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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 46 – Arriving on the Stage in Succession

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

“Rumble!” The sound of thunder grew increasingly louder; the rain continued to pour unceasingly from the heavens. However, when that rain came near people of Qin Yu, Devil Emperor Xie Yi, and Jun Luoyu and them, it unexpectedly made way for them. It was as if even the rain was afraid of them.

Facing Qin Yu’s second challenge, Devil Emperor Xie Yi had a strange expression on his face.

“Qin Yu, you're challenging me?” Devil Emperor Xie Yu didn’t have the headache anymore. Instead, he had a very a deep pondering smile as he looked at Qin Yu.

The two Qin Yu’s coldly looked back at Devil Emperor Xie Yi.

"What's with Devil Emperor Xie Yi?" Qin Yu had a hint of suspicion in his heart. According to what he predicted, the Devil Emperor Xie Yi should have a headache right now.

With red hair that was as eye-catching as blood, Devil Emperor Xie Yi suddenly started to laugh out loud. He then stared at Qin Yu and said. "My father had one told me to not attack a little girl. This little girl possessed two extraordinary Divine Artifacts. Although her strength was only at the level of level one Immortal Emperor, but even if it was I, I would still be unable to harm her in the slightest."

Jun Luoyu and Qin Yu were both slightly startled. They couldn't help but look toward Jiang Yan.

The girl that this Devil Emperor Xue Yi spoke of was clearly Jiang Yan.

Devil Emperor Xue Yi continued. "Others might think that the master of this Jiang Yan was so very extraordinary. By merely bestowing two Divine Artifacts, she was able to make a level one Immortal Emperor to become unharmable by level six and seven Immortal Emperors. Perhaps a lot of people would envy this little girl. However!"

A slight trace of disdain appeared on the corner of Devil Emperor Xue Yi's mouth. "In my eyes, this little girl was merely a lucky rubbish that had treasures in vain!"

"Possessing two Divine Artifacts, her defense might be very strong. I am also unable to harm her one bit if she stood in front of me. However, what about her attack power? Level one Immortal Emperor, even if she possessed Divine Artifacts, her attack power would still not be that strong. I completely look down upon people like her who could not even threaten me in the slightest."

Devil Emperor Xue Yi looked toward Qin Yu. "As for now, amongst this type of people that I looked down on, other than that lucky little girl, there's also you, Qin Yu!"

Qin Yu was slightly startled..

"You possessed a Divine Armor and even your clone possessed a Divine Armor. Your weapon was also a Divine Artifact. Furthermore… my attack energy entered your body yet was surprisingly unable to kill you. I reckon that you also possess some kind of treasure within your body that can protect your Nascent Soul."

Devil Emperor Xue Yi looked at Qin Yu with a disdainful gaze. "Having battled with you for this long, I also clearly realized. You are the same as that lucky little girl. Your defense is exceptional. However, your attack power is very feeble. Even if you had a Divine Weapon, you're still unable to harm me."

"I… could totally ignore your existence."

Devil Emperor Xue Yi faintly lifted his chin. He looked at Qin Yu with a ice-cold gaze. "Don't you refuse that, if you aren't able to accept it, then you could come and attack me. I would stand here and not resist. If you are able to kill me, then I would accept my death with no complaint."

Qin Yu grew silent.

"Am I really able to kill him?"

Qin Yu asked himself in his heart. His body possessed the protection of the Divine Armor and the Life Elemental Energy. Within his body, he had the Black Hole with the extremely strong defensive power and a Nascent Soul that's not weak at all. These had allowed him to survive under the attacks of the Devil Emperor Xue Yi.

But, what about attack power?

Although he had the Divine Sword Sky Piercer, if he used his own strength to power the Divine Weapon, this Devil Emperor Xue Yi, even if he only had a Top Quality Devil Armor, but with his level six Immortal Emperor's strength infused into the Devil Armor, he was absolutely able to defend against his attack.

It was so much that if his opponent were to use a 'Domain,' Qin Yu would be completely unable to approach him.

