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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 48 – Three Demands

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Kulops

The Devil Emperor Xue Yi was, after all, a Devil Emperor. Moreover, he was a proud and arrogant Devil Emperor. For him to apologize to a level three Heavenly Immortal little girl in front of all these high level experts, it was truly painstaking.

"Let it pass, grandfather." Seeing Xue Yi's appearance, Lin Lin's heart grew soft and said.

"Xue Yi, quickly thank young lady Lin Lin." Xue Tianya said calmly.

Although Xue Tianya appeared to be calm and collected, he was burning was rage in his heart. As the Blood Devil Emperor that had crisscrossed the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, when had he ever suffered from an unfavourable situation? However today, being confronted with Ao Wuming, Hidden Emperor, Black and White Dual Emperors and the rest, he had no choice but to submit to humiliation.

Xue Yi clenched his teeth. His gums were trembling: "Thank…"

"Xue Tianya, this time, it was your son's disciple that wanted to force my granddaughter to become his companion. Who do you think your son's disciple was? He dared act so tyrannic in my Hidden Emperor Star. And then your son even wanted to bury my granddaughter with his disciple. Did you think that… a single apology would be enough?"

Lin Yin's eyes were flickering like a thunderbolt as he opened and closed them.

Xue Tianya was dumbstruck.

"I, Lin Yin, only have a single granddaughter. No matter who the person is, I would not allow them to bully my granddaughter. If you are not able to handle today's matter to my satisfaction, then I will definitely not let this matter drop."

Lin Yin was overbearing.

Xue Tianya was momentarily stunned as to what to say.

Ao Wuming, Jun Luoyu, Jiang Yan and Qin Yu were also shocked to see this scene.

What a Hidden Emperor!

Qin Yu secretly gasped in admiration in his heart.

"It would appear than rumors cannot be trusted. This Hidden Emperor was not at all like the rumors. He doesn't have the good temperaments of the rumors at all. When he's mad, it's also enough to frighten people." Qin Yu happily watched the play from the side.

"Brother Luoyu, brother Qin Yu, if my guess is correct, Hidden Emperor is about to establish his prestige this time around." Ao Wuming voice, that was rejoicing in other people's misfortune, sounded in Qin Yu's mind.

Qin Yu looked toward Ao Wuming.

"You all don't have to be confused, Hidden Emperor isn't one to covet power or territory. However, he's utterly concerned about his relatives. That year when Hidden Emperor's son and daughter in law were killed, in his anger, Hidden Emperor eliminated all the people present on that planet without regards to whether they're enemies or regular civilians. The whole planet was turned into cosmic dust." Saying till this point, Ao Wuming also gasped in admiration.

"Experts at the Immortal Emperor level, it's not at all difficult for them to destroy a planet. However, those who dared to destroy a planet completely and make it into cosmic dust like the Hidden Emperor; were truly few and slim." Praised Ao Wuming.

Qin Yu was slightly startled. Unable to help himself, he looked at Lin Yin.

That amiable looking middle aged man actually completely destroyed a planet when he's angry.

"Hidden Emperor is also not someone that's to be provoked. This time around, Blood Devil Emperor is certain to pay bitterly." Qin Yu started to comprehend a little bit of the actions of Hidden Emperor.

Ao Wuming's voice once again resounded in Qin Yu's mind. "Qin Yu, Luoyu, the fact that Hidden Emperor had a granddaughter was extremely secretive. Hidden Emperor had also been always keeping this matter hidden. I also only found out about it today. I think that Hidden Emperor, taking into consideration that his granddaughter's existence was to be known by others after today, might be planning to take this occasion to establish his prestige and intimidate others."

"Pitiful Blood Devil Emperor." Qin Yu laughed as he sound transferred. "Hidden Emperor establishing his prestige ended up all the way to the Blood Devil Emperor."

Ao Wuming and Jun Luoyu both had a smiling expression on their faces.

Qin Yu and the others were able to tell that, Xue Tianya had also naturally concluded that Hidden Emperor was planning to establish his prestige.

