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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 45 – Undying

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

"Qin Yu, what happened to you?" Jun Luoyu suddenly noticed that Qin Yu had a very pale complexion.

"I'm fine." Qin Yu shook his head. However, his mind was currently in a deep shock. "Seems like this Black Hole in my dantian is still not stable enough. Especially with the energy of that attack, trying to swallow it at once and refine it is still a bit troublesome."

The Black Hole Channel within Qin Yu's dantian trembled for a long time due to what happened earlier. The Golden Ring of Light also trembled. Finally, Qin Yu managed to persevere.

"That was a bit hard to believe. This guy in front of us is at least a level six Devil Emperor. Although the Divine Armor had lessened his power and left it with only ten percent of the attack power, it was nevertheless as strong as a full powered strike from a level two Devil Emperor."

Qin Yu bursted into a post-event fear. Although the Black Hole in his dantian was able to absorb the attack energy, however, if the attack energy were too powerful, it was still possible to cause the Black Hole to collapse.

"Jun Luoyu, never had I expected to encounter you here." Devil Emperor Xue Yi's face grew even more pale. The gaze he used to stare at Jun Luoyu was ice-cold. "You two will certainly die today."

"Xue Yi!"

Jun Luoyu was tightly biting down his teeth. His eyes seemed to be about to burst open.

"Boom!" Accompanied by a loud thunder, a bolt of lightning came striking down from the black cloud filled sky. However, the couple people present did not care about the lightning at all. Following the lightning, heavy rain came pouring down.

The thunder continued to rumble, the heavy rain continued to fall.

"Xue Yi, it's you, it's you who killed A'Jiao. It's you who killed her. Ever since the day A'Jiao died, I had swore to the heavens that the only goal of my life is to kill you, to kill you and make that Blood Devil Emperor regret."

[TL: A'Jiao is pronounced like Ah Jiao. Jiao is the name, Ah is just there as a prefix to make like the japanese suffix -chan.]

Jun Luoyu was shaking.

"Jun Luoyu. Listen carefully, A'Jiao is my woman." Devil Emperor Xue Yi said cold and matter-of-factly. "Since she is my woman, I would certainly not permit her to like someone else. I would rather kill my own woman than to yield her to someone else."

Devil Emperor Xue Yi looked at Jun Luoyu coldly. "Jun Luoyu, before A'Jiao died, she begged me to let you live. That time, I had agreed to her wish. However this time, I would not let you off again. You must die." After saying that, Devil Emperor Xue Yi looked toward Qin Yu.

"Jun Luoyu called you Qin Yu?" Devil Emperor Xue Yi's expression was very sinister. "Your master was very awfully good to you, not only did he gave you a Divine Weapon, he even gave you a Divine Armor and an Immortal Mansion. However, Qin Yu, you will also die today even if you have a Divine Armor."

Devil Emperor Xue Yi's body gradually started to emit a crimson colored light.

"Puff!" A human figure came out of Devil Emperor Xue Yi's body like a mirage.

Body Clone Technique!

Qin Yu clearly saw this Devil Emperor Xue Yi turning into two people from one. Devil Emperor Xue Yi once again smiled toward Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu. The two people surprisingly turned into four people.

The four people surrounded Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu from four different directions.

The four people had the exact same appearance. Their only difference was the weapons they held.

"Body Clone Technique?" Qin Yu's expression slightly changed. He had heard about this kind of secret technique but had never trained in it. However, Jun Luoyu had heard that this kind of technique likely belonged to useless techniques category.

Jun Luoyu's voice sounded in Qin Yu's mind. "Qin Yu, only one of the four is the action body. The actual body is the most powerful. The strength of the clones are hard to say. In ordinary situations, they only have a tenth of the original body's strength. However… " Jun Luoyu was able to clearly feel that the clones were powerful.

