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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 55 – Ice Wind Sect

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Kulops

As he looked at the boundless space within the Jiang Lan's Realm, Qin Yu took a deep breath.

"It's about time for me to exit. I should be more cautious this time around; at the very least, I need to change my appearance!" Qin Yu changed his appearance.

His long hair turned into three inch long short hair. His black gown had also turned into a blue colored close-fitting clothes. His appearance turned a bit more capable and vigorous. At the same time, he also made his facial features to be a little bit more coarse and fierce.

After preparing everything, Qin Yu was prepared to leave the Jiang Lan's Realm.

"Mn? Somebody's monitoring?" Qin Yu was able to clearly sense the soul energy of two individuals sweeping past the sand that the Jiang Lan's Realm had turned into.

"One is an Immortal Emperor whereas the other is a Devil Emperor. Their strength seems to be around level two or three Immortal Emperor's level." Just from the level of soul energy that swept past the sand that the Jiang Lan's Realm had turned into, Qin Yu was able to roughly estimate these two individual's strength.

After Qin Yu muttered that to himself, he felt a lack of better option. "Seems like these two should be the people that the two level eight Immortal Emperor and Devil Emperor have dispatched."

Toward these two level eight Immortal Emperor and Devil Emperor, after deeply pondering over it, Qin Yu had determined that there's eighty percent chance that they were Xue Tianya and Emperor Yu.

"Humph. Even if they were to be a level eight Immortal Emperor, they would still not be able to continue to press on with the surveillance. They were unable to continue and had decided to let their subordinates do it. Hm?" Qin Yu suddenly noticed that one of the Immortal Awareness suddenly disappeared.

Qin Yu was slightly astonished. However, he soon reacted. "Seems like that Immortal Emperor who had been monitoring the planet has gotten tired."

There was a total of two individuals that were keeping surveillance over the Blue Snow Star. One was an Immortal Emperor whereas the other was a Devil Emperor. It was evident that this Immortal Emperor had retired to rest. When would this Devil Emperor retire to rest?

"I hope that these two are not working with each other." Hoped Qin Yu.

If these two were working together and matching their resting timing where one rests while the other continues to keep a close watch on the planet, then if Qin Yu wanted to leave peacefully, then he must certainly have to make a detour through the Devil Realm. To take a large detour through the Devil Realm was something that Qin Yu didn't want to do.

Qin Yu firmly believed that the level eight Immortal Emperor and the level eight Devil Emperor that were trying to kill him were competing with each other. Thus, how would they possibly cooperate?

With this idea in his mind, Qin Yu decided to wait and see.

He started to wait and waited a whole month.

After a month had passed.

Qin Yu excitedly found out that there was actually no Immortal Awareness nor Devil Awareness monitoring the outside world.

Qin Yu didn't know that every year, the Immortal Emperor and Devil Emperor that keep watch over the planet had to rest a month. Although their resting period intersects with each other, but every year, there's always a period of blank time without anyone keeping surveillance.

Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya firmly believed that Qin Yu was unable to sense the surveillance of Emperor level experts. Furthermore, the blank time when there is no one keeping surveillance was extremely short. Thus, they didn't really care much about it.

A clear and boundless sky. In the sky, there were only a couple white clouds drifting. At this time, the Blue Snow Star was extremely lively. Its streets were packed with large amounts of cultivators.

Qin Yu was currently walking on the street.

"I remember that my alias 'Mister Meteor' was a short haired man when I was still taking assassin missions back in the Qianlong Continent. It's been a long time since I had short hair." The current Qin Yu had a three inch long short hair. He felt that it was also very comfortable as it had been a long time since he had short hair.

[TL: Mister Liu Xing → Mister Meteor. Also, agree with Qin Yu, short hair is comfortable. But long hair looks better.]

With a very fast speed, Qin Yu passed through the city.

Once he entered the grassland area, he immediately used teleportation and arrived at the location of the Interstellar Conveying Arrays.

As there was no one monitoring him, Qin Yu didn't fear being discovered.

There were truly quite a many people that were going to the Immortal Realm from the Blue Snow Star. At this moment, there were already a large amount of people in line.

"Where to?" The administrative personnel of the Interstellar Conveying Array asked Qin Yu.

