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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 47 – Granddaughter

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Kulops and Phillip

"Xue Tianya." Ao Wuming saw the man who had just arrived and was unable to help himself from showing a smile. "Never had I expected that this Devil Emperor called Xue Yi is the son of the great Blood Devil Emperor. I remember… that you, Blood Devil Emperor, had a daughter. When did you have a son?"

Xue Tianya's appearance was like that of a refined scholar in his twenties. His clothing was incomparably white and spotless; there was not even a speck of dust.

"Son, daughter?" Xue Tianya took a glance at Xue Yi who stood next to him. Devil Emperor Xue Yi still had the same grim appearance. Even when facing his father, he was still that ice-cold.

"He is my son. As for my daughter… she was merely an adopted daughter." Said Xue Tianya indifferently.
"Adopted daughter, adopted daughter, humph!" A cold humph sound came from beside Ao Wuming.

Xue Tianya looked over. His expression slightly changed. However, he still retained that trace of smile. "Luoyu, you're also here."

Jun Luoyu only gave a humph and did not respond.
"Blood Devil Emperor, right?" Jiang Yan walked next to Jun Luoyu. She stared at Xue Tianya. "Blood Devil Emperor, you're also someone of high standing. At that time, your daughter was close with my big brother Luoyu. But why is it that at the end, you ended up giving your daughter to your son as his wife?"

"It's adopted daughter." Xue Tianya corrected.

Jiang Yan groaned. "I know she's your adopted daughter. But big sister A'Jiao and big brother Luoyu knew each other first. They also fell in love with each other first. How could you forcibly break them apart? You even ultimately allowed this Xue Yi to kill big sister A'Jiao."

"Little girl, although you had your granny as your backing, you must still know your manners when speaking with your elders. Understood?" Xue Tianya's voice was slightly imposing.

Back then, Jiang Yan's granny had informed the couple top experts of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm of Jiang Yan's appearance and aura. Xue Tianya was one of those top experts. Therefore, from the moment Xue Tianya saw Jiang Yan, he already knew that she was that lucky little girl. At the same time, he was able to sense how troublesome the matter was.

In the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, there existed few people that were able to cause Xue Tianya a headache.

The Dragon Emperor of the Dragon Clan was one. Hidden Emperor was barely enough to be considered as another. As for that mysterious granny behind Jiang Yan, she was another one.

"Xue Tianya."

Jun Luoyu spoke. His pair of eyes turned red. "You listen clearly. You do not have the qualifications to be A'Jiao's father. You also don't have the qualifications to talk about A'Jiao. In the future, I wish for you to never speak of A'Jiao again because I feel sick to my stomach when you do!"

"There is no father that would treat his daughter like that. There is no father that would be that ruthless, that heartless." Jun Luoyu's body was shivering. "Had it not been the fact that A'Jiao made me promise her before her death to never find you for revenge in my lifetime, I would have definitely killed you."

Jun Luoyu hated.

He hated the Blood Devil Emperor Xue Tianya. But, the request of his lover before her death, how could he dare to disagree?

"Jun Luoyu." Xue Yi's cold voice sounded. "Although you and A'Jiao have feelings for each other, you were not married. Father bestowed A'Jiao to me, thus she was my wife. She became my wife. However, you two still dared to fool around. Could it be that it was wrong for me to kill A'Jiao? Why do you think that you can continue to spout rubbish here?"


Xue Tianya's brows slightly frowned. He then smiled at Ao Wuming and said, "I'm sorry about the comical display, brother Wuming."

"It's not funny in the slightest." Replied Ao Wuming with a mild smile. Xue Tianya was unable to help himself from getting somewhat angry in his heart.

Qin Yu who had stood there and listened the whole time had finally understood what happened.

A'Jiao was Xue Tianya's adopted daughter. She and Jun Luoyu loved each other. As the Blood Devil Emperor, Xue Tianya, to not know about it was impossible. It was likely that at the beginning, Xue Tianya did not oppose their love. However, afterwards, Devil Emperor Xue Yi took fancy upon A'Jiao and asked his father to bestow A'Jiao to him.