"Xue Tianya, we three brothers are watching you. Lin'er has received such bullying, it's not something that a simple apology would fix." Black Immortal Emperor also said with an ice-cold face.

Throughout the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

Hidden Emperor and his two brothers really didn't come across anyone that they feared. Even if Emperor Yu, Mystic Emperor and Cyan Emperor were to join hands, Hidden Emperor and his two brothers would still not fear them in the slightest. Hidden Emperor, Black Immortal Emperor and White Immortal Emperor all had ice cold faces.

Clearly… if what Xue Tianya said was not pleasing, Hidden Emperor and his two brothers would not care about acting to dispose Xue Tianya. They were even willing to act together and kill the Blood Devil Emperor, Xue Tianya, on the spot.

"Three lunatics." Xue Tianya was burning with rage.

However, he displayed a sincere smile on his face. "Brother Lin, brother Hei (black), brother Bai (white), this time, it was indeed my son, Xue Yi's fault. I had already made him apologize earlier. If the three of you believe that it's inadequate, feel free to suggest how I should handle this unfilial son of mine. I would certainly not shield him!" Said Xue Tianya upright and strictly.

Hidden Emperor muttered to himself for a moment. He then slowly said. "Xue Tianya, you also only have this one son. Although he offended my granddaughter this time around, out of respect for you, Xue Tianya, I will also not take his life."

Hearing these words, Xue Tianya had a slight sigh of relief from the bottom of his heart.

As long as he's not going to kill his son, the matter is still tolerable.

"However, while death might be forgiven, punishment cannot be escaped. I would give three demands here. Xue Tianya, you must guarantee that your son would accomplish them, otherwise… I, Lin Yin, will definitely kill your son. At that time, I will not care about your, Xue Tianya's status." Lin Yin's voice was serene and calm. However, it had an irresistible majestic feel to it.

"Brother Lin, please speak." Said Xue Tianya while smiling.

While Xue Tianya was able to keep a calm appearance, his son, Xue Yi's whole body was currently slightly trembling. The veins on his hands and forehead were bulging.

"The first demand: starting from today, your son, Xue Yi, is not allowed to step into the Indigo Bay Star Field. The moment he does, he dies." Said Lin Yi indifferently.

The Indigo Bay Star Field is the common border of the Immortal and Devil Realms. It was classified as an extremely important strategic location. Generally, experts would frequently step foot on the Indigo Bay Star Field to get together. To make Xue Yi to be unable to set foot on the Indigo Bay Star Field for all his life was certainly a very heavy punishment.

Xue Tianya slightly paused before saying. "That's fine."

Xue Yi who stood to the side was not very concerned about the request. To him, the Indigo Bay Star Field was not something extraordinary. However, the fact that he was banned from entering it caused him to feel as if he had received the greatest insult.

The proud and arrogant Xue Yi's heart was currently filled with anger.

"Endure." This was the only word in Xue Yi's mind.

Lin Yin slightly nodded. He then once again said tranquilly. "The second demand: your son is to receive a palm strike from me!"


Xue Tianya's facial expression took a huge change.

"Seems like there is a major change." Qin Yu also immediately started to pay closer attention to the scene in front of him. To make the level six Devil Emperor Xue Yi take on the palm strike of the Hidden Emperor, Lin Yin, head on?

Who was Lin Yu?

He's a level nine Immortal Emperor, a super expert that's about to ascend to the Divine Realm and was known as the number one expert in the Immortal Realm.

Lin Yin's palm strike; if Lin Yin were to want to kill Xue Yi, then Xue Yi would definitely be unable to escape with his life intact after taking that strike.

"Brother Lin, isn't this demand a bit too excessive? Brother Lin, you are the magnificent Hidden Emperor, a level nine Immortal Emperor; your strength was so strong that even I resign myself to be inferior to you. However, you want to dirty your hands personally and handle my son…" The smile on Xue Tianya's face had disappeared. What replaced it was a gloominess.

"I could take a step back and personally receive your palm strike, what say you?" Said Xue Tianya as he looked at Hidden Emperor.