"Not going to speak?" Devil Emperor Xue Yi slightly smiled. He then looked toward Jun Luoyu.

"Jun Luoyu, your good brother Qin Yu's strength was too weak. Even if he possessed many treasures, it's still impossible for him to harm me in the slightest. If I want to kill you, with his strength, it's completely impossible for him to obstruct me. You… prepare to die."

Devil Emperor Xue Yi held his Divine Battle Blade with one hand.

Suddenly —

"Red haired bastard!" An angry shout sounded.

[TL: 鬼 means ghost. However, it could also mean bastard under certain circumstances; usually as an insult.]

"Red haired bastard, did you not have ears? This lady here is calling you. Yes, you. Don't look all over the place, I'm talking about you. You with the wood chopping knife." The continuous shouting had caused Devil Emperor Xue Yi to realize that the person that girl was calling was him.

Devil Emperor Xue Yi's gaze turned cold. He looked at Jiang Yan.

"Red haired bastard? Wood chopping knife?" Killing intent were emitting from Devil Emperor Xue Yi.

Jiang Yan looked at Devil Emperor Xue Yi angrily. "You red haired bastard, what did you say earlier? You said Qin Yu a rubbish who possessed treasures in vain? You said that he was the same as that lucky girl?"

"Right." Devil Emperor Xue Yi nodded. "He is rubbish. That girl is also rubbish. Their own power was so weak, they depended on the treasures bestowed to them by their sect's loving elders to save their tiny lives. Yet, their attack power was so very weak. I have always looked down upon this type or people."

"Say it one more time." Jiang Yan's eyes seemed to be burning with rage.

"Little girl, are you also seeking your death?" Devil Emperor Xue Yi was confused.

Jiang Yan bit her teeth. With immense anger, word by word, she said. "I am that lucky little girl that you spoke of!"

"You…" Devil Emperor Xue Yi was stunned.

"Right, didn't you say that I'm very weak? Didn't you said that I'm just a rubbish that had treasures in vain? You bastard." Jiang Yan's figure suddenly changed. One turned into two, two into four and four into eight. One Jiang Yan suddenly turned into eight Jiang Yans in a flash.

The eight Jiang Yans surrounded Devil Emperor Xue Yi.

"Something's amiss." Devil Emperor Xue Yi's expression changed. "Where's your original body? How come your eight clones all have the same strength?"

"Find it if you can." Jiang Yan's angry voice resounded. Following, a red silk ribbon like weapon were shot out from the eight Jiang Yans' hands. In a split second, the area where the eight Jiang Yans surrounded were filled with this red ribbon weapon.

Qin Yu retrieved back his Sword Immortal Puppet and walked to the side of Jun Luoyu.

"Luoyu, what kind of secret technique was Yan'er using? How come she used Body Clone Technique yet all her eight clones have the strength of level one Immortal Emperor? Which one is the original body?" Qin Yu was really astonished. Jiang Yan's Body Clone Technique was a bit too frightening.

One turned into eight yet all eight Jiang Yans had the strength of the original body. Who could be able to tell which amongst the eight is the original body?

Jun Luoyu smiled and said. "Qin Yu, Divine Weapon Sky Shifter have eight positions inside it. That time, I had only borrowed Yan'er's Divine Weapon and was simply unable to display the full power of the Divine Weapon Sky Shifter. Currently, Yan'er was using the Divine Weapon Sky Shifter to turn into eight clones at once. As for her weapon, it's the Divine Weapon Heavenly Phantom Gauze."

Qin Yu came to an understanding.

"Rarely do Yan'er act out violently. However, when she does, she's very frightening. This Devil Emperor Xue Yi, even if he managed to survive, he would still have received a punishment." Said Jun Luoyu confidently. His expression showed that he was not even slightly worried about Jiang Yan losing.

Qin Yu was slightly relieved. He attentively looked toward the battle in front of him.

He saw that the position of the eight Jiang Yans were constantly changing as if they were flash shifting.

