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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 31 – Nameless

Translated by: Kikutatakeo

Edited by: Surjit

As the 2 battles were raged in the skies of Blue Flame Star, the crowd of spectating Golden Immortals, Demon Kings and Devil Kings were starting to dissipate. This time, the battle was of such scary proportions as compared to the past few trades.

'Green Blood Sword Immortal' Zhi Bai, a Level 7 Immortal Lord!

'White Hair Blood Devil' Xue Yi Leng, a Level 7 Demon Emperor!

Many of the spectators felt that with just the appearance of these two experts, who were considered legends, the trip was worthwhile. Furthermore, other notable characters like Jade Blade Boy, the Xuan Huang Double Swords couple, especially the mysterious troublemaker who appeared at the end, added to the excitement.

"That mysterious person who appeared at the end was really too strong, he could even block the Green Blood Sword Immortal's attack. His strength must be at least a Level 6 Immortal Lord, if not a Level 7 one."

"Observing these Immortal Lords' and Devil Emperors' strength was a good opportunity. Now we know how far we are from these experts' level of strength."

The spectators discussed the battle as they flew away from the location, their hearts beating and blood boiling with excitement, this battle would leave a lasting impression in their minds.

"Brother Qin disappeared, what a pity, I still wanted to have a drink with him." Lu Ba whispered to himself, and followed the crowd and left Blue Fiery Cloud Inn.

At this time, Jiang Yan was frowning: "This Brother Luo Yu, always doing things so rashly. That asshole 'Green Blood Sword Immortal', having seen the divine equipment 'Heaven Turner', he still dared to chase . . . Hmm, what should I do?"

Jiang Yan was after all only a Level 1 Immortal Lord, she could not even match Jun Luo Yu, and would not be of any help at all.

"Ah. Let's go see if Brother Nameless is still around!" Jiang Yan's eyes shone brightly again, and she transformed into a beam of light and shot towards the east, disappearing into the eastern sky.

It was a normal inn, one of the levels housed a great hall which accomodated a few banquet tables. Leaning against the window at one of the tables was a cool yet arrogant looking youth.

What stood out more . . . was that this youth had a full head of golden hair, underneath those coarse eyebrows, his gaze seemed to burn with vigor, and it looked like there was a lightning thunderbolt in between his eyes. He was currently holding a cup of wine in his hands.

Raising the wine flask, he would occasionally lift his head to down the wine.

He enjoyed his wine alone. There were quite a few dishes on his table, yet what attracted his interest the most was the barbequed lamb meat in the centre of the table. This golden-haired youth would grab one of the lamb legs, and with just 2 to 3 bites, completely devour it.

At the side of the table, there was a golden coloured long spear.

“Brother Nameless!”

A clear voice rang out in the inn. That golden-haired youth who was drinking, looked up in surprise, and he could not help but break into a bitter smile: “It’s you Yan’er, is something the matter?”

Nameless always felt troubled when it came to Jiang Yan.

Jiang Yan’s character was good and easy going, it was just that sometimes . . . it was over the top. Nameless was someone who preferred to eat and drink in leisure, and he did not like loud occasions.

Using his strength to threaten Jiang Yan?

Nameless had already long given up. To him, Jiang Yan’s strength was not high, only a level 1 Immortal Lord. However, she possessed 2 divine equipment, one was ‘Heaven Turner’, the other ‘Phantom Shifter’.

With the 2 divine equipment’s protection, unless Nameless attacked with the intention to kill, he would not be able to hurt Jiang Yan.

“Brother Nameless, I have something that I need your help with, can you promise me you’ll help?” Jiang Yan asked with her eyes wide open.

Nameless frowned a little. Although Jiang Yan was not very strong, she had a lot of tricks under her sleeves, it could be said that very few matters would pose a difficulty to this imp Jiang Yan.

“So you would have a matter that requires my help, say it. Let us see if I can help.” Nameless replied.

“No, you must first promise me.” Jiang Yan shook her head, her eyes staring fixedly at Nameless.

Nameless’ heart ached at the sight of Jiang Yan.

“Yan’er ah, if I am unable to help, how can you make me promise? You know that when I say it, I will do it. If I can’t fulfil it after I made the promise, won't it make things hard for me?” Nameless chided gently.

“I don’t care.” Jiang Yan shook her head profusely, her big eyes still fixed on Nameless, “If you don’t agree, hu hu . . . I won’t let you have a moment of peace forever.”

Thinking about Jiang Yan’s countless tricks, Nameless was really at a loss.

There were indeed many whose strength surpassed Nameless, yet those who can actually make him compromise number a few, even his own father could not make him change his decision once he set his mind. Only Jiang Yan led Nameless to be really helpless.

“Alright, alright, I’ll just promise you.” Nameless replied helplessly, “But I must say first, I will do my best, if I really can’t do it, then I can’t help it.”

Jiang Yan immediately broke into a smile: “Haha, I knew Brother Nameless treats me the best. Brother Nameless, Brother Luo Yu is currently being pursued by someone, there’s also another friend being pursued at the same time, can you help save them both.”

"Brother Luo Yu is being pursued?” Nameless immediately set down the wine cup, “Where is he?”

“He and the friend I just met are currently being chased in the skies of Blue Flame Star.” Jiang Yan replied quickly, she was also in a rush to help Qin Yu.

