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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 60 – Meeting

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

Crescent Moon Bay, the deepest part of the Jade Wave Star's endless oceans was a Crescent Island. It was the special residence of the Cyan Emperor. The Crescent Moon Bay was distinguishably decorated and also possessed many different kinds of flowers and planets.

In a flash of an eye, Qin Yu had already flew to the airspace of the Crescent Moon Bay.

"What an beautiful place." From the sky, Qin Yu saw Jade colored water, Green colored land and all kinds of flowers and plants growing naturally. It was like an elegant place of paintings.

Qin Yu descended and landed on the edge of the Crescent Moon Bay.

"Are you perhaps path friend Qin Yu?" A white clothed youth walked over with a face full of smiles.

"I am humbly Qin Yu. I came over following the request of senior Cyan Emperor." Said Qin Yu very courteously. He didn't want to offend anyone in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. However, there are some people… that Qin Yu must offend.

Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor, they are the final task entrusted by Emperor Ni Yang. On top of that, there's his disciple's death. They had determined that Qin Yu would oppose Emperor Yu.

As for the Cyan Emperor, Qin Yu didn't want to become his enemy.

"Sure enough, the amount of experts under the Cyan Emperor is numerous. A mere youth was actually a level seven Immortal Emperor, how truly frightening." Qin Yu felt a shiver in his heart. A youth from the Crescent Moon Bay was already so powerful and already at the same level as the Green Blooded Sword Immortal.

This Cyan Emperor's strength, wasn't that a bit too frightening?

"Master is currently waiting for path friend Qin Yu beside the cold pond." Said the white clothed youth. He had a very amiable smile on his face. "Path friend Qin Yu, please follow me."

"Then I shall trouble you." Qin Yu followed behind the white clothed youth.

The Crescent Moon Bay was located within the endless amount of ocean of the Jade Wave Star. Thus, it naturally appeared to be small like a tiny boat. It appeared as if just a wave would be enough to cover the entire island. However, the Crescent Moon Bay was in fact very big. It had a circumference of close to a thousand miles.

Following beside the white clothed youth, Qin Yu passed through a bamboo house, flew through a lake within the island, and passed through the ocean filled with loose waves. Finally, revolving around multiple garrets, he descended; following the winding corridor, he arrived on the remote cold pond.

The cold pond was not large. It was about seven or eight meters wide and a hundred meters long. It's just that the cold pond was filled with pressing cold airs. Even Qin Yu felt a shiver in his body. What's strange was that even in such a cold temperature, this cold pond did not freeze. Instead, there was numerous fishes swimming in the cold pond.

By the cold pond was a man in a cyan garment. He was currently holding a fishing rod and angling without moving.

"Do not disturb master, please wait a while." The white clothed youth pulled Qin Yu and said to him via voice transmission. Qin Yu nodded and then quietly stayed on the side of the cold pond and waited.

"This humble self is Qin Yu, I am unknown as to who brother might be…" Qin Yu waited for a while and grew bored and began to try to converse with the white clothed youth via voice transmission.

"Ah, sorry, I still haven't told you my name. I am the Cyan Emperor's fourth disciple, Song Shi." The white clothed youth gave Qin Yu an apologetic smile. "For me to forget about introducing myself to path friend Qin Yu, I am deeply ashamed."

[TL: Song Shi means turquoise gemstone.]

"Path brother Song Shi need not mind." Qin Yu did not mind at all.

What Qin Yu wanted to know the most right now was… who exactly was the old friend of the Cyan Emperor that wanted to meet him?

"Path brother Song Shi, Cyan Emperor had me come to the Crescent Moon Bay to meet a person, do you know who I am to meet?" Asked Qin Yu. From Qin Yu's perspective, Song Shi was a level seven Immortal Emperor and was likely the Cyan Emperor's right or left hand man; thus, he ought to know about it.

"Path friend Qin Yu, this was something that I truly don't know about. In a while, master would naturally tell you about it." Song Shi had a simple and honest smile on his face.

