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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 58 – Dark Star Realm

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Pumpkin and Me

Boundless mystic ice filled the horizon.

"Trying to chase after me?" Qin Yu turned his head and glanced at the direction of the Ice Imperial City. "Back then, even the White Haired Blood Devil found it really difficult to chase after me. Although I was using the body of my Sword Immortal Puppet, but there was not much gap between the current me and the Sword Immortal Puppet."

Qin Yu was at the middle stage of the Black Hole Realm. However, if one were to only compare the body, then even that level six Immortal Emperor, Immortal Emperor Yu Fan, was also inferior to him. Adding onto the fact that Immortal Emperor Yu Fan doesn't even possess a Divine Artifact, it was very normal for him to be thrown off by Qin Yu's speed.

"Sure enough, the Interstellar Conveying Arrays have closed." With a sweep of his Immortal Awareness, Qin Yu discovered that the Interstellar Conveying Arrays have been completely closed. Without the special techniques to start the Interstellar Conveying Arrays, no matter how strong he was, it would still be impossible for him to use them.

"Seems like I can only use Greater Teleportation."

Through the map that was given to him by Ao Wuming, Qin Yu knew of all the major planets surrounding White Ice Star.

"Don't you dare escape!" An angry shout sounded. A palm was struck toward Qin Yu once more. It was Immortal Emperor Yu Fan.

Seeing the Immortal Emperor Yu Fan that had suddenly appeared, Qin Yu was shocked. "How could this be? I had already restrained my power and my soul had also assimilated into the Meteoric Tear, how did this Immortal Emperor Yu Fan find me?"

Qin Yu was unable to understand. However, he also cannot stay stunned at this moment.

Divine Sword Sky Piercer appeared on Qin Yu's foot. He then turned into a ray of light and disappeared into the horizon.

Qin Yu didn't dare to use Greater Teleportation on the battlefield.

"Trying to escape? Humph, even if you were to be able to escape from Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor, I would still not allow you to escape from me." Immortal Emperor Yu Fan looked at the direction that Qin Yu disappeared from and coldly laughed. He then immediately started to chase after Qin Yu again.

"Bing Lian, you don't need to chase anymore, just leave it all to me." At the same time, Immortal Emperor Yu Fan sent a sound transmission over his Immortal Awareness to Immortal Emperor Bing Lian.

Immortal Emperor Bing Lian who had chased halfway immediately stopped. "Big brother, if that guy is to be very powerful, it's better for you to send a transmission to Emperor Yu. Furthermore, we still have to report the death of Yu Qingzi to Emperor Yu."

"Right, I know."

Immortal Emperor Yu Fan took out his Transmission Spiritual Pearl. While he was chasing Qin Yu, he started to send a transmission to Emperor Yu.


Seeing that he had already left Immortal Emperor Yu Fan far behind, Qin Yu started to execute the Greater Teleportation. Immediately, he disappeared from the endless cold wind.

The target of his Greater Teleportation was a planet that's a bit far from the White Ice Star — Green Tree Star. Green Tree Star was in the same galaxy as the White Ice Star. There was a more than a dozen planets between them.

On the Green Tree Star was numerous giant trees. Each one of the tree was over several hundred meters tall. The whole Green Tree Star was covered by an endless amount of green. It was a wonderful sight.

"How strange, how did this Immortal Emperor Yu Fan managed to find where I am?" Qin Yu stood on top of a large tree. He was very confused. "Even Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya were unable to find me after I vanish my aura. How did this Immortal Emperor Yu Fan found me?"

Possessing the Meteoric Tear, Qin Yu's ability to conceal himself was always something that he was most proud of.

However now, he was instead discovered by that Immortal Emperor Yu Fan. How could Qin Yu not be vexed and confused?

"Could it be… that Immortal Emperor Yu Fan was blinding chasing after me and coincidentally managed to find me?" The more Qin Yu thought about it, the more he think that was the case. "Mn, that must be it, he must've just been lucky."

Suddenly —

A silhouette was shot over toward him at a rapid speed from afar. Qin Yu's sensitive Immortal Awareness immediately discovered the incoming person.

This incoming person was unexpectedly Immortal Emperor Yu Fan!

