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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 52 – Disappeared

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Kulops and Phillip

Qin Yu's focus was raised to the extreme. He was able to counterattack at any given moment.

Although his gaze was not on that red haired youngster, his Immortal Awareness was spread out. Everything was within his observation. Against a level eight Devil Emperor, Qin Yu didn't dare to slack off, even the slightest.

[TL: this is not a mistranslation, IET wrote red haired youngster. I think he meant red clothed.]

"Who is he? Is he the Black Devil Emperor, Asura Devil Emperor or could he be that Xue Tianya?" Qin Yu was unable to determine who exactly the person in front of him was. Although, with his sensitive Immortal Awareness, he managed to barely determine that the opposing party's strength was higher than Xue Yileng, but he was unable to determine what type of energy the opposing party practices.

At that moment, the two were only ten square-shaped rocks apart.

As the distance continued to decrease, the red haired youngster's gaze started getting colder. His gaze was only looking at the front and not toward Qin Yu who was in front and a bit towards his side. His pace was neither fast nor slow.

"I have never seen the Asura Devil Emperor or the Black Devil Emperor before. They too have never seen me before either. Thus, they shouldn't be planning to harm me." Qin Yu continued to analyse in his heart. "Ah, could it be that Xue Yi told Xue Tianya that I possessed a Divine Sword and two Divine Armors? Does this Xue Tianya have the intention to kill me and steal my treasures?" Guessed Qin Yu.

In a short while, Qin Yu came to a conclusion that it was very much possible.

One Divine Sword and two Divine Armors were enough to make any level eight Devil Emperor turn green with envy.

"I merely have a single Divine Armor, that Xue Yi must have thought that the Sword Immortal Puppet also has a Divine Armor since it has such a strong defense. Sigh, I truly feel a bit wronged. Seems like this turn of events is far from good."

Qin Yu continued to walk unhurriedly, he didn't dare to run away immediately.

After all, whether the opposing party is here for him was still uncertain.

However, because he's a level eight Devil Emperor, Qin Yu was certain that he's a threat to his safety.

Back then, a level six Devil Emperor's energy were transmitted into his body and almost collapsed the Black Hole. Although Qin Yu's strength had increased, but the opponent was a level eight Devil Emperor.

Qin Yu was currently imagining all kinds of things. Like him, Xue Tianya's heart was also stirred up.

No matter how cultivated he was, when confronted with the Divine Armor, Black Frozen Snow, Ten Thousand Beast Atlas and the most important Bewitching God Painting, he was still unable to keep calm.

"Qin Yu? I reckon that you would still not know who killed you even after death. And you still had the leisure to take a stroll down the street?"

Xue Tianya sneered in his heart. His Devil Awareness had already observed the surroundings carefully. Even if he didn't look at Qin Yu with his eyes, he was able to clearly see Qin Yu's expression and movements.

Even now, Xue Tianya still believed that Qin Yu was unable to recognize him.

Xue Tianya was not mistaken. After all, in order to discover someone, one's soul must be stronger than the counterpart's. Qin Yu's soul was a whole realm weaker than Xue Tianya's. Logically, he was absolutely unable to discover him.

Unfortunately… the Meteoric Tear had caused Qin Yu's soul to become even more unite with the heaven and earth. It had also caused Qin Yu's soul to become even more sensitive. Thus, even it was a level eight Devil Emperor, Qin Yu was still able to vaguely sense it.

The distance between the two once again grew closer, they were only six square-shaped rocks apart.

Xue Tianya still haven't attack yet, this distance is not the best distance for him to use his certain kill move. The optimal distance for his certain kill move to display the strongest power was around ten meters.

Five square-shaped rocks.

Four square-shaped rocks.

The distance between the two continued to grow closer.

Xue Tianya began to store up the energy from his body. It had already condensed enough and was ready to explode. All he needed right now was to reach the optimal distance. He was confident that he would kill Qin Yu with a single move!

The strongest move, the most powerful power!

