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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 57 – One Finger

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Pumpkin

The Ice Wind Sect was located within the Ice Imperial City. However, outsiders were strictly not allowed within the internal areas of the Ice Wind Sect. That's because surrounding the Ice Wind Sect was a large protective barrier. The surrounding of the Ice Wind Sect was filled with drifting mist all year round; from the outside, one could only see the ice sculpture located at the peak of the monastery.

Numerous white figures were shifting back and forth in the Ice Wind Sect. The whole Ice Wind Sect was brimming with a cheerful atmosphere.

At the guest residence of the Ice Wind Sect.

"Path senior Yu Fan." Yu Qingzi was dressed in a cyan robe. His face contained traces of smile. "Bing Xian was able to reach level one Immortal Emperor in such a short period of time, it would appear that nephew Bing Xian possess boundless prospects."

[TL: yeah, path senior yu fan sounds weird. but that's what he said. basically, you know… devil practitioners have like 3 paths… blood, asura, black. but this yu qingzi is an immortal… but yeah..]

Immortal Emperor Yu Fan also had a smile on his face.

Seeing this scene, Yu Qingzi snickered secretly. "There were a lot of rumors stating that this Immortal Emperor Yu Fan was Bing Xian's biological father. Seems like these weren't baseless rumors."

The Ice Wind Sect's sect master, Immortal Emperor Bing Lian, was a female but didn't have a companion.

However… Immortal Emperor Bing Lian nevertheless had a son called Bing Xian. Countless people had been guessing as to who exactly the father of Bing Xian was. The Eighteen Emperors and the Thirty Six Lords under Emperor Yu were also guessing.

Immortal Emperor Yu Fan was the foster brother of Immortal Emperor Bing Lian and looked after her in every possible way. Thus, many people had guessed that Immortal Emperor Yu Fan was the father of Bing Xian. However, neither Immortal Emperor Yu Fan nor Immortal Emperor Bing Lian acknowledged that.

"Xiao Xian cultivated for less than a hundred thousand years and yet, was able to reach the level of Immortal Emperor, it is both a good and a bad thing. He… had never really suffered under Bing Lian's protection." Sighed Immortal Emperor Yu Fan.

[TL: Xiao Xian → Little Xian.]

"Bing Lian indeed was extremely loving towards nephew Bing Xian." Yu Qingzi nodded in approval.

"A caring mother causes more damages to her son. Fortunately Bing Xian was naturally intelligent and managed to cultivate to the level of an Immortal Emperor even under this sort of circumstances." Immortal Emperor Yu Fan shook his head and smiled as he said.

Bing Xian reached the level of Immortal Emperor so Immortal Emperor Bing Lian decided to hold a majestic celebration. Countless experts of the Ice Wind Sect have returned from the other parts of the universe. Even Immortal Emperor Yu Fan and Yu Qingzi arrived to congratulate.

For a single sect to have two Immortal Emperors, it was certainly a very extraordinary matter.

And at this current moment, Yu Qingzi who was chatting with Immortal Emperor Yu Fan simply didn't know that a Death God had already arrived outside of the Ice Wind Sect.

Mist filled the air, Qin Yu was within the boundless mist filled surroundings of the Ice Wind Sect. His silhouette was blurry.

"Together with Immortal Emperor Yu Fan? I'll wait a little while then." Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness immediately discovered that Yu Qingzi was together with Immortal Emperor Yu Fan. He didn't want the killing of Yu Qingzi to be troublesome.

At this moment, a white clothed woman walked over. This white clothed girl appeared very cold. Her hair was tied up with a jade hairpin inserted in it.

"Excuse me, may I ask what senior is doing here? If senior wants to enter our Ice Wind Sect, this junior could notify for you." The white clothed woman was very respectful toward Qin Yu. Evidently, it was because she cannot see through Qin Yu's cultivation level.

Qin Yu smiled lightly and said. "There is no need for that." The white clothed woman became confused. Normally, there are a lot of people standing outside of the Ice Wind Sect in order to admire it. However, she can tell that Qin Yu was an extremely powerful expert. Would such an expert stand there to admire the Ice Wind Sect?

"Then this junior will stop disturbing senior. If senior wishes to enter the sect, please enter through the main gate because our Ice Wind Sect is surrounded with a large barrier blocking entrance from other locations." Said the white clothed woman respectfully.

