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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 56 – Devise a Stratagem

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and ME!!

By the Interstellar Conveying Array. Qin Yu had directly teleported here.

"Floating Moon Galaxy, Ice Wind Sect."

Qin Yu took out a jade slip. This jade slip was obtained from Ao Wuming. It contained a map that contained almost all the places in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

"Fortunately I asked big brother Wuming for this Interstellar Map. If it was still that simple map that I had before, then I reckon that it would be impossible for me to find the Floating Moon Galaxy's planet that the Ice Wind Sect was in. This Interstellar Map from big brother Wuming was a lot more detailed."

Qin Yu had a very happy expression.

On the map that was given to him by Wuming, there was a detailed introduction to each planet. For example, it contained information about which power was in control of the planet and who are the experts that are in charge over this power. In short, it's extremely detailed.

Qin Yu used his Immortal Awareness to sweep past all the planets that are in the Floating Moon Galaxy. Immediately, he found the planet that the Ice Wind Sect was in.

White Ice Star.

This was the planet that the Ice Wind Sect was on. This planet was covered with a layer of ice. The two great cities on the White Ice Star were directly created by cultivators using their powers. Its interior temperature was also maintained by a barrier so that it was as warm as spring.

"The Floating Moon Galaxy is not far from here. So many years had already passed, there's no need to be hurried for several more days." Afterwards, Qin Yu handed over the fees and entered the Interstellar Conveying Array. As the rays of lights flickered, Qin Yu continued onward.

Although the Warm Moon Star does not belonged to the Floating Moon Galaxy, it was on the same Star Field as the Floating Moon Galaxy.

After half a day.

In the Floating Moon Galaxy, White Ice Star, White Wind City.

Inside a restaurant on the White Wind City. This restaurant could be considered as luxurious in the whole White Wind City. On the backside of the restaurant was many peaceful patios. A day of staying also cost an expensive price of a hundred low quality elemental spirit stones.

"Boss, don't allow others to disturb me unless it's important." After casually leaving a piece of high quality elemental spirit stone, Qin Yu walked toward the direction of a patio behind the restaurant.

"Senior, please rest assured. There will certainly not be anyone that would disturb senior." As that middle aged man on the front desk saw the high quality elemental spirit stone, he immediately displayed a delighted expression. Ordinary, for experts that casually give one or two high quality elemental spirit stones as payment, they would still not ask for change when they leave.

And Qin Yu, in the eyes of this boss, was clearly a generous senior.

On the quiet patio.

Qin Yu was currently deeply pondering about how to kill Yu Qingzi. After obtaining the major loss from last time around, Qin Yu had also learned his lesson.

"The Floating Moon Galaxy is Emperor Yu's territory and the Ice Wind Sect was the one in charge of it. However, the Floating Moon Galaxy was the only galaxy in the Plate Roe Star Field that belonged to Emperor Yu." Qin Yu was reading the information on the Interstellar Map.

There exist three big shots in the Immortal Realm. However, none of the big shots have complete control over a star field, all they had are the control over different galaxies of different star fields. In some star fields, they occupied a single galaxy. In others, they occupied two or three galaxies. It was also possible for them to not occupy any galaxy in a star field.

In Qin Yu current plan to kill Yu Qingzi.

His only concern was the other two Immortal Emperors. Qin Yu who had created the *Meteor Finger Technique* and understood 'domain' had completely confidence on killing a level one Immortal Emperor, Yu Qingzi. However, the other two Immortal Emperors were a bit troublesome. Especially that Immortal Emperor Yu Fan who was one of the Eighteen Emperors; he was very powerful.

Working under the Emperor Yu were the Eighteen Emperors and Thirty Six Lords. Of which, the weakest one of the Eighteen Emperors was stronger than the strongest one of the Thirty Six Lords.

Clearly… Immortal Emperor Yu Fan was at the very least stronger than Immortal Emperor Qian Qi.

