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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 59 – Crescent Moon Bay

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Pumpkin and Me

Angelica Dahurica Galaxy was a galaxy on the western edge of the Plate Roe Star Field. The core planet of this Angelica Dahurica Galaxy was the 'Jade Wave Star.' As for the border planet that Qin Yu had just stepped foot on, it was not that far away from the Jade Wave Star.

With a Greater Teleportation, Qin Yu appeared within the borders of the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy. A divine light suddenly flashed through his brain that had been in a confusion the whole time.

"Palm strike, that's right, from the beginning till the end, I had only truly came into contact with this Immortal Emperor Yu Fan once from his palm strike." Qin Yu immediately lowered his head to look. There was nothing special on his chest area.

Qin Yu started to use his Immortal Awareness to closely investigate the surface of the clothes that covered his chest.

An extremely small golden stain was stuck on his body. It was so small that Qin Yu was unable to sense any energy reaction from this golden stain. Had it not been his suspicion through being always followed, Qin Yu would had only thought that this golden stain was just some dust and nothing else.

"Tsk tsk…" An extremely sharp Black Hole energy was rushed forth from Qin Yu's body. It directly attacked that golden stain.

As the golden stain was attacked by the Black Hole energy, it unexpectedly and suddenly shined. Qin Yu was shocked as he saw the talisman seal engraving pattern that was previously on Immortal Emperor Yu Fan's palm appearing on the outside of the golden stain.

The attack failed!

"This energy was certainly strange, this attack of mine actually didn't manage to eliminate it." Qin Yu was unable to refrain his astonishment. He knew very well of how strong the attack power of the Black Hole energy was. However, to his surprise, he was unable to eliminate this strange golden stain.

"Could it be that this is Immortal Emperor Yu Fan's Heavenly Fan Seal Technique's nervelessness? At regular occasions, this golden stain does not even give off a bit of energy. However, when I attacked it, it burst off that much energy."

Qin Yu was astonished but he didn't feel nervous. A fire without source, how could it last for a long time?

"Friend from the Dark Star Realm, please have a chat with me. I would definitely not approach you…" Immortal Emperor Yu Fan once again appeared using his Great Teleportation. At the moment when Qin Yu attacked 'Heavenly Fan Seal Technique's' special 'Fan Seal,' he already knew about it.

"You are truly boring."

Qin Yu felt a bit helpless, he didn't want to hide into the Jiang Lan's Realm and waste time. However, even if he were to pick up his Divine Sword Sky Piercer and fight against Immortal Emperor Yu Fan, he was aware that the possibility of him winning was awfully low.

Fortunately, Qin Yu had already discovered the reason why he was being caught up every time.

"Immortal Emperor Yu Fan, this Heavenly Fan Seal Technique of yours was certainly amazing." Qin Yu started to laughed. It was a rare sight. In a breath, several Black Hole energies ruthlessly pounded against that 'Fan Seal.'

Seeing this scene, Immortal Emperor Yu Fan knew that he would not be able to catch up to this man in front of him again.

"Friend from the Dark Star Realm, can you please tell me what exactly was the hatred between you and Yu Qingzi?" Immortal Emperor Yu Fan's face showed a friendly smile. He tried his best to make himself appear more amiable.

However, Qin Yu didn't bother to pay him any attention. Instead, he looked at Immortal Emperor Yu Fan with a puzzled appearance. "My hatred, why must I tell you?"

"You…" Immortal Emperor Yu Fan's face turned red.

Qin Yu’s earlier sentence was clearly contained tones of ridicule, how could Immortal Emperor Yu Fan not be able to hear that?

"Ah, finally eliminated it. Immortal Emperor Yu Fan, to be honest, I admire this technique of yours. I reckon that there aren't many people in the Immortal Realm that knew this move." Qin Yu used his hand to pat the cloth on his chest.

Fan Seal only contained a certain amount of energy within it. Although it was hard to eliminate, but after being continuously attacked by Qin Yu, its energy was being continuously consumed. Finally, it gave off a 'bang' sound and scattered.

"Sigh, friend from the Dark Star Realm, I knew that there was hatred between you and Yu Qingzi. However, it is better to squash enmity rather than keeping it alive. If you were to make the matter clear, His Majesty, Emperor Yu, would certainly settle this matter magnanimously." Immortal Emperor Yu Fan tried his best to persuade Qin Yu.