Qin Yu, with his sensitive Immortal Awareness, had also realized that the three weaker Xue Yi clones of the four also had the strength of level five Devil Emperor. How is that a tenth of the main body?

"Luoyu, I have the Qingyu Immortal Mansion, you can hide in there." Qin Yu said via his voice transfer. Qin Yu was still very confident in himself, that's because not only does he had the Qingyu Immortal Mansion, he also had most safe Jiang Lan's Realm.

The Jiang Lan's Realm that was refined by Uncle Lan naturally had a much stronger defense than the Qingyu Immortal Mansion refined by Immortal Emperor Ni Yang.

"No need." Jun Luoyu's expression did not change slightly. "Xue Yi snatched away my wife and killed her. I dreamed of killing him all the time. With him in front of me, I would absolutely not flee."

Qin Yu was slightly startled.

Both Jun Luoyu and Xue Yi said that A'Jiao was their wife, so who's wife was she exactly?

One main body and three clones, four Xue Yi surrounded Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu. To Xue Yi, Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu were people that he must kill. His sole beloved disciple, his only loved wife, it's all because of these two men that they died.

"Jun Luoyu, for seducing my wife, I sentence you to death."

"Qin Yu, for killing my beloved disciple, I sentence you to death."

These two words came from two different clones. With the same long red hair elegantly drifting in the wind, the four Devil Emperor Xue Yis all had a grim and bloodthirsty smile on their faces.

"Although I really disliked my father, I would use his ultimate move this time around!" Said the Devil Emperor Xue Yi with a deep and low voice. At nearly the same time, the four Xue Yis shouted. "Borderless Blood Ocean!"

Bloody rays rushed towards the heavens!

"Wawa…" The buildings within a hundred miles from where they stood suddenly turned into fine powder. The whole ground had subsided a whole layer.

Space distortion!

Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu were inside the distorted space.

Crimson colored light became the only color of the area several hundred meters around them. The surging Blood Devil Path energy had completely wrapped around Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu.


Within the crimson colored area, a frightening energy was continuously exploding as it fluctuated in this distorted space. Devil Emperor Xue Yi had formed a large spell formation with his clones, confining the energy from the explosion inside the distorted space.

The energy of the explosions continued to refract in this distorted space.

"Borderless Blood Ocean is not only a crowd attack, it's also the strongest individual attack." In a mere seconds, the four Xue Yis combined into one. Xue Yi's face was filled with confidence. "If the distorted space is large, then it's a crowd attack. If the distorted space is small, then it's an individual attack. Even I am not able to take on it."

The distorted space returned to normal.

"Not dead?" Xue Yi looked at the three people in astonishment.

Yes, it's three people.

Two Qin Yus and a Jun Luoyu. One Qin Yu stood in the front whereas the other stood in the back protecting Jun Luoyu completely.

"How can this be, aren't you just a hedonistic son of rich parents who relied on your treasures? You haven't even reached the Emperor level, how could you possibly still be alive right now?" Said Xue Yi, unable to accept the fact. His complexion grew even more pale.

Xue Yi had been looking down upon Qin Yu.

A man without strength and only relies on all his numerous treasures, how could he not look down upon him? However, the scene in front of him?

"Even if you have Divine Armor, the power of Borderless Blood Ocean's frightening explosions that went through your Divine Armor would be more than enough to kill you. There were two of you earlier, how did it become three?" Xue Yi felt as if his world had been toppled over.

"You can clone yourself, how could I not?" One of the Qin Yus laughed grimly.

"Luoyu, you rest yourself. I will take care of him." The other Qin Yu said to Jun Luoyu.

The two Qin Yus turned into two lightning bolts and charged at Devil Emperor Xue Yi.



When Qin Yu fights, he does not rely on his attack power. Instead, he relies on his speed and the sharpness of his weapon.

"Clown." Devil Emperor Xue Yi also changed into two people; one main body and one clone.

The two Xue Yis and the two Qin Yus started to fight frantically. The two pairs fought from the ground all the way into the air and then from the air to a tall building far away.