Qin Yu smiled and looked at the white clothed woman. "You think that I cannot tell that there's a large barrier protecting the surroundings of the sect?"

The white clothed woman grew a bit embarrassed.

Certainly with Qin Yu's strength, he was able to tell from a glance the defensive barrier surrounding the Ice Wind Sect and that one could only enter through the main gate.

"In that case, this junior will shall leave senior alone." The white clothed girl then withdrawn from the location. She felt a bit helpless; how could an expert of this level stand outside the Ice Wind Sect and admire the building like a small entity that had never seen something great? It was certainly somewhat strange.

Qin Yu stood in the maze without moving. After a period of time, he would use his Immortal Awareness to investigate the Ice Wind Sect that was surrounded by the large barrier. Even Qin Yu was unable to directly teleport inside and could only enter through the main gate.

"It's about time." Qin Yu's eyes shined.

Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness clearly detected that, at this moment, Yu Qingzi had left Immortal Emperor Yu Fan's residence and returned to his own.

"Yu Qingzi, last time, with Immortal Emperor Qian Qi, you guided several tens of of level nine Golden Immortals and two hundred level eight Golden Immortals to encircle and kill me. You even bring about my foolish disciple's death. Today, I shall make you settle your debt."

Qin Yu's gaze grew cold. He started to walk toward the main entrance of the Ice Wind Sect.

In all directions of the entire Ice Wind Sect, only this main gate does not possess the obstruction from the barrier. However, if outsiders wanted to enter, they would at the very least be notified by the guards and needed to obtain permission before they were allowed entrance. Yet, the Ice Wind Sect's disciples were able to enter and exist as they wishes.

"That mysterious expert had came?" The white clothed woman that had previously inquired Qin Yu was standing in front of the main gate. Seeing Qin Yu walking over, she looked toward him.

One step, two steps!

Qin Yu was approaching the main gate.

"Senior." The white clothed woman stepped forward and was about to speak, however —


Suddenly, Qin Yu's body turned into a flash. Before the white clothed woman could react, he had already bursted into the main gate. Seeing this scene, the white clothed woman was slightly shocked. She then immediately reacted. "There's an enemy!"

Following the white clothed girl's loud shout, the entire Ice Wind Sect grew panicky.

With a figure like a blue phantom, he was indefinitely blurry. Agilely, he passed through countless buildings. In a mere blink of an eye, he had arrived at Yu Qingzi's residence.

"Not good."

At the moment Qin Yu rushed rapidly into the Ice Wind Sect, Immortal Emperor Yu Fan had already discovered him and then disappeared from his residence.

"Mother." A cute youngster with rosy complexion heard the external movements and was very excited.

"Xiao Xian, you are not permitted to go outside."

Said Immortal Emperor Bing Lian coldly. Afterwards, she exited the room like a lightning.

With Qin Yu's speed, Yu Qingzi had only discovered that someone had rushed in front from main gate of the Ice Wind Sect before immediately discovering that the enemy was already in front of his eyes. The first response of Yu Qingzi was to launch his 'domain' to immediately bind the opponent's movements.

A Top Quality Immortal Armor appeared on Yu Qingzi's body. On his hand was also a Top Quality Immortal Weapon. At the same time when he was evading Qin Yu, he also immediately sent a voice transmission. "Who are you, path friend? I believe I have no grievance nor animosity with you, path friend."

[TL: I am really debating about rather to keep the 'path' part. It sounds super weird. He just say that cause he assumed Qin Yu was an immortal.]
Qin Yu felt that his movement was being restrained. He humped coldly.

His 'domain' was also launched.

"Emperor level expert." Yu Qingzi's face grew pale, he was able to sense that his opponent was contesting over the control of the surrounding space with him. At this moment, Yu Qingzi didn't bother to show any quarter and immediately took out his sword to attack.

"Yu Qingzi, prepare to die." Shouted Qin Yu furiously via voice transmission.

The Black Hole in Qin Yu's dantian started to revolve in the reverse direction. As it revolved, the surrounding space also started to fluctuate. Yu Qingzi was also to sense that the situation was bad. A golden Black Hole Energy appeared in the other side of the Black Hole channel. Following the Black Hole's rapid rotation, it was shot out at a rapid speed!

Following the tunnel created with Life Elemental Energy, a golden blur passed through the channel at a rapid speed and was shot out following the direction of Qin Yu's index finger —

Meteor Finger Technique, the fourth form — Sky Piercing Finger!