Qin Yu felt an repressive sensation. That repressive feeling had completely filled Qin Yu's heart. His back was giving off cold sweat. However, before those cold sweat soak through his clothes, Qin Yu had already evaporated them with his power.


As the two grew closer, Qin Yu began to get more and more nervous.

The ice cold red haired youngster suddenly turned around and looked at Qin Yu. Like a sharp arrow, that gaze shot through Qin Yu's heart. Qin Yu immediately started to feel as if his heart was twitching.

Not good!

He really was here to kill me.

Qin Yu immediately pulled his eyes back. With this single glance, Qin Yu was absolutely certain that this mysterious level eight Devil Emperor was here to kill him.

"Bang!" "Bang!" "Bang!" "Bang!"….

Suddenly strong sounding footsteps echoed from the street. Those footsteps caused all the people on the street to feel a burst of distraction and anxiety. Even Xue Tianya who had reached the best state to attack was affected.

Qin Yu's soul had assimilated with the Meteoric Tear and wasn't affected greatly by the footsteps.

His Immortal Awareness automatically started to examine the location behind him that the footsteps sounded from.

He saw a blue clothed robust man walking over step by step. As he feet stepped on the street, utterly different sounds were being sounded.

This man was Emperor Yu.

"Never had I expected that this Xue Tianya would be a step before me." Right when Emperor Yu rushed to the Blue Snow Star and arrived at where Qin Yu was at, he discovered a man whose strength was equally matched as his. At the same time, he also sensed the characteristic aura of that person, the aura of a Blood Devil Path practitioner.

Level eight Devil Emperor, Blood Devil Path practitioner.

Other than Blood Devil Emperor Xue Tianya, who else would that be?

"It's you." Xue Tianya looked toward Emperor Yu and sent a voice transmission via his Devil Awareness. "Emperor Yu, your 'Sounds of Nature Technique' is more and more powerful. Those footsteps echoed at right when I stored my maximum power and caused me to be unable to execute my move perfectly."

Said Xue Tianya via voice transmission. It was clear that he didn't want Qin Yu to know that this blue clothed robust man was Emperor Yu.

"Xue Tianya, your speed is pretty fast too. You actually managed to arrive here this fast." Said Emperor Yu via voice transmission.

Both Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya had a tacit understanding of each other. They both pointed out the identity of the other person. It was evident that they were both secretly warning the other person to: 'Do not leak my own identity, else both of our identity would be known to Qin Yu.'

Both Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya knew that Qin yu had some powerful individuals standing behind him.

They didn't want troubles, thus that's why they both took the same action and changed their appearance to hide their identity.

"Another expert. An Immortal that's even stronger than Green Blooded Sword Immortal, he should be a level eight Immortal Emperor." Qin Yu felt a bitter pain in his heart. However, he didn't dare to move at all.

Emperor Yu was behind him whereas Xue Tianya was in front. They surrounded Qin Yu completely.

Two two individuals had completed their preparations at the same time. They are able to throw out a very strong strike at any given time.

Qin Yu feared that if he were to move, then these two great experts would attack him together. Although his defense was strong, but if he was to be matched with joined attacks from these two super experts, then he too was without a way out.

Qin Yu's forehead started to sweat cold bullets.

At this moment, Qin Yu didn't even bother to pretend anymore. That's because even since Emperor Yu used the Sounds of Nature Technique, Xue Tianya had also stopped hiding his intentions.

Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya stood on opposite sides. In the middle of them was Qin Yu.

Neither of the two had certainty that they could repel the other and kill Qin Yu. As of now, all of the cultivators on the street had sensed the terrible repressive sensation and immediately began to flee at a rapid speed.

"Fair competition." Said Emperor Yu via voice transmission.

"Whoever managed to snatch it owns it." Said Xue Tianya via voice transmission.

The two of them gaze at each other. Neither of them looked at Qin Yu. However, Qin Yu still didn't dare to move.

"Boom!" "Boom!"

Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya suddenly started to burst with a terrible energy. One of them was purple whereas the other was crimson. With them as the center, these two power frantically spread in all directions.