Reaching this point, Immortal Emperor Yu Fan knew that it was hard for him to catch up to Qin Yu again.

"Settle magnanimously? Emperor Yu is that good of a person?" Qin Yu eyes contained sarcasm.

No matter how magnanimous Emperor Yu was, he would still never let go of the Bewitching God Painting that Qin Yu's possessed. In order to obtain the Bewitching God Painting, Emperor Yu even flat out turned hostile toward Xue Tianya and fought a great battle against him. It was evident that Emperor Yu wanted this Bewitching God Painting very badly.

"His Majesty, Emperor Yu, is very broad-minded and open. He would definitely not…"

Seeing that Immortal Emperor Yu Fan was still trying to persuade him, Qin Yu raised his hand up and said unconcernedly. "Enough, I don't have time to spout rubbish with you. Farewell." After saying those words, Qin Yu rapidly fled. Afterward, with a Greater Teleportation, he disappeared.

Qin Yu's next destination, 'Jade Wave Star.'

Jade Wave Star was the core planet of the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy. Naturally, there are a large amount of Interstellar Conveying Arrays on the Jade Wave Star. Its transportation was also very developed. The amount of Interstellar Conveying Arrays that leads to other Galaxies was also many.

"Friend from the Dark Star Realm…" Immortal Emperor Yu Fan wanted to follow and chase after Qin Yu.

"Seems like I can only have Emperor Yu settle this himself. I wonder where he is now." Back on the White Ice Star, he originally wanted to send a transmission to Emperor Yu. Unfortunately, he did not manage to.

It was because the distance between him and Emperor Yu was too great. Only by entering the 'Transmission Secret Array' could he successfully send a transmission. Finally, Immortal Emperor Yu Fan decided to let Immortal Emperor Bing Lian report this matter to Emperor Yu.

From the transmission sent to him by Immortal Emperor Bing Lian, Immortal Emperor Yu Fan came to know that at the moment of the transmission, Emperor Yu was still at their headquarters. However, Emperor Yu had already set off.

With Emperor Yu's speed, after this long period of time, it was likely that he would've passed by one or two Star Fields already.

Suddenly, a earth-shattering Immortal Awareness arrived from the west and pervaded the air. It pass through the outer space and arrived on the planet that Immortal Emperor Yu Fan was on. That enormous Immortal Awareness was immediately locked onto Immortal Emperor Yu Fan.

"Yu Fan!" A dull voice sounded in Immortal Emperor Yu Fan's mind.

Immortal Emperor Yu Fan was startled, he had sensed how powerful that person was just by coming in contact with his Immortal Awareness. That power was beyond imagination… that person was certainly able to kill him like an ant.

"I am unaware of who senior might be?…" At this moment, Immortal Emperor Yu Fan still didn't know which mysterious expert had appeared. This expert was actually able to make him Immortal Awareness pass through the cosmic space and cover him.

"Cyan Emperor." It was a dull voice once again.

Hearing the two words 'Cyan Emperor,' Immortal Emperor Yu Fan felt a powerlessness throughout his whole body. To be confronted with the Cyan Emperor who had cultivated for an exceptionally long period of time, Immortal Emperor Yu Fan could only be utmost respectful. He said. "I am uncertain as for what senior seeks from this junior?"

"Yu Fan, you can stop chasing after that person from earlier." Said the Cyan Emperor indifferently.

"Senior Cyan Emperor, that man killed Yu Qingzi of the Thirty Six Lords that served Emperor Yu." Immortal Emperor Yu Fan was not an individual who would easily retreat. "He killed Yu Qingzi, how could I just give up chasing him like this?"

While those were the words that came out from his mouth, in actuality, even if he wanted to chase, Immortal Emperor Yu Fan was unable chase after Qin Yu.

"Yu Fan, with that man's skills, chances are that even if you wanted to chase after him, you'll still be unable to. When I wanted you to not chase anymore, I also wanted you to tell Emperor Yu that when in my territory, he'd best not touch this man. As for after this man left my territory, regardless of what you all planned to do, it would no longer be of my concern." Cyan Emperor's voice clearly resounded in Immortal Emperor Yu Fan's mind.

