing, all the information from their conversation was directly transmitted into granny Yin Hua's mind by the Cyan Emperor.

Emperor Yu requested that the Cyan Emperor not to obstruct him in killing Qin Yu and even tell him when Qin Yu leaves the Jade Wave Star. At that moment, the Cyan Emperor was prepared to decline that. However, granny Yin Hua who was next to him instead told him to agree to it.

Cyan Emperor trusted granny Yin Hua and thus he agreed.

"You need not be worried about this." Granny Yin Hua said while smiling. "If Qin Yu were not to receive some setbacks, then how could be become someone who is worthy of respect? Furthermore, if he were to be unable to break through even Emperor Yu's trap, then even if he were to die, there was no one that he can blame for that."

Granny Yin Hua's tone contained within it a disdain toward Emperor Yu's trap.

"That's right, young people should receive more setbacks so that that can temper themselves. That's also to their benefit." Hearing granny Yin Hua's reasoning, Cyan Emperor also decided to speak no more.

The main reason why the Cyan Emperor was so nice to Qin Yu was also because of granny Yin Hua. Had it not been for the fact that granny Yin Hua was fond of Qin Yu, then how would the Cyan Emperor be so nice to a total stranger?

When even granny Yin Hua was speaking like this, Cyan Emperor naturally didn't say anymore. "Big sister Yin Hua, I'll stop bothering you and will be taking my leave first." Said the Cyan Emperor while smiling. Granny Yin Hua only slightly nodded with her back toward the Cyan Emperor. Then Cyan Emperor quietly left the courtyard.

In the courtyard, granny Yin Hua was looking at the endless empty sky.

"This Qin Yu's cultivation speed. It gives the impression that it's pretty good, but… why am I unable to tell what he have that's exceptional and amazing?" Granny Yin Hua had a slight puzzled expression. "Hopefully he doesn't disappoint me."

Qin Yu stayed in the Crescent Moon Bay for several more days. In these couple days, Qin Yu had met with the Dragon Emperor, Emperor Ni, Cyan Emperor and granny Yin Hua several times. Amongst which he met with the Dragon Emperor the most often. That was mainly because the Dragon Emperor took the initiative to come and chat with him.

At this moment, the Cyan Emperor, Dragon Emperor, Emperor Ni, granny Yin Hua, Song Shi and others were seeing Qin Yu off. Today, Qin Yu had finally decided to leave.

"Worthy nephew Qin Yu, stay for a couple more days, Emperor Ni and I was still going to stay here for quite a while. You also don't need to be anxious to leave too fast." Said the Dragon Emperor to Qin Yu with a slight unhappiness.

"Uncle, I really have an important matter." Said Qin Yu helplessly.

The expression and tone that the two had when they were talking to each other had caused others to be able to clearly sense the intimateness of the two. In these past several days, the Dragon Emperor had always been calling Qin Yu 'worthy nephew Qin Yu.'

"Old Dragon ah, call it a day. A child must always leave the house and wander the world." Said Emperor Ni while smiling.

The couple people on the scene all knew why Dragon Emperor was so excessively good toward Qin Yu. When thinking about the reason, these couple people all snickered in their heart.

"Qin Yu, take well and go out to wander the world. Granny believes that the next time she sees you, your strength would have increased by leaps and bounds." Said Granny Yin Hua to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu immediately replied respectfully. "Granny, please rest assured. This Qin Yu would definitely not slack off."

Qin Yu was also to sense the demand that granny Yin Hua had for his strength.

"Senior Cyan Emperor, senior Emperor Ni, uncle, granny, Song Shi. I will be leaving now, goodbye." Said Qin Yu as he cupped his hand respectfully.

Afterwards, Qin Yu's body turned into a ray of light and disappeared into the horizon.

Blood River Galaxy, Reef Yellow Star.

Emperor Yu who was donned in a purple gown was standing atop the peak of an isolated mountain. He was looking toward the distant east, the direction of the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy.

"Mu Yan, are all the preparations ready?" Asked Emperor Yu tranquilly.

A yellow gowned old man standing behind him said respectfully. "Your Majesty, there are three Interstellar Transmission Arrays on the Jade Wave Star that leads to other galaxies. Of these planets the three Interstellar Transmission Arrays leads to, the other two both have sixteen Immortal Emperors assembled. As for this third planet, Reef Yellow Rock, there are more than twenty Immortal Emperors assembled here. We certainly have enough manpower to arrange a large formation."

"Very good." Emperor Yu's eyes shined.

"Transmit the orders, tell the forty eight Immortal Emperors that are setting up formations on the three major planets to be ready to immediately start the Sealing Element Refining Flame Array the moment they receive my order. This time, we must capture Qin Yu no matter what." Said Emperor Yu decisively.

"Yes, Your Majesty." The yellow gowned old man also had a slight excited expression on his face.

