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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 61 – The Old Friends

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

Immortal Realm, Plate Roe Starfield, Jade Wave Star. On the Crescent Moon Bay. Qin Yu was currently chatting with granny Yin Hua.

Granny Yin Hua carefully took a couple glances at Qin Yu before she started to laugh and said. "Actually, from the way it seems now, having you suffer hardships a couple more time is also a good thing. To grow from the frustrations of battle, it is faster than going through seclusion training."

"Big sister Yin Hua's words are very reasonable. Back when I was younger, I cultivated all the way to level eight Immortal Emperor in a single stretch through almost practically all fighting against other people. That speed… was much faster than the cultivation speed of these recent years." Sighed the Cyan Emperor.

Like a clever child, Qin Yu nodded in approval.

"Chi Ching, you're also a person with very good fortune. If it were other people, it was impossible for them to be like the way you are." Said granny Yin Hua while smiling.

Cyan Emperor displayed a contented smile. "That's because I know when to be content."

Qin Yu continued to listen quietly while standing on the side. He was also to tell that the conversation between granny Yin Hua and the Cyan Emperor involved the reason why the Cyan Emperor has been level eight Immortal Emperor for all this time. However, Qin Yu was still unable to tell what exactly was the cause.

But, he was certain about one thing, for the Cyan Emperor to be level eight Immortal for all this time, it wasn't because he was unlucky but rather because he was very fortunate.

"Qin Yu, hows things going along between that girl Yan'er and that Jun Luoyu?" Granny Yin Hua turned around and asked Qin Yu. She had a loving expression in her eyes, it was the love toward Jiang Yan.

Qin Yu smiled and said. "Brother Luoyu had already returned to his hometown and started bitter seclusion training. As for Yan'er, she had followed him. Their relationship… I am unable to clearly describe it."

Jiang Yan, Jun Luoyu?

Qin Yu was really at a loss as to how to describe them. That Jun Luoyu only remember his wife. Toward Jiang Yan, he was at the very most only concerned about her, it was not at all romantic love. As for Jiang Yan…. she didn't care about that and continued to stay by Jun Luoyu's side.

"Sigh, an ill-fated relationship." Granny Yin Hua smiled bitterly. "Back then, that girl wanted to go to the Immortal Realm to check things out and begged me numerous times; finally, I agreed. Who would've imagined that once she steps into the mundane world, she became tangled up into a knot with this Jun Luoyu."

Granny Yin Hua also appeared to be helpless.

The purple gowned dame beside granny Yin Hua comforted. "Big sister, don't mind too much about it. Just take it as Yan'er's training in the life of the mundane world."

"Mn, I can only think like this." Granny Yin Hua nodded.

Immediately afterward, granny Yin Hua smiled and took a glance at Qin Yu. "Coming to Chi Qing's Crescent Moon Bay this time, what brought me the most happiness is seeing little brother Qin Yu. Certainly possessing potential and promising. Merely, the current strength was too weak."

"Granny, junior would certainly continue to train hard." Qin Yu felt a bit weird.

This granny Yin Hua knew that he was acquainted with Jiang Lan, thus it was logical that she might be curious about him. However, it shouldn't be so exaggerated to the level of — Coming to the Crescent Moon Bay, what brought her the most happiness was seeing him. Wasn't that attaching a bit too much importance toward him?

Qin Yu had never met granny Yin Hua before.

"Qin Yu, stay for a couple more days in the Crescent Moon Bay. In these couple days, Chi Qing's old friends would be coming, you should also meet them in passing." Said granny Yin Hua to Qin Yu while smiling. She had a very kind expression in her eyes.

"Big sister Yin Hua?" Cyan Emperor looked toward granny Yin Hua with an astonished expression.

While others don't know the who Cyan Emperor's old friends are, he himself naturally knew who they are. As he knew who they are, he naturally felt strange as to why granny Yin Hua would say such words. Afterall, his friends were not people that ordinary people can just meet.