Qin Yu smiled and said. "To the 'Forever Bright Star' of the Immortal Realm."

The Forever Bright Star of the Immortal Realm was a border planet of the Indigo Bay Star Field on the side of the Immortal Realm.

"Three high grade elemental spirit stones." Said that administrative personnel ordinarily.

Qin Yu was slightly startled. From a Star Field to another Star Field was indeed excessively pricey. However, to Qin Yu, this amount of money wasn't much either.

After he paid the three high grade elemental spirit stones, Qin Yu stepped into the Interstellar Conveying Array.

Rays of light that cause one's mood to become cheerful started to flicker.

Qin Yu was also unable to keep himself from smiling. "Both the level eight Immortal Emperor and Devil Emperor, you are still unable to catch me. It's a pity that you had wasted so much energy and even showed me a marvelous fight that granted me boundless benefits."

After the rays of light disappeared, QIn Yu also disappeared.

On the extreme south of the Immortal Realm was a bright planet. All year round, it was shined upon by stars. On this planet, there were no nights. Thus… this planet was named 'Forever Bright Star.'

In the same galaxy as the Forever Bright Star was another planet with quite a bit of reputation. It is called the Bright Sulfur Star.

The reason why the Bright Sulfur Star came to be well known was because the planet produced extremely rare ores. And at this moment… Qin Yu was currently on the Bright Sulfur Star.

In a common restaurant on the Bright Sulfur Star.

Qin Yu was currently drinking the 'famed wine' of this restaurant. Qin Yu felt that this wine wasn't really of that high grade as it was said to be. Merely, he had never tried this wine before and this time could be considered as gaining experience.

"All these years, I have been in the Jiang Lan's Realm with neither alcohol nor good food, my mouth has grown so weak that it even started discharging water." Qin Yu was completely relaxed.

Having arrived in the Immortal Realm, as long as he doesn't cause trouble, it was simply a pipe dream for that level eight Immortal Emperor to try and catch him. Unless he directly ran into that level eight Immortal Emperor; however, even if he was to run into that level eight Immortal Emperor, he would still be unable to be a hundred percent certain of Qin Yu's identity.

"That level eight Immortal Emperor ought to be Emperor Yu." Said Qin Yu in his heart. "During our conversations, big brother Wuming had also mentioned that there are three big shots in the Immortal World. Mystic Emperor was a woman. Cyan Emperor rarely undertake a task and was very mysterious."

Based on what Wuming said and the fact that Emperor Yu was already chasing after Qin Yu, Qin Yu was certain that this level eight Immortal Emperor was most likely Emperor Yu.

As long as he was to be extra careful in the territories of Emperor Yu and not cause any trouble, he ought to be very safe.

Amongst the countless planets with countless amount of people, the chances of encountering Emperor Yu face to face… just by thinking about it one would know how slim the chances were. Trying to encounter someone in a planet with over a hundred million people was already very hard. There's needless to mention about the numerous planets within a galaxy. And how many galaxies exist in the Immortal Realm?

After resting for a day on the Bright Sulfur Star, Qin Yu finally began to set off.

He set off from the most southern end of the Immortal Realm and started to go straight toward the boundaries of the Immortal Realm and the Demon Realm. This boundary was also the most western end of the Immortal Realm.

The Immortal Realm composed of about twenty percent of the whole Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. It possessed about twenty star fields. All at once and without resting, Qin Yu managed to cross from planets to planets, galaxies to galaxies….

[TL: once again, I would like to point out. I am not putting Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm as Realms because technically, IET is referring to the Ascended Realm. IET interchanges his words every now and then. So yeah, it is not referring to the 3 Realms but rather the whole Ascended Realm that included the hidden experts area that don't belong to either 3 Realms.]

In the whole journey, he continued to advance unceasingly.

The current Qin Yu possessed an Interstellar Map of almost the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. This Interstellar Map was something that Qin Yu obtained from Ao Wuming. Having obtained such a brother, how would Qin Yu not know about cherishing the resources?

The Dragon Clan's Prince was indeed extraordinary.

On this map of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, it contained very detailed information about the plants and Interstellar Conveying Arrays of everywhere. Furthermore, this Interstellar Map was also the latest edition of the map that the Dragon Clan possessed. Even till now, it had only been a hundred years old.

Eight Great Star Fields!