Qin Yu could only nod. He continued to patiently wait for the Cyan Emperor to finish fishing.

After two hours.

"Got one." The cyan clothed man's voice sounded. At the same time, the fishing rod was pulled backwards. What appeared on the fishing hook was a six inch long fish with three silver stripes on its backside.

"Haha, once little brother Qin Yu arrived, the luck had immediately turned good. I actually managed to catch a silvery light fish, and a level three one too." The cyan clothed man laid down his fishing rod and turned around.

The white clothed youth smiled as he said respectfully. "Usually, it would take several days for master to catch a silvery light fish. Today, he caught one in a single day; it was certainly a rare event. Path friend Qin Yu, this is my master." The white clothed youth gave an introduction to Qin Yu.

The cyan clothed man flipped his hand around and took out a bamboo flute. He nimbly flipped it around a couple times over his hand. His gaze, however, was fixated on Qin Yu. "You are Qin Yu?" From Cyan Emperor's expression, it was clear that he also held a deep interest in Qin Yu.

"This junior is precisely Qin Yu. I pay my respects to senior Cyan Emperor." Said Qin Yu as he cupped his hands respectfully.

Cyan Emperor clicked his tongue and said. "I remembered that ten years ago, a great battle appeared on the Blue Snow Star of the Indigo Bay Star Field. In that battle, there were two people, one of which was shouting that the Thunder Hammer Immortal Emperor would kill Qin Yu…"

Qin Yu was startled.

Could it be that this Cyan Emperor knew about Qin Yu? However, according to what Qin Yu knew, this Cyan Emperor had never dispatched anyone to the Mortal Realm back then.

"That Feng Yu and Xue Tianya was certainly interesting; they thought that they could kill you easily but who would've known that you would be able to escape from them. Haha… now that I've seen you, your reputation was certainly well-deserved." Cyan Emperor looked at Qin Yu as he praised.

Hearing the Cyan Emperor's praise, Qin Yu immediately replied. "This junior's strength was still very insufficient, for me to be able to escape with my life that day, it was all because of luck."

"Luck, what is luck?" Cyan Emperor shook his head. It seemed that he didn't approve of this at all. "No matter what, you should not sum things up as being lucky. For example opportunity, even if opportunity were to present itself in front of someone, that person still needed to grasp it. Immortal Emperor Ni Yang's luck was certainly good, his fortune changed as he turned from a regular Immortal Emperor to one of the great Emperors of the Immortal Realm. However, how did he die in the end? Some says it's luck, but I say it's because he's not careful enough!"

It seemed that Cyan Emperor was very knowledgeable about the cause of Immortal Emperor Ni Yang's death.

"In the Bewitching God Temple, no matter when, one cannot be distracted in the slightest…. back when I was younger, there are more than one or two individuals that died in the Bewitching God Temple because of a slight distraction." Cyan Emperor appeared to have recalled the memories of his youth.

Qin Yu was listening attentively.

Back when the Cyan Emperor was young? How many aeons ago was that? Those experts of the same generation as the Cyan Emperor, they ought to have either ascended to the Divine Realm ,have died after failing the Divine Tribulation or have died due to some other reason.

Bewitching God Temple, what is that?

However, upon hearing the Cyan Emperor's words, Qin Yu also agreed with it. That Immortal Emperor Ni Yang had always said that his luck was bad, but in actuality, he had obtained the Bewitching God Painting, the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas and many Divine Artifacts, how could he possibly have bad luck?

"No matter what it is, when it came from the Divine Realm, it cannot be treated lightly. A poisonous insect of the Divine Realm, even the people of the Divine Realm would be injured if they were to be poisoned by it, let alone an Immortal Emperor. Even a dead poisonous insect is not something to be looked down upon. Ni Yang, who can you blame if you decided to court death?" Cyan Emperor muttered to himself.