Granny Yin Hua took a glance at Cyan Emperor and then smiled lightly. "Qin Yu, he is qualified to meet them."

Seeing granny Yin Hua speaking this way, Cyan Emperor decided to no longer refute. He turned around, looked at Qin Yu and said. "Little brother Qin Yu, stay here for a couple more days."

Qin Yu was able to deduce some things from the conversation between granny Yin Hua and the Cyan Emperor. Clearly from Cyan Emperor's opinion, he should not have the qualifications to meet those people. Qin Yu smiled and said. "The meeting between seniors, this junior should not disturb it."

"No need, when the time comes you just have to come." Directly said granny Yin Hua. Immediately after, she smiled toward Qin Yu. "If you were to not come, granny would be angry."

"Qin Yu, big sister Yin Hua wanted you to come, so just come." At this moment, the Cyan Emperor also started urging Qin Yu.

Qin Yu felt some warmth in his heart and immediately nodded. "For this junior to be able to meet those seniors, it is this junior's blessing. This junior would certainly show up."

Soon after, Qin Yu followed the servants into his residence. Cyan Emperor's wife had also left. As for the Cyan Emperor, he stayed in the flower pond and continued to chat with granny Yin Hua. The target of their talks were precisely Qin Yu.

"Big sister Yin Hua, you want Qin Yu to come, is that really fitting?" Asked the Cyan Emperor. "Even if this Qin Yu's cultivation speed was very fast, he might be able to become qualified to make friends with the people of my generation after a thousand or ten thousand years. However, the current him, his strength was truly insufficient."

Granny Yin Hua did not speak, instead she stood up and looked toward the sky. Her gaze appeared to have passed through the atmosphere of the Jade Wave Star, passed through the endless hollow… "Chi Qing, there's a lot of things that you still didn't know about." After a long time, granny Yin Hua's voice resounded in this large garden.

The Cyan emperor was shocked.

"Not mentioning the things of the future, even the current Qin Yu was qualified to meet those old friends of yours. You will naturally understand this in the future." After saying those words, granny Yin Hua started to walk toward her own residence.

The Cyan Emperor watched granny Yin Hua departing, he then turned around and looked toward the direction of Qin Yu's residence. His brows started to slightly crease.

In this Crescent Moon Bay, from the Cyan Emperor to the granny Yin Hua and all the way to a random maid, they were all very friendly and amiable. Qin Yu felt very comfortable in the past few days that he stayed in the Crescent Moon Bay. He had also met the Cyan Emperor and granny Yin Hua a couple times in these past few days.

"Haha… Chi Ching, your old friend had arrived yet you're still not out?" A loud and open laugh sounded through the skies of the Crescent Moon Bay.

"Old friend?" Qin Yu who was chatting with Song Shi was unable to refrain himself from stopping. He raised his head and looked toward the direction in which the voice resounded from.

He saw a golden silhouette slowly descending from the sky. Although the golden silhouette was not far from Qin Yu and the speed of the descend was also not fast, but Qin Yu was still unable to see clearly the true appearance of that golden silhouette.

"Ah, Qin Yu, I have to go and work now, let's talk about in the future." Said Song Shi to Qin Yu hurriedly.

Qin Yu knew that Song Shi was the one in charge of receiving the Cyan Emperor's old friends. Thus, Qin Yu also did not obstruct him. He smiled and said. "Song Shi, go ahead."

Right at the moment when Qin Yu just said those words.

"Young master Qin Yu, His Majesty wanted young master to go to the south side of the cold pond." A maid appeared in front of the door to Qin Yu's residence.

"I'll go right away." Qin Yu immediately got up.

He knew that granny Yin Hua had said to let him see those old friends of the Cyan Emperor. And now… it must be the time to see that golden silhouette person.

Having stayed in the Crescent Moon Bay for a couple of days, Qin Yu had became familiar with the roads. Following the corridor, he turned nine times and then eighteen more times. Soon, he had arrived on the cold pond where the Cyan Emperor had been fishing at last time. The cold pond was extremely cold. Its surrounding was covered in a layer of drifting mist.

