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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 39 – The Black Hole Realm

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Arezs

Sitting by the pond, Jiang Yan's white toes were stirring the pound water. Her large quick witted eyes were spinning around and around. One does not know what kind of sinister plot she was currently thinking of.

"So boring!"

Jiang Yan suddenly shouted. After shouting, she saw that there wasn't anyone coming and then shouted even louder. "So freaking boring!"

"Little sister Yan'er, stop shouting." The beautiful and gentle Madam Ao walked over. "Qin Yu and your big brother Luoyu had both entered seclusion training, even your big brother Wuming had entered seclusion training."

Ten years after Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu started their seclusion training, Ao Wuming, having nothing to do, decided to also enter seclusion training.

This caused the restless Jiang Yan to be extremely pained. Initially, she was able to chat and play with her sister-in-law Lian Zhu. However, as time passed, Jiang Yan grew bored of doing that.

"It's been fifty years!" Jiang Yan held her palm toward Lian Zhu. With her eyes wide open, she said. "Big sister Lian Zhu, can you see? It's been fifty years! Qin Yu and big brother Louyu had already been in seclusion training for fifty years! I'm about to die from boredom, die from boredom!!!"

Lian Zhu shook her head and slightly smiled. She stroked Jiang Yan's head.

Jiang Yan puff her mouth but didn't say anything.

"Don't worry, if you really can't keep waiting for them, then you can also go and enter seclusion training. Once one started training, they'll be unable to feel the passing of time. If you were to strenuously wait for them, then the more impatient you are, the more painful it'll be to wait." Said Lian Zhu while smiling.

Jiang Yan shook her head very hard. "No, I don't like training."

"Qin Yu, Jun Luoyu and Ao Wuming, this lady would wait for another fifty years. If you all still don't come out to keep this lady company then, humph humph… then let's see how this lady would deal with you all when you do come out."

Jiang Yan looked toward the direction of the training rooms and said fiercely.

"Big sister Lian Zhu, let's go take a stroll down the street." Said Jiang Yan as she pulled Lian Zhu's hand.

Lian Zhu slightly laughed and nodded. She said. "Okay, I know that it's impossible to persuade you."

"Heehee." Jiang Yan showed a brilliant smile to Lian Zhu. Lian Zhu did a hand seal and then Jiang Yan and Lian Zhu disappeared into thin air from the Wuming Dragon Mansion.

This Wuming Dragon Mansion was created through Ao Wuming's refinement. Lian Zhu, as Ao Wuming's wife, naturally learned some techniques to control the Wuming Dragon Mansion.

In the Wuming Dragon Mansion's training room that Qin Yu was in.

Qin Yu's body was already covered with a thick layer of dust. He had trained for fifty years but neither his clothes nor his physical appearance changed slightly.

Within the first layer of Qin Yu's soul's Earthly Soul Space.

Qin Yu was sitting cross legged and in the air within the boundless space. He was continuously executing the Thirty Six Hand Seals of the Great God.

Executing the Thirty Six Hand Seals was very difficult. After training for fifty years, Qin Yu's current soul power was much stronger than before. He now could execute twelve Hand Seals at once.

However, when Qin Yu tried to continue the Hand Seals when he had reached the twelfth Hand Seal, it was as difficult as trying to ascend to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

Qin Yu's consciousness started to have a light and airy feeling, and, at the same time, his consciousness directly flew into the Earthly Soul's Second Layer Space from the Earthly Soul's First Layer Space.

"I broke through!"

The sensation of breaking through to the Earthly Soul's Second Layer Space from the Earthly Soul's First Layer Space caused Qin Yu to be completely clear-headed.

Within the training room.


Qin Yu's cross legged sitting body started to vibrate. The dust that covered his body were all shaked off. His sharp Earthly Dark Star power circulated through his body's surface and, in a flash, there was not a hint of dust covering Qin Yu's body. His appearance was still the same cold handsomeness that he had fifty years ago.

His eyes opened, his gaze was even more profound than before.

"Now that my soul realm level was a lot stronger than before, I'm about the level of a level four or five Golden immortal. I could attempt to break through the Dark Star's later stage into the Black Hole Realm." Qin Yu's expression was no longer tranquil.

He stood up.

"The training of the soul is taciturn, it is something that I can do within this training room. However, in order for me to make a breakthrough, I am required to refine a Golden Immortal's Nascent Soul. When that time comes, my energy would be surging. It is better that I train within my Qingyu Immortal Mansion."

After considering about it, Qin Yu changed the Qingyu Immortal Mansion to the size of a speck of dust, placed it within the training room and then entered it.

From the Dark Star Realm breaking through to the Black Hole Realm.

Would it be successful?

In reality, Qin Yu doesn't have a lot of certainty. After all, the next realm for the Dark Star Realm would be the Black Hole Realm was only Qin Yu's own speculation. No matter what, if something were not to actually happen, then it's all a theory.

Within the Qingyu Immortal Mansion.