Wherever the energy passed, the streets started to crack in succession. Countless buildings collapsed and turned into crushed rocks. The countless cultivators had all directly exploded. Even their Nascent Souls exploded…

In an area of about ten thousand meters wide.

Within this ten thousand meters area, it was a deathly quietness. As for the outside of this ten thousand meters area, not even a regular cultivator was harmed in the slightest. It was evident that both Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya had extremely exceptional control over their energies.

This area of ten thousand meters was more or less sufficient for the two to go all out.

"Two freaks. They're much stronger than Xue Yileng and Zhi Bai." Qin Yu who stood in the middle had an unspeaking bitter suffering. The energies from earlier did not have a large effect on him.

Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya also knew that Qin Yu would not die so easily.

"Who are you two?"

Qin Yu turned his body sideways. He looked at the Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya to his sides and asked. At this moment, he also cannot continue to pretend that he had not discovered the other two individuals.

The blue clothed robust man and the red haired youngster didn't bother to look at Qin Yu at all.

"Humph, you two can stay here and glare at each other. I have no time to waste with you." Said Qin Yu brightly. He then immediately flew to the sky.

When Qin Yu spoke, these two individuals did not bother to look at him at all. However, when he moved, both of them started to attack!

"Swoosh!" A mystic ice short sword was suddenly shot out from the red haired youngster's hands toward Qin Yu. In midflight, that mystic ice short sword turned from a transparent color to crimson.

"Boom!" An enormous hammer came crashing down on Qin Yu's head.

However… as Qin Yu was flying toward the sky, he immediately turned around and started to rush toward the underground. Qin Yu had never believed that he would be able to escape so easily; thus, he had already decided to do that.

The short sword that had already turned crimson suddenly collided with the enormous hammer —

"Trying to flee?" The blue clothed robust man had a slight expression of disdain on his face.

"Qin Yu, there are not many people that can run away from this Thunder Hammer Immortal Emperor." The blue clothed robust man's voice resounded through the whole Blue Snow Star.

"Thunder Hammer, Qin Yu's little life belongs to I, the Ice Sword Devil Emperor. No one can snatch him from me." Another ice-cold voice resounded.

While their voices were still resounding in the heaven and earth, the two speakers had already disappeared. Qin Yu rushed into the underground to escape and these two speakers had already chased after him.

In the depths of the Blue Snow Star's underground. Within the endless blazing lava.

Qin Yu was once again surrounded by these two men.

"Sirs, you are the Thunder Hammer Immortal Emperor and the Ice Sword Devil Emperor, correct?" Qin Yu had no alternative other than stopping. He no longer tried to run. "I believe I do not have neither wronged either of you nor do am I your enemy."

At this moment, Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya didn't want to speak any more. The identity that announced earlier was only a disguise.

At this moment, Qin Yu felt helpless.

These two experts that proclaimed themselves to be the Thunder Hammer Immortal Emperor and the Ice Sword Devil Emperor had already launched their own 'domains.' Although it seemed that the space was still stable, but Qin Yu knew that if he were to wink, then he'll be dead.

Hide in the Qingyu Immortal Mansion?

Even Xue Yileng managed to discover the Qingyu Immortal Mansion and was even able to break through it after some time, then these two men who are even stronger than Xue Yileng was without mention.

Hide in the Jiang Lan's Realm?

Qin Yu had a plan. However, this was his final trump card. Qin Yu feared that the object that the Jiang Lan's Realm would transformed into would be seen through by these two great experts.

Once it was seen through, even if Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya were to be unable to break through Jiang Lan's Realm to catch Qin Yu, but they can also place the Jiang Lan's Realm in some sort of big array formation so that Qin Yu would be unable to escape when he comes out.

Thus, unless it's the final moment, Qin Yu still didn't want to escape into the Jiang Lan's Realm.

"He who strike first gains the upper hand." Right after he intercepted Qin Yu, Emperor Yu immediately started attacking.


A large hammer flickering with thunder suddenly appeared beside Qin Yu and came smashing at him ruthlessly. Qin Yu immediately evaded it at a rapid speed. Xue Tianya who saw this scene also grew anxious.

