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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 36 – The Thirty Six Heavenly Stars

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Kulops (Thats the editor who did chapter 33)

[TL: In Daoism, there lived a god in every Heavenly Star and a god in every Deity Star of the Big Dipper Star Cluster. There are 36 Heavenly Stars and 72 Deity Stars. I have no idea what the Big Dipper Star Cluster is.]

"The Hidden Emperor Star is divided into three major regions. One of them is the nucleus region of the Hidden Emperor Star — Hidden Lead. Hidden Lead is the region for the dwelling of the Hidden Emperor, his friends and descendents. No outsiders are allowed inside."

Ao Wuming, Jun Luoyu and Qin Yu were standing on their floating clouds and flying in the air. Ao Wuming was currently introducing the Hidden Emperor Star to Jun Luoyu and Qin Yu.

Jun Luoyu had only cultivated for a couple hundred years. Although he was powerful, he didn't know any more than Qin Yu when it came to Immortal, Devil and Demon realms.

"Three regions, one of them is the Hidden Lead. What about the other two?" Qin Yu asked.

Ao Wuming laughed and said. "The other two regions are 'East Star City' and 'West Star City.' Although they're called cities, they actually are not cities."

"Oh?" Jun Luoyu grew curious.

Ao Wuming laughed and said. "This Hidden Emperor Star is immensely large. Its diameter is more than one billion miles. The 'East Star City' and the 'West Star City' are not even a tenth of a billion miles. In actuality, rather it is that the East Star City and the West Star City, they're both composed of a major city and numerous defensive cities that surround them."

"Defensive cities?" Qin Yu was confused as to what Ao Wuming meant by that.

"Defensive cities are cities that protect the 'main city' like guardians. For example, the East Star City's main city is surrounded by eight defensive cities on all sides. The entirety of the defensive cities and the main city is known as the 'East Star City.' The West Star City is the same. The only difference is that the West Star City has even more defensive cities; a total of sixteen!" Ao Wuming carefully explained.

Understanding it, Qin Yu laughed. "This Hidden Emperor Star is truly unusual. Especially the concept of defensive cities, I've never seen it in other planets."

Jun Luoyu sighed in admiration.

"Come, let me take you guys to these places. Let's go check out Hidden Lead first."

Following which the three began to proceed directly toward 'Hidden Lead', one of the three major regions.

With their speeds, after a short while, they had arrived in front a boundless and vast region. This region appeared to be filled with boundless mountains, trees, marsh, and so on.

"We can't go any forward." Ao Wuming said as he descended along with Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu.

Seeing the boundless region in front of them, Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu both were clearly able to perceive that not far away, there was an enormous restricting energy that was continuously drifting out from the boundaries of the region.

Ao Wuming pointed at this boundless region and laughed. "This is the nucleus region of the Hidden Emperor Star 'Hidden Lead.' The Hidden Lead has a circumference of several tens of million miles. However, the amount of people who live there is extremely low. As a result, the surrounding seems to be devoid of signs of habitation."

Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu nodded.

"Big brother Wuming, is there no way to enter this Hidden Lead?" Asked Qin Yu.

Wuming Laughed and said. "Of course there is a way to enter. Even Hidden Lead has an entrance. It's just that, the entrance is guarded by the people from within the Hidden Lead and only those who obtain their permission are allowed enter."

"Haha. With my strength, I can naturally force my way in. Only that it's very rude toward the Hidden Emperor."

Qin Yu started spreading his Immortal Awareness.

However, when his Immortal Awareness came into contact with that immense restriction field, unexpectedly, no matter what he did, he was unable to penetrate it. He was only able to sense that this enormous restriction field contained an astonishing energy.

"Qin Yu, you should stop trying." Ao Wuming told Qin Yu to stop. "This enormous restriction barrier was something that was deployed together by the top three experts of the Hidden Emperor Star. What I said earlier of using my strength and forcing my way through was only meant for the entrance. As for this restriction field, trying to break through it is simply impossible."

