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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 54 – Finger Technique

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Kulops

Inside the Jiang Lan's Realm, Qin Yu was unable to sense the passage of time. Time and time, he managed to arrive at a comprehension. This had caused Qin Yu to be at an excited state. In that kind of state, Qin Yu was filled with enthusiasm…

Energies surged forward, like a mirage, Qin Yu was drifting unceasingly. Each and every one of the energy was extremely fast and also extremely powerful.


"Wrong, wrong!" Qin Yu suddenly stopped. At this moment, Qin Yu had an expression that could not be described as either crying or laughing.

From starting to comprehend the realms until now, Qin Yu suddenly discovered…that the *Eighteen Forms Finger Techniques* that he had previously created, needed to be thrown away because the finger techniques that he had recently created wasn't suited for him.

This caused Qin Yu to feel a bit of pain but also some excitement.

Because… Qin Yu finally came to understand what 'domains' were.

Domain, a superb skill that belonged to Emperor level experts.

If one didn't understand what it was, then it would appear to be a profound mystery. However, once one understood it, it was in fact extremely simple.

"So the world was actually like this. The boundless Cosmic Space contained its special rules and regulations. Each and every energy, each and every existence all had their own reason for existence." Qin Yu looked at each and every space of the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Before, Qin Yu had never viewed the Cosmic Space as more than a Cosmic Space.

However, to the current Qin Yu, Cosmic Space contained its own distinctive rules and regulations. Those rules and regulations were extremely profound and mysterious. The current Qin Yu had only managed to sense its existence. As for understanding it… that was simply out of the question.

However, with merely sensing its existence, it was already enough for Qin Yu to execute 'domain.'

"It seems like that *Eighteen Forms Finger Techniques* is also considered to be very complicated and troublesome. Real attack technique only required a couple types. A fusion domain attack is the actual attack that belongs to experts."

Qin Yu closed his eyes, his Immortal Awareness and the energy within him started to fill the air around him.

The most important aspect for one to realize 'domains' was the degree in which one's soul and the Cosmic Space is in agreement. Although Qin Yu's soul level was merely at the third layer of Earthly Soul Realm, but with the help from the Meteoric Tear, he was able to execute 'domain.'

Within an area of a hundred miles from Qin Yu.

The space remained calm like it used to be. However, hidden beneath the surface were strands of Black Hole energy. Qin Yu's Black Hole energy had assimilated into every spot within the space of his domain's range.

Qin Yu was able to restrict the movements of his opponents and even able to suddenly attack his opponents. Back when Qin Yu battled Yu Qingzi, Yu Qingzi precisely used this move to restrict Qin Yu's movement and disrupt his attack pattern.

After comprehending domain, Qin Yu's comprehension toward battles once again increased by a layer.

The *Eighteen Forms Finger Techniques* that he had previously created was completely abandoned by Qin Yu. Now that Qin Yu had an understanding of the Cosmic Space, he began to once again create an attacking technique that suited him better.

On a mountain peak of the Blue Snow Star.

One wearing white and one wearing purple, Xue Tianya and Emperor Yu were standing on the mountain peak.

"Brother Xue. It's already been five years. These five years, we have been carefully inspecting every location of the Blue Snow Star. Although we managed to find some other interesting things, we were absolutely unable to find any traces of Qin Yu." Said Emperor Yu with a mild smile.

Xue Tianya also had an indifferent smile.

The battle that they had on the Blue Snow Star had caused the relationship between them to be a bit tense and they had almost became enemies. However, in these five years, neither of them managed to discover Qin Yu. For a long time, they had used their Immortal Awareness and Devil Awareness to cover the entire Blue Snow Star. Now, the two great experts were starting to feel tired.

After all, they were not in any seclusion training location where they are able to train for a number of years at once. At every moment, they would have to carefully monitor the planet.

They had a feeling… that perhaps they had already lost Qin Yu.

As the two were both losers, they started to empathize with each other and caused the relationship between them to become a lot better.

"Brother Feng Yu, I cannot wait anymore. Who knows whether that Qin Yu would decide to stay several hundred or even thousand or ten of thousands of years in the Qingyu Immortal Mansion at once?" Said Xue Tianya with a smile.

Emperor Yu also had a bitter smile.

That's right, who knows how long Qin Yu was going to stay in the Qingyu Immortal Mansion? Even now, the two of them still believed that Qin Yu was in the Qingyu Immortal Mansion.

"Brother Xue, I have a lot of important matters and also cannot continue to stay on the Blue Snow Star. I will immediately return back to the immortal Realm and dispatch one or two Emperor level expert to this Blue Snow Star to keep a close watch over it." Said Emperor Yu while smiling.

"I will do the same. The Blue Snow Star is only this big, Qin Yu still hasn't reached Emperor level yet, sending a single Devil Emperor level expert here would be more than enough to monitor the whole Blue Snow Star. Once he reappears, he would definitely be detected." Said Xue Tianya with absolute certainty.

Even now, these two men still didn't know about the sensitivity of Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness.

"Merely, I am afraid that they might not have the patience to keep watch continuously." Sighed Emperor Yu.