Immortal Emperor Yu Fan grew puzzled.

Why would the Cyan Emperor involve himself in this matter? Could it be that this person from the Dark Star Realm possessed an extraordinary status?

"Senior Cyan Emperor, this junior is unable to respond on behalf of His Majesty Emperor Yu. However, this junior is able to help you relay these words to His Majesty Emperor Yu. As for how His Majesty Emperor Yu would react, this junior is unable to make any promises." Said Immortal Emperor Yu Fan very respectfully.

"Mn, relaying the message would suffice." Cyan Emperor's voice grew faintly discernable. "Remember, it's best for you to leave the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy soon."


Immortal Emperor Yu Fan didn't dare to refuse.

Traveling night and day, Emperor Yu was rushing over to the Plate Roe Star Field without stopping. When Yu Qingzi was killed, Immortal Emperor Bing Lian used the Transmission Secret Array within the Ice Wind Sect to notify Emperor Yu about what had happened. Right after obtaining the information, Emperor Yu had already felt that it was a problematic situation. With the Green Blooded Sword Immortal not being present and Immortal Emperor Yu Fan being unable to resolve the matter, he could only set out personally.

After all… Yu Qingzi was one of his Thirty Six Lords.

Furthermore, Yu Qingzi was his only influence in the Indigo Bay Star Field. Only the Silver String Galaxy within the Indigo Bay Star Field was Emperor Yu's territory and the people who control that was precisely the Jade Sword Sect.

Emperor Yu speed was very fast. Majority of journey, he used his Greater Teleportation to travel. Only when he had to travel a long distance would he use the regional Interstellar Conveying Array to travel. With the combination of Greater Teleportations and Interstellar Conveying Arrays, in a short while, Emperor Yu had passed through half the distance.

On a barren planet, Emperor Yu suddenly stopped.

"What, lost him?" Emperor Yu was holding the Transmission Spiritual Pearl while frowning.

At this moment, Immortal Emperor Yu Fan used a Greater Teleportation, then took a Interstellar Conveying Array and returned to the Ice Wind Sect of the White Ice Star. He was currently in front of the Transmission Secret Arrays and reporting to Emperor Yu.

"Yes, that's right. Your Majesty, that man's speed was extremely fast. This subordinate was unable to catch up to him." Replied Immortal Emperor Yu Fan through the transmission.

"Yu Fan, once your 'Heavenly Fan Seal Technique' managed to hit a target, your 'Fan Seal' would be attached to the body of the enemy. How could you possibly lose him?" Emperor Yu knew very well about this unique skill of Immortal Emperor Yu Fan. Once the Fan Seal were attached to the body, it would not emit even the slightest amount of energy. Under normal circumstances, it was simply impossible for one's Immortal Awareness to detect it.

"At the beginning, that man did not detect the Fan Seal. However, the Fan Seal was still discovered and broken through in the end. Your Majesty, this subordinate have a very important matter to report." Immortal Emperor Yu Fan remembered the 'Dark Star Realm' and started to grow anxious.

"Oh? What matter?" Emperor Yu stood motionless on the barren planet.

"That man who killed Yu Qingzi, I believe… he should be someone from the Dark Star Realm." Immortal Emperor Yu Fan spoke what he had deduced.

Emperor Yu's expression slightly changed. "Someone from the Dark Star Realm? Why would you come to such an conclusion?"

"Your Majesty, that man actually used Gravitational Domain while fighting against this subordinate. Your Majesty, you also know that the Gravitational Domain was a special ability possessed by individuals from the Dark Star Realm." Immortal Emperor Yu Fan spoke out his reasoning.

Emperor Yu's heart moved.

"At the moment when Bing Lian reported to me, she had said that man had received one of your palm strike but, as if the palm strike did nothing on him, he still nonchalantly killed Yu Qingzi. Is that correct?" Emperor Yu instead asked about this matter.

Immortal Emperor Yu Fan was confused as to why Emperor Yu would ask about the matters that happened before instead of the matter with the Dark Star Realm; however, he still send a transmission and replied. "Your Majesty, that is exactly what happened."