"How could this be?" Qin Yu was once again stunned.

He arrived on the Green Tree Star via Greater Teleportation, how did this Immortal Emperor Yu Fan find out that he was on the Green Tree Star?

A golden ray of light was shot toward Qin Yu. Qin Yu immediately rushed to dodge. It was Immortal Emperor Yu Fan's Immortal Sword. Qin Yu didn't want to fight against this level six Immortal Emperor at all.

Killing a level six Immortal Emperor? Qin Yu knew that his strength was still insufficient for that.

Whether it's the knowledge and comprehension of 'domains' or his attack power, they were both much weaker. On the Ice Wind Sect, his opponent used merely a Top Quality Immortal Sword and was able to block his Sky Piercing Finger. The gap of strength between them was obvious.

"Who are you? Why must you kill Yu Qingzi? If you have the ability and courage, announce who you are." Shouted Immortal Emperor Yu Fan via voice transmission.

Actually, Immortal Emperor Yu Fan also had a headache. "This guy's fleeing speed was certainly fast. It was truly hard for me to catch him. Seems like I could only ask for help from Green Blooded Sword Immortal, Emperor Yu and them. Unfortunately, Emperor Yu was still back in the headquarters, was several star fields away from here and cannot come here in a short period of time."

Immortal Emperor Yu Fan felt helpless.

Right now, he merely wanted to know Qin Yu's name so that they can chase after him in the future.

Qin Yu continued to flee, at the same time, he sent a voice transmission. "Yu Fan, are you dumb? You wanted me to announce my name? If you have the ability, find it out yourself, bye!" Qin Yu once again threw Immortal Emperor Yu Fa off with his speed.

"This scoundrel." Immortal Emperor Yu Fan grew angry.

Since he was unable to keep up with his opponent's speed, what then could he do?

Qin Yu flew to a very far distance at a stretch and got rid of the Immortal Emperor Yu Fan. Seeing that the surrounding space was stable, he immediately used Greater Teleportation to once again flee far away.

"If he were to be able to chase after me again, then it would be truly strange." Qin Yu sat on top of a rock. He was feeling grudgingly yet nevertheless still spread out his Immortal Awareness to see whether if that Immortal Emperor Yu Fan would once come chasing after him.

In a mere second!

A man suddenly appeared several hundred meters from Qin Yu. Evidently, that this man also used something along the lines of Greater Teleportation.

"Immortal Emperor Yu Fan came chasing after me again?" Qin Yu felt a major headache.

What exactly was happening?

However, he was unable to spend time thinking about it as that Immortal Emperor Yu Fan had already arrived by him.

"I really can't be at peace unless I kill you." Qin Yu was furious.

Qin Yu pointed his finger toward Immortal Emperor Yu Fan!

A golden blur was suddenly shot out. Following along the straight trajectory, it was fired rapidly toward Immortal Emperor Yu Fan. That golden blur was unusually strange. It appeared to be going in a straight line but there was always a floating sensation to it.


Immortal Emperor Yu Fan pointed with his sword. The sharp end of his sword hit the golden blur directly. With a slight tremble of his body, he had broken Qin Yu's attack.

"Your comprehension toward domains was pretty good, unfortunately… when compared to mine, the gap between us was still very far." Said Immortal Emperor Yu Fan as he laughed lightly. His sword strike earlier didn't appear to be fast at all but was able to block the extremely fast Sky Piercing Finger.

This was precisely the difference between realm levels.

Immortal Emperor Yu Fan saw that this time Qin Yu surprisingly did not immediately flee and was secretly delighted. He started to rapidly fly toward Qin Yu.

At the same time, he launched his domain!

The strength of a domain was dependent on its range. With Immortal Emperor Yu Fan's strength, if he were to create a domain that's several thousand miles wide, while it might appeared very good, it would actually not cause much menace toward those that was encompassed in his domain.

Contrary, if Immortal Emperor Yu Fan were to execute a domain that's several hundred meters wide, then the domain would be small and it would also be a lot more threatening toward those within the domain. However, as the domain was small, it was also harder for one to try to contain the enemy within the domain's range.

This time around, Qin Yu did not flee. Instead, he charge to attack. This caused the distance between the two to be very close.

