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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 37 – News Regarding Fei Fei

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Arezs

Qin Yu felt that a sudden burst of dizziness entered his brain. With eyes wide open, he looked at Meng Hong. "You said, you said… the Monkey and Ape Clan had a Fiery Eyed Water Ape named 'Hou Fei'?"

Qin Yu only asked Meng Hong about it because he suddenly thought about it, never had he expected that this Meng Hong actually knew about Fei Fei. Right now, what Qin Yu wanted to make sure of the most was whether the Hou Fei that Meng Hong spoke of was his second brother or not.

"Haha, why would I deceive you?" Meng Hong laughed loudly. "Brother Qin Yu, how about we discuss about this matter more after we reach the table? I have already prepared a banquet in the great hall."

Qin Yu knew that he was too impulsive, they were still in the corridor of the Manor. For him to try to get to the heart of the matter, he really was too anxious.

He forced down his excitement and apologized. "Yes, let's talk about this after we arrived at the table."

Ao Wuming looked at Qin Yu, he could sense the rapid change in Qin Yu's mood. That fast changing mood had Qin Yu's face to be slightly red.

With magnificent hospitality, Meng Hong lead Ao Wuming, Jun Luoyu and Qin Yu into the great hall. Inside the great hall, numerous maids were standing and bowing. There were four seats in the great all. In front of every seat was a knee-high table. Each of the table was filled with beautiful culinary delicacy.

The four of them each took their seat.

After being treated to three rounds of wine, Qin Yu had calmed down a little. At this moment, he asked. "Brother Meng Hong, You had said earlier than a Fiery Eyed Water Ape called 'Hou Fei' had appeared within the Ape and Monkey Clan?"

Right after hearing Qin Yu's question, Meng Hong immediately placed down his wine cup. He crudely wiped the corner of his mouth and said with his eyes wide open. "Brother Qin Yu, regarding this matter, at that time, it had caused the whole Ape and Monkey Clan to be incomparably bustling with noise and excitement. That Fiery Eyed Water Monkey was called 'Hou Fei,' that I am absolutely certain."

"Are you sure that there's only a single Fiery Eyed Water Monkey called Hou Fei?" Qin Yu asked.

"Haha…" Ao Wuming started laughing out loud. "Oh Qin Yi, what did you think the Fiery Eyed Water Monkey was? That's a Super Divine Beast, there had only been a couple Fiery Eyed Water Monkeys in the whole history of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. As for the ones that's still alive right now, it's only Hou Fei. Did you think that it's that easy to be renowned?"

Qin Yu had a sigh of relief from the bottom of his heart.

"When did that Fiery Eyed Water Monkey called Hou Fei appeared in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm?" Qin Yu had more questions. He wanted to thoroughly understand the situation so that he can be relieved.

"Very short, only a couple hundred of years ago." Meng Hong said casually.

For an expert at the level of a Demon Emperor, a couple hundred years was an extremely short period of time.

"There's only a small amount of Super Divine Beasts in the Demon Realm. The amount of Super Divine Beasts within the Beast Clan was even less. When my Beast Clan found that Hou Fei, we even had a large celebration." Laughed Meng Hong.

Qin Yu was completely certain now.

This Hou Fei that Meng Hong spoke of should be his brother.

"Qin Yu. Why are you so concerned about that Hou Fei?" Jun Luoyu asked curiously.

Qin Yu laughed and said. "Luoyu, this was something that you didn't know but this Hou Fei was actually my brother."

"Oh?" All of them grew curious.

"Qin Yu, how did you had a relationship with this Hou Fei?" Ao Wuming asked.

"Big brother Wuming, there's still a lot of things that I can't clearly describe. After a couple days you guys will be able to understand." Qin Yu passed the question by like that. Simultaneously, he looked at Meng Hong and asked. "Meng Hong, you said that the Fiery Eyed Water Ape was a Super Divine Beast?"

"Right." Meng Hong nodded with certainty. Immediately after that, he looked at Qin Yu puzzledly. "Could it be that you didn't know about this?"