"Immortal Emperor Yu Fan is not the Green Blooded Sword Immortal, it was impossible for him to kill me. However, no matter what, I must not let Emperor Yu find out about me and come chasing after me. If he were to come, then it would become a lot more troublesome."

Although Qin Yu has still yet to strike, Qin Yu was already considering the worst possible outcome.

"First of all, even if I killed Yu Qingzi, I still cannot let Immortal Emperor Yu Fan and them know that I am Qin Yu." Qin Yu had decided in his heart that when he attack this time, he would use the 'Meteor Finger Technique'. It was impossible for them to conclude that he was Qin Yu from the 'Meteor Finger Technique'.

Even if they were to find out about it years later, by that time, Qin Yu would likely become so powerful that he'd have no need to be afraid of others anymore.

"In the case if my identity were to be exposed, if Emperor Yu were to come chasing to kill me? How should I escape then?"

Qin Yu didn't know the current location of Emperor Yu. If he were to be far away, then it was impossible for him to chase after Qin Yu in a short amount of time. However, right now, Qin Yu needed to go through and consider all kinds of possibilities.


Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness found a place — another galaxy within the Plate Roe Star Field,

'Angelica Dahurica Galaxy'. Angelica Dahurica Galaxy was Cyan Emperor's territory!

Cyan Emperor.

One of the three big shots of the Immortal Realm.

"The Dragon Clan's map's power partition section actually placed the Cyan Emperor as the power that one absolutely must not provoke?" Qin Yu saw some of the detailed cues on the Dragon Clan's Interstellar Map and was immediately shocked.

Qin Yu didn't know that this Interstellar Map, that belonged to the internal members of the Dragon Clan, was renewed every hundred years. Thus, it was a resource for internal members and was something that only high level people were allowed to read.

For Wuming to give this to Qin Yu, he had truly considered Qin Yu to be his good brother.

"Cyan Emperor was crazily known as 'Eternal.' He had stayed at the level eight Immortal Emperor and was known as… as the history's longest cultivator?" Qin Yu saw the introductions about the Cyan Emperor on the jade slip and was astonished.

Cyan Emperor is a man that's brimming over with talent.

The time it took for him to reach level eight Immortal Emperor from Heavenly Immortal was not long at all. However, once he reached level eight Immortal Emperor, he had never had a breakthrough anymore. When he first reached level eight Immortal Emperor, even Hidden Emperor Lin Yin was only an unknown entity in the Immortal Realm.

In the time that he stayed at the level eight Immortal Emperor, the unknown entity Lin Yin had cultivated all the way to level nine Immortal Emperor in a single stretch and became the most top-notch person in the Immortal Realm.

Anyone who saw this introduction would be baffled.

A man brimming over with talent, why has he stay a level eight Immortal Emperor for so long? Even if he only had the aptitude of a regular Immortal Emperor, over that extremely long period of time, he would still have been able to reach a breakthrough and become a level nine Immortal Emperor.

"Could it be that the Cyan Emperor deliberately refuse to absorb energy? Something's amiss." Qin Yu's brows creased. "Even if a cultivator refuse to deliberately cultivate, one's body would still automatically absorb energy. Even if the speed of the body absorbing energy automatically was very slow, but in that long period of time, the amount of energy that is absorbed was more than enough to cause one to reach level nine Immortal Emperor."

Not mentioning experts.

Even if they're cultivators that had only entered the Jindan stage, their body would also automatically absorb energy.

[TL: Jindan → Golden Pellet stage, lol.]

It's just that the speed at which they absorb energy was relatively slow and cannot match to the absorption speed of one who wholeheartedly use one's awareness to absorb.

"Could it be that Cyan Emperor didn't wish to reach level nine Immortal Emperor? Thus, he had been always controlling his body to not absorb energy and even scatter a portion of his body's energy after a period of time?" Qin Yu was unable to believe this.

What good is it to remain a level eight Immortal Emperor forever? Merely to scrape a living?