"Let's see you try to run away again this time around." Immortal Emperor Yu Fan's gaze turned fierce.

Immediately, Qin Yu felt as if the surrounding space had turned into a swamp, his movements had received a very large hindrance.

Stepping on the Divine Sword, Sky Piercer!


"You're not getting away this time around. You who dared to kill a subordinate of Emperor Yu is seeking your own death." Immortal Emperor Yu Fan immediately rushed over. His speed was even faster than Qin Yu's. Immortal Emperor Yu Fan's speed did not receive any restriction whereas Qin Yu's was. It was clear what the result of this chase would be.

"Trying to chase after me?" Qin Yu also tried to use his 'domain.'

However, his comprehension toward the space was nowhere near that of the level six Immortal Emperor Yu Fan and was completely unable to use his own 'domain' to break apart his opponent's 'domain.'

The distance between the two was rapidly growing closer.

Qin Yu grew anxious.

"Humph, let's see how you're going to flee this time. Earlier when you saw me, instead of running you decided to battle me. That was the worst mistake that you had ever made." A golden glowing talisman seal pattern appeared on Immortal Emperor Yu Fan's left hand. The Immortal Sword that he was stepping on also started to radiate a golden light.

Immortal Emperor Yu Fan was completely confident that he would be able to capture Qin Yu this time around.

However —

A gravity that was much stronger than that of a 'domain' suddenly descended upon him. This gravity was so strong that it caused Immortal Emperor Yu Fan who was completely unprepared to suddenly sink and smash onto the ground.

Seizing the opportunity, Qin Yu immediately distanced himself from the 'domain's' range.


Immortal Emperor Yu Fan could only watch as Qin Yu disappeared from his sight.

"Gravitational Domain, it's actually Gravitational Domain. Could this Qin Yu actually be a person of the Dark Star Realm? Other than the Dark Star Realm, there shouldn't be any other places that is proficient in Gravitational Domain." Immortal Emperor Yu Fan had a solemn expression.

[TL: okay, IET, bro, you be mistaken. Yu Fan didn't know our MC is called Qin Yu.]

As a level six Immortal Emperor, he knew a lot about this Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

An Emperor level expert from the Dark Star Realm surprisingly came to kill Yu Qingzi; Immortal Emperor Yu Fan knew about the seriousness of this matter.

"When did Yu Qingzi provoke the people of the Dark Star Realm? I must certainly report this matter to His Majesty. No, I must capture that assassin before that. I need to understand thoroughly about this situation." Immortal Emperor Yu Fan's frame of mind was completely different now.

Earlier, he merely wanted to kill Qin Yu.

However now… even if Qin Yu didn't attack him, he would still not dare to kill Qin Yu.

When comparing defending its clansmen, compared to the Demon Realm's Dragon Clan, the legendary Dark Star Realm's people were even more protective of their clansmen. Whoever dared to kill a single clansman of theirs, then likely all of the experts from the Dark Star Realm would immediately move out.

Immortal Emperor Yu Fan still remembered that an Immortal Emperor under Mystic Emperor killed a person of the Dark Star Realm that had the strength of a Golden Immortal and ultimately, Mystic Emperor was forced to present that Immortal Emperor to the Dark Star Realm and allow them to handle him as they wished.

Fortunately, the people of the Dark Star Realm didn't like to be associate themselves with the matters of the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm and the Demon Realm. Otherwise, who knows how chaotic this Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm would've become.

Qin Yu once again used Greater Teleportation and fled to a new planet.

"My comprehension toward the space was still much inferior to this Immortal Emperor Yu Fan. The difference between the power of our domains was unexpectedly so much. In his domain, I could only rely on this Gravitational Domain." Qin Yu was filled with helplessness.

At the same time, his Immortal Awareness was carefully observing the surroundings.

Sure enough… Immortal Emperor Yu Fan also teleported here.

Without the slightest hesitation, Qin Yu immediately got on his Divine Sword Sky Piercer and started to flee.

"Friend from the Dark Star Realm, how did Yu Qingzi anger you to make you kill him? Rest assured, I would not attack you." Immortal Emperor Yu Fan's voice transmission sounded in Qin Yu's mind.