At the same time, a Transmission Spiritual Pearl appeared on the yellow gowned old man's hand. He started to send Transmission to the Immortal Emperors on the three major planets.

Time passed by the seconds.

Emperor Yu stood motionless on the peak of the isolated mountain. There was no sense of urgency on his face. Today was the day that Qin Yu was leaving from the Jade Wave Star. This was the information that the Cyan Emperor personally transmitted to him and would definitely not have any problem. As for when Qin Yu would be going though, that's a bit hard to say.

At this moment, Emperor Yu was holding onto a Transmission Spiritual Pearl. He was waiting for the Cyan Emperor's transmission!

"Feng Yu, Qin Yu had stepped onto the Interstellar Conveying Array that leads to the Reef Yellow Star!" A transmission suddenly arrived on the Transmission Spiritual Pearl. With a sweep of his Immortal Awareness, Emperor Yu's eyes shined.

"My task is already accomplished. As for whether or not you can catch Qin Yu, that's your own task. Furthermore… do not tell Qin Yu that I have helped you out." The words of the Cyan Emperor contained within it dissatisfaction.

Emperor Yu's face was smiling to the brim. "Rest assured, I would certainly not tell him."

"Your Majesty, a man arrived from the Jade Wave Star's Interstellar Conveying Array. His appearance does not match the appearance that Your Majesty spoke of. He most certainly have changed his appearance. As for his strength…. this subordinate was unable to tell." Another information message was transmitted over.

After Emperor Yu saw this message, he was absolutely certain.

"Everybody, I command you to start the Sealing Element Refining Flame Array of the Reef Yellow Star completely." Emperor Yu send an order to the sixteen Immortal Emperors who had been waiting for his order the whole time.

An Immortal Emperor who was stationed in the surrounding of the Reef Yellow Rock and awaiting the whole time received the command. He had a long sigh of relief. "Finally started."

Not only him, the other fifteen Immortal Emperors who were also waiting the whole time also relaxed. At the same time, the sixteen people started the Immortal Spiritual Energy within their body. Numerous hand seals were executed unceasing.

In a snap of the fingers.

One by one, light pillars soared into the sky. At the same time, numerous light pillars were shot into the Reef Yellow Star from the Cosmic Space. In a split second, the whole Reef Yellow Star startled to tremble as if it had an earthquake.

By the Interstellar Conveying Array of the Reef Yellow Star.

Qin Yu had just walked out of the Interstellar Conveying Array and immediately felt that the land was trembling. There were also frightening light pillars falling from the skies.The surface of the ground was shattered. The energies filled the air. All the cultivators in the surroundings had alarmed expressions.

"What happened here?" Qin Yu was completely unknown as to what had happened.

The cultivators in the surrounding were also confused and alarmed upon seeing such powers being displayed. "Ah, could it be that the Immortal Emperors were battling? They actually caused the entire Reef Yellow Star to tremble. Everyone, run away. This Reef Yellow Star might explode." Some Immortal practitioner started to shout.

"I'll pay ten top quality elemental spirit stones, quickly, send me off." Someone took out some top quality elemental spirit stones and wanted to take the Interstellar Conveying Array.

At this moment, the entire Reef Yellow Star was filled with powerful energies. If one were to use Greater Teleportation, then they'll only be courting death. They could only leave via using the Interstellar Conveying Array. A lot of people started to assemble by the Interstellar Conveying Arrays trying to leave.

"Scram. Get to the side, let me go first. Otherwise I'll kill you." Shouted a black clothed one-eyed man angrily.

Chaos ensued.

There was only that many Interstellar Conveying Arrays; a large amount of Immortals came rushing over trying to fight over those Interstellar Conveying Arrays. Forcing their way through with their power or bribing their way through with their money…. a chaotic scene.

"What exactly happened?" Everything came too sudden. Qin Yu was still confused as to what had happened.

Suddenly —

"Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" Continuous explosions were heard. Some of the tatters from the explosions firmly landed on Qin Yu's body and were jolted into dust by Qin Yu's external protective aura.

Qin Yu turned his head around to look.

It turned out that all the Interstellar Conveying Arrays of the Reef Yellow Star were completely destroyed from the explosions earlier.

"What are you doing?" Qin Yu coldly looked at the white clothed man in front of him. "Why did you destroy all the Interstellar Conveying Arrays?"

It was precisely this white clothed man that destroyed all the Interstellar Conveying Arrays in a flash. This caused Qin Yu to be very angry. However, Qin Yu had also discovered this man's strength — level four Immortal Emperor. The sole Immortal Emperor in the surrounding.

Seeing the destroyed Interstellar Conveying Arrays, all the Immortals in the surroundings were stunned.

"Why did you destroy the Interstellar Conveying Arrays? Can't you see that the entire planet is vibrating?" A youngster walked out and shouted angrily. "There might even be a great disaster that could happen in the Reef Yellow Star. A while back there were even two great Immortal Emperors fighting each other on the Blue Snow Star that have destroyed half of the planet. If such a thing were to happen again today, then because of you, we all might lose our lives."