Jun Luoyu also started to laugh and said. "It's not only Qin Yu who didn't know about it, I also don't have much knowledge of it. I only know that the Five Clawed Golden Dragon and the Phoenix of the Bird Clan are Super Divine Beasts. As for the rest, I know nothing about them."

"Brother Wuming, it's better for you to tell them about it. You're the most qualified one." Laughed Meng Hong.

Ao Wuming himself was a Five Clawed Golden Dragon, so it was obviously the best for him to speak. Ao Wuming laughed and said. "Haha, Super Divine Beasts… are extremely rare. Even the ones that numbered the most amongst the Super Divine Beasts, the Five Clawed Golden Dragon, it's also only a couple of them. You can even count them with your hands."

It was evident that the amount of Five Clawed Golden Dragon was less than ten.

"There's the most Five Clawed Golden Dragon Super Divine Beasts?" Said Qin Yu.

"Right." Ao Wuming laughed again. "The Bird Clan was divided into many different types. The Beast Clan was the same. Only my Scaled Clan was almost nearly dominated by the Dragon Clan. The Dragon Clan could be considered as the Scaled Clan itself. If the Dragon Clan doesn't have a lot of members, if they didn't have a lot of Super Divine Beasts, then how could they compete with the Bird and Beast Clans?"

Qin Yu, Jun Luoyu and Meng Hong all laughed.

They all knew that the Bird Clan was divided into the Eagle Clan, Peng Clan, Phoenix, Hong Luan… and numerous others. The Beast Clan was also divided into the Qilin, Lion, Ape and Monkey, Ox, Tiger, Bear and a lot more.

Only the Scaled Clan's minor clans were able to be completely disregarded. The Scaled Clan was almost completely carried by the Dragon Clan.

Or in other words, the Dragon Clan could represent the whole Scaled Clan.

"The Super Divine Beast within my Dragon Clan was only the Five Clawed Golden Dragon. However, the Super Divine Beasts within the Beast Clan are the Golden Eyed Rock Ape, Fiery Eyed Water Ape, Purple Eyed Ox Demon King and the Fire Qilin. The Beast Clan had four types of Super Divine Beasts whereas our Dragon Clan only had one. Thus, naturally our number would be slightly bigger." Laughed Ao Wuming.

Qin Yu smiled and nodded.

He now understood that the Super Divine Beasts within the Beast Clan are the Golden Eyed Rock Ape, Fiery Eyed Water Ape, Purple Eyed Ox Demon King and the Fire Qilin.

"Brother Wuming, although the Beast Clan had four different types of Super Divine Beast, but there's currently not even a single Fire Qilin in the whole Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. There's at most only three Purple Eyed Ox Demon King and only a single Golden Eyed Rock Ape. As for the Fiery Eyed Water Ape, we had also only recently discovered one." Said Meng Hong with a smile.

Hearing these numbers, Qin Yu was amazed.

"Qin Yu, do you understand the status of that Hou Fei now?" Laughed Ao Wuming.

Qin Yu grew excited within.

How can he not understand? There's actually only two Super Divine Beasts within the Ape and Monkey Clan – one Golden Eyed Rock Ape and one Fiery Eyed Water Ape. Do one even need to think about what status Hou Fei currently held?

"The Beast Clan is mostly supported by the Ape and Monkey Clan and the Ox Clan. And because of the fact that there's three Purple Eyed Ox Demon Kings that's born with leadership, that's why the strength of the Beast Clan was very powerful." Ao Wuming praised.

"What is Hou Fei doing right now? Brother Meng Hong, do you know of it?" Asked Qin Yu with a smile.

Qin Yu wanted to know more information regarding his second brother.

Meng Hong laughed and said. "Who would not pay attention to the new Super Divine Beast of our Beast Clan? About two hundred years ago, I don't know what His Majesty the Ox Demon King was thinking, he actually sent the youngest Purple Eyed Ox Demon King, a Purple Eyed Ox Demon King that's only at the level of Demon King, Man Qian, into the Mortal Realm. Although the Ni Yang Realm was important, it's still unworthy of sending down a Super Divine Beast."

