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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 51 – Two Emperors, Intercept and Kill

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Kulops

Indigo Bay Star Field. By the Interstellar Conveying Array of the Nine Dew Star, the core planet of the Dawn Dew Galaxy.

As the magnificent rays of light flashed past, a black clothed youngster appeared in this Interstellar Conveying Array. As the black clothed youngster appeared, more than ten people in the surrounding took a note of it.

"Sir, the target has arrived on the Nine Dew Star."

"Master, target arrived on the Nine Dew Star."

At about the same time, a couple people had already sent transmissions to their bosses and leaders. And this news had arrived at the final bosses, Emperor Yu, Xue Tianya and them.

On a planet of the Devil Realm that was close to the Indigo Bay Star Field.

A city of this planet was covered by boundless rain. Even its streets were damp. At this moment, majority of the cultivators were staying in their own residences.

A white clothed handsome man was walking on the street. He was lofty and unsullied like fireworks.

With his first step, the white clothed handsome man's hair reached all the way down to his buttocks.

With his second step, the white clothed handsome man's figure appeared somewhat thinner and shorter. His appearance turned to that of a white clothed handsome youngster.

With his third step, the white clothes on the white clothed handsome man turned red.

Blood Devil Emperor Xue Tianya had a habit. When he was truly prepared to kill a person, determined to win and was extremely serious, he would turn his white clothes into crimson colored. Regularly, Blood Devil Emperor wore white. Once his clothes turned red, it signals that he's about to cause a massacre!

"He had arrived on the Nine Dew Star?"

Xue Tianya was not anxious. With his power as the Blood Devil Emperor, he possessed troops on all of the major planets. Regardless of where Qin Yu was to go, he would still be discovered. That would only not hold true should Qin Yu use Greater Teleportation to flee.

However, Qin Yu evidently still didn't discover that he was being monitored.


A figure suddenly appeared in front of Xue Tianya. It was the Devil Emperor, Xue Yi. "Father, for you to call me, is there anything that you need?" Seeing his own father turning into this sort of appearance, Devil Emperor Xue Yi was greatly shocked. "Father, you're actually wearing crimson colored clothes. With such a serious appearance, who are you planning to kill? You even changed your appearance?"

Xue Tianya lightly smiled and said. "Your enemy."

"My enemy? Who amongst my enemies would be deserving of father to dirty your hands and in such a serious manner?" Devil Emperor Xue Yi started to think about it carefully. The majority of his enemies were located within the Devil Realm. And those within the Devil Realm that were capable of making Xue Tianya so serious, he was unable to imagine any.

Xue Tianya's gaze shot toward the northwest direction. "The person who killed your disciple."

"Father, is it Qin Yu?" Xue Yi was surprised once again. He then looked at Xue Tianya solemnly. "Father, Qin Yu killed Nu. I must personally find him to seek revenge."

"Are you able to kill him?" Asked Xue Tianya.

Xue Yi stopped. He knew of Qin Yu's strength; it was far below his. However, Qin Yu not only possessed a Divine Armor, his internal body was also weird. He was unable to kill QIn Yu even after using all his power. And now that he had been inflicted with the Hidden Emperor's prohibition energy, his strength was only half of what it was; how could he possibly be able to kill Qin Yu?

"Furthermore, this matter is of great importance. No matter what, I would still have to personally undertake this task because… if it were to become a failure, then it'll be a great loss for us father and son. I absolutely cannot permit failure." Xue Tianya's voice was serene and calm. However, his lips were slightly pursed and his eyes possessed an unwavering determination.

Xue Yi heard Xue Tianya's determination and could only nod. "Father, when are you going to do it?"

"After a while." Said Xue Tianya with a smile. "Qin Yu is currently coming and going from one planet to another. In this kind of situation, it'll be hard for me to kill him. Therefore… I would attack when he stopped in a certain planet to rest."

"Well then, Xue Yi, you can return and continue training. In the period that I'm gone, if you have anything, just go and find your martial uncle." Said Xue Tianya.