"The top three experts of the Hidden Emperor Star?" Jun Luoyu looked toward Ao Wuming.

Qin Yu was also confused, shouldn't the strongest person in the Hidden Emperor Star be the Hidden Emperor? How come there's this 'top three experts' of the Hidden Emperor Star then?

"Although the Hidden Emperor's sphere of influence only consist of the Hidden Emperor Star; rather, it only consists of the 'Hidden Lead' of the Hidden Emperor Star. Even then the major powers of the Immortal Realm, Emperor Yu, Profound Emperor and Cyan Emperor, don't dare to offend Hidden Emperor. If the Hidden Emperor Star only had Hidden Emperor alone, then Emperor Yu and gang could use their numerous subordinates and battle tactics against him and wouldn't be scared of him."

Ao Wuming continued to explain in detail. "This Hidden Emperor has two experts as his subordinates, the Black and White Immortal Emperors. Although I called them 'subordinates,' Hidden Emperor instead calls the Black and White Immortal Emperors as his close friends."

"Are those two very strong?" Jun Luoyu frowned. "How come I've only heard of the Hidden Emperor of the Hidden Emperor Star and not anything about the Black and White Immortal Emperors?"

Ao Wuming laughed. "The Black and White Immortal Emperors don't care about fame and reputation. They also rarely engage in worldly matters. Thus, their reputation is naturally not renowned. However, their strength was not something to be doubted. That's because… they are both level eight Immortal Emperors."

Jun Luoyu was startled.

Qin Yu was also shocked.

He knew that Emperor Yu was a level eight Immortal Emperor.

However, this Hidden Emperor was a bit too valiant. Not only was he a level nine Immortal Emperor himself, even his two friends were both level eight Immortal Emperors.

"If we were to compare the super experts, then perhaps only when Emperor Yu, Profound Emperor and Cyan Emperor combined their strength would they be able to compete with Hidden Emperor." Sighed Qin Yu.

"No." Ao Wuming shook his head and said. "Qin Yu, remember that the power level alone doesn't equate one's actual strength. Although Emperor Yu is a level eight Immortal Emperor, but his actual attack strength is something that's hard to determine."

Qin Yu slightly smiled.

He certainly understood this. To reach level eight of nine levels of Immortal Emperor could already be considered as reaching the pinnacle of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms. When they fight, they would certainly need few special skills or extremely powerful Divine Weapons.

"With these three people present, who would dare to disturb the cultivation of the Hidden Emperor?" Ao Wuming laughed and said. "Furthermore, a large amount of scattered and idle Immortal Emperors are in the Hidden Emperor's Hidden Lead. The Hidden Emperor's strength… was extremely powerful. He has his own disciples and such."

Jun Luoyu couldn't help but sigh. He said. "The Hidden Emperor's influence is limited to a single Hidden Emperor Star but his overall strength is instead stronger than people like Emperor Yu. Extraordinary, extraordinary."

"The real strength in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms isn't determined by how much territory you control. Instead, it's determined by the amount and strength of the level seven, eight and nine Immortal Emperors." Ao Wuming said solemnly.

Both Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu came to realize that.

In the war between the top powers, although level two and three Immortal Emperors were still influential, they are useless in the big picture. The people that truly influence the path of the war are those super high level experts. At the very least, they'd have to reach the level of the Green Blood Sword Immortal, Zhi Bai's level before they qualify to have the arrogance.

"Come, let's go to the East Star City's main city." Said Ao Wuming. "This time, the main reason why I came to the Hidden Emperor Star was to meet a friend. After meeting that friend, I don't have any other business here. At that time, we could all go and cultivate in seclusion together. Hehe…"

"Let's go quickly then!" Said Qin Yu with a laugh.

"Let's go!"

The three became three rays of light as they flew toward the East Star City's 'main city.'

Seeing these large cities in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms, the mortal cities in the Qianlong Continent appeared to be like nothing more than villages. The disparity was extremely big!

The tall city wall continued to extend all the way from north to south. It appeared to be endless. Merely the walls on one side of the city were already an unknowingly thousands of miles long. Perhaps, only with the help of countless Immortal and Devil Realm experts were they able to establish such a huge city.