Xue Tianya was after all one of the three top players of the Devil Realm. His strength was only a level lower than Lin Yin. Moreover, with the addition of some of his special tricks, even if Lin Yin wanted to kill Xue Tianya, it would still be very hard. With merely a single palm strike… at the very most, it would cause Xue Tianya to sustain injuries. Xue Tianya was able to recover from the injuries in a blink of an eye.

Lin Yin shook his head. "When I said three demands, I meant three demands. It cannot be altered. This second demand of mine, your only choice is to accept or refuse. If you were to refuse; you know the consequences."

A light flashed past Xue Tianya's eye.

"Father." Xue Yi who had his head down the whole time had lifted his head up and looked toward Xue Tianya.

"Father, let's fight. We don't need to be afraid of that old fool." Xue Yi's voice transmission resounded in Xue Tianya's mind. "This old bastard is clearly humiliating us. We cannot let this continue."

The corner of Xue Yi's eyes were bloodshot.

"Keep standing to the side, don't be reckless." Xue Tianya transmitted his voice back shouting.

"Brother Lin." Xue Tianya looked at Lin Yin. "You had said earlier that you will spare my son's life. However, now you want my son to take on a palm strike of yours, what is your intention?"

"I have already said that I would spare your son's life so naturally I would spare your son's life." Said Lin Yin indifferently. "You still haven't told me whether you're agreeing or disagreeing."

Xue Tianya laughed. He stared at Lin Yin and said. "Good, Lin Yin, I trust that you will keep your promise. Xue Yi, come out and prepare to take on senior Hidden Emperor's palm strike. As senior Hidden Emperor is your senior, he would definitely not kill you."

Xue Yi took a deep breath and then walked a couple steps forward.

Although Xue Yi was proud and arrogant, he was not stupid. He knew when he could be proud and arrogant and when he had to endure silently.

"I will not kill you." Lin Yi waved away his sleeve.

[TL: Chinese gowns, or Hanfu, have super long sleeves.]

"But, I will make it so that you will forever remember today." Lin Yin's eyes shined brightly.

At the moment Lin Yi waved his sleeve, a "pfff" sound was heard and Devil Emperor Xue Yi was knocked back several tens of steps, by a palm strike. Soon after, Devil Emperor Xue Yi kneeled down as his blood continuously escaped from the corner of his mouth.

Xue Yi slowly raised his head and looked at Lin Yin with a cold stare.

A flash of anger flashed past Xue Tianya's face. He already knew what Lin Yin's palm strike was meant to do.

Qin Yu, however, didn't understand what he was watching.

Isn't that just a palm strike?

As long as he's alive, it should be very easy for him to recover. Why was Xue Tianya so angry?

Of those present on the stage, only the Black Immortal Emperor, White Immortal Emperor, Xue Tianya and Ao Wuming knew what exactly happened with that palm strike.

"Qin Yu, Luoyu, that palm strike from the Hidden Emperor was no regular palm strike. When his palm struck Xue Yi's body, did you guys notice that several green threads were shot out from the Hidden Emperor's hand into Xue Yi's head?" Ao Wuming's voice transmission resounded in Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu's heads.

"I didn't see that." Jun Luoyu's voice transmission resounded in Qin Yu and Ao Wuming's heads.

"I also didn't see it. I only managed to barely take note of a special energy." Said Qin Yu via voice transmission.

"That's right, that was a type of energy that belonged to Lin Yin. Even though Xue Yi wore a Divine Armor, Lin Yin still made the energy directly penetrate through Xue Yi's head and into his body. It even infiltrated into the interior of Xue Yi's Nascent Soul. " Ao Wuming gasped in admiration. "This move of his was certainly very fierce."

Hearing till this part, Qin Yu completely understood what happened.

"Unless this Xue Yi cultivated to the level of level nine Devil Emperor, he would forever be incapable of removing this energy."

"This energy of mine was not a lot. Xue Yi should be only a level six Devil Emperor right? When are to use your Nascent Soul, make sure to use half of your energy to suppress this prohibition energy I left behind. Otherwise, this prohibition energy of mine might cause your Nascent Soul to enter a chaotic state and explode." Said Lin Yin tranquilly.