In the plaza within the main hall of Qin Yu's Immortal Mansion. Qin Yu was sitting in the middle of the plaza without moving. Qin Yu was able to feel completely reassured when he's inside the Qingyu Immortal Mansion.

"Fuu!" A blue flame that's blazing hot to the extreme started to revolve around Qin Yu's body. This was Qin Yu's current Stellar True Flame — Blue Heavenly Flame.

Qin Yu took out a level seven Golden Immortal's Nascent Soul. This Nascent Soul was the Yan Clan's great elder, Yan Gao's Nascent Soul.

Under the flames of the Blue Heavenly Flame, the Golden Immortal's Nascent Soul that doesn't have a soul to control it was easily dissolved. After a short amount of time, it melted into a puddle of golden liquid. This golden liquid started to coil around Qin Yu's body as it flew.

Qin Yu opened his mouth like a whale swallowing water, the Nascent Soul of a level seven Golden Immortal was directly swallowed by him.

A speck of dust was able to contain three thousand worlds.

Although the Dantian was located within the human stomach, but the space within it was also boundless.

Within Qin Yu's Dantian.

An extremely small black particle within the nucleus was faintly giving off an astonishing attractive force. The energy from the level seven Golden Immortal's Nascent Soul was being frantically swallowed. The Dark Star was slowly growing bigger and was undergoing some peculiar changes…

On the Qingyu Immortal Mansion's plaza.

Without any wind or sound, Qin Yu was quietly sitting cross legged in the middle of the paza. From the quietness, one was unable to tell that Qin Yu's dantian was currently ongoing a huge and astonishing change.



An extremely frightening energy was shot out from Qin Yu's body like numerous arrows. The energy shot all around without excluding anything. All of a sudden, a catastrophe covered the whole Qingyu Immortal Mansion…

At this moment, the defensive barrier of the Qingyu Immortal Mansion automatically started. The only thing that happened was that a faint light appeared in the plaza and the palace.

"Rumble~~~" Rumbles continued to sound in succession. A frantic wind whiz through the plaza. The whole plaza was shaking incessantly.

Qin Yu was floating within the explosions.


The energies that had shot to all directions frantically started to gather toward Qin Yu. Not only these energies, even the Elemental Spirit Aura from within the Qin Yu's Immortal Mansion were also gathering toward Qin Yu.

Like a whirlpool, Qin Yu swallowed the countless energy.

Within Qin Yu's dantian.

The Dark Star had already disappeared. Just like what Qin Yu planned, the Dark Star had turned into a vortex, a vortex that's swallowing everything… large amounts of energy were being swallowed up by it.

The Black Hole Realm.

The eighth great realm of the *Stellar Transformation* was the Black Hole Realm.

"What, what exactly happen?" Qin Yu was extremely shocked. He knew that the eighth great realm was the Black Hole Realm.

However, never had he expected that the Black Hole Realm had a 'black hole' like this. The Dark Star had absorbed enough energy to transform, it finally cave in and formed the black hole. However, this black hole was like a space channel that leads to a place that no one knows.

Qin Yu was able to sense that was frantically swallowing and absorbing immense energy of the surrounding. Regardless of what kind of energy it was, even the Qingyu Immortal Mansion's Elemental Spirit Aura is being swallowed.

Had the Qingyu Immortal Mansion not had its Defensive Barrier protecting it, then it's likely that Qin Yu would have also swallowed up all of the Elemental Spirit Core Stone.

At the moment the Black Hole was formed—

An ancient, extremely old and time surpassing space aura was transferred over from the other side of the black hole. All of a sudden, it binded up Qin Yu's consciousness and then assimilated into it.

Within Qin Yu's consciousness.

At the moment what that ancient aura assimilated into Qin Yu's consciousness, Qin Yu clearly sensed his transformation. It was an origin level transformation. It was a kind of feeling that Qin Yu was unable to describe clearly.

However, Qin Yu understood.

At that moment, Qin Yu felt as if he had turned from an ant into a person. Although it was an infant, he was nevertheless no longer an ant.

"The Black Hole Realm is still not stable enough, it needs energy."

Qin Yu immediately determined the reason why the Black Hole was continuously swallowing energy. Then, an idea popped into Qin Yu's head —

Blazing Profound Ring — Heavenly Flame Domain!
[TL: Combination of Black Flame Lord's Ring + White Profound Lord's Ring → Thunder called it Blazing Ice Ring → Which is a bad translation. Also, Lord of White Ice should be White Profound Lord]

A blue flame dragon flew out and encircled Qin Yu. The Heavenly Flame the Blazing Profound Ring's Heavenly Flame Domain displayed was dependent on the user's power level.

Back when Qin Yu was still in the Mortal Realm, he was only able to produce Purple Heavenly Flames.

However now, he was able to profound endless Blue Heavenly Flames.

"A level eight Golden Immortal's Nascent Soul, I'll see if that's sufficient enough." Qin Yu took out a level eight Golden Immortal's Nascent Soul from within the Blazing Profound Ring. "The early stage of the Black Hole Realm, I suspect my strength is only comparable to level five or six Golden Immortal. Giving it a level eight Golden Immortal's Nascent Soul should be sufficient."