Meng Hong, as an Emperor of the Beast Clan and one of the Thirty Six Heavenly Stars of the Ox Demon Emperor, knows completely regarding the matter of the Ox Demon Emperor sending Man Qian down to the Mortal Realm.

"Meng Hong. Don't talk drivel, how would you be able to understand what His Majesty the Ox Demon Emperor was thinking?" Reprimanded Ao Wuming.

"Right, right."

Meng Hong fling his head, he knew that he was a bit hot headed.

"Meng Hong, my brother Qin Yu asked you about Huo Fei yet you went as far as to talk about Man Qian." Ao Wuming shook his head.

"Ah, my apologies, brother Qin Yu." Meng Hong immediately apologized and then said. "Regarding this Hou Fei. At that time when the Fiery Eyed Water Ape appeared within the Beast Clan, the news of it spread like a whirlwind. One of the two Emperors within my Beast Clan, His Majesty the 'Great Ape Emperor,' personally left to beat up Hou Fei and then started to keep Hou Fei by his side."

"His Majesty the Great Ape Emperor is personally keeping Hou Fei by his side?" Qin Yu felt relieved. Hou Fei was being treated as a treasure, so he would naturally not encounter any danger.

Ao Wuming puffed his mouth and said. "Although the Beast Clan possess two Emperors, but the one who's actually in charge is the 'Ox Demon Emperor.' As for the 'Great Ape Emperor,' he might take part in battles but if he were to be tasked with administering the enormous Beast Clan, that's certainly impossible."

"Although His Majesty the Great Ape Emperor doesn't do administer work, but he's naturally very concerned about the second Super Divine Beast of the Ape and Monkey Clan." Said Meng Hong solemnly.

The Ape and Monkey Clan, even with the addition of Hou Fei, only had two Super Divine Beasts.

How could the Great Ape Emperor not be concerned about Hou Fei?

"Come, drink." Qin Yu raised his cup up for a toast and started to drink happily with the rest. He was extremely happy to know news about his second brother Hou Fei.

After they ate and drank for half a day, they were on very good friendly terms.

"Brother Qin Yu, that Hou Fei, now that we mention him, he's extremely strange." Meng Hong drank a mouthful of wine and said with a frown.

"Oh? What’s strange about him?" Qin Yu immediately prick up his ears. Meng Hong lay down his wine cup and said. "This Hou Fei, this Hou Fei train really hard by Great Ape Emperor's side. However, other than training, he surprisingly always wanted to go to the territory of the Bird Clan. Say, don't you think that's strange?"

"Going to the Bird Clan?"

Qin Yu immediately understand what he meant. His second brother wanting to go to the territory of the Bird Clan should likely be to seek for 'Xiao Hei.' Afterall, Hou Fei doesn't know where he, Qin Yu, would ascend to in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

However, Xiao Hei was certain to ascend to the Demon Realm's Bird Clan's territory.

"Did he managed to go to the Bird Clan's territory?" Qin Yu asked.

Meng Hong replied clearly. "In order to reach the Bird Clan's territory from the Beast Clan's territory, one must first past the Dragon Clan's territory. The journey was also filled with all kinds of danger. The Great Ape Emperor told Hou Fei directly that he would not bring him to the Bird Clan's territory until he's at least at the level of a Demon King."

"Guess what happened with that Hou Fei." Meng Hong looked toward Qin Yu, Jun Luoyu and Ao Wuming.

Seeing that the three had expressions showing that they were waiting for the answer, he contentedly said. "That Hou Fei was extremely abnormal, worthy to be called a Super Divine Beast, in a mere hundred some years, he managed to train all the way to the level one Demon King!"

"A hundred some years?" Qin Yu was somewhat amazed.

