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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 53 – Latent Cultivation Transformation

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Kulops and Phillip

Right away, Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya came to a conclusion that Qin Yu was hiding in the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. Afterall, in the situation earlier where the space was distorted, it was utterly impossible for one to flee by using Greater Teleportation.

In the depths of the Blue Snow Star's underground.

Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya were standing in the middle of the lava. The roaring lava was only able to approach them an inch at most. Whether it's the clothes or the fluttering long hair, the lava was unable to approach them in the slightest.

These two men stood motionless.

They used their Immortal and Devil Awareness to carefully search through each and every corner, every mountain, every stone, every sand, every dust and even every speck within the vapor.

At the beginning, Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya were very calm. They didn't believe that a person who haven't even reached the emperor level could escape. They were carefully inspecting everything and had complete confidence that they could catch Qin Yu.

However, after half a day, Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya both had worried expressions.

After a whole day!

"Disappeared." Emperor Yu's face was filled with an astonished expression. He looked at Xue Tianya who was next to him. "Xue Tianya, did you manage to discover it?"

Xue Tianya turned around and looked at Emperor Yu. "No. Feng Yu, had it not been for the fact that you disturbed me, I would've already killed Qin Yu." Xue Tianya's words contained a slight anger.

Bewitching God Painting and the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas was already within his grasp. However, because of Emperor Yu, he didn't manage to obtain them successfully.

Emperor Yu gave a cold humph.

He had already dispatched people to monitor Qin Yu back when he was still on the Maple Moon Star. Amongst all the top players of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, he was certainly the first to discover Qin Yu. If one were to compare the bitterness one felt in one's heart, then Emperor Yu felt the most bitterness.

"Xue Tianya, treasures at the level of the Bewitching God Painting and the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas aren't something that are so easily obtainable. Only by working together and catching Qin Yu would we have the hope to obtain the Bewitching God Painting and the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas."

Hearing Emperor Yu's words, Xue Tianya frowned. He then nodded and said. "However, how do we find him?"

Emperor Yu slightly laughed. He said "Rest assured, in the earlier circumstances, it was impossible for Qin Yu to escape using Great Teleportation. The only method that he had was to enter the Qingyu Immortal Mansion."

Xue Tianya nodded in approval.

"As for the illusion barrier of the Qingyu Immortal Mansion, I have experienced it before back when Immortal Emperor Ni Yang was still alive. Even though it's considered to be profound, it should still not be possible for it to escape my detection…"

"But we still haven't discovered it." Xue Tianya interrupted.

Emperor Yu nodded. He said solemnly "That's right, we both carefully searched for it but still didn't discover anything. Then there's only one possibility – Emperor Ni Yang had improved the illusion barrier."

"True, that is the only possible justification." Said Xue Tianya in agreement.

How could Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya possibly imagine that Qin Yu possessed a spatial pocket type Divine Artifact that even people could enter. After all, even Emperor Yu had never encountered nor heard of such a Divine Artifact before.

They never believed that Qin Yu would obtain such an extraordinary Divine Artifact.

"Even if the illusion barrier was improved and we cannot find it, one thing is absolutely certain – that Qin Yu is certainly still within our surroundings." Emperor Yu deduced.

Xue Tianya's eyes shined.

At about the same moment, Xue Tianya and Emperor Yu both released their respective 'domain.' All the lava and ores within several hundred miles from them started to tremble. They are already within the 'domains' of the two great experts.


Even the tiniest speck of lava was destroyed into nothingness. Even the hardest ore were jolted into nothingness.

If amongst those materials was the object that the Qingyu Immortal Mansion had turned into, then it would absolutely not be destroyed. They were not investigating but rather using the method of exclusion. Within a twinkling of an eye, the area several hundred miles surrounding them had turned practically into nothingness. All that remained was a very small ore.

"There's one." Emperor Yu flipped his hand and the ore that was not shocked into nothingness was toward him.


Xue Tianya noticed the extremely rigid rock at almost exactly the same moment. He also dispatched a claw like energy to capture that ore. The two energies grabbed the ore at the same time.

They were fighting over the ore.

"Bang!" The little ore that was being fought and pulled by two different energies bursted open.

"So it really was a sulfer rock." Emperor Yu sighed and smiled.

Xue Tianya also had a self mocking smile.

A sulfer rock. However they had thought that the sulfer rock was what Qingyu Immortal Mansion had turned into. What had just happened had shown them that it cannot be the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. The great Qingyu Immortal Mansion of Immortal Emperor Ni Yang, how could it possibly be this easily broken?

"Xue Tianya, farewell." Said Emperor Yu as he cupped his hands respectfully.

Xue Tianya replied indifferently. "Farewell."

The two turned into two rays of light at the same time and was shot out from the underground. While they left the underground, neither of them left the Blue Snow Star. That's because the two of them were certain that Qin Yu was hiding at a certain corner of the Blue Snow Star. The two super experts both stayed at the Blue Snow Star. Their Immortal Awareness and Devil Awareness had also completely covered the Blue Snow Star. They continued it without stopping for even a moment.