Even Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya, the two great experts, felt tired after monitoring for five years straight. If a level two or three Immortal and Devil Experts were to come and monitor, then it is reckoned that they would have to rest for a long time after monitoring for a single year.

Xue Tianya said without caring. "After they monitored for a period of time, they could rest for ten days to half a month and then continue to monitor. That Qin Yu is not even at the Emperor level yet, it is absolutely impossible for him to sense the surveillance of Emperor level experts. I do not believe that he would have such a reemerge at such a timely period where there would be no one monitoring him."

"Right, before Qin Yu reaches Emperor level, he cannot sense the surveillance of Emperor level experts." Emperor Yu said in approval.

This was the best hope that both Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya had to catch Qin Yu.


Their hope was absolutely flawed.

"If that Qin Yu was really to be that lucky and come out right when our men are resting, then we can only admit that he's got immense luck. To be that lucky, it could only be said that… even the Heavens were helping him and that Bewitching God Painting would be temporarily inaccessible to us." Said Xue Tianya with a mild smile.

Xue Tianya looked toward Emperor Yu and said. "Even if Qin Yu managed to run to the Immortal Realm, brother Feng Yu still possesses a very large hope. After all, in the Immortal Realm, brother Feng Yu's influence is awfully large."

Emperor Yu merely smiled without saying anything.

"Well then, brother Feng Yu, the people that I dispatched have already arrived on the Blue Snow Star, farewell."

"I too would be departing the Blue Snow Star, farewell."

The two top experts separated. What they had to do now was to tell the people they had dispatched the aura of Qin Yu's energy and soul. After all, the Immortal Emperor and Devil Emperor that came had never met Qin Yu before.

If one hadn't met the person before but still wanted to recognize that person, then there are two methods.

The first method was through jade slips. One could insert the image of another person into a jade slip. The other person would know how the person looked just by looking at the jade slip. However, this is only the appearance. Once the person's appearance changed, then they were unable to determine who they were anymore.

The second method was to imitate the aura of the person so that it could be imprinted into the mind of the other person.

What Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya were about to do was precisely imitating Qin Yu's aura to imprint it onto their subordinates' minds.

Of course, the second method was not flawless. That's because an imitation of the aura was after all an imitation and absolutely cannot be exactly the same. The knowledge of Qin Yu's aura to the arriving Immortal and Devil Emperors would be deviated from the actual person.

The arriving Immortal and Devil Emperors also knew about this. They planned to capture all the people who possessed aura close to that of the imitation. They would rather be mistaken and catch everyone than be sorry and let Qin Yu run away.

The inside of the Jiang Lan's Realm was still as peaceful as before.

In these past years, the main focus of Qin Yu's research was the finger technique. That's because regardless of whether it's the Dark Star energy that he previously had or the Black Hole energy that he currently had, both of them were extremely condensed.

An energy so condensed like this was best suited for finger techniques.

Qin Yu was motionlessly standing atop the meadows.

"Ten Termination Fingers!"

Ten golden finger rays were shot out in succession from Qin Yu's fingers. These ten finger rays did not fly out at the same time and they each possessed some minute differences. However, unless one's soul realm level was high enough, they were absolutely unable to detect the differences between these ten finger rays.

The ten finger rays turned into ten rays of light.

"Bang!" Finally, the ten golden finger rays strangely gathered together and were shot on to the ground.

At the moment these ten finger rays were shot out, they were actually shot out from six of Qin Yu's fingers. At the moment when they were shot out, the ten were all parallel and matched up to each other!

The ten finger rays gave an impression that they were flying in a straight line.

Theoretically, the ten finger rays would never combine into one. However, mysteriously, the ten finger rays actually combined.

If it was the Qin Yu before he had gone through his latent cultivation, then it was absolutely impossible for him to comprehend and he would even believe that this was a mistake. However, the current Qin Yu understood it and even created this extremely fierce 'Ten Termination Fingers."

[TL: yeah, I'm as confused about finger logic as you are. IET, wtf bruh?

Kulops: man, ten shots out of 6 fingers, seriously??? ]

The was precisely the gap between realms.

The comprehension of mortals, the comprehension of cultivators, the comprehension of immortals and even the comprehension of high level emperors were all different from each other. Now, Qin Yu had also realized that.

Back when he was fighting against Yu Qingzi, he was clearly the one who acted first and his speed was also faster than Yu Qingzi's. However, Yu Qingzi was able to block each and every one of his attacks.

So it turns out… that sometimes, the optimal method of attack for pointed swords were not thrusting in a straight line; least not the kind of rigid straight line thrust.

Because of the fact that the Cosmic Space was always mobile, it was always changing. The so called 'straight line' that mortals knew was slow to a certain degree. That's also the reason why Qin Yu felt that the attacks of experts at Xue Tianya's level were elegant and possessed exceptional results. It's just that the Qin Yu back then did not understand the cause for it. However, now he does.

Qin Yu's finger technique was separated into four different forms.

The first form — Ten thousand Weight Fingers.

The second form — Thousand Illusions Fingers.

The third form — Ten Termination Fingers.

The fourth form — Sky Piercing Finger.