"Don't you think that's fast, how abnormal was that. Even if he was a Super Divine Beast, even if he had the guidance of the Great Ape Emperor, his speed still shouldn't be this abnormal." Meng Hong sighed.

Ao Wuming started laughing. "Haha… brother Meng Hong, had you said these words in front of others, then it's still good. However, saying those words in front of brother Luoyu, it's nothing but a jest. Do you know what people called brother Luoyu?"

Hearing Ao Wuming speaking like that, Jun Luoyu helplessly smiled.

"What people called brother Luoyu?" Meng Hong was startled.

"Genius Immortal Emperor!" Said Ao Wuming proudly. "Genius Immortal Emperor, in a couple hundred years, brother Luoyu already managed to reach level two Mystic Immortal. The time he took to reach Golden Immortal was less than a hundred years! That Hou Fei was even a Super Divine Beast and had the guidance of the Great Ape Emperor. Brother Luoyu is only a human and didn't had a master, he reached that level all by himself without any assistance."

Meng Hong looked at Jun Luoyu in shock.

Jun Luoyu could only shake his head and laugh.

"Genius Immortal Emperor, I did not expect brother Luoyu to be this outstanding." Meng Hong looked at Jun Luoyu with wide open eyes.

"Luck, it's only luck." Laughed Jun Luoyu.

Meng Hong took a deep breath and looked toward Ao Wuming. "Brother Wuming, the guests of today's fest were all extraordinary. Brother Luoyu is the Genius Immortal Emperor, then what about brother Qin Yu? Surely he's also extraordinary."

"Oh don't mention me, I'm but a commoner." Qin Yu waved his hand and laughed.

"What's there to be modest about?" Ao Wuming laughed.

He was extremely curious regarding Qin Yu.

To be able to flee from a level seven Devil Emperor, possessing an Immortal Mansion that's even bigger than his Wuming Dragon Mansion and then being brothers with the new Super Divine Beast of the Beast Clan, 'Hou Fei.'

A man like this, could he be a commoner?

"Brother Qin Yu, he's stronger than me." Jun Luoyu laughed insipidly.

Jun Luoyu had personally seen Qin Yu's astonishing speed when he was being chased by the 'White Haired Blood Devil.' A speed that even the 'White Haired Blood Devil' was unable to catch up to. Furthermore, he didn't even use his Divine Weapon, the Sky Shifter. He did all that using his skills.

Furthermore, Jun Luoyu also knew that Qin Yu could unexpectedly change his body. A man with the strength of only level two or three Golden Immortal that could easily flee from the 'White Haired Blood Devil' Xue Yileng.

Jun Luoyu was not ashamed of being inferior to him!

"Okay, you all don't have to look at me like this. To be honest… I am indeed the weakest amongst the four of us." Said Qin Yu with a smile.

Everyone had secrets hidden in their heart, seeing Qin Yu acting this way, they would not continue to question.

Merely Qin Yu's mysteriousness had already been deeply engraved in the bottom of their hearts.

"Brother Meng Hong, big brother Wuming, I have a thing to ask you two… had there been a black eagle called 'Hei Yu' appearing in the Bird Clan within the past two hundred years?" Qin Yu had always been concerned about Xiao Hei.

"Hei Yu?"

Ao Wuming and Meng Hong were both very confused. Ao Wuming promptly said. "Qin Yu, the population of the bird clan was immense. Those called 'Hei Yu' should be by the thousands and tens of thousands. Which one are you talking about?"

Qin Yu thought about it for a moment and then said. "Hei Yu is a black eagle. As for what exactly his species was, I am not even sure about that. However, I know one thing for certain… he's at the very least a Top Level Divine Beast. He might perhaps even be a Super Divine Beast. He ascended up within the last two hundred years. Do you know of him?"

Anxiously, Qin Yu looked toward Ao Wuming and Meng Hong.

Ao Wuming was the prince of the Dragon Clan and Meng Hong was one of the Thirty Six Heavenly Stars under the Ox Demon Emperor. They ought to know major news in the Demon Realm.