Once Qin Yu come out from the Qingyu Immortal Mansion, these two men would certainly discover him.

The lava came spraying out from the cracked open grounds. Many of them even directly rushed into the rivers. Finally, they turned into ice-cold rocks. As for the Qin Yu's Jiang Lan's Realm, it had turned into a drop of lava and subsequently flowed into the river.

Following the movement of the river, Qin Yu's Jiang Lan's Realm turned into an ordinary speck of sand and sank to the bottom of the river.

Last time, Qin Yu's Qingyu Immortal Mansion was discovered by the level seven Devil Emperor, the White Haired Blood Devil, Xue Yileng. That was because the speck that the Qingyu Immortal Mansion turned into did not rupture under Xue Yileng's explosive energy nor was it mobile. That's how Xue Yileng managed to discover it as being unusual.

However this time around, Qin Yu turned the Jiang Lan's Realm to become the same as the lava. It followed the lava and was spurt out the ground and into the rivers. As for Xue Tianya and Emperor Yu, they only started to search using their explosive domains after a whole day. By that time, Qin Yu's Jiang Lan's Realm was already at the bottom of the river.

Within the first layer space of the Jiang Lan's Realm.

The ground of Jiang Lan's Realm was filled with boundless soil. Because of the ample amount of Elemental Spirit Energy, plants and flowers began to grow on the soil on the ground filling it with boundless life force.

Qin Yu was currently standing on the meadows of the Jiang Lan's Realm as he watched the boundless space of the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Qin Yu was certain that with the temperaments of Xue Tianya and Emperor Yu, they would certainly not simply leave just like that. He was certain that they would be outside and continue to carefully inspect the planet. Furthermore, Qin Yu was also able to sense flows of Immortal Awareness and Devil Awareness continuously passing through the top of the speck of sand that Jiang Lan's Realm had turned into.

The transformation function of the Jiang Lan's Realm was truly outstanding.

Even when Emperor Yu and Xue Yileng joined hands, they still cannot determine the location of the Jiang Lan's Realm. Their Immortal Awareness and Devil Awareness had already passed through and searched the speck of sand that the Jiang Lan's Realm turned into multiple times already. However, they still only considered it to be a regular speck of sand.

"I am truly not cautious enough." Qin Yu began to recall what had happened in this period of time and then shook his head and smiled.

Level eight Immortal Emperor. Level eight Devil Emperor.

The two top players were keeping a close watch outside. However, Qin Yu didn't particularly mind.

If he were to restrain his soul's energy and assimilate it completely into the insides of the Meteoric Tear and, at the same time, not use any of his internal energy, then even Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya would certainly be unable to sense him.

"If my body's energy stayed motionless, then Emperor Yu and Xu Tianya would be unable to discover me. However, if I were to leave the Jiang Lan's Realm and exit the Blue Snow Star, can I continuously not use my energy?" Qin Yu grew a bit worried.

If he were to immediately exit the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Qin Yu have to absolutely not use even a trace of his energy. If he were to use it, then Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya would immediately find him.

"Even if I don't use a trace of my energy, the moment I step foot on the Interstellar Conveying Array… Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya would find out that the Interstellar Conveying Array was being used when they can't feel anyone's aura within it. They would most certainly suspect it."

Qin Yu was able to imagine that kind of situation.

Interstellar Conveying Array was being used but there's no one inside?

This kind of situation was completely out of ordinary. If Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya were to find out about this, then they would likely teleport there immediately. Even if he were to be able to go through the Interstellar Conveying Array, then it's likely that Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya would dispatch their troops to await Qin Yu on the other side of the Interstellar Conveying Array and intercept him. Afterwards, Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya would immediately come chasing after him.

Therefore, this method was not workable.

"There's another method that's a bit more troublesome." Qin Yu went over all the possible situations in his mind.

This method was: if Qin Yu were to go out of the Jiang Lan's Realm and then don't use any energy and then suddenly use the Greater Teleportation to teleport to a different planet! Even if Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya were to discover him, how would they be able to tell where Qin Yu was?

Although this method was pretty good. But, Qin Yu wanted to go to the Demon Realm. Through the closest route, he would absolutely have to go through the Immortal Realm. If he were to go through the Devil Realm, then he'll have to go all the way around.

From the Indigo Bay Star Field to the Immortal Realm and then to the Demon Realm.

This Blue Snow Star was one of the two main planets one must take in order to be transferred into the Immortal Realm. After he exits the Jiang Lan's Realm, he would be able to go through the other planet. However, how could Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya not imagine such a thing occurring?

Qin Yu reckoned that either Emperor Yu or Xue Tianya would move directly to the other transferring planet and await him.

"What should I do? If I were to leave now and try to go through the transferring planet to the Immortal Realm, that is simply unrealistic. Could it be that I would have to make a detour through the Devil Realm?" Qin Yu was pondering in his heart. He had simply never considered about using Greater Teleportation and teleportation directly into the Immortal Realm.