In a single stretch, Qin Yu advanced past eight great star fields in a ten days. In these past ten days, Qin Yu had only rested for half a day.

"Unceasing transport, unceasing transport, now I get a headache whenever I see the lights of Interstellar Conveying Arrays." Qin Yu stepped out of the Interstellar Conveying Array of the Warm Wood Star. This time around, he did not once again get in line to continue onward, instead… he decided to go to the Warm Wood Star's city and rest for a while first.

Warm Wood Star was a very ordinary planet. It was also not within Emperor Yu's range of influence. Qin Yu had decided that in this journey, he would absolutely not rest on Emperor Yu's territory.

Inside a Warm Wood Star's city.

After strolling the streets for half a day, Qin Yu casually brought some interesting gadgets. Qin Yu then stepped into a restaurant, sat down and causally ordered some dishes and a couple bottles of wine.

"It has already been eight star fields now, I would reach the Demon Realm in less than a month's time." Qin Yu watched the scenery outside the window. He was very relaxed.

"Senior martial brother, why did master order all of us to come back so urgently?" Following a clear talking sound, four white clothed youths walked into the restaurant. These four individuals were all emitting an air of arrogance.

Indeed, these four martial brothers, two of them were level eight Golden Immortals and the other two were level nine Golden Immortals. This kind of strength, on an ordinary planet like the Warm Wood Star, was certainly considered to be top notch.

It was very rare for Emperor level experts to appear on ordinary planets like the Warm Wood Star.

"Third martial brother, master did not write in detail about the reason on the Transmission Spirit Pearl." Helplessly said the only tanned youth amongst the four youths.

"Eldest martial brother. Third martial brother. I had heard rumors about the reason why master is gathering us back in the monastery." Said the second martial brother of the four mysterically.

The other three martial brothers immediately looked at this second martial brother.

"Second martial brother, tell us, stop hiding it." The fourth martial brother urged.

"Second martial brother, quickly, tell us." The eldest martial brother also urged.

Qin Yu who was drinking closeby slightly frowned. He was constantly on the move and only managed to finally gain some time to rest but these four martial brothers appeared and started to make a big fuss.

Qin Yu restrained himself and didn't say anything.

"Actually, I am also not very certain. But I know that this time around, the sect master was very happy and even invited two Immortal Emperors to celebrate." Said the second martial brother proudly with a reddened face.

Level nine Golden Immortal was only a step away from a level one Immortal Emperor. However, countless experts were stuck on the threshold of level nine Golden Immortal and were unable to move a step further.

Just by looking at how many level nine Golden Immortals and how many level one Immortal Emperors there are in the Jade Sword Sect, was enough to show exactly how hard it is to cross this step.

"Two Immortal Emperors? Which two Immortal Emperors?" The three other martial brothers all grew curious.

This second martial brother slowly took a slip of his wine. Only when these other three martial brothers grew so anxious that they wanted to beat him up did he spoke. "These two Immortal Emperors, one of them was one of the Eighteen Emperors underneath His Majesty, Immortal Emperor Yu Fan."

"Wow, Immortal Emperor Yu Fan." The fourth martial brother's eyes shined. "I had heard that Immortal Emperor Yu Fan was extremely powerful. Back then, there was a tiny power whose head was disrespectful toward His Majesty, Immortal Emperor Yu Fan with his 'Heavenly Fan Seal Techniques' killed three great Immortal Emperors in succession, his strength was so powerful that it directly ruptured the earth."

[TL: The Fan in Heavenly Fan Seal Techniques is the same as Immortal Emperor Yu Fan's name, Fan. So basically it could also mean, Fan's Heavenly Seal Techniques.]

"Eighteen Emperors?"

Qin Yu's left hand that was holding his wine cup slightly stopped.

"Didn't Emperor Yu have 'Eighteen Emperors' working under him? Could these four martial brothers be Emperor Yu's men?" As it concerned Emperor Yu, Qin Yu was unable to refrain himself and started to concentrate his attention to these four's chat.

"Second martial brother, then who is the remaining Immortal Emperor?" Asked the fourth martial brother.

Second marital brother laughed and said. "The remaining Immortal Emperor is also no ordinary person, he is someone who's ranked equal as our sect master of the 'Thirty Six Lords,' from the Indigo Bay Star Field, the Jade Sword Sect's sect master, Yu Qingzi."