"Someone called Hei Yu? And at the very least a Top Level Divine Beast?" Meng Hong started to frown. Ao Wuming was also carefully thinking about the stuff he knew. Qin Yu was staring at the two and waiting for an answer.

Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 38 – Training of the Soul

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Translationnations(I apologize my grammar skill sucks I just didn’t want to delay this more)

"Have you all heard of him?" Asked Qin Yu who grew a bit impatient.

Meng Hong thought for a bit but still shook his head. He said to Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, I've never heard of a Divine Beast called Hei Yu appearing within the Bird Clan in the past two hundred years."

Seeing that Qin Yu was a bit disappointed, Meng Hong continued. "You should ask Wuming, he's the Prince of the Dragon Clan and the Dragon Clan's territory was next to the Bird Clan's. He knows more than me, maybe he would know."

Qin Yu firmly looked toward Ao Wuming. Ao Wuming started to helplessly shake his head. "Qin Yu, you said that that Hei Yu was at least a Top Level Divine Beast? And he's also just recently ascend to here within the past two hundred years?"

"Right, at the very least he's a Top Level Divine Beast." Qin Yu nodded continously.

Xiao Hei possessed inherited memories, this signifies that Xiao Hei was at the least a Top Level Divine Beast. He might even be a Super Divine Beast.

"You also said that he's a black eagle?" Ao Wuming had a slight smile on his face.

Qin Yu nodded.

"Qin Yu, let me tell you… the amount of Super Divine Beast was extremely sparse. As for Top Level Divine Beasts, they're also sparse. If that Hei Yu was a Top Level Divine Beast that ascended within the last two hundred years, then I would most certainly know about it!" Said Ao Wuming decisively. "However, I had never heard that there's a Top Level Divine Beast named Hei Yu ascended here within the last two hundred years."

Qin Yu was slightly startled. However, he suddenly came to realization and hurriedly asked. "Perhaps… perhaps he's concealing his name?"

"That is also possible." Ao Wuming loosened his firm expression. "According to the information that my Dragon Clan possess, there's three Top Level Divine Beasts that ascended to the Bird Clan. One of them was a Hong Luan, the other is from the Peng Clan and the last was from the Crane Clan. There wasn't any from the Eagle Clan."

"Therefore, the Top Level Divine Beast you spoke of was simply nonexistent." Ao Wuming once again cut off Qin Yu's hope.

Qin Yu felt a headache.

His heart began to feel somewhat jittery. Unable to help himself, he frowned.

"That shouldn't be the case, Xiao Hei ascended at the same time as Fei Fei. Fei Fei ascended into the territory of the Beast Clan, then why isn't there any news regarding Xiao Hei? Xiao Hei possessed inherited memories, and that was absolutely certain. So why?"

Qin Yu head was like being shocked by electricity. He's also extremely anxious.

Xiao Hei was the only person Qin Yu had with him growing up. Their relationship was very deep. Ao Wuming's speech caused Qin yu to have an indescribable panicky feeling from the bottom of his heart. He believed that Ao Wuming would certainly not lie to him.

And the grand Dragon Clan would certainly not had mistaken the information.

"Ah, could Hei Yu be a Super Divine Beast?" Asked Qin Yu.

Meng Hong who stood on the side started to laugh loudly. "Haha… brother Qin Yu, let me tell you. There's four types of Super Divine Beasts within the Bird Clan. Two types were from the Peng Clan. The other two are the Seven Colored Peacock and the Phoenix. There's certainly not Black Eagle."

Ao Wuming also nodded. "Qin Yu, if a Super Divine Beast were to appear in the Bird clan, then how would I not know of it? Let me tell you, there's only a single Super Divine Beast emerging within the the Bird Clan. It's a Golden Winged Peng of the Peng Clan. His name is Zong Jue."

"Zong Jue." Qin Yu understood everything.

The top individual of the Mortal Realm's Chaotic Astral Ocean, the Island Master of the Devil Peng Island, Zong Jue. Qin Yu naturally knew of him.