The ground on the south side of the cold pond was covered with a spongy black grass. At the same time, there was two stone tables and over a dozen rock stools arranged all over the place. On the stone tables was some peculiar culinary delicacies.

At this moment, on the south side of the was three people: granny Yin Hua, Cyan Emperor and that golden silhouette. Even the Cyan Emperor's wife was not present.

The maid had also stopped far away from the cold pond.

"It's Qin Yu, right? Come, come quickly." Granny Yin Hua turned around and looked towards him. She called out to Qin Yu while laughing. Immediately, Cyan Emperor and that golden silhouette had also turned around to look toward Qin Yu's direction.

Only at this moment did Qin Yu see clearly that the golden silhouette person was an white haired elderly man wearing a golden gown.

Of course, Qin Yu knew that one cannot determine the age of a cultivator from their outer appearance. Some Immortal Emperors looked like youngster but it was completely possible for them to be actually tens of millions of years old. To cultivators, age does not have much significance.

Strength, that was what foundation of determining who's senior and who's junior.

"Come, Qin Yu, let me introduce him to you." Granny Yin Hua was full of laughter as she pulled Qin Yu's hand. Qin Yu had also closely looked toward the golden clothed white haired elderly man.


There was no need for the golden clothed white haired old man to pretend; even a single smile of his contained a kind of top quality majesty. That was the kind of noble majesty that was emitted from the bones, from the soul.

"Qin Yu, this is the current clan chief of the Dragon Clan." Said granny Yin Hua while smiling.

Qin Yu's heart jumped.

It's actually the Dragon Clan's Dragon Emperor, his big brother Ao Wuming's father!

Dragon Emperor Ao Fang. He possessed the utmost fame for fighting prowess in the Dragon Clan/ He had two sons, one was a Five Clawed Golden Dragon whereas the other was a Variation Super Divine Beast, the Blood Dragon that had never once appeared before in the Dragon Clan.

"Junior Qin Yu paying his respect to senior Ao." Said Qin Yu respectfully immediately.

The Dragon Emperor. The Dragon Clan's strength was comparable to the whole Immortal Realm; one was able to imagine the status of the Dragon Emperor. He was someone that even Emperor Yu, Cyan Emperor, Mystic Emperor and others were unable to compare with.

The Dragon Emperor looked toward Qin Yu with a rather deep anticipation-like feeling for a long time. "You are Qin Yu? The brother of that unfilial son of mine?"

"Unfilial son?" Qin Yu was slightly shocked.

Ao Wuming was actually an unfilial son in the eyes of the Dragon Emperor?

"Ao Fang, it's been so many years now, you still mind about that thing? From where I stand, I think that Wuming is a pretty good child. Wasn't it only that he took a white fox as his wife? What's so wrong about that?" Said the Cyan Emperor discontentedly.

The Dragon Emperor's expression turned somewhat sour. "Chi Qing, you asked what's wrong with that? Do you know how revered and valuable the bloodline of the Five Clawed Golden Dragon was? The child of a Five Clawed Golden Dragon, even if it was not a Five Clawed Golden Dragon, it would also likely be a Golden Dragon. However, this unfilial son Wuming refused to marry a girl from the dragon clan and instead married a white fox. Isn't this wasting the bloodline of a Five Clawed Golden Dragon?"

Qin Yu suddenly realized what happened after hearing that.

The children of Five Star Golden Dragons are usually extraordinary.

Just by looking at the two sons of the Dragon Emperor and one would know. One was a Super Divine Beast while the other was a variation Super Divine Beast.

Of course, Dragon Emperor's children were a bit special. However, the children of ordinary Five Clawed Golden Dragon were usually Golden Dragons. But… Ao Wuming was married to a white fox; he married someone who's not from the Dragon Clan.

Usually, dragons who married those that aren't a pure dragon would give birth to children that are a pure dragon. While it is possible for the child to be a dragon, it was also possible for it to be a white fox!