Nameless paused for awhile, and a huge holy sense spread out, and he could observe everything happening on Blue Flame Star in just an instant. He could also sense the 2 pursuits in the skies.

“It’s the 2 of them?”

Nameless’ expression changed, and smiled bitterly at Jiang Yan, “Yan’er, you are really insidious, you’ve managed to involve ‘White Hair Blood Devil’ Xue Yi Leng and ‘Green Blood Sword Immortal’ Zhi Bai. You think your Brother Nameless can take on these 2 experts?”

“Brother Nameless is the strongest.” Jiang Yan giggled.

Nameless could only sigh helplessly: "You . . . ah, not only are Xue Yi Leng and Zhi Bai experts, they represent 2 of the biggest powers. You want me to take on them, isn't it equivalent to offending those 2?"

Jiang Yan pouted, and snorted: "Don't tell me Brother is scared of them?"

"Alright alright, cool it. Since I've already promised you, I will help." Nameless grabbed the other lamb leg and tore into it with a huge bite, "Green Blood Sword Immortal, White Hair Blood Devil. These 2 strong opponents, I must eat my fill, and have a good fight with them."

Jiang Yan did not know to cry or to laugh.

Her Brother Nameless was really humourous. At his level, there was no real need to eat, how was he still worried about his stomach?

"This girl actually lent her divine equipment 'Heaven Turner' to Luo Yu." Nameless mused silently, even he did not know for sure the capabilities of that equipment.

However, he knew the special attribute of its teleportation ability, it would only definitely teleport forward.

As Qin Yu ran, Xue Yi Leng chased!

In just a while, Qin Yu and Xue Yi Leng had gone around Blue Flame Star a few times, their speed reaching their maximum levels. The directions would also keep changing.

"Where did this mysterious person come from, how come I have never heard of him before, his body has actually been trained to such a degree, don't tell me . . . "

'White Hair Blood Devil' Xue Yi Leng suddenly thought of a mysterious place within the 3 realms, where some experts reside.

The experts from that area were known for having incredibly strong bodies.

"Even if he really is from that place, to be able to block an attack from Zhi Bai using his body, this type of strength could be considered from the upper echelons of that place. If I kill him today, will it offend that place?"

'White Hair Blood Devil' Xue Yi Leng started to become uncertain in his heart.

If that person in front is really from that place, killing him . . . is not a small matter.

"Where is he?" Xue Yi Leng suddenly opened his eyes wide, his holy sense spread out to search. However, the person who was just in front of him a while ago, had actually disappeared.

Inside the Immortal Mansion.

Qin Yu sat on one of the stone chairs, feeling a little helpless.

"This 'White Hair Blood Devil' is really too strong . . . the Immortal Puppet's body is stronger than his, the 'Sky Piercer' is Immortal Lord Ni Yang's legendary sword, it should definitely be stronger than his blood blade. It's too bad that the Immortal Puppet's energy is equivalent to a Level 9 Golden Immortal only. His strength is really amazing."

Qin Yu sighed again.

In the chase earlier, not only had he depleted the 9 top grade stones' energy, it was also mentally exhausting. Furthermore, he had to continually change directions to avoid attacks.

Qin Yu swapped out another 9 top grade stones, just that chase alone consumed 9 stones, that spoke for how thrilling the chase was.

"Ahah, my life force is really miraculous." Qin Yu observed that the wound obtained earlier was already gone.

This Immortal Puppet's body was strange, it's strength and body was almost the same. Qin Yu had tried using the internal energy to recover the wound, and guessed that using his own life force would work as well.

While he had to deplete 9 top grade stones just to heal 10% of the injury, using just a little bit of his life force had a great effect.

With regards to the Meteoric Tear, Qin Yu had a few conjectures about some of its abilities.

The first, was that it could guide life force to heal injuries and repair the body.

The second, was that it could be linked with the soul, and allowed the soul to be condensed within, this prevents others from searching for his power successfully.

The third, was that the Meteoric Tear allowed Qin Yu to be in sync with the natural surroundings. He could feel the energy easily, and he could discover Immortal Lord level experts.

However, even up till today, Qin Yu had not fully understood the Meteor Tear, unlike other divine equipment, where once branded, the owner will fully unlock its capabilities.


Qin Yu felt the Immortal Mansion shake.

The Immortal Mansion had been hidden, yet Qin Yu knew . . . the tremor earlier was caused by Xue Yi Leng's vicious blows on what the Immortal Mansion had transformed into, a piece of dust particle.

Qin Yu eyes grew wide: "This 'White Hair Blood Devil' is too tough, being a Level 7 Devil Emperor, he actually managed to sense the barrier that Immortal Lord Ni Yang had set up."

"Fortunately, Immortal Lord Ni Yang's Mansion doesn't only have illusion barriers, there are various defensive barriers as well. If a level 7 Devil Emperor wants to break down these barriers, it should take at least one or two days."

Qin Yu's heart could still be considered calm.

It was just that the enemy had discovered the Immortal Mansion, this was without a doubt true.


Attacks rained one after another onto the Immortal Mansion, Qin Yu felt the energy supporting the defensive barriers gradually being consumed, even as it was replenishing from the external energy surrounding the area.

However, the consumption was too fast, at this rate, within half a day, the defences would break, instead of the 1 or 2 days Qin Yu had earlier anticipated.

"I can't let him continue attacking