A fierce vibration echoed. Yu Qingzi was thrown to the other side. Immortal Emperor Yu Fan was standing on front of him. Earlier, in a split second, Immortal Emperor Yu Fan appeared in front of Yu Qingzi and blocked Qin Yu's Sky Piercing Finger.

Immortal Emperor Yu Fan's residence was very close to Yu Qingzi's. When Qin Yu arrived at Yu Qingzi's residence, Immortal Emperor Yu Fan had already arrived. It's just that he had not moved yet.

At the moment when Qin Yu used his Sky Piercing Finger, the space started to fluctuate with Qin Yu as the core. Sensing that the situation had turned bad and that Yu Qingzi would most likely be unable to resist the move, Immortal Emperor Yu Fan immediately moved and pushed away Yu Qingzi to help block the incoming attack.

"Who exactly are you, path friend?" At this moment, Immortal Emperor Yu Fan was also astonished.

He was prepared when he stepped in to block the attack. However, even though he was prepared, the Immortal Elemental Energy that he had covered his Top Quality Immortal Sword was still completely jolted to nothingness by the Sky Piercing Finger. Even his Top Quality Immortal Sword was nearly broken.

"I, am an avenger."

Qin Yu saw the appearance of Immortal Emperor Yu Fan and immediately knew that it would become a bit more troublesome to kill Yu Qingzi.

Of course, it's only a little bit more troublesome.

Qin Yu was no match against a level six Immortal Emperor. However, a level six Immortal Emperor also cannot do any harm to him. With Qin Yu's defense, it was absolutely possible for him to kill Yu Qingzi even when he's being protected by Immortal Emperor Yu Fan.

"Who dared to behave atrociously in my Ice Wind Sect?" A cold shout echoed. A battle armor that appeared as if it was composed of mystic ice wrapped itself around a lofty and unsullied beautiful woman's body. That woman was standing several tens of meters to Qin Yu's left.

In the small courtyard, several great experts had assembled there all of a sudden.

The corner of Qin Yu's lips were slightly raised!

He was very clear about the strength of the Sky Piercing Finger. It was nearly equivalent to Divine Sword, Sky Piercer's close strike to the body. After all, the Sky Piercing Finger was only a condensed energy that was speed up through the black hole and Qin Yu's comprehension of space. For it to display such a power was already extraordinary.


Qin Yu's strongest attack wasn't that.

Seeing that Immortal Emperor Yu Fan and Immortal Emperor Bing Lian had arrived, Yu Qingzi felt a lot safer in his heart. At once, he stood next to Immortal Emperor Yu Fan and shouted coldly to Qin Yu. "Who are you? What hatred was there between us for you to desire for vengeance? Why do you want to kill me?"

"What hatred? Desire for vengeance? You'll find out when you die." Sneered Qin Yu.

"Shameless boasting." Said Immortal Emperor Yu Fan coldly. "I can see that you are also an Immortal Emperor level expert, I cannot bear for you to waste all your countless years of bitter cultivation; if you were to clarify the situation, I could be your mediator so that the grudges between you and Yu Qingzi could be removed."

To reach the level of Immortal Emperor was a very difficult task. Furthermore, Immortal Emperor level experts also only make friends with other Immortal Emperor level experts. To kill a single one might bring about a group of Immortal Emperors.

Thus, in general, for Immortal Emperors, any grudges that can reach a peaceful solution would usually be solved peacefully.

"Reconcile?" Qin Yu heard what Immortal Emperor Yu Fan said and grew even more furious.

Would reconciliation revive his sole disciple?

Immortal Emperor Yu Fan, Yu Qingzi and Immortal Emperor Bing Lian saw Qin Yu's silence and were all calmly waiting for Qin Yu's answer. If they didn't have to make this into a fight, then you would rather not. Furthermore, Qin Yu's earlier Sky Piercing Finger had also displayed his strength.

"Woosh!" Qin Yu's figure suddenly rushed forward.

"Seeking your own doom." Immortal Emperor Yu Fan also rushed toward Qin Yu. Seeing Qin Yu's movement, he already knew Qin Yu's decision… it's either he who dies or I who dies!

As they're both subordinates of Emperor Yu, how would Immortal Emperor Yu Fan not help Yu Qingzi?