Without the slightest hesitation, Xue Tianya bestowed A'Jiao to Devil Emperor Xue Yi.

Afterwards, a meeting between A'Jiao and Jun Luoyu was found out by Xue Yi. In a rage, Xue Yi wanted to kill A'Jiao. Jun Luoyu's strength was too weak and he was completely unable to resist.

Before A'Jiao died, she begged Xue Yi to spare Jun Luoyu. At the same time, she asked Jun Luoyu to not find her father for revenge. It's likely that A'Jiao still had a very deep feeling toward her father, Xue Tianya.

"A'Jiao is a pitiable person. Brother Luoyu is also a pitiable person. This Xue Yi is a boorish fellow. As for Xue Tianya…." Qin Yu was unable to make a judgement. If one were to say he's affectionate? He decided A'Jiao's livelihood at will without any regards to her own desire. If one were to say Xue Tianya was heartless? He was however extremely concerned about his son, Xue Yi.

"Don't speak of this matter anymore." Xue Tianya's face had a trace of anger. "Jun Luoyu, you listen clearly. I had raised A'Jiao and could also be considered as her father. Thus, I could naturally determine whom she marries. And Xue Yi is A'Jiao's husband. Thus he naturally could determine her life and death. This was unquestionable."

"As for you, Jun Luoyu. Just because you said that A'Jiao is your wife; does that make A'Jiao your wife?" Xue Tianya lightly laughed and said. "Aren't you a bit too delusional? You want to kill Xue Yi? Let me tell you; for every day that I live, you can forget about succeeding."

Xue Tianya took a glance at the Devil Emperor Xue Yi by his side. Within his eyes was a trace of deep love.

Xue Tianya owed his son greatly. He had lost Xue Yi when he was still an infant. Only after Xue Yi grew up amongst wild beasts and reached a high level did Xue Tianya find his son once more.

This caused Xue Yi to have an estrangement with Xue Tianya the whole time. It was so much that when Xue Tianya gave him the name 'Xue Yi,' it was also directly changed by Xue Yi into 'Xue Yi.'

[TL: this might be confusing. It's same sounding but different characters.

Xue Yi's surname is Xue (血, blood)

Xue Yi changed the name into 血衣(blood, clothes), also pronounced as Xue Yi.
Basically he changed the name to two different characters that had pretty much the exact pronunciation in mandarin. ]

Inside the Embroidery Forest.

"Big brother, that Devil Emperor Xue Yi requested for Lin'er to be buried with her disciple. How could you still be this calm and watch the fire burning across the river?" Said the Black Immortal Emperor of the Black and White Dual Emperors.

Lin Yin's face had a trace of smile. "Isn't the story getting more and more interesting now? Furthermore, it's about time for Lin'er to learn of the dangers. It is not too late for us to show up at the last moment."

"Last moment?" Big brother, aren't you afraid that Lin'er would be like her parents…" Right after the White Immortal Emperor spoke those words, Lin Yin's expression immediately changed.

Level nine Immortal Emperor Lin Yin.

Throughout the whole of Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, there were not many people that dared to underestimate him. However, several thousand years ago, his son and daughter-in-law were killed by someone in a war. It happened on an extremely big planet of the Indigo Bay Star Field, the Bright Feather Star.

From that day on, the Indigo Bay Star Field no longer had a Bright Feather Star.

All of the super experts knew that the furious Lin Yin had crushed the Bright Feather Star into pieces. It was so much that all the people that lived in the Bright Feather Star ended up being buried with his son and daughter-in-law.

No one was able to imagine that the Hidden Emperor that had always been soft, refined and cultured also possessed such a bloody and cruel side.

"Third brother, you need not worry. As long as Lin'er is on the Hidden Emperor Star, there's absolutely no one that can harm her." Said Lin Yi cold and matter-of-factly.
The Black Immortal Emperor and the White Immortal Emperor glanced at each other and then said no more.