At the same time, the Heavenly Phantom Gauze covered the whole sky and earth as it attacked. No matter how strong that Devil Emperor Xue Yi was, he was still unable to cut through it. With the Heavenly Phantom Gauze's attack, a Devil Emperor was trapped within the area that it created.

"Let me see you looking down on me again. Didn't you say that I'm rubbish? Didn't you say that I'm a lucky little girl who luckily obtained treasures in vain?"Jiang Yan cursed as she attacked.

At this moment, Devil Emperor Xue Yi was suffering greatly.

With his Divine Armor and vigorous strength, it did not receive any major wounds. However, the Heavenly Phantom Gauze was both a defensive and offensive item. Its attack contained all kinds of illusionary techniques. With one attack came toward him, countless illusions appeared in endless successions.

Furthermore, no matter how much Devil Emperor Xue Yi tried, he was still unable to break through the Heavenly Phantom Gauze.

Endless illusions. The unbreakable Heavenly Phantom Gauze.

Just like that, Devil Emperor Xue Yi was trapped.

"Hooh, it started thundering."

With a movement of her body, the eight Jiang Yan's united into one. Immediately after, Jiang Yan arrived beside Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu. With her nose high up, she looked at them and said proudly. "Big brother Qin Yu, big brother Luoyu, what do you think about my power? I'm strong right?"

"Strong, strong." Said Qin Yu smilingly.

He was able to tell that when Jiang Yan's two Divine Artifacts worked together, not only could they help her rapidly escape from danger, they were also able to create large formations to attack. Even Devil Emperor Xue Yi who possessed a Divine Armor were left in such a sorry state. It was obvious how strong those two Divine Artifacts were.

Compared to them, Qin Yu's defense was totally inferior.

"Red haired bastard, do you admit defeat?" Said Jiang Yan as she stared at Devil Emperor Xue Yi.

Devil Emperor Xue Yi had only just escaped from the endless illusions and attacks. Facing Jiang Yan's question, Devil Emperor Xue Yi slightly admitted defeat. He sneered. "That Divine Weapon was actually able to create endless illusions; it's certainly extraordinary."

"Are you stating that my strength is not enough? Then let's fight again." Jiang Yan was about to fight again.

Devil Emperor Xue Yi couldn't help from feeling a headache.

When he was fighting Qin Yu, he was still able to have the upper hand and was even able to ravage Qin Yu. However, when confronting Jiang Yan, he, Devil Emperor Xue Yi, didn't even have the opportunity to fight back.

"Your strength was pretty good; at least your Body Clone Technique was the strongest that I've seen. To be able to reach the level of Body Clone Technique where your clones are as strong as the original body, I reckon that there is no other person in this whole Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm other than you. I am in awe, in awe." Devil Emperor Xue Yi reluctantly found a part that he admired and gave a slight complement.

Qin Yu snickered in his heart.

Body Clone Technique?

It was merely one of the Divine Weapon, Sky Shifter's secondary function.

"That's more like it." Jiang Yan was perfected contented.

Devil Emperor Xue Yi was completely clear about the situation on the stage.

"This lucky little girl, her strength was clearly inferior to mine. However she possessed Divine Artifacts and an extraordinary Body Clone Technique that were able to trap me. With her here, it is very hard for me to kill Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu." Devil Emperor Xue Yi was pondering in his mind.

"Qin Yu killed my loved disciple, Jun Luoyu seduced my wife, this two men must certainly be killed! From the looks of it, I could only mount a sneak attack against them."

Finally, Devil Emperor Xue Yi only came to such a conclusion.

Qin Yu was paying close attention to Devil Emperor Xue Yi the whole time.

"His temperament is similar to that Guo Nu. He would absolutely not give up. Perhaps this Devil Emperor Xue Yi would not care about his dignity and try to conduct sneak attacks. While I am not afraid of his sneak attacks, Luoyu doesn't have the protection of a Divine Armor."

At this moment, Jiang Yan was still boasting in front of Jun Luoyu and Qin Yu.

Being able to topple over the might of the Devil Emperor Xue Yi, Jiang Yan was very proud.