There is an extremely long distance between two star fields without any planets. This distance was so big that it surpassed the length of a whole galaxy. Although there existed no large planets within this cosmic space, it possessed some frightening and dangerous energies.

To use Greater Teleportation directly to move forward, even if it was Emperor Yu or Xue Tianya, they would still not dare to do such a crazy thing. Qin Yu had already subconsciously rejected this idea.

Right now, there was only two safe roads in front of Qin Yu.

The first one: Right after going out, execute Greater Teleportation to a different planet. Afterwards, change his appearance and proceed to go through the Devil Realm and take a huge detour to the Demon Realm.

The second one: Wait. Wait until Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya run out of patience and start to believe that Qin Yu had already left the Blue Snow Star. Only then would Qin Yu go out!

Which one to choose?

"I better determine my attacking technique first and then consider which road to take." Qin Yu swing his head. He decided to temporary not decide which method to leave.

He decided to first deal with the issue of attacking technique during battle.

Attacking technique!

It was Qin Yu's weak spot.

During the battle against Yu Qingzi and Immortal Emperor Qian Qi, even at the battle against Xue Yileng, Zhi Bai and Devil Emperor Xue Yi, Qin Yu had felt that he had an issue with his attack.

Especially after Qin Yu saw Ao Wuming's great battle against Xue Yileng and Zhi Bai and also the battle of Emperor Yu against Xue Tianya, Qin Yu was even more certain that he had an issue with his attacking technique.

Other people's attacks are very powerful and even contained an extremely strong attack power.

What about Qin Yu's?

It seems like he could only rely on his speed and his nearly unkillable body to fight against his opponent while risking his life.

That's right, he possessed a Divine Armor and the Life Elemental Energy; it was very difficult for others to kill him. His Divine Sword, Sky Piercer, was able to kill level one or two Immortal Emperors.

However, this type of attacking method was only a simple attacking method that utilizes his strong points. His attacking method was still at the level of the mortal experts of the Qianlong Continent. It was still at the level of regular cultivators.

His attacking method was simply not something that Golden Immortals would use nor was it something that Immortal Emperors would use!

Qin Yu's foundation was firm and solid. His soul was strengthened by the Meteoric Tear. His body was nearly unkillable. And he even possessed a Divine Armor for defense. For attack, he possessed the Divine Sword Sky Piercer.

Qin Yu possessed both strength and weapon. It's just that his attack power was not able to completely burst out.

Qin Yu had a kind of urge.

He wanted to create an attack technique that belonged to him and suited him. A kind of technique that was able to utilize all of his attack power. An attack technique that would allow him to execute the greatest might!

For example, if he possessed an attack power of one hundred; Qin Yu wanted to create an attack technique that suited him the most and increase his attack power to one thousand or even higher.

Within the Jiang Lan's Realm. Qin Yu was wholeheartedly in the state of trying to create his own attack technique.

Time passed…

Qin Yu recalled all the past scenes, especially the scenes in which all those experts were fighting each other.The two most important battles that he was recalling were the battle of Xue Tianya against Emperor Yu and Ao Wuming against Xue Yileng and Zhi Bai.

Qin Yu continued to constantly recall the scenes in which these experts fought. That's because although his sensitive Immortal Awareness did not see each and every move of their battle, it still managed to see a portion of it.

After continuous research and study, occasionally Qin Yu would become excited as a child obtaining a new toy. Occasionally, he would display a most simple and honest smile after realizing a profound attacking technique…

Qin Yu's comprehension toward battle was increasing with an astonishing speed.

Finally, Qin Yu came to understand why a large amount of experts wanted to go and watch the battles of Emperor level experts. The most important reason was because they wanted to attain realizations from the attacks of the Emperor level experts and advance to a new realm.

Although Qin Yu's soul's realm was high but his soul realm was not something that he obtained via realizations nor was it something that came to be gradually understood and risen via the passage of time like other experts.

[TL: I don't know why author used soul's realm. I felt level would be better. maybe it's soul's realm level. Well, just leaving this here.]

His soul's realm was reached through constant cultivation through practicing the *Three Souls Nine Refinements* technique of the Meteoric Tear. He had continued to execute those hand seals that contained a remarkable ability so naturally he did not recognize that although such a training method could build a strong foundation, he never truly completely comprehended the level that his soul was on.

Thus, although Qin Yu's current soul realm had reached layer three of Earthly Soul realm, his attack technique's level was still very low. He was, at the very most, at the level of Heavenly Immortals.

When the level of attack technique was low, it's efficiency was naturally also low.

As the amount of people he fought increased, Qin Yu naturally came to feel that there was an issue with his attacking technique.

Qin Yu's soul's realm was very high level and he was recalling the scenes of experts fighting. Qin Yu was comprehending things in a reverse order, thus his comprehension speed was naturally faster. Thus, Qin Yu's own attack technique was also being gradually shaped.

The attacks of true experts are based on the condition that suited them the most.

As time passed, Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya who was still on the Blue Moon Star were still persistently keeping a close watch over the planet. However, Qin Yu was currently immersed in the happiness of attaining true comprehensions of each and every layer of his soul's realms.

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