Suddenly, the Cyan Emperor woke up from his self-muttering and looked toward Qin Yu. "Oh, Qin Yu, I was too immersed in my own recollection of the past that I even forgot about speaking with you. Sigh, when one grows old, one starts to like recalling the memories of the past."

Qin Yu was stupefied.

Having only met the Cyan Emperor for a short while, Qin Yu had discovered that this Cyan Emperor was not unflustered. Instead, he likes to joke around and was very witty.

"No more talking about that idiot Ni Yang anymore, Qin Yu, I'm bringing you to meet a person." Said the Cyan Emperor mysteriously.

"Senior Cyan Emperor, who is this good friend that you spoke of?" Unable to suppress his curiosity, Qin Yu asked.

The Cyan Emperor held his bamboo flute on his hand and did a couple flips over his finger; he was smiling so hard that his eyes had turned into lines. "Who? It's my good friend."

Qin Yu didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He decided not to ask anymore.

"Song Shi, you are to immediately prepare a banquet. In these couple days, all my good friends would be coming. If you were to neglect your seniors, then you'd better be careful that I don't make you endure seclusion for a million years." Said the Cyan Emperor to Song Shi who stood to the side while smiling.

"Master's good friends?" Hearing those words, Song Shi's face immediately started to shine. "This disciple would set up the banquet immediately."

Qin Yu was however greatly surprised.

Cyan Emperor's good friends, even the level seven Immortal Emperor Song Shi have to call that group of people as 'seniors'? Who are those good friends?

Qin Yu had a kind of feeling in his heart.

That amongst this group of good friends, there most likely won't be Emperor Yu! Of course, this was merely the feeling that Qin Yu had in his heart, there was no basis at all.

"Qin Yu, follow me." Cyan Emperor was smiling as he walked by the cold pond and toward the winding corridor in the distance.

Following behind the Cyan Emperor, Qin Yu did not speak a word. He was only checking out all the places, buildings, arrangements, and so on of the Crescent Moon Bay. As he continued to check out the Crescent Moon Bay, it gave of a kind of feeling of nature that contained a thriving life force.

Seeing these sceneries, Qin Yu's mood had also turned pretty good.

"Qin Yu, we are arriving." The Cyan Emperor finally spoke. He turned around and smiled at Qin Yu. "Little brother Qin Yu, when you see that senior, you need to know how to be respectful toward your senior. That senior is an extraordinary expert."

Extraordinary expert?

Qin Yu was slightly startled. What he was startled about wasn't the fact that that man was an expert. What he was startled about was… that Cyan Emperor actually addressed that person as an 'extraordinary' expert.

"This junior understands." Qin Yu nodded.

"Mn." Cyan Emperor smiled in satisfaction. He brought Qin Yu to a flower pond. There was a limestone road by the flower pond. At the end of the flower pond and beside the limestone road was a stone table and several stone stools.

And at this moment, there was an elderly lady and a woman sitting there chatting.

"Big sister Yin Hua." The Cyan Emperor started to shout out happily from afar.

The elderly lady turned around to look toward the Cyan Emperor. She deliberately changed her expression and said. "You unrespectful toward your elders fellow. At the very least, address me as path friend Yin Hua. Instead, you decided to go and call me big sister?"

Seeing this scene, Qin Yu's expression remained the same. From his earlier conversations with the Cyan Emperor, he had already came to know the Cyan Emperor's character.

"Wife, you're here too?" Said the Cyan Emperor with a smile as he saw the woman beside the elderly lady.

That girl wore a purple gown, her hair tied in a knot, she was emitting a natural noble aura. The smile on her face would cause one to think that this dame was easily approachable.

"You still act the same even when there's guests present." This purple gowned dame sighed helplessly.

"Big sister, ever since Chi Qing came out from his seclusion training a couple days ago, his whole temperament had turned a lot more flippant and insincere. How did this come about? Sigh…" Said the purple gowned dame to the elderly lady helplessly.