"Quickly, tell me, where is he now?" Emperor Yu immediately sent a transmission over.

Sensing Emperor Yu's impatience, Immortal Emperor Yu Fan immediately replied. "Your Majesty, that man had already arrived on the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy."

"Angelica Dahurica Galaxy." Emperor Yu frowned.

"Your Majesty, when I was on the border planet of the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy, Cyan Emperor sent his Immortal Awareness pass the outer space of the cosmos and directly sent a voice transmission to this subordinate. He told me to leave the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy and at the same time to relay a message to Your Majesty." Immortal Emperor Yu Fan didn't dare to hide this matter.


"Your Majesty, the Cyan Emperor said that he wishes for Your Majesty to not attack that man in his territory. However, once that man is out from his territory, then regardless of how Your Majesty wanted to handle that man, the Cyan Emperor would not care in the slightest." Immortal Emperor Yu Fan relayed the message.


Emperor Yu who originally wanted to immediately set off for the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy actually stopped. How two thick brows was deeply creased. "Yu Fan, you can stay in the Ice Wind Sect at ease and wait for my orders." After saying those words, Emperor Yu put away his Transmission Spiritual Pearl.

"That Cyan Emperor also want to interfere?" Emperor Yu was carefully pondering.

Both Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor were afraid of the Cyan Emperor's strength.

Ten millions of years ago, when Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor were nobodies, the Cyan Emperor was already a big shot of the Immortal Realm. He was a level eight Immortal Emperor level super expert. So many years had passed… no one would think that the Cyan Emperor had not improved.

Furthermore, the Cyan Emperor from over ten millions of years ago was already a big shot in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. So what would he be now that it's ten millions of years later?

"During the time when we explored the Bewitching God Temple, Cyan Emperor did not participate in it. Even when sending people to the Mortal Realm to break through the Ni Yan Realm, Cyan Emperor also did not do that…. in all these years, it seems like the Cyan Emperor didn't have much interest in the Bewitching God Temple."

Emperor Yu was unable to understand.

The Cyan Emperor who didn't have any interest in the Bewitching God Temple, would he now try to seize the Bewitching God Painting from Qin Yu?

"That's unlikely. Humph, this old fart Chi Qing had received a treasure of mine back then. He owe me a favor that I had never allowed him to return, it's about time for him to return the favor now." Emperor Yu did a Greater Teleportation and disappeared from the barren planet.

Angelica Dahurica Galaxy, Jade Wave Star.

With a Greater Teleportation, Qin Yu arrived on this planet. His frame of mind became more relaxed and he began to leisurely walk among the endless forests and mountains of the Jade Wave Star. Occasionally, Immortals would fly past him in the sky.

"You are called Qin Yu, right?" A amiable voice resounded in Qin Yu's mind.

Qin Yu was slightly startled. "Who are you?" Earlier, he had only given off a little bit of his aura when using Greater Teleportation. He had immediately concealed his aura afterwards. However, he was still discovered. The strength of this person who discovered him was certainly extraordinary.

"You can call me the Cyan Emperor."

Qin Yu was slightly startled, the person sending the voice transmission was actually the Cyan Emperor.

Qin Yu knew that this Angelica Dahurica Galaxy was the Cyan Emperor's territory; however, Cyan Emperor possessed a lot of galaxies and his true headquarters was also not located on this Angelica Dahurica Galaxy. Thus, Qin Yu had never expected that Cyan Emperor would be here.

"Senior Cyan Emperor, is there anything you need from this junior?" Qin Yu decided to speak with manners.

"If you don't mind, can you come to the Jade Wave Star's Crescent Moon Bay. I have a old friend here who wanted to meet you. And I… also wanted to meet you." Cyan Emperor's voice was very amiable.

"Crescent Moon Bay?" Qin Yu recalled that Dragon Clan's map.

On the Dragon Clan's map, it had such a sentence for the introduction of the Jade Wave Star: Crescent Moon Bay, it exist in the deepest part of the Jade Wave Star's endless ocean. It was a secluded place that the Cyan Emperor occasionally reside.

"This junior would immediately go there." Qin Yu immediately replied respectfully. At the same time, he was also confused. Cyan Emperor's old friend wanted to see him, who was this old friend?

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