"You, can shut your mouth." Said the white clothed man indifferently. With a sweep of his Sword Ray.

That youngster that was reprimanding him were impaled on the spot. His soul was scattered.

Absolute silence.

None of the numerous Immortals that were present dared to speak. Firstly because they were able to tell how strong this white clothed man was. And secondly because that youth from earlier was a extremely strong Golden Immortal, yet he was killed with a single sword strike.

Let alone… no disaster had occurred on the Reef Yellow Star yet. All of what had happened was merely speculation.

"You should be an Immortal Emperor right? A magnificent Immortal Emperor yet dared to destroy Interstellar Conveying Arrays. Say, why did you destroy the Interstellar Conveying Arrays?" Said Qin Yu to the white clothed man indifferently.

At the same time… Qin Yu spread his Immortal Awareness through the entire planet.

Immortal Emperors!

One, two, three…

"Twenty two Immortal Emperors!" Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness had already discovered all the Immortal Emperors on the planet. That included the Immortal Emperor with the strongest strength — Emperor Yu. Qin Yu immediately felt that the situation's bad.

"Could it be that after I entered the Jade Wave Star, Emperor Yu had people waiting here ever since? They discovered my identity the moment they saw me? But how did he recognize me?" Qin Yu was confused. He was able to vanish his aura; they should not be able to sense him.

Could it be that they decided that whoever that they cannot tell the strength of must certainly be me?

Qin Yu believed that Emperor Yu cannot be this reckless.

Unfortunately, he was unable to imagine that it was the Cyan Emperor who sold him out.

"Haha, Qin Yu, in order to catch you, His Majesty have assembled all his top experts in the three major planets to wait for you. Humph… you can forget about running away this time around." Said the white clothed man while laughing loudly. Afterward, he flew toward the sky.

Almost at the same time, Qin Yu also flew to the sky.

"The Interstellar Conveying Arrays were destroyed; everyone, fly away from the Reef Yellow Star first. Once we arrive on the stable Cosmic Space, then we can use Greater Teleportation." An Immortal said that as he flew toward the sky. At the same time, a large group of Immortals also followed him and started flying toward the sky.

One in front and one behind, the white clothed man and Qin Yu flew toward the sky.

With the speed of Immortals, they break through the atmosphere of the Reef Yellow Star in a blink of an eye. At this moment, Qin Yu was however standing in the middle of the atmosphere. The surrounding mist was drifting pass him. Qin Yu had a real deep frown.

"The whole planet was trapped, seems like one cannot teleport away from here." Qin Yu was very calm.

The Immortal Emperor from earlier had directly flew into the Cosmic Space. However, Qin Yu was unable to succeed in doing that. He was instead obstructed by an omnipresent net of light as he was flying.

That net of light appeared to be a circular shape. It covered the entire Reef Yellow Star.

At this moment, the entire Reef Yellow Star was like an egg yolk. It was completely covered by an eggshell known as the net of light.

"Bang!" "Bang!" "Bang!" "Bang!"…

Ramming sound sounded in succession. All of the Immortals that flew after them were all knocked against the net of light in succession. Initially, the net of light was completely invisible. However, after it was knocked into by the Immortals, it gave off rays of light before once again turning invisible.


With a figure like a ray of light, in a single flash, he arrived back on the ground from the atmosphere.

"Emperor Yu, what a huge scaled trap that you used in order to catch me." Said Qin Yu after a cold humph.

A purple gowned man flew down from the skies at a rapid speed. He landed on the ground and smiled at Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, you should also know that the you today is like a turtle in a jar. It was impossible for you to escape from here."

"Having covered the entire planet, that enormous energy had caused it to be impossible to use teleportation or Greater Teleportation at any place in the Reef Yellow Star.You then send people to destroy the Interstellar Conveying Arrays. What a beautiful plan. It is indeed impossible for me to escape." Qin Yu sneered.

"Haha…" Emperor Yu's face was filled with smiles. "To be honest, up until now, I still do not know whether you're Qin Yu or Lan Feng. I am a little bit confused. However, I know… that you possessed Divine Armor, Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas, and the Bewitching God Painting." At this moment, Emperor Yu believed that victory was within his grasp.

"If you are to be obedient and hand over the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas and the Bewitching God Painting, I would leave you with all the rest of the Divine Artifacts and even the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. I would even spare your life. What do you think?" Said Emperor Yu very magnanimously.

Although the Divine Armor and the Divine Sword Sky Piercer were very good, Emperor Yu possessed his own Divine Weapon and Divine Armor. From his point of view, the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas and the Bewitching God Painting were the most important things.

Qin Yu was slightly amazed. He immediately then smiled and said. "Your condition was certainly pretty good. However, the Ten Thousand Beasts Scroll and the Bewitching God Painting are mine. Why must I give them to you?"

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