"Yes. Father." Xue Yi nodded.

Xue Tianya faintly smiled. He then continued to slowly walk through the street under the rain.

Indigo Bay Star Field, Silver String Galaxy. In the headquarters of the Jade Sword Sect of the Red Leaf Star.

In a certain guest room of the Jade Sword Sect.

Three individuals were sitting cross-legged. Of these three individuals, one of them was the Sect Master of the Jade Sword Sect, Yu Qingzi. As for the other two… one of them was the level seven Immortal Emperor, Green Blooded Sword Immortal, Zhi Bai.

As for the last person, he was sitting on the host seat of the guest room, it was Emperor Yu who's wearing a purple gown.

"Yu Qingzi, you may excuse us first." Said Zhi Bai to Yu Qingzi with a smile.

"Yes. Your Majesty, this subordinate shall take his leave first." Yu Qingzi bowed to Emperor Yu extremely tactfully. He then quietly left this guest room.

After walking out to the main hall, Yu Qingzi had a puzzled expression. "His Majesty actually came to my place personally; even Immortal Emperor Zhi Bai came. Seems like there's going to be an extraordinary event that's about to occur."

Yu Qingzi was merely a bottom level gap filler amongst the 'Thirty Six Lords.'

However, Green Blooded Sword Immortal Zhi Bai was one of the strongest amongst Emperor Yu's 'Eighteen Emperors.' For Emperor Yu and Zhi Bai to appear here at the same time, what's about to happen was something that anyone could imagine.

Inside the guest room.

"Your Majesty, you sure it's enough for you to go alone? How about I join Your Majesty? That Qin Yu's had a very strange defense, trying to kill him within a short period of time is somewhat hard."

Even now, Immortal Emperor Zhi Bai still didn't know that what had took on two of his sword rays on the Blue Fire Star was the Sword Immortal Puppet. He had always believed that it was Qin Yu himself.

"No need, even if he possessed two Divine Armors, I still have certainty that I can kill him." Emperor Yu laughed indifferently.

Zhi Bai was shocked from the bottom of his heart.

Even Zhi Bai did not know exactly how strong Emperor Yu was. However, as Emperor Yu was able to become one of the three big players of the Immortal Realm, he would most certainly have some powerful trump cards.

"Then I shall await Your Majesty's good news from the Red Leaf Star." Said Zhi Bai with a smile.

"Zhi Bai, rest assured. As long as I manage to obtain the Ten Thousand Beast Atlas and open the third layer of the Ten Thousand Beast Atlas, my strength would definitely surpass the other two sides and I shall become the absolute number one power of the Immortal Realm. Also, after obtaining the Bewitching God Painting, not only me, you too would benefit from it." Said Emperor Yu while smiling. "I am certain that in the future when undergoing the Divine Tribulation, it would also be of help."

When Zhi Bai thought of the Bewitching God Painting, he also displayed a slight yearning expression on his face.

Since ancient times, the only master of the Bewitching God Painting was only Immortal Emperor Ni Yang. Originally, Immortal Emperor Ni Yang was only an ordinary Immortal Emperor. However, after he obtained the Bewitching God Painting, he experienced a reversal of fortune. Not only did his strength advance by leaps and bounds, he also came to possess powerful Divine Artifacts and finally became the most powerful person in the Immortal Realm. Even Emperor Yu, Mystic Emperor and the rest could not help but acknowledge that they were inferior to Immortal Emperor Ni Yang.

The Bewitching God Painting was known as the number one treasure of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Its preciousness was without doubt.

"Your Majesty, when are you going to attack?" Asked Zhi Bai.

Emperor Yu smiled and said. "Currently, that Qin Yu had only arrived at the borders of the Indigo Bay Star Field. I had already ordered people to have the Interstellar Conveying Array of the border planet, the Blue Snow Star, be stopped temporarily and tell the people that it required a day of maintenance. Once he reached that place, I reckon that Qin Yu would have to stop and rest for some period of time."