"There's absolutely no other Super Divine Beast other than that Zong Jue." Ao Wuming said certainly. "Besides, there had never been a Super Divine Beast from the Eagle Clan. Unless the Eagle Clan were to be super lucky and had a Variant Super Divine Beast appearing in their ranks."

Qin Yu's eyes shined.


Xiao Hei had the appearance of a Black Eagle. He's not a Peng, Peacock or Phoenix. Maybe he's a Variant Divine Beast of the Eagle Clan.

"Qin Yu, you should stop overthinking it. Super Divine Beasts are very rare. For a special Variant Divine Beast to appear, that's much harder to come by. In the whole history of my Dragon Clan, only my big brother was a Blood Dragon." When Ao Wuming mentioned his big brother, his expression grew sullen.

"The only Blood Dragon in the Dragon Clan's history?" Jun Luoyu was surprised.

How many years had the Dragon Clan been in existence?

Not many people know. However, it's certainly an enormous amount of years. However, in all those years, there's only a single Blood Dragon's emergence.

"Even if he's a Variant Divine Beast, then regardless if he's a Top Level Divine Beast or a Super Level Divine Beast, it's impossible for him to be unknown… if he were to exist, then my Dragon Clan ought to know. However, we do not know about him."

Ao Wuming's words were like Heavenly Thunders striking directly on Qin Yu's head.

"What exactly happened to Xiao Hei?"

Qin Yu was continuously thinking and immediately grew very worried. His second brother Hou Fei had the Great Ape Emperor of the Dual Emperor of the Beast Clan looking after him. This allowed Qin Yu to feel very at ease. However, what about Xiao Hei?

"This…" Seeing Qin Yu's expression, Ao Wuming, Jun Luoyu and Meng Hong became lost at to what to say.

They were all able to tell that Qin Yu was very concerned about this Hei Yu.

"Qin Yu, perhaps some of the people within my Dragon Clan were slacking off and didn't gather all the information of the Bird Clan. Furthermore, the territory of the Bird Clan was extremely large, it's about as large as the Immortal Realm. In such a large territory, perhaps somewhere in it was Hei Yu." Ao Wuming went to console Qin Yu.

Qin Yu took a deep breath and then slowly exhale.

"It's alright, don't worry, I'm fine." Although Qin Yu said those words, they were still able to see that his complexion was somewhat pale.

"Come, let's drink."

Said Meng Hong loudly. Immediately after the four started to drink again. The atmosphere in the great hall immediately became lively again. Merely that within all the drinking and laughing, in the deepest part of Qin Yu's eyes were still a hint of worry.

The East Star City was enormous. Qin Yu had never seen such an enormous city before. Even the Blue Flame Star's city were a lot smaller compared to the East Star City.

Since they had arrived in the Hidden Emperor Star, Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu would not immediately start training in seclusion.
The two of them accompanied Ao Wuming and Meng Hong and began visiting the East Star City. And Jiang Yan who had been in the Wuming Dragon Mansion the whole time also came out of the Immortal Mansion to visit the city together with them.

A party of five were relaxingly strolling the East Star City.
Meng Hong was acting as the guide, he was introducing the surroundings to the four beside him.

"This building is called Heaven Connecting Building. It had nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine floors and is the tallest building in the East Star City. Within the Heaven Connecting Building were casinos, auctions, shopping malls, restaurants, tea houses, and recreation and entertainment facilities."

Said Meng Hong as he pointed at a tall building that lead all the way to the deepest skies.

From a glance, this Heaven Connecting Building does indeed thrust through the skies. It was impossible to see exactly how tall this Heaven Connecting Build was. However, the extremely tall Heaven Connecting Building would still instill a surge of emotions within those who saw it.

"This several hundred miles long extremely large palace is the Immortal Mansion Theme Park. There's a lot of fun and interesting things inside. When one's bored from cultivation, one could enter there and relax one's body and mind."

Meng Hong pointed at the enormous Immortal Mansion Theme Park that's not far away.