Inside the Main City of the East Star City.

"There're too many people." Right after entering through the city gate, Jun Luoyu started to lament.

"There's not even a hint of a man in the Hidden Lead but, there're countless people in here." Qin Yu also felt that this place was extraordinarily lively. The Hidden Emperor Star was deserving of being a famous planet within the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms. There are experts from all over the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm and Demon Realm.

"Haha, the influence of the Hidden Emperor Star is both tangled and complicated. It is, after all, the Hidden Emperor's planet. No matter the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm or the Devil Realm, they all have their respective staffs stationed here." Ao Wuming said with a laugh.

The three strolled around the street.

Even walking on the street needed strength. Those who were weak had to walk toward the corner of the road whereas those who were strong could walk in the middle of the road. Of course, this was something that everyone in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm knew.

"Big brother Wuming, who are you meeting?" Asked Jun Luoyu.

"A good friend of mine, he's the boss of the Beasts of the Demon Realm in the Hidden Emperor Star." Ao Wuming said casually. "His power is a lot stronger than you two. I came to know him back in the days through drinking."

Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu both chuckled within.

Seems like this Ao Wuming was truly an alcohol addict.

"Jie Li, what does that young fellow possessing a treasure have anything to do with you? What, are you planning to snatch it away from him in broad daylight that too in the middle of the main streets of the East Star City just because you possess great skills? Isn't that a bit too excessive?!"

Qin Yu and gang were still chatting when they heard loud shouting coming from up ahead.

"Oh? Snatching in broad daylight? Interesting, let's go check it out." Ao Wuming evidently loved getting into the action. Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu also followed. At this moment, there was already a crowd gathered up ahead.

They entered inside the crowd to see.

Although Qin Yu's strength wasn't strong, with the assistance of the Meteor Tear, his Immortal Awareness was extremely sensitive. He immediately discovered two people in front of him. The black clothed male, with long hair, was a level nine Devil King. As for the purple clothed male, was a level eight Golden Immortal.

Standing behind the purple clothed male was a frightened youth. This youth's strength was only a level six Heavenly/Standard Immortal.

The black clothed long hair male said enthusiastically. "Jia Jin, although this youth was lucky enough to dig out this treasure, but with his strength, it's completely impossible for him to safeguard it. As they say… the treasure of a genius is the possession of the strong. You better step aside."

Qin Yu couldn't help it and started laughing.

The possession of the strong, the tamper was very smooth.

[TL:Don't know if this term came up before. Seems like it had.]

The purple clothed youth instead shook his head and said. "In your dreams. To want to snatch it in broad daylight in the middle of the main street, no matter what, you'd best forget about being able to get away with it."

"Then you can drop dead." The black clothed long hair male voice suddenly grew cold. His long hair moved without the wind. He barely moved but his body turned into a black shadow and disappeared.

"Asura Devil Technique, he's pretty skillful, his weapon is a Top Grade Devil Weapon." Ao Wuming stood aside as he provided commentary. "That level eight Golden Immortal… hohoho, their strength should be pretty close."

When these two started to fight, the crowd that surrounded them immediately retreated back.

Numerous aura waves of the two spreaded in all directions. The two experts appeared to be extremely familiar with each other, they were surprisingly equally matched instantly.

"Two idiots."

An ice-cold voice sounded.

Jun Luoyu had already arrived next to that pitiful and frightened youth. When they started fighting, their frantic aura had almost killed this level six Heavenly Immortal. Fortunately, Jun Luoyu arrived to block it.

"What did you say?!" The facial expression of both the black clothed long hair youth and the purple clothed youth immediately changed. They stopped fighting and looked at Jun Luoyu.

Everyone wanted to save their face, especially experts at the level like them.

"You!" Jun Luoyu pointed at the black clothed long hair youth. "The strong forcibly taking stuff from the weak is not something that rarely occurs. However, you tried to do in it broad daylight and even in the middle of the main street. If you're not an idiot, then what are you?"