"Your Majesty's move is truly brilliant." Zhi Bai also had a smile on his face.

Emperor Yu had planned exceptionally well.

In the Cosmic Space, the space between two planets were generally not very dangerous. However, the distance between two galaxies were comparatively far and the dangers were also comparatively large. As for two star fields… their distance was extremely far apart. They were so far apart that there are frightening Cosmic Energies like the Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream and such existing between them.

Furthermore, a distance that far away, a distance of two star fields, if one were to try to use Greater Teleportation to cross that distance, then who knows how many times one would have to execute Greater Teleportation. Furthermore, one might even encounter Cosmic Energies on the way.

Therefore, Emperor Yu was convinced that there was more than ninety percent chance that Qin Yu would stay on the Blue Snow Star to rest for a day.

[TL: raws actually wrote Blue Snow Planet. In chinese, planets are known as stars or celestial bodies. For example Mars is known as Fire Star. Therefore, I believe some of the earlier translators and myself included prefer to call it Star as opposed to planet. However, for some reason IET decided to write Blue Snow Planet this time around and then wrote it as Blue Snow Star the next couple sentences. I took liberty to change it to Blue Snow Star for consistency and also because I prefer star for some reason…]

The border planet of the Indigo Bay Star Field, Blue Snow Star.

As the border planet of the Indigo Bay Star Field, the flow of people through the Blue Snow Star was so immense to the extent that it even surpassed the Hidden Emperor Star.

The size of the planet was equally large. It was comparable to top notch planets like the Hidden Emperor Star and the Blue Flame Star.

At the Interstellar Conveying Array of the Blue Snow Star.

"My apology, the two Interstellar Conveying Arrays to the Immortal Realm needed to undergo maintenance today. If you are to take these Interstellar Conveying Arrays, please come back tomorrow."

Said a Golden Immortal that worked for the management of the Interstellar Conveying Arrays respectfully.

"So truly unlucky." Said Qin Yu helplessly.

He looked toward the two largest Interstellar Conveying Arrays; they were currently being carefully serviced by five or six Golden Immortals. These two Interstellar Conveying Arrays are able to transport a person from the border of the Indigo Bay Star Field to the Immortal Realm. As its functions are so exceptional, the crystals and arrays that it had was complex to the extreme. It required maintenance every year or two. As for today, it just happened to be the day of maintenance.

"Forget about it, one or two days of delay is not going to make a difference. Using Greater Teleportation to teleport to pass through the borders of two great star fields? That I still don't have the ability to do."

Qin Yu turned around and walked away from the Interstellar Conveying Arrays and started to fly toward the biggest city of the Blue Snow Star.

Since he couldn't leave for now, he decided to travel around and stroll the streets of the Blue Snow Star.

Within the Jade Sword Sect of the Red Left Star.

"Good, Qin Yu has already arrived on the Blue Snow Star. Just as I have predicted, he has already entered the Blue Snow Star city." Emperor Yu's face was filled with smile. Everything was within his calculations.

As he said those words, Emperor Yu had already stood up. His purple gown had turned into a blue gown. Even his figure and appearance had changed.

In a flash, Emperor Yu whose appearance gave people a favorable impression had turned into a robust and grim man in blue. His eyes were terrifying like thunder and lightning. With such an appearance, it was truly had for others to imagine that he was Emperor Yu!

"Your Majesty, you're going to kill Qin Yu, why did you change your appearance? Is there a need to fear for that Qin Yu?" Seeing the sight in front of him, Zhi Bai grew puzzled.

Emperor Yu shook his head, smiled and said. "Zhi Bai, you're lacking understanding here. Although this Qin Yu is no stronger than an ordinary person, he has many people standing behind him."

"Oh?" Zhi Bai was slightly startled.

"For example, the Prince of the Dragon Clan, Ao Wuming who has an extremely friendly relations with Qin Yu. In the future, Ao Wuming will become the Dragon Emperor. Even now, Ao Wuming is no weaker than me in both strength and status." Said Emperor Yu.