"Fuck it all, I'm going all out." Qin Yu clenched his teeth.

That large hammer flickering with thunder carried with it an endless amount of power as it ruthlessly smashed onto Qin Yu's body. With a kacha sound, Qin Yu's chest was knocked inwards.

"Pfff!" Blood spurted out. Qin Yu powerlessly fell to one side.

Emperor Yu's eyes shined. "No matter how strong your defense are, against such a pure power attack, the Nascent Soul in your body was certain to have received a severe jolt and got seriously injured."

Against a pure power attack, even if one possessed the defense of a Divine Armor, there's still a lot of the power that would penetrate into the body.

Immediately after, Emperor Yu started to attack once again.

While Qin Yu was injured, he planned to take his life.

"In your dreams." How would Xue Tianya possibly allow Emperor Yu to kill Qin Yu and steal his treasures?

There's the Bewitching God Painting.

For the Bewitching God Painting, Xue Tianya was willing to burst out with his strongest fighting strength and spare nothing to kill Emperor Yu!

Blue Snow Star was filled with silence.

Suddenly —

"Boom!" The ground suddenly exploded and was split open. A thick and red ray of light rushed out from the ground. Soon, one by one, more rays continued to shoot out from the ground.

Chaos ensued.

Not only was there bloody red rays of light, there's also endless blue electric rays. The red rays of light and the blue rays of light were shot out continuously, they turned into dragons as they spread through the Blue Snow Star.

In a blink of an eye, a quarter of the Blue Snow Star's ground was completely ruined.

Not only the grounds, even the crust of the planet had received an equal amount of destruction. It was so much that lava had started to come out to the ground. It was a scene of destruction.

Numerous cultivators shivered in their heart as they saw this scene.

"Who exactly is it that's fighting underground?" Each and every one of the cultivators had a shocked expression. Once this fighting spread to them, they would undoubtedly die.

And at this moment underground.

After Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya determined that Qin Yu was seriously injured, they recklessly wanted to be the first one to snatch away Qin Yu. Thus, they burst into an unprecedented battle.

Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas and the Bewitching God Painting's charm caused the two great experts to display their trump cards and finishing moves one by one.

Space distortion!

Within the distorted space of the battle, the lava was met with lightning and turned into vapor and then frozen into ice chunks. All kinds of chaotic energies were continuously fluctuating.

Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya were frantically trying to kill each other.

They both wanted to obtain the Bewitching God Painting. For the Bewitching God Painting, the two men had employed their trump cards one by one. Their energies frantically wreak havoc.

While the two battled, they were also paying attention to Qin Yu. They were confident that Qin Yu cannot escape under their gaze.

"This hammer strike was truly powerful. Fortunately it didn't struck my stomach." Qin Yu was at the corner of the distorted space. Although the hammer strike earlier was very powerful, Qin Yu's Life Elemental Energy's restoration speed was also rapid.

"The Immortal Awareness and Devil Awareness of the two were all paying attention to me. It was impossible to dodge such frantic energies. There's no other option, I can only use my final move." Qin Yu finally came to a decision.

As Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya continued to battle, an frantic energy that their battle birthed forth was spread toward Qin Yu. Qin Yu was struck 'gone' by this energy.

That's right, when this energy struck Qin Yu's body, Qin Yu 'disappeared.'

Both Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya stopped their fighting. They started to frantically spread out their Immortal and Devil Awareness. In a moment, they covered the whole Blue Snow Star and even the planets surrounding the Blue Snow Star.

"How did he disappear?" Emperor Yu's expression changed. "That's right, Qingyu Immortal Mansion."

Xue Tianya also came to the same conclusion. "He have the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. Qingyu Immortal Mansion definitely became someone and concealed itself." Xue Tianya's long hair fluttered. His spirited gaze looked through every inch of the surroundings. His Devil Awareness was also carefully sweeping through each and every substance.

The frantic energies and lavas started to spiral around Xue Tianya and Emperor Yu. However, it was unable to approach either of them.

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