"That Xue Yi. Xue Tianya ought to discipline him properly. Did he really think that he could make whoever he wants to make buried with his disciple?" Said the Hidden Emperor cold and matter-of-factly. Then, he moved his gaze toward the direction of the East Star City.

With Lin Yin's strength, he was absolutely able to arrive at the place of occurrence in an instant.

Countless people of the East Star City were standing around and watching from a distant. However, there was not a single person in the area of a hundred miles from where Xue Tianya, Ao Wuming, Qin Yu, Jun Luoyu and the rest stood. All of the people were outside of this hundred miles radius.

"Brother Wuming, the cause of this matter was merely a small thing. I suggest that we shall go through and clarify what happened here before we make a decision. What do you think?" Said Xue Tianya smilingly.

Ao Wuming also nodded in approval.

"Xue Yi, what happened here?" Xue Tianya looked at Xue Yi.

Xue Yi said calmly. "What exactly happened, even I am uncertain. I only know that my disciple, Guo Nu, fell in love with a woman and wanted to make their woman his companion. Afterwards, this Qin Yu killed my disciple Guo Nu."

"Qin Yu?" Hearing these words, Xue Tianya's gaze turned to Qin Yu. He merely took a glance and then didn't say anymore.

Amongst the four great upper realm emissaries that descended on to the Mortal Realm was Blood Devil Du Zhongjun that was dispatched by Xue Tianya. After exiting the Ni Yang's Realm, Du Zhongjun had also notified Xue Tianya of everything that happened. Thus, Xue Tianya was very sensitive toward the name Qin Yu.

"Guo Nu, no wonder." Xue Tianya came to an understanding in his heart.

He understood why his son was so frantically angry.

So it turns out that it's because of Guo Nu who practically had the same childhood as his son. Xue Tianya understood very well that his son had always been in an estrangement with him. However, his relationship with that Guo Nu was exceptionally good.

Perhaps in Xue Yi's heart, Guo Nu's standing was as high as Xue Tianya's if not higher.

"Xue Yi, where is that woman that you spoke of?" Asked Xue Tianya.

"She was taken into Qin Yu's Immortal Mansion by him." Xue Yi looked toward Qin Yu.

Xue Tianya's heart moved. He then smiled at Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, could you let that woman out of your Immortal Mansion first? Rest assured, with brother Wuming present, even I would not get violent."

Qin Yu's gaze fell on Ao Wuming.

"Blood Devil Emperor is after all a man of high standing, how could his words not be trusted? Brother Qin Yu, you should let that woman out." Said Ao Wuming while smiling.

Qin Yu nodded. Soon after, he released Lin Lin and Sisi from his Qingyu Immortal Mansion.

Lin Lin and Sisi suddenly appeared next to Qin Yu.
"I presume that girl clothed young lady should be the woman that Guo Nu took a fancy for?" Said Xue Tianya with a smile.

"Young lady, you need not be worried. You two are now safe. Xue Tianya is after all the Blood Devil Emperor, he is someone of high standing and would not go back on his words." Said Qin Yu to Lin Lin and Sisi.

"Thank you mister." Said Lin Lin. However, she was shocked from the bottom of her heart that this man in white was the Blood Devil Emperor. At the same time, she was also confused as to why none of her senior martial brothers or her grandpa were present.

Xue Tianya smiled and said. "Young lady, Guo Nu wanted you to be his wife, is that true?"

"Right." Lin Lin nodded.

"And then Qin Yu killed Guo Nu?" Asked Xue Tianya again.
"Mister Qin Yu killed Guo Nu in order to save me." Said Lin Lin hurriedly.

Xue Tianya looked toward Ao Wuming while smiling. "Brother Wuming, based on the words of both side, I believe both you and I have came to an understanding of what happened. Guo Nu forcibly wanted Lin Lin to become his companion. Although it is wrong, his crime was not enough for him to die. Furthermore… this matter should not be related to Qin Yu. Completely uncalled for, this Qin Yu killed Guo Nu. As the saying goes, he who killed another shall pay with his life…"

"He who killed another shall pay with his life?" Ao Wuming's gaze turned cold.