The Immortal Mansion Theme Park wasn't tall. From a glance, one could see numerous strange and mysterious buildings within it. The shorter ones were only a single floor building. As for the taller ones, they're also nothing more than a couple floors tall. On the walls of the Immortal Mansion Theme Park carved a long drifting dragon.

"This engraving of the Divine Dragon revolve around half the Immortal Mansion Theme Park's walls. Its length were over a thousand miles." Meng Hong smiled as he looked toward Ao Wuming. "The powers standing behind the Immortal Mansion Theme Park, amongst them were the Dragon Clan."

Ao Wuming nodded and laughed. "Fifty percent of the earning from this Immortal Mansion Theme Park goes to my Dragon Clan. At that time, the idea of building this Immortal Mansion Theme Park had come from a cultivator too."

"Within the Immortal Mansion Theme Park were places for entertainment, excitement, and freight. There's all sorts of places. Through the strange and exquisite game rules and the arrays of experts to control regulations, various fascinating and wondering places were constructed. Furthermore, there is a place within the Immortal Mansion Theme Park that allows practitioners to become even more intimate with and appreciate the nature." Ao Wuming was clearly very knowledgeable of this Immortal Mansion Theme Park.

"Intersting, intersting. Let's go, let's go there." Jiang Yan's eyes were shining.

The couple mens could only force a bitter smile as they followed Jiang Yan to the Immortal Mansion Theme Park.

….. Three whole months passed. Under the guidance of Meng Hong, Qin Yu and them had went to every famous locations within the East Star City. They places were all strange and exquisite; so much that even QIn Yu feel that his mood had changed.

Sometimes, to train doesn't necessarily need to be in seclusion. This type of sightseeing was also a type of training. This was especially true toward people like Qin Yu who had never really rested.

Within the Wuming Dragon Mansion.

"I had seen so much in the three months, I must say… those cultivators who possessed the strength to overturn seas and rivers, not only are they extremely strong in combat, they're equally amazing in constructing a city and the various peculiar places within it." Qin Yu praised.

A building that's nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine stories tall.

The Immortal Mansion Theme Park that's several hundred miles wide. The thousand miles long Divine Dragon Carving. While it might be effortless to mention them, however when one really stood in front of them…

Standing under the Heaven Connecting Building as one looked toward the building that pierces through the skies.

Standing in front of the gates of the Immortal Mansion Theme Park as one looked at the unending Divine Dragon Carving.

Standing inside the Sculpture Building and seeing the millions of vivid and lifelike statues.

All in all, those majestic aura was enough to cause people to quake in fear.

So it turns out that… that using the immortal level skills on the field of art was even more awe inspiring. This was the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. A world where Heavenly Immortal, Golden immortal, Heavenly Devil, Devil King, Heavenly Demon, Demon King, and Emperor level experts exist in.

A world that's far surpassing the mortal realm.

Although this world was bustling and lively, it's also as cruel and grim.

"Brother Qin Yu, those are the training rooms that I specially constructed within the Immortal Mansion. You and Luoyu can go ahead and pick whichever one you prefer to train in. There will be absolutely no one to disturb you two." Smiling, Ao Wuming pointed toward a group of training rooms within the Wuming Immortal Mansion.

Ao Wuming didn't feel at ease to allow Qin Yu and Luoyu train in Meng Hong's place. That place was after all the outside world. However, this Wuming Dragon Mansion was much safer.

"Thank you big brother Wuming."

Both Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu thanked him.

"Training in seclusion, training in seclusion, all you know about is training in seclusion." Jiang Yan had her cheeks puffed up. She stared at Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu with her big eyes. "Who knows how long you'll be there once you started your seclusion training; I'll be left all alone."

"Yan'er, rest assured, I would not be taking a long time. Do you remember how long it took me to reach level two Mystic Immortal? Once I reached level three Mystic Immortal, I'll come right out. I suspect that I won't even need a hundred years." Said Jun Luoyu with a smile.

Qin Yu had finally experienced how outstanding this Genius Immortal Emperor was.