Zhi Bai nodded. Even when he fought Ao Wuming together with Xue Yileng, the gap between them was still extremely large. One can very well imagine how strong Ao Wuming was.

"Other than Ao Wuming, there are several other people behind Qin Yu. For example Jiang Yan who has a pretty good relationship with him. If Jiang Yan were to find out that I killed Qin Yu, based on how pampered she is by granny Yin Hua, then maybe granny Yin Hua would really set out against us." Emperor Yu had a slight helpless expression.

Granny Yin Hua, this abnormal super expert; he had never heard of her in the past. It was only recently that he found out about her.

Emperor Yu was very certain that the gap between him and granny Yin Hua was exceptionally large.

It was so much that… he believed granny Yin Hua ought to be a super expert who had undergone the Divine Tribulation and was soon to depart to the Divine Realm.

"Other than Ao Wuming and the potential granny Yin Hua, there's also his sect." Emperor Yu had a expression filled with suspicion.

Zhi Bai also couldn't refrain from nodding.

"Right." Zhi Bai also had a expression filled with suspicion. "This Qin Yu's sect is very strange. They surpassed the level of Golden Immortals but were able to easily appear in the Mortal Realm. There's also that legendary 'Uncle Lan.' We're not even certain if the news transmitted over by Hua Yan is true or not. Unfortunately, he's now dead."

According to the information that Hua Yan transmitted over, both Emperor Yu and Zhi Bai were suspicious of the sect that stood behind Qin Yu.

Qin Yu, Lan Feng, and Uncle Lan. They are the people who were recently exposed from this mysterious sect. Qin Yu's strength wasn't strong. Lan Feng was at the very least a high level Golden Immortal. As for Uncle Lan, his strength was even stronger. How did these people arrive in the Mortal Realm?

"Whether it's those on the surface or the sect that stands behind Qin Yu, I don't want to invite troubles from either of them. You also know that Qin Yu possessed an outstanding defense. Killing him is a bit hard so I don't wish for him to transmit the fact that I killed him before he died." Emperor Yu slightly smiled.

"This this subordinate will quietly wait for the beautiful news that Your Majesty will bring." Zhi Bai cupped his hand respectfully.

Emperor Yu nodded, he then disappeared from the guest room.

Not only Emperor Yu, Xue Tianya who had also had people continuously monitor Qin Yu had also received news that Qin Yu had stopped on the Blue Snow Star. He also immediately rushed off to the Blue Snow Star.

On the streets of the Blue Snow Star.

Qin Yu was casually walking on the streets.

The pavement of this street was composed of black square-shaped rocks. In the horizontal direction, there are six square-shaped rocks side by side. In the vertical direction, the rocks are about four meters long. The extremely large square-shaped rocks were laid on the ground in rows of six…. causing the street to be extremely orderly.

Qin Yu walked very comfortably.

"This Blue Snow Star's composition is extremely well-knit. There aren't even any street vendors on the street; it's only shops, one after another. They appear to be very symmetric and well regulated." Qin Yu who was looking around had come up his own evaluation.

As the main planet of the borders, the amount of people on the Blue Snow Star was undoubtedly immense. Thus, the planet was also bustling. On the streets were numerous groups. Experts of all Realms were clearly visible everywhere…

"Golden Immortal and Devil Kings are present everywhere. There's also a Mystic Immortal." Qin Yu's sensitive Immortal Awareness was currently checking out the strength of the people around him. Suddenly, his body slightly trembled.

He saw an individual.

A red clothed youngster. His long black hair was all the way down to his buttocks. He had an awfully cold appearance.

"His strength was even more powerful than White Haired Blood Devil, Xue Yileng." Qin Yu's heart trembled. "Level eight Devil Emperor? There's only that many experts of his level in the Devil Realm, who is he?"

The red clothed youngster appeared to have not taken note of Qin Yu. However, he was unceasingly advancing toward Qin Yu. That's because he was walking toward the opposite direction of Qin Yu. Thus, the distance between the two was getting closer at a rapid speed…

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