Qin Yu was unable to believe that Cyan Emperor decided to stay at the level eight Immortal Emperor because he feared the Divine Tribulation. It was simply impossible for people with weak disposition like that was to cultivate all the way up to a level eight Immortal Emperor.

Cyan Emperor had cultivated for a long time. His soul's realm level might be very high, surpassing that of a level nine Immortal Emperor or even higher! The soul's realm level only determines how much energy one could control. The body's energy was the actual foundation for resisting the Divine Tribulation.

One must eventually undergo the tribulation. Why drag?

Qin Yu was very confused.

"This Cyan Emperor is certainly mysterious. He was even deemed the Immortal Realm's number one person to not provoke by the Dragon Clan." Qin Yu had a slight smile on his face. He didn't care about why Cyan Emperor remained a level eight Immortal Emperor the whole time.

However, he knew of one thing.

Even the Dragon Clan had deemed Cyan Emperor as the number one person to not provoke in the Immortal Realm, then it was impossible for Emperor Yu to not know of how strong this Cyan Emperor was.

Thus, in Cyan Emperor's territory, Emperor Yu would not dare run rampant.

he safest move is to flee to the Cyan Emperor's territory.

"It ispossible to directly reach the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy via the Interstellar Conveying Array of the White Ice Star." Qin Yu thought of a possibility. Once he killed Yu Qingzi, then that Immortal Emperor Bing Lian and Immortal Emperor Yu Fan might give an order to stop the Interstellar Conveying Arrays from working.

"If that really was to be the case, then I would directly use Greater Teleportation to move onward. In any case, the Floating Moon Galaxy is close to the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy." Qin Yu felt relaxed in his heart.

Qin Yu didn't dare to use Greater Teleporation between Star Fields.

However, between galaxies, Qin Yu had the guts to do it. Furthermore, it was also possible for him to go to a different planet before going to the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy. There was more than just the Interstellar Conveying Array on the White Ice Star that goes to the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy.

"Good, let's go with that." Qin Yu had absolute certainty.

No matter what kind of situation it would come to, if worse comes to worst, he will just flee to the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy.

The White Ice Star had two major cities. One of them was the White Wind City and the other was the Ice Imperial City.

The White Wind City was a bit larger than the Ice Imperial City. However, the status of the Ice Imperial City was a bit higher than the White Wind City. This is because the Ice Wind Sect's monastery was located in the Ice Imperial City. There was also a large amount of experts within the Ice Imperial City.

After arriving at of the White Wind City.

"Huu, what cold weather." Underneath his feet was an endless amount of ice. Even though the sun was bright up in the sky, the temperature was still very low.

An air cushion created by a layer energy aura automatically appeared on Qin Yu's feet. Toward the ice that covered as far as the eye can see, Qin Yu started to dash toward the Ice Imperial City at a rapid speed.

"Skating is truly interesting."

After skating for a while, Qin Yu started to use teleportation. After he teleported for a large distance, he started to skate for a short distance again before he once again started to teleport a large distance… just like that, he teleported three times before he arrived at the entrance of the Ice Imperial City via skating.

The two guards of the Ice Imperial City saw a man in the distant and immediately dashed toward him.

"Skating?" The two guards were stunned.

The distance between the White Wind City and the Ice Imperial City was very large. If one were to skate here, how long would that take? Most of the people who come here arrived by either teleportation or high speed aerial flying. There have truly never been anyone that arrived via skating.

"Brother, quickly, get away, that is an expert." Shouted one of the guard to the other one.

As the guard of the Ice Imperial City, one must at the very least have the strength of a Golden Immortal. Thus, they have the ability to make discerning judgments.

Qin Yu directly slide into the Ice Imperial City's city gate.

"Interesting, interesting." Qin Yu exhaled slowly. He then retrieved the aura on his feet. There was no ice in the inside of the Ice Imperial City. Furthermore, earlier, Qin Yu merely had a period of childish innocence.