For others, to reach level three Mystic Immortal from level two Mystic Immortal, they would require an immense amount of time. Only this Jun Luoyu dared to say that he would only need a hundred years.

"Luoyu, you're totally showing off, totally showing off!" Said Ao Wuming detestfully.

Jun Luoyu exposed a forced smile. In reality, he wasn't showing off at all.

"I suspect the amount of time it takes for me to train would be about the same as brother Luoyu. It might even be a bit shorter." Said Qin Yu smiling. He had never dared to tell others his cultivation speed.

If he were to tell others that it had only been a dozen or so years since he since he ascended into the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, then Ao Wuming and them would likely be even more astonished.

'Three in Nine Soul Refinement.' Training the soul and refining the Nascent Soul to increase its energy. If one were to compare the speed of training, nothing could be faster than this.

"Good, you two, take care and train. As the training time is long and I have no serious matter in my hands, I will be staying in this Hidden Emperor Star for the next hundred years." Ao Wuming said while laughing.

Immediately after that, Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu each choose a training room and started training in seclusion.

Within a training room of the Wuming Dragon Mansion.

Qin Yu sat cross-legged and motionless on the vine mat. He does not have the dazzling radiance of others' cultivation. He also didn't have to engulf any Soul Aura. Qin Yu's cultivation was like sleeping.

Within the first layer of the Soul's Soul Space.

Clouds and mist were rolling. Within this boundless Soul Space, Qin Yu was sitting cross legged in mid air. However, his hands were constantly doing the Hand Seals of the Great God. After reaching the Earthly Soul Realm, Qin Yu's Thirty Six Forms Hand Seals were already different.

Likewise, executing this Thirty Six Forms Hand Seals consume an enormous amount of soul power; so much that Qin Yu smacked his lips.

Right after Qin Yu did a hand seal, he sensed that the energy within his soul were being franticly consumed. Qin Yu could only slowly do the hand seals. After doing two or three hand seals, he felt that he had to wait for his soul to replenish its energy become he could continue.

In order to completely execute the Thirty Six Forms Hand Seals, the amount of time Qin Yu needed was extremely long.

However, the effect was also extremely good. Qin Yu could feel that his soul were maturing at a continuous speed.

In order to the soul to transform, there's three methods. They correspond to the three types of cultivation experts.

The first method was to slowly let the soul progress with the passing of time. This method was extremely slow but very stable. The reason why many experts had cultivated for millions or even tens of millions of years was precisely this reason.

This method was very slow in increasing the expert's soul level.

The second method — Enlightenment.

Enlightenment were to let the soul achieve a profound state. Under that state, the soul would mature at a frightening speed. However, that state were something that can only be discovered but not sought.

Experts using this method, their cultivation speed were usually slow but were extremely fast at the moment of enlightenment.

The third method were something that only some special group of talented individuals possess. They were usually known as — Genius!

These people doesn't need enlightenment but their soul cultivation speed were always fast. Although their soul improvement speed were not as fast as those in the moment of enlightenment, but they're many times faster than those who use the first method.

Jun Luoyu belonged to this category. He was also the most excellent people in the third category. There's many geniuses within the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. However, a genius who achieved level two Mystic Immortal within a couple hundred years was a genius amongst geniuses.

As for Qin Yu…

He doesn't belong to any of the categories. His soul improvement speed was even faster than Jun Luoyu.

Time flew by. A year after another. The outside world was constantly changing. Within the training room, the amount of dust that covered Qin Yu were also continuously increasing…

Training within the Soul Space, Qin Yu was completely unable to sense the passing of time. He was only able to sense that his training had born fruit and that the Meteor Tear's Great God's Thirty Six Forms Hand Seals were a slightly easier to execute.

In the past, his soul strength only had the energy to execute two Hand Seals at once. However now, he could execute eight Hand Seals at once. And Qin Yu was still training hard. As for how many years had passed in the outside world, Qin Yu was completely unaware. He continued to be immerse in training…

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