Everywhere the two passed, the buildings were collapsing and exploding unceasingly.

The two pairs separated.

The two Devil Emperor Xue Yis looked at the two Qin Yus with an astonished expression.

"How could this be? Your clone also possessed a Divine Armor?" Devil Emperor Xue Yi was once again greatly shocked. "It's one thing for your original body's defense to be that strong, but how could your clone's?"

The two Qin Yus both smiled coldly and matter-of-factly.

"I have a many Divine Armors, is that unacceptable?" One of the Qin Yu said.


Qin Yu don't even know of the Body Clone Technique, how could there be a Clone? He merely changed the appearance of the Sword Immortal Puppet to his own. Even when Qin Yu wore his Divine Armor, his body's sturdiness was still inferior to that of the Sword Immortal Puppet.

Even the strongest attack of the strongest individual attacker, Green Blooded Sword Immortal, Zhi Bai only left a single wound on the Sword Immortal Puppet. Devil Emperor Xue Yi wanted to pierce through Sword Immortal Puppet's body? Impossible.

"Two Divine Armors?" Devil Emperor Xue Yi was stunned.

Immediately after, Devil Emperor Xue Yi laughed ruthlessly. "Never had I expected that there was such an ordinary person in the Immortal, Devil, and Demon Realm. Although you possessed two Divine Armors, but regardless of who your master is, you still have to die."


The blood in Devil Emperor Xue Yi's body started to boil.

Like two red rays, the two Devil Emperor Xue Yis rushed to the front of the two Qin Yus. His speed was so fast that Qin Yu almost didn't manage to react in time.


That red battle blade ruthlessly struck on Qin Yu's body. A terrifying aura, after passing through the Divine Armor and leaving behind only a tenth of its power, entered Qin Yu's body and started to rip apart the muscles within Qin Yu's body.

"Trying to kill me? You're still lacking greatly."

Qin Yu does his utmost to control his life elemental energy and rapidly restored his muscles. The penetrating aura had only penetrated a bit but was already restored by Qin Yu.

At the same time, the Black Hole energy within his body was also continuously whittling away this penetrating aura. Finally, for the remaining trace of the aura, Qin Yu effortlessly used his Black Hole to directly swallow and refine it. Like this, after passing through the Divine Armor, the muscles, and the Black Hole's power, the remaining bit of aura was not even slightly problematic for the Black Hole to swallow.

Using his life elemental energy to restore his body unceasingly.

Qin Yu literally possessed an undying body!

"Big brother Luoyu, are you okay?" Jiang Yan appeared next to Jun Luoyu.

Jun Luoyu was watching Qin Yu and Xue Yi's battle.

"I'm fine, it's just that Qin Yu is still fighting with Devil Emperor Xue Yi." Said Jun Luoyu as he shook his head. He had an anxious expression. "My strength was too weak, if only I was a bit stronger than I would've been able to help."

Jiang Yan looked at the scene in front of her with astonishment.

"Devil Emperor Xue Yi, you're saying that man is Devil Emperor Xue Yi? How did Qin Yu battle the Devil Emperor Xue Yi to such a circumstance? Impossible." Jiang Yan had her mouth wide open.

"I don't know either; Qin Yu had a lot of secrets. Earlier, had Qin Yu not used his clone and protected me from front and behind, I'd reckon that I would've been dead already." Jun Luoyu shook his head and sighed. "When I was approaching my death earlier, I suddenly came to a realization. Seeing one's enemy and then growing infuriated and frantic is of no use. I should continued to train. Train till my strength surpassed his and then take my revenge."

"You piece of blockhead, you finally understood." Jiang Yan had a sigh of relief…

Right at this moment —


One of the Qin Yus was fiercely smashed onto the ground. He was smashed all the way into the underground. The surface of the streets were filled with shattered layers.