While this was what Qin Yu was thinking in his mind, what about the reality?

The level eight Golden Immortal's Nascent Soul turned into a golden stream after being burned by the frantic Blue Heavenly Flames. With an inhale of Qin Yu's mouth, all of the stream was sucked into Qin Yu's stomach and into the Black Hole.

"Heavens, a level eight Golden Immortal's Nascent Soul was swallowed yet this Black Hole only slightly stabilized, it was almost as if there was no change at all." Qin Yu was scared by this change.

He was merely trying to reach the early stage of the Black Hole Realm, yet exactly how much energy was required?

Qin Yu took out a level nine Golden Immortal's Nascent Soul. In the great battle on the Maple Moon Star, Qin Yu obtained a lot of Golden Immortals' Nascent Soul. Qin Yu had originally thought that it was enough Nascent Souls for him to train for a long time.

However now, it was merely the early stage of the Black Hole Realm yet it required such an excessive amount of energy.

The level nine Golden Immortal's Nascent Soul was refined and sucked into the Black Hole. "it truly is a bottomless pit."

Contrary to expectations, Qin Yu had a slight smile on his face. However, he was still somewhat worried. That's because he felt that refining a level nine Golden Immortal's Nascent Soul did indeed stabilized the Black Hole Channel within his Dantian a lot.

However, the current Qin Yu was still unable to easily control the Black Hole to make it stop absorbing energy.

"Let's see exactly how much you can absorb. I have more than enough Nascent Souls, let's see if you can absorb all of them."

Qin Yu started going extreme. He started to take out Nascent Souls from the Blazing Profound Ring. At a stretch, he took out six Nascent Souls.

Three level eight Golden Immortal's Nascent Souls and three level nine Golden Immortal's Nascent Soul were floating around Qin Yu's body. Under the Blue Heavenly Flame, they turned into a thick pool of golden water.

The extremely thick pool of energy from three level eight and level nine Golden Immortal's Nascent Souls were swallowed up by the Black Hole. Qin Yu felt as if he had ate a Great Recovery Pill as his stability level had leaped.

However, even though that was the case, the only thing Qin Yu was able to control was the absorption speed of the Black Hole – increasing it or decreasing it. He was still unable to control the Black Hole to make it stop absorbing.

Qin Yu's goal was — 'to make it speed up when he wants it to and to make it stop when he wants it to stop.

"Its stomach was pretty big."

Qin Yu continuously took out Nascent Souls from within the Blazing Profound Ring. He had taken out one after another… Qin Yu was dumbstruck by the Black Hole, it didn't refuse anyone and its stability level continued to rise.

After swallowing a total of thirty level eight Golden Immortal's Nascent Souls and ten level nine Gold Immortal's Nascent Souls, a fundamental change finally occurred to the Black Hole.

A golden ring of light came flying out from the other side of the Black Hole's Channel. After flying only a third of the Channel, it stopped.

Qin Yu's had a movement of thought.

And the Black Hole abruptly stopped its absorption. Immediately, the former peace had completely returned to the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. However, the density of the Elemental Spirit Aura had declined over a hundredfold. It was because they were all swallowed up by the Black Hole.

"What is that Golden Ring of Light?" Qin Yu started to ponder.

Although the Black Hole was powerful, it didn't have any attractive force toward Qin Yu's consciousness. After all, the Black Hole was something that Qin Yu cultivated. All of a sudden, Qin Yu's consciousness assimilated within the Golden Ring of Light.

"What a pure and concise energy." Qin Yu was able to clearly sense the extremely sharp energy from within the Golden Ring of Light. Its energy was even more condensed and tyrannical than the energy within the Dark Star.

Qin Yu extended his finger.

A ray of golden energy was shot out through his finger and landed on the Defensive Barrier of the Qingyu Immortal Mansion.

Qin Yu opened his eyes and stood up. He had a confused expression.

"Although the energy from this Golden Ring of Light was pure, concise and forceful; but I had, at a stretch, refined thirty level eight Golden Immortal's Nascent Souls and ten level nine Golden Immortal's Nascent Souls. The energy from the Golden Ring of Light was only close to a tenth of the energy that was absorbed. What happened to the remaining ninety tenths?"

Qin Yu started to be completely confused.

Suddenly, Qin Yu's eyes shined. "Could it be because of the space the Black Hole Channel connected to?"

Even now, Qin Yu still didn't know where exactly the Black Hole Channel connected to. However, when the Black Hole Channel was formed, the ancient aura assimilated into his consciousness. The transformative sensation was something that Qin Yu was never able to forget for eternity.

"What's exactly at the other side of the Channel?" Qin Yu was unable to suppress his curiosity.

Finally, he decided… to check out the other side of the Black Hole Channel.

Qin Yu's consciousness started to flow through the Black Hole Channel. Gradually, Qin Yu's consciousness arrived at the other end of the Black Hole Channel. What he saw was a sight that completely stunned him.

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