The meaning was very clear.

Level six Devil Emperor Xue Yi, when he's a level six Devil Emperor, could only utilize half of his strength.

When his power increases, the amount of energy needed to suppress Lin Yin's prohibition energy's influence would naturally decrease.

Xue Tianya was however somewhat enraged. The prohibition set up by Lin Yin's energy, unless one reached level nine Devil Emperor level, was completely incapable of being destroyed. Furthermore, only the person who were inflicted with this prohibition energy could destroy it with his own strength. The energy of others cannot enter the internal part of the Nascent Soul as they wished.

"Brother Lin, we had already accomplished the second demand, what is the third demand?" Said Xue Tianya coldly.

The current Xue Tianya was already incapable of keeping the smiling appearance that he earlier had.

Lin Yin said tranquilly. "The third demand is very simple. Jun Luoyu and your son had grudges. It's one thing for them to kill each other. But this little brother by the name of Qin Yu…"

As Lin Yin said those words, he pointed at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu was slightly startled. "How did it come to me?"

Lin Yin continued. "Little brother Qin Yu, he was complete stranger to your son before this. This time, it was because of my granddaughter that he killed your son's disciple. Your son's disciple was excessively domineering this time around, he even tried a futile attempt to seize my granddaughter. Little brother Qin Yu stepping in was not only not wrong, he was also very much in the right."

Hearing those words, Qin Yu was unable to stop himself from shaking his head and smiling.

Right? Wrong?

Whether what he did was right or wrong, how could he possibly care about what others think? This time, the reason why he stepped in was because this 'Lin Lin' was the girl that his late disciple liked.

"Little brother Qin Yu was not wrong in the slightest but your son instead seriously injured him. Thus, he should apologize to him. This is my third demand!" Said Lin Yin tranquilly.

Xue Tianya's gaze shot towards Qin Yu.

"Xue Yi, apologize." Xue Tianya's voice was flat.

Devil Emperor Xue Yi who stood to the side currently had a face as pale as white paper. At this moment, he was still continuously using his power to suppress the prohibition within his Nascent Soul. The existence of the prohibition had caused him to be unable to utilize all his energy anymore in the future.

After clenching his teeth, Devil Emperor Xue Yi walked forward and stared at Qin Yu, like a viper staring at its prey. He said ice-coldly. "Qin Yu, it was my fault this time around, I'm sorry."

"There is no need to be like this."

Qin Yu suddenly stretch out his hand to stop Xue Yi. "I know that you are currently very unconvinced. To be forced to apologize to me like this, you find it difficult to say and I also don't feel comfortable in accepting it. I knew that with me killing your disciple, you would not let go of this hatred."

"Xue Yi, I welcome you to find me to avenge your disciple at any time. Of course… as for who would end up killing who, that's not a certainty." After Qin Yu finished saying those words, he turned around. "You shouldn't bother trying to attack me now. Earlier, you were unable to kill me. The current you should only have half the strength that you displayed earlier, I assume."

This type of apology, Qin Yu was totally disinclined to accept.

After Qin Yu said those words, he looked to Lin Lin and slightly smiled. "Young lady Lin Lin, with the Hidden Emperor as your grandfather, whether a nobody like me were to interfere or not, there wouldn't be much difference."

"Mister Qin Yu." Said Lin Lin hurriedly.

Qin Yu said while laughing. "Young lady Lin Lin need not speak further, I know what kind of strength I possess. However, there's still a sentence that I must say. The promise that I had made at that time, 'In the future, no matter what the matter is, if you were to come to me, then I would definitely spare no effort to help you in resolving it,' now sounds like a joke. However, young lady Lin Lin merely need to remember those words in your heart. If there comes a day that you could use my help and don't despise my low strength, please send a transmission to me."

After saying those words, Qin Yu looked toward Ao Wuming, Jun Luoyu and Jiang Yan. "Big brother Wuming, there's not much business for me here, I will return first. Seniors Hidden Emperor, Black Immortal Emperor and White Immortal Emperor, this junior bids his farewell."

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