"Immortal Emperor Yu Qingzi? He's a Sword Immortal." The eldest martial brother's eyes shined. "It is said that this Immortal Emperor Yu Qingzi is only a level one Immortal Emperor but his attack power is exceptionally high."

"Yu Qingzi!"

Qin Yu trembled in his heart and was unable to refrain his face from showing a trace of excitement. "Yu Qingzi oh Yu Qingzi, last time I didn't manage to kill you, never had I expected that after all these years, you didn't hole up in the Jade Sword Sect, but instead came into the Immortal Realm. This time around, even the Heavens want you dead."

Qin Yu had always kept the death of Hanshu in his heart.

Although Hanshu's death was a suicide, it was also a forced suicide.

In Qin Yu's heart, the person that he wanted to kill the most was the mastermind of the plan, Yu Qingzi. It was precisely Yu Qingzi who arranged for the plan to encircle and annihilate Qin Yu. Had it not been for that plan, then how could his disciple possibly die?

On the Maple Moon Star, Qin Yu had attacked Yu Qingzi consecutively for countless times. However, the difference between their strength back then was simply too much. Even with the Sword Immortal Puppet, his comprehension toward battle was still too low. Qin Yu was completely restricted by Yu Qingzi's 'domain.'

"This time around, Yu Qingzi, you will certainly die."

Qin Yu had made his resolution to go kill Yu Qingzi first.

"From what these four martial brothers said, Yu Qingzi should be with the other two Immortal Emperors. One of them was one of the Thirty Six Lords and the other one was one of the Eighteen Emperors called Immortal Emperor Yu Fan. That Immortal Emperor Yu Fan is a bit problematic. However, that Immortal Emperor Yu Fan is certainly no stronger than Green Blooded Sword Immortal; he is unable to kill me."

Qin Yu held no fear in his heart.

However, in order to put things in order, doesn't he still have to plan a bit?

At the very least… he had to know about what sect these four martial brothers belonged to and where it was located at.

Qin Yu considered it carefully in his heart and was unable to help himself from displaying a slight smile.

"To invite two Immortal Emperors to celebrate, sect master was certain to have some exclusive matter." Said third martial brother while smiling. At this moment, they were also looking forward to going back. After all, they could see two Immortal Emperors.

Soon, the four started to become noisy again.

The other people in the restaurant were simply not daring to reprimand them since these four individuals were simply too strong.

"You four juniors better quiet down."

A deep and low voice resounded from a corner of the restaurant.

"Who?" The four martial brother's expression immediately changed, they simultaneously looked toward the direction of the voice. It was precisely Qin Yu who had changed his appearance.

"Eldest martial brother, this enemy is unfathomable." Said second martial brother via voice transmission.

How could the eldest martial brother not know? Right when these four marital brothers looked at Qin Yu, their heart already started to feel terrified. It's because they discovered… that they were all unable to detect Qin Yu's aura and would even think that there was simply no one there if they were to close their eyes.

"Senior, us four juniors didn't know that senior was here, we apologize for our hot-headedness." The eldest martial brother walked out and said respectfully.

"Which sect are you all from? Who are your elders?" Said Qin Yu indifferently as he drank his wine. He didn't even bother to look at the four martial brothers.

The eldest martial brother said respectfully. "Junior is a disciple of the Floating Moon Galaxy's Ice Wind Sect. Our sect master is the Immortal Emperor Bing Lian."

[TL: Bing Lian means Ice Ripple.]

"Oh, so you're disciples of Bing Lian's sect. Taking Bing Lian's honor into consideration, I will let this matter go." Qin Yu indifferently stood up. Then he arrived on the doorway in an instant and had his back toward these four martial brothers. "Juniors, remember, in the future, before you start to make a ruckus in a restaurant, first determine who is in the restaurant."

"Yes, yes."

The four martial brothers were all standing there respectfully. Hearing how Qin Yu addressed Immortal Emperor Bing Lian with a familiar tone and the strength that even they were not able to see through, they were determined that this unfathomable man in front of them was an Emperor level expert.

By the time these four martial brothers raised their head, Qin Yu had already disappeared. Only at this moment did the four martial brothers heave a sigh of relief.

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