"Not attack, whoever believes that is an idiot." Qin Yu instead sped up. Right after he shake off Immortal Emperor Yu Fan, he immediately used Greater Teleportation and once again arrived on another planet.

Only after arriving on a new planet, did Qin Yu had a reaction.

"He called me friend from the Dark Star Realm?" Qin Yu was startled. "Dark Star Realm, how did he come to think that I'm from the Dark Star Realm?" Hearing the words, Dark Star Realm, Qin Yu remembered the map that was given to him by Ao Wuming.

The map that was given to him by Ao Wuming was the one that was drawn by the Dragon Clan through immense effort. Almost all of the routes in the Immortal, Devil and Demon world were on this map. Of course… it's only 'almost.'

It didn't have the routes for all of the places.

There's a place that they didn't have on routes on the map, the Dark Star Realm!

In the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, twenty percent of the region belonged to the Immortal Realm, twenty percent belonged to the Devil Realm and fifty percent belonged to the Demon Realm. As for the ten percent that remained, it was the legendary 'Dark Star Realm,' the Dark Star Realm that didn't have much of a reputation!

The people of the Dark Star Realm would not leave the Dark Star Realm under normal circumstances.

The people of the outside world were also not allowed to enter the Dark Star Realm.

Even regular Immortal Emperors, they only knew that there was a mysterious region within the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm that they cannot enter. However, those Immortal Emperors of ordinary status also didn't know that this mysterious region was called the 'Dark Star Realm.'

[TL: I would like to make this clear again. by Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, IET meant the 'ascended' realm, which composed of all 3 realms plus dark star area. Don't ask me why he changes his terms all the time. Bad writing I suppose. Also, why would he name Qin Yu's previous skill level the same as a place?]

"I am a person of the Dark Star Realm? How did I not know that?" Qin Yu slightly smiled.

On the map that Ao Wuming gave, there was not much introduction of the Dark Star Realm. It merely had a single sentence: 'do not enter the Dark Star Realm.'

The intention of the Dragon Clan was very clear, if one were not to enter the Dark Star Realm, then they would not anger the people of the Dark Star Realm. After all, the people of the Dark Star Realm, unless for a reason against their will, they would not leave the Dark Star Realm.

"I'm not going to think about this matter anymore; how come that Immortal Emperor Yu Fan could always find where I teleported to?" Qin Yu started to ponder.

"Friend from the Dark Star Realm…"

"He's here again." Right after hearing the sound transmission in his mind, Qin Yu immediately stepped onto his Divine Sword Sky Piercer and started to flee again. While he was fleeing, Qin Yu was still pondering about how this Immortal Emperor Yu Fan kept finding him.

After continuously using Greater Teleportation to three planets.

"I finally arrived on the most northwest end of the Whirlwind Galaxy. This is the closest location to the border of the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy. I should be able to use Greater Teleportation to teleport there at once." Qin Yu followed the map and found out that the closest border of the Whirlwind Galaxy to the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy was here.

Seeing as he's about to arrive on the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy, Qin Yu's heart also grew a bit more calm.

Exactly as how Qin Yu had anticipated, Qin Yu stopped for a moment and that Immortal Emperor Yu Fan had already appeared on this planet.

"Friend from the Dark Star Realm…" Said Immortal Emperor Yu Fan with a face full of smiles.

"Sigh, shut up." Said Qin Yu while holding his hand out. "To the northwest of here was the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy. The Angelica Dahurica Galaxy is the Cyan Emperor's galaxy. Enough, I shall take my leave." After saying those words, Qin Yu immediately stepped onto the Divine Sword Sky Piercer and started to rapidly flee.

After a short period of time, Qin Yu did a Greater Teleportation and left the Whirlwind Galaxy and arrived on the Cyan Emperor's territory — Angelica Dahurica Galaxy.

"Cyan Emperor's territory." Immortal Emperor Yu Fan frowned. He remembered Emperor Yu's words — 'Unless it's important, do not attack others on the Cyan Emperor's territory. For the time being, I do not wish to become enemies with Cyan Emperor.'

"I won't attack, I think it should be fine for me to only give chase." Promptly, Immortal Emperor Yu Fan did a Greater Teleportation.

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