The last technique, the Sky Piercing Fingers, was a specialized technique created by Qin Yu using the Black Hole within his body. It was also the strongest technique that the current Qin Yu could execute.

Qin Yu had previously thought about the fact that the Black Hole, when it's rotating forward, was able to give birth to such a frightening absorbing power. Then, what would happen if it was to rotate backwards?

Qin Yu began his experiment. Once the Black Hole was to be reversed, it would give birth to a frightening energy emission. As long as Qin Yu control a string of Black Hole energy on the other side of the Black Hole; after it sped up after undergoing a reverse rotation, then the moment when it was ejected from the Black Hole, it would obtain a frightening speed.

Afterwards, this string of Black Hole energy would go through Qin Yu's finger and, in accordance with his current understanding, be shot out with the best method!

The power of it was so strong that even Qin Yu was overwhelmed with shock and amazement after he created it.

However, in order to execute this move, Qin Yu himself also had to go through a lot of pain.

That's because that string of Black Hole energy, after it went through the other side of the Black Hole and obtained a reverse spin and sped up, it's speed was far exceeding what Qin yu had imagined. At the moment it was shot out from the Black Hole, it would rapidly pass through Qin Yu's body before being shot out of his finger.

From his dantian to his finger, it was impossible for Qin Yu to operate it with his meridians. That's because the speed of that Black Hole energy was simply too fast. It was so fast that it was very hard for Qin Yu to flow it through his meridians. The most Qin Yu could do was to barely make it change directions.

As a result, in Qin Yu's body was a channel created with Life Elemental Energy. This channel directly connected Qin Yu's dantian to his finger. That Black Hole energy would go through the Life Elemental Energy channel and be shot out according to the direction Qin Yu's index finger was pointed to.

Fortunately, ever since Qin Yu reached the Black Hole Realm, his awareness absorbed the aura from the 'flour paste space' and obtained a transformation. Qin Yu's body's energy control ability had also improved by a whole chunk.

That's why he was able to barely control that finger ray with an extremely frightening speed and shoot it out accordinging the the trajectory that he had decided.

Within the Jiang Lan's Realm, Qin Yu's aura had risen.

Ten Termination Fingers!

Ten golden finger rays were shot out in succession from Qin Yu's hands. They looked to be overlapping each other but were still parallel. Like that, they were shot out from Qin Yu's hands. In a short moment, the ten golden finger rays once again started to overlap each other.

The ten finger rays joined and became one. It's power was extremely large.

Qin Yu paused. After the space of his surroundings became stable, immediately, toward a far away space in the direction where the Ten Termination Fingers were shot at.

Sky Piercing Finger!


A golden savage ray was show out from Qin Yu's index finger. A short moment after the golden blur was shot out, the space started to give out an astonishing vibration sound. And at this moment, the golden rays of the Ten Termination Fingers had already came into Qin Yu's field of view.

With a "bang."

The Ten Termination Fingers were defeated whereas the golden savage ray continued to fly.

With a thought of Qin Yu's intention, the ground faraway protruded out to block the Sky Piercing Finger. After a series of explosive sounds, the Sky Piercing Finger finally stopped after shooting through numerous protrusions.

As the master of Jiang Lan's Realm, it was very easy for Qin Yu to control the movements of the ground of the Jiang Lan's Realm.

"The power of the Sky Piercing Finger was several times greater than the Ten Termination Fingers." Qin Yu was able to determine that after the Sky Piercing Finger broke through the Ten Termination Fingers, it only received a slight damage.

"What shall I call this series of finger techniques?" Qin Yu thought about it for a short while.

For some unknown reason, Qin Yu started to recall the memories he had in the Qianlong Continent.

At that moment, he had called himself Mister Meteor. He had undergone the Four-in-Nine Heavenly Tribulation together with his royal father in the great desolated land…. It was also because of the descent of the Meteors that he managed to came into contact with the transformative Meteoric Tear that changed his destiny.

[TL: Mister Liu Xing → Mister Meteor]

Qin Yu possessed a special relationship with 'meteor.'

"Meteor, I'll just call it Meteor Finger Technique." Qin Yu didn't really mind a lot about this name. A name was nothing more than a symbol. What's most important was the power of the Finger Technique itself.

This *Meteor Finger Technique* first three forms might be something that others can learn but the fourth form was likely something only Qin Yu himself could execute. After calculating it in his heart, Qin Yu couldn't help himself from sighing. "It's been a hundred years. I've actually trained for a hundred years. It actually took me so long to create a single finger technique."

The current Qin Yu was still at the mid stage Black Hole realm.

His power did not increase by much. However, his actual attack power had increased to a new realm.

In this hundred years, Qin Yu mainly spent the time on creating the *Meteor Finger Technique*. While this *Meteor Finger Technique* is called a finger technique, it could also be turned into a palm technique, fist technique and so on. That's because the preciousness of the *Meteor Finger Technique* lies in the comprehension Qin Yu had towards the Cosmic Space and the Realms.

Qin Yu's field of vision and level of techniques had all reached a new extent. At the same time, he came to comprehend the 'domain' and was now able to finally be qualified to fight against emperor level experts.

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