"Qin Yu." Jun Luoyu's expression changed greatly. He helplessly saw the other Qin Yu having his head chopped to pieces. His body was also hacked and then smashed into the ground.

The two Qin Yu were smashed into the ground in succession. One of them even had his brain chopped to pieces.

"Let me see if can still live." Devil Emperor Xue Yi was panting.

"Xue Yi." Jun Luyou's eyes were blood red. "You killed Qin Yu?"

Devil Emperor Xue Yi looked at Jun Luoyu and started to laugh frantically. "Haha, I killed him. Yes, I killed him! It really was hard to kill this guy. I still don't get it; isn't he only wearing a Divine Armor? How could he be this hard to kill? However… he still finally died."

Devil Emperor Xue Yi was greatly exhausted from the battle.

Qin Yu and his clone appeared to be unkillable. While Divine Armors could offer protection, but with vibration energy, a layer of attack power would still pass through the body.

A layer of attack power forcing through the body, in Devil Emperor Xue Yi's views, if Qin Yu was a level four or five Immortal Emperor level expert, then he might be able to take it. However, from Qin Yu's aura, he should not even be at the Emperor level.

He continued to be confused. Rows of auras entered Qin Yu's body, so why are they not providing any results?

Devil Emperor Xue Yi secretly had a sigh of relief in his heart.

This undying Qin Yu was finally dead.

"He who only relied on his sect's elders, no matter how many treasures he possessed, his own strength was still only that of a useless rubbish." Devil Emperor Xue Yi said cold and matter-of-factly. "As for Jun Luoyu you, you can follow Qin Yu and die."

"Bang!" "Bang!" A crisp sound echoed. Two human figures were shot out from the ground and then, like lightning, they landed. It was the two Qin Yus. Afterward, one Qin Yu assimilated into another Qin Yu's body.

"Did you really kill me?" Qin Yu looked at Devil Emperor Xue Yi and laughed.

"How could this be?" Devil Emperor Xue Yi opened his eyes wide. "I clearly cracked your skull and even felt that your soul had escaped into your dantian. However, my energy ought to have managed to attack your soul. How could you still be alive?"

While wearing the Divine Armor, the body would be surrounded by numerous auras. Amongst them, the defense of the head area was the weakest.

Devil Emperor Xue Yi hacked Qin Yu's head to pieces. Qin Yu's soul had already fled into his dantian the moment before. Xue Yi's energy frantically poured into Qin Yu's body. He wanted to destroy Qin Yu's soul. Afterall, the soul's defense was very weak.


Qin Yu was still fine.

"You can't kill me。" Qin Yu smiled slightly, and his body once again split in two. Two Qin Yus once again appeared in front of Devil Emperor Xue Yi. Earlier, the reason that the Sword Immortal Puppet was smashed into the ground was because the energy of the Top Grade Elemental Spirit Stones was completely consumed.

Qin Yu exhaled a long breath from the bottom of his heart. "Even with the Divine Armor, and my life elemental energy that continues to repair my body, I was only able to barely defend against a level six Devil Emperor's attack. If it's stronger, my Black Hole will probably collapse trying to withstand that much attack power."

In today's battle, he finally realized his baseline.

"We haven't finished our battle yet, let's continue." Qin Yu stared at Devil Emperor Xue Yi.

Devil Emperor Xue Yi's pupils shrank.

He couldn't even kill a person who wasn't at the Emperor level yet. How can he not be shocked and uneasy?.

"Divine Armor, even his clone has one. Two Divine Armors, just who is his master? Does the Immortal, Devil, and Demon Realm have such a person?"

"Even if he possessed a Divine Armor, my one layer of attack power still continuously entered his body. I'd reckon that even a level three Devil Emperor cannot withstand it, how can his body resist it?"

The Devil Emperor Xue Yi's heart was full of doubts. Facing Qin Yu's challenge once again, his only feeling was….a headache.

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