"Wife —-" The Cyan Emperor’s expression grew upright, he appeared to be a lot more lofty. "Wife, isn't it a bit more excessive to describe me as flippant and insincere? I merely had a change of mood after attaining a breakthrough. Enough of this, Big sister Yin Hua, didn't you want to meet little brother Qin Yu? I have brought him here."

The Cyan Emperor had been smiling amiably the whole time. Sometimes, he smiled so hard that his eyes even grew shut.

To speak the truth, Qin Yu actually prefer the Cyan Emperor with this temperament.

"Qin Yu?" The old lady looked toward Qin Yu in astonishment. "You are Qin Yu?"

At this moment, Qin Yu had also came to realization. The Cyan Emperor wanted him to come over this time was precisely because this old lady wanted to meet him. From what he had heard earlier when Cyan Emperor addressed this elderly lady as 'big sister Yin Hua,' Qin Yu thought of a person — granny Yin Hua.

"This junior is precisely Qin Yu." Said Qin Yu respectfully.

"Qin Yu, Qin Yu." The elderly lady walked to the side of Qin Yu and carefully inspected him. As if her eyes were going to see through all of him, she inspected him for a long time. "Strange, strange, strange."

The elderly lady sighed three 'strange's.

Hearing that, Qin Yu was full of confusion.

Seeing Qin Yu's confused expression, the elderly lady woke up from her thoughts. She smiled and said. "Junior have cultivated for such a short period of time yet had already obtained such an accomplishment, you could also be considered as an extraordinary genius. No wonder Yan'er was praising you to me."

Hearing 'Yan'er,' Qin Yu was certain without doubt; he immediately smiled and said respectfully. "So senior is granny Yin Hua."

"You can just address me as granny." Granny Yin Hua nodded, smiled and said. "I have heard praises about you from others numerous times and decided to ask Chi Qing to bring you to me to see. Mn, once I saw you… you can be considered to be pretty good."

Qin Yu felt wronged in his heart. "Can be considered to be pretty good?"

Qin Yu's cultivation speed was already so fast that it's astonishing, but granny Yin Hua only said 'can be considered to be pretty good.'

"Qin Yu, listen to granny." Granny Yin Hua patted Qin Yu's shoulder.

"Granny, please speak." Seeing that granny Yin Hua was so intimate to him, Qin Yu felt a bit overwhelmed by favor from a superior.

Granny Yin Hua sighed and said. "I'm not going to bother mentioning about that girl Yan'er, she doesn’t even bother to cultivate at all. This time when she left, to this date, she has not even once come back to see me. With her nature, I no longer have much hope for her. Seeing a youngster like you, I wanted to let you know — you must certainly train earnestly. No matter where you are, only those who have the strength have the power."

"Your current activities, I had also came to know about them through Chi Qing. Actually… you were a bit reckless." Granny Yin Hua sighed and said. "You best not think that you would not die because you possessed a Divine Armor. The Black Frozen Snow was merely a low level Divine Armor, with your strength wearing it, the amount of people in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm that could break through this Divine Armor are no less than ten."

Qin Yu was greatly shocked to hear these words.

Leaving aside the fact that this granny Yin Hua knew that he possessed the Divine Armor, 'Black Frozen Snow,' but what granny Yin Hua said… the amount of people that can break through this Divine Armor in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, was actually no less than ten!

"Mn, what's the most important is the strength of one's body. Continue to train properly. In this Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, talented people are hard to come by." Granny Yin Hua sighed and said.

"Yes, junior would certainly firmly bear that in mind." Qin Yu was indeed somewhat moved.

He also wanted to cultivated all the way to the late stage Black Hole Realm in a single stretch so that he can open the third layer of the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas. However, in the deepest part of his heart, he also wanted to meet his brothers extremely bad. Qin Yu merely thought that with the Jiang Lan's Realm, it would be no problem for him to pass through the Immortal Realm. He had set off with this sort of mentality.

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