"Attack." Yu Qingzi and Immortal Emperor Bing Lian's expression were both cold. They simultaneously rushed toward Qin Yu to attack.

Immortal Emperor Yu Fan's right palm gave of a dazzling golden light, a mysterious talisman seal print was patterned on his right palm. It contained with it a heart trembling power. 'Heavenly Fan Seal Techniques'. The technique that made Immortal Emperor Yu Fan's name known.

However, Qin Yu's index finger was already pointed toward Immortal Emperor Yu Fan.

Immortal Emperor Yu Fan who had already had a taste of the Sky Piercing Finger knew that Qin Yu's finger strike was extremely powerful and was unable to refrain himself from increasing his attack power to the maximum. In a moment, Immortal Emperor Yu Fan's right palm was shining even brighter than the sun.

A palm strike!

A finger strike!

A palm strike against a finger strike, which is stronger and which is weaker?


Strangely, at the moment their attacks reached each other, Qin Yu's arm moved, his finger surprisingly swept past Immortal Emperor Yu Fan's palm attack and took on the palm strike toward his chest without resistance. Although Immortal Emperor Yu Fan was startled, his heart grew ruthless. "You dared to take on my palm strike head on, deathwish!"

That golden palm heavily laned on Qin Yu's chest. Following the palm energy, Qin Yu's figure made an arc and surprisingly started to rush toward Yu Qingzi.

"How could this be?" Immortal Emperor Yu Fan was unable to believe what just happened. When he took on Qin Yu's finger strike, he was able to determine Qin Yu's strength. He didn't believe that Qin Yu was able to take his palm strike head on and not die.

Qin Yu's expression grew cold. The wound on his chest was recovered by his Life Elemental Energy in the twinkling of an eye.

At the moment when he used his body to block that palm strike, the Black Hole in Qin Yu's body had already started to rotate reversely. With Qin Yu as the center, the space around started to oscillate. A golden blur that had reached an terrifying speed was emitted out of the Black Hole. It followed Qin Yu's index finger and was shot out.

In the courtyard.

Almost just after taking on that palm strike, Qin Yu had already pointed his index finger toward Yu Qingzi. The golden blur was shot out at an astonishing speed, it streak across the most dazzling trajectory.

Sky Piercing Finger! At the moment Qin Yu's finger was pointed toward Yu Qingzi, he had closed his eyes and used his awareness to completely control the trajectory of the Sky Piercing Finger.

At that moment… Qin Yu's soul clearly felt the fluctuation within the Cosmic Space. Following the fluctuation, Qin Yu's Sky Piercing Finger had also started to slightly move about. The Sky Piercing Finger's power had reached its maximum —

Yu Qingzi brandished his sword to block!


The golden blur brushed through the Top Quality Immortal Sword and was shot into Yu Qingzi's stomach.

Too fast!

It was so fast that Yu Qingzi's Immortal Sword didn't even manage to get in contact with the Sky Piercing Finger. The Sky Piercing Finger pierced through Yu Qingzi's Top Quality Immortal Armor and, at the same time, also pierced through Yu Qingzi's Nascent Soul.

"Yu Qingzi, do you still remember that night on the Maple Moon Star? That night, your men killed my disciple. Today, I killed you. Don't you worry. Not only you, that Immortal Emperor Qian Qi would one day join you."

At the moment when Yu Qingzi's soul began to scatter, Qin Yu's voice transmission sounded in Yu Qingzi's mind.

"It's you…." Yu Qingzi's eyes were wide open. He then collapsed with a loud bang.

Yu Qingzi died on the spot!

Qin Yu coldly glanced at the Yu Qingzi who died uncontented and with his eyes open; he started to remember Liu Hanshu. "Foolish disciple, those three Immortal Emperors from that night will all be buried with you. Not one of them will be able to escape. Now… only one remains." All of a sudden, Qin Yu disappeared from the scene.

Immortal Emperor Bing Lian and Immortal Emperor Yu Fan saw Yu Qingzi collapsed and Qin Yu disappeared; they were both slightly startled. In merely a moment, the two both recovered and reacted.

"Close off the Interstellar Conveying Arrays, don't let anyone escape." Immortal Emperor Bing Lian took out her Transmission Spiritual Pearl.

"Chase after him." Shouted Immortal Emperor Yu Fan coldly. He immediately rushed out of the Ice Wind Sect.

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