"And you!" Jun Luoyu pointed at the purple clothed youth. "You wanted to protect him but then started fighting and completely forgot about protecting. Had I been a bit slower, this little fellow would've lost his life already. You call that protecting?"

The facial expression of both the black clothed long haired youth and the purple clothed youth were very unsightly. Regardless of who, if they're being pointed at and then scolded by someone, they would be in a bad mood.


A cold shout sounded. Two large hands appeared in the air. They pushed aside the black clothed long hair youth and the purple clothed youth. Like sandbags, the two were smashed onto the walls of either side of the street.

He had dragon like muscular arms, robust body, explosive red hair and tiger like eyes.

Just standing there, his unshakable grandeur caused everyone in the surrounding to tremble in their hearts.

What a robust man!

"Meng Hong." Ao Wuming laughed and said.

"Wuming, you finally came." The red haired robust man laughed loudly and said. At the same time, he glanced at the black clothed long hair youth and the purple clothed youth and scolded. "Motherfuckers, as for your travial matters, this time, I'll spare your life cause I am in a good mood because of my brother's arrival, if in future I'm to see you guys block my road in the main street, I'll kill you."

The black clothed long hair youth and the purple clothed youth gulped, they didn't dare to say any superfluous words and immediately ran away.

Although others didn't know who this red haired robust man was, they did.

He was a Demon Emperor, an extremely strong Demon Emperor on top of that. Even if the black clothed long hair male and the purple clothed youth were to ask the seniors in their school to come, they'll still be throwing away their life.

"Meng Hong, let's chat after we arrive at your place." Said Ao Wuming.

"Sure." Meng Hong smiled at Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu. Jun Luoyu pulled that level six Heavenly Immortal's hand and followed Meng Hong.

Inside a Manor that was dozens of acres big.

"Wuming, you still haven't introduce me to these two gentlemen." Said Meng Hong with a laugh.

Ao Wuming immediately turned to Qin Yu and Jun Luoyu and introduced them. "This is Jun Luoyu. This is Qin Yu. They are both my good brothers."

Meng Hong looked at Jun Luoyu and Qin Yu, his face was filled with smiles.

"Brother Luoyu, brother Qin Yu, as you are Wuming's brothers, then you are also my brothers. In the future, if anything were to happen in the Hidden Emperor Star or the Devil Realm's Beast's territory, go ahead and come find me."

Said Meng Hong while patting his chest. He appeared to be very outspoken and straightforward.

Immediately after that, he laughed and said. "Of course, I am unable to take charge of the Bird Clan and the Dragon Clan. Anything within the Dragon Clan, Prince Wuming's words will be a lot more useful than mine." Ao Wuming who stood on the side also started laughing.

Jun Luoyu said. "Big brother Wuming, you still haven't introduce us to brother Meng Hong."

Ao Wuming did a facepalm and then laughed. "It's my mistake, Luoyu, Qin Yu, this is the Devil Realm's Beast Clan's 'Ox Demon Emperor's' Demon Emperor Meng Hong of the Thirty Six Heavenly Stars. He's very powerful."

Qin Yu didn't pay complete attention to what Ao Wuming said.

That's because he remembered what Meng Hong said, 'If anything were to happen in the Devil Realm's Beast's territory, go ahead and come find me.'

"Wasn't Fei Fei a Fiery Eyed Water Ape? He's part of the Beast Clan. Maybe this Meng Hong knows about the information regarding Fei Fei." Qin Yu started to become emotional.

Before he could even give any words of compliment, Qin Yu immediately asked. "Brother Meng Hong, did anyone called Huo Fei ascend into your Beast Clan within the past two hundred years?"

After saying those words, Qin Yu was so nervous that he was even able to hear his own heartbeat. His eyes were staring straight at Meng Hong.

Meng Hong was confused, he said. "Huo Fei? Is the one you're talking about… the latest arrival of the Apes and Monkey Clan, that super Divine Beast, that Fiery Eyed Water Ape?"

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