The Ice Imperial City was flourishing. Although it is not as big as the White Wind City, the entire city's composition was very tight and exceptionally beautiful.

While walking on the street, Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness was, in a moment, emitted and covered the entire Ice Imperial City.

In the middle of the Ice Imperial City was the Ice Wind Sect's monastery. The main hall of the Ice Wind Sect's monastery was ninety nine floors tall. On top of the summit of the monastery was an an extremely beautiful and large ice sculpture of a beautiful woman.

Bustling with noise and excitement!

With merely a sweep of his Immortal Awareness, Qin Yu discovered the liveliness of the Ice Wind Sect. It was as if some sort of rejoicing thing was happening. The entire Ice Wind Sect was decorated with lanterns and colored banners and everyone was laughing.

"A bit troublesome, this Yu Qingzi was actually sat together with the other Immortal Emperor Yu Fan."

At the moment the Immortal Awareness swept through, Qin Yu had already discovered the experts located within the Ice Wind Sect.

There are four Immortal Emperors in the Ice Wind Sect.

The strongest one was a level six Immortal Emperor. This should be Immortal Emperor Yu Fan, one of the Eighteen Emperors under Emperor Yu.

Second only to Immortal Emperor Yu Fan was a beautiful female Immortal Emperor. That beautiful female Immortal Emperor's appearance was exactly the same as that gigantic ice sculpture of a beautiful woman. She was most likely the sect master of the Ice Wind Sect, 'Immortal Emperor Bing Lian.'

The third strongest person was the level one Immortal Emperor Sword Immortal Yu Qingzi.

As for the weakest Immortal Emperor, it was a youngster, a youngster that had just reached level one Immortal Emperor.

"That Immortal Emperor Bing Lian and that youngster should be people of the Ice Wind Sect. They lived in the location of the main sect members of the Ice Wind Sect. However, Yu Qingzi and Immortal Emperor Yu Fan lived in the guest area."

Qin Yu concluded because the location where Yu Qingzi lived had several tens of people and their aura were all different from members of the Ice Wind Sect.

"Martial sister, the young sect master martial uncle was truly worthy of being called a genius. He had started cultivating a lot later than us. When I was a Heavenly Immortal, young sect master was still only a child. And now, young sect master had reached the level of Immortal Emperor in less than a hundred thousand years."

"Mn, young sect master martial uncle is so hardworking that even sect master herself was very happy. From what master had said, sect master had been beaming with smiles these past couple days."

Two white clothed girls brush past Qin Yu while laughing and chatting.

"Young sect master?" Qin Yu continued forward.

As he continued walking, Qin Yu discovered that the entire Ice Imperial City were discussing about this genius youngster that had reached level one Immortal Emperor with less than a hundred thousand years of cultivation — the young sect master of the Ice Wind Sect, Bing Xian.

To reach level nine Golden Immortal in less than a hundred thousand years was unworthy of astonishment. However, those who managed to reach level one Immortal Emperor was sufficient to be called a genius.

"Genius? Taking almost a hundred thousand years to reach level one Immortal Emperor is still considered as genius?" Hearing all those voices of admiration and praises, Qin Yu instead thought of his good brother, Jun Luoyu.

Genius Immortal Emperor, he reached level two Immortal Emperor in only a couple hundred years.

"The gap was simply too big when compared with my brother Luoyu." Qin Yu sighed. Actually, the amount of time Qin Yu cultivated was even shorter. It's just that Qin Yu didn't consider himself to as having talents and ability as he possessed assistance from the Meteoric Tear. However, Qin Yu forgot… that the success of many people, luck was also a huge factor. For example, Jun Luoyu also possessed luck.

Qin Yu quietly walked on the street.

He had already decided that once he reached a distance close to the Ice Wind Gate's monastery… it was the moment of death for Yu Qingzi! And the time in which Qin Yu walked are the final moments for Yu Qingzi to live.

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