Qin Yu's expression had also changed.

This Xue Tianya unexpectedly went up against him. Ever since he opened the Jiang Lan's Realm, Qin Yu no longer feared anyone. This was also the reason why he was daring to openly use his Divine Armor.

"He who killed another shall pay with his life?" Lin Lin walked forward. "Senior Blood Devil Emperor, that Guo Nu forcibly wanted me to become his companion so much that he wanted to arrest me. Mister Qin Yu only moved to save me. Furthermore, Mister Qin Yu had even spared Guo Nu two three times. It's just that Guo Nu was acting as if it's either Mister Qin Yu who dies or he who dies. Without a lack of better option, mister Qin Yu finally killed him. Could it be that Senior Blood Devil Emperor thinks that Mister Qin Yu ought to allow Guo Nu to continuously try to kill him without retaliating?"

"Little girl, you dared to interrupt even me?" Xue Tianya merely gazed at her and Lin Lin started to shudder as her complexion grew paler.

As the Blood Devil Emperor, Xue Tianya had never placed the level three Heavenly Immortal Lin Lin in his mind.

"Xue Tianya, is it not acceptable for my granddaughter to speak her mind confidently?" A voice containing anger sounded.

A green figure, a white figure and a black figure appeared at almost the same time. The people who arrived were the Hidden Emperor and the Black and White Dual Emperors.

"Grandfather, second grandfather, third grandfather." Lin Lin saw the people who arrived and immediately flew to them. She directly threw herself into the bosom of Lin Yin.

"Senior Lin Yin." Seeing the arriving people, Ao Wuming immediately cupped his hand in respect.

At the same time, Ao Wuming had a slight smile on his face. In his heart, he was secretly pleased. "So it turns out that the story that when Hidden Emperor's son and daughter-in-law died, they left behind an infant was true. This Hidden Emperor concealed that so very tightly. Blood Devil Emperor, weren't you acting all arrogant? Let's see how arrogant you act now."

"Qin Yu, Luoyu, Yan'er, come, let me introduce you guys. This is senior Hidden Emperor. These two are senior Black Immortal Emperor and senior White Immortal Emperor." So Ao Wuming full of smiles.

Qin Yu, Jun Luoyu and Jiang Yan all had a smile on their face. They all walked forward and greeted their seniors respectfully.

And at this moment, Xue Tianya merely smiled as he shook his head. "Brother Lin, never had I expected it, truly never had I expected it. Who would've known that this girl was your granddaughter.Brother Lin, you truly concealed the information about your granddaughter very tightly; even I didn't know that you had a granddaughter."

Xue Tianya still had a smiling appearance. However, Lin Yin's expression was ice-cold.

"Xue Tianya, today's matter fault lies in your son, Xue Yi. Could it be that you think that… your son could have whoever he wants to be buried with his disciple? He actually dared to want my granddaughter to be buried with his disciple. Humph, he even dared to act like a tyrant to my granddaughter." At this moment, Lin Yin didn't give Xue Tianya the slightest amount of face.

Xue Tianya's brows slightly creased.

"Xue Yi, come out and apologize to Miss Lin." Said Xue Tianya coldly.

Actually, Xue Tianya was very unpleased to help his son on this matter today. For one he would be offending Ao Wuming. Two, he would offend Jiang Yan's grandmother. It's one thing if it was merely those two. But now, there's an addition of the Hidden Emperor.

Hidden Emperor was way too strong. Not only was he himself a level nine Immortal Emperor, his two good friends, the Black and White Dual Immortals, were also level eight Immortal Emperors.

Xue Yi frowned. In a split second, he had thought a lot of stuff. However finally, he still clenched his teeth as he walked forward. He lowered his head and bowed. "Miss Lin, it is my fault this time around. I hope that Miss Lin would forgive me."

Qin Yu and them were able to see that Devil Emperor Xue Yi's veins on his forehead were violently bulging. He was evidently trying his hardest to resist his anger.

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