"Old Dragon oh Old Dragon, you demand too much from your children. You even wanted to be in charge of who they marries?" An amiable and gentle voice sounded and then a red light appeared beside the people present.

This red light turned into a person, a beautiful woman.

This woman gave off an grandeur that is hard to describe. It caused others to give the mind to serve her the moment they saw her. When her gaze landed on you, it would cause you to feel warmth.

"Who is this person?" Qin Yu started to ponder.

Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness was very sensitive. However, these few people in front of him all gave Qin Yu a kind of fuzzy sensation. These four people that stood in front of him, Qin Yu was actually unable to see through any of them. This included the legendary level eight Immortal Emperor, the Cyan Emperor.

Qin Yu was also to sense the strength of Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya. However, he was unable to see through Cyan Emperor and them.

"You also arrived. I am unable to control that unfilial son of mine anymore. All these years yet he had never came back to see me once." The Dragon Emperor shook his head helplessly.

"Senior Ao, big brother Wuming and sister-in-law Lian Zhu are very loving of each other. Please don't force him too much." Persuaded Qin Yu.

"Senior Ao? You can also be considered as the brother of my son, it's fine for you to just call me uncle in the future." Said the Dragon Emperor to Qin Yu while smiling.

Qin Yu was startled. However, he still replied. "Qin Yu paying his respect to uncle." However, Qin Yu was also somewhat astonished. This Dragon Emperor's manner toward him seemed to be a bit too overly good.

The Dragon Emperor smiled as he nodded. "Mn, since you called me uncle, then when you see that unfilial son Wuxu, you can also address him as your big brother."

"Wuxu?" Qin Yu recalled a person, it was the Variation Super Divine Beast, Blood Dragon Ao Wuxu. Why did the Dragon Emperor suddenly mention Ao Wuxu? I have never met him before.

"Sly." Cyan Emperor laughed out loud.

"So very cunning!" The red clothed woman also had a smile on her face.

The Dragon Emperor, after being called such by the Cyan Emperor and the red clothed woman, had a slight reddened face. He immediately said. "Qin Yu, I suspect you still don't know who she is right? Let me introduce her to you, this is the super expert of the Bird Clan, Phoenix Emperor Ni!"

Emperor Ni, the Super Divine Beast, a phoenix of the Bird Clan. A level nine Demon Emperor Super Divine Beast.

Her strength was definitely amongst the utmost peak of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

"Junior paying his respect toward senior Emperor Ni." Qin Yu said hurriedly.

He had never expected for this red clothed woman to be Emperor Ni. From Qin Yu's perspective, a level nine Demon Emperor level Super Divine Beast was definitely able to be considered as the top individual of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

Emperor Ni smiled and nodded at Qin Yu.

"Emperor Ni, I believe you should know who this is." The Dragon Emperor smiled as he pointed at granny Yin Hua.

"It's big sister Yin Hua." Emperor Ni smiled and said. "Last time, I merely saw big sister's appearance through her remarkable ability and have not yet met big sister in reality. This is the first time for us to meet."

"It is indeed the first time for us to meet. This opportunity was also given to us because Chi Qing managed to cultivate successfully." Granny Yin Hua smiled and said. "Otherwise, who knows how long we will wait till we meet?"

Qin Yu was startled. A level nine Demon Emperor level Super Divine Beast also revered granny Yin Hua as such?

He began to become confused, who exactly was the number one expert of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm?

The level nine Devil Emperor level Super Divine Beast, the mysterious granny Yin Hua, or the Dragon Emperor?

"Ah, I have still yet to congratulate brother Chi Qing yet. Brother Chi Qing had bittered trained for tens of millions of years and have finally attained success. In this Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, brother Chi Qing ought to be the number one individual right?" The Dragon Emperor gasped in admiration.

Hearing those words, Qin Yu was once again stunned.

Cyan Emperor who was a level eight Immortal Emperor was actually the number one individual in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm?


Qin Yu was completely confused about the strength of these four individuals.

(These four people, who exactly was the strongest?)

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