Suddenly —

"Boom!" With only a sound of collision being heard, two silhouettes knocked into two different directions. They broke apart a couple walls.Then these two silhouettes started flying. They were Qin Yu and Devil Emperor Xue Yi.

Devil Emperor Xue Yi's expression was very ugly.

"Xue Yi, you're trying to make a sneak attack on us? I have already had my attention on you." Qin Yu touched his shoulder. Earlier, his shoulder had received an attack from Devil Emperor Xue Yi. Even with the protection of the Divine Armor, Qin Yu still received some injuries. In a flash, his Life Elemental Energy restored the injuries.

"Devil Emperor Xue Yi, you're after all a level six Devil Emperor, you actually went as far as trying to sneak attack us. You're truly brilliant." Jun Luoyu said angrily. He had never expected that the proud and arrogant Devil Emperor Xue Yi would actually mount a sneak attack.

Jiang Yan's expression also changed.

"Jun Luoyu, Qin Yu, consider yourselves lucky this time to have a lucky little girl beside you. Trash like you two could only hide behind the back of a woman." Sneered Devil Emperor Xue Yi. After he finished saying those words, he turned into a ray of light and flew toward the east.

However, this ray of light rebounded back with an even faster speed.

"Rumble!" Devil Emperor Xue Yi's body was smashed into the ground, cracking it.

In a flash, Devil Emperor Xue Yi flew out from under the ground.

"Xue Yi, you're a level six Devil Emperor yet you came to insult two juniors. Isn't that a bit too excessive? Didn't you consider yourself to be very strong? I, Wuming, came to exchange some blows with you." A clear voice sounded from skies atop the East Star City.

A golden ray was shot over from afar. Soon after, it arrived in front of Qin Yu, Jun Luoyu and Jiang Yan.

This was the second strongest expert of the Dragon Clan, Ao Wuming.

"Ao Wuming?" Devil Emperor Xue Yi's eyelids were twitching. His complexion grew even more pale. However, his gaze grew even more cold.

[TL: this dude gets paler by the second.]

[Editor Note: and everyone's gaze gets colder. If they ever find themselves glaring at someone for 49 days, they might get Icy Golden Eyes or something.(you know, from Journey to the west, huo yan jin jing, but it might just turn out to be xue yan jin jing)]

"Right, it is I." Ao Wuming was standing straight like a spear. His long golden hair were elegantly floating in the wind. The aura of the two were like aeons apart.

Who was Ao Wuming? He was someone that even level seven Devil Emperor Xue Yileng and level seven Immortal Emperor Zhi Bai cannot match even working together. This level six Devil Emperor Xue Yi, there was still a large distance between him and Xue Yileng. In front of Ao Wuming, he have absolutely no ability to resist.

"Xue Yi, there are two great experts in the Dragon Clan that you must be careful of. The Dragon Emperor was needless to mention. Even I, your father, am no match from him. As for the other Dragon Clan Prince, Ao Wuming; although he is merely a level seven Demon Emperor, but as a Five Clawed Golden Dragon, his true body's strength was no weaker than your father. Even though you possessed a Divine Armor; Ao Wuming possess the utmost strong and utmost firm Divine Spear, Absolute Piercer. In front of him, it's difficult to tell if you're capable of surviving."

His father's words appeared before his mind. Even the right hand of the Devil Emperor Xue Yi that gasped his battle blade had turned pale white.

[TL: damn, even dude's hand is turning pale…]

"Wuming, long time no see. You're willing to patronize and guide my son is his blessing." A clear and cold voice sounded from the skies of the East Star City. In a flash, a silhouette from afar had reached them.

Long jet-black hair was drifting in the wind. His face was so handsome that it's hard to determine his age. In addition, his body was draped with elegant white clothes. From his appearance, he looked like a noble and virtuous white clothed scholar.

"Father." Devil Emperor Xue Yi saw the man who had arrived. He only said 'father' and then immediately stood to the side.

The astonishing man who had arrived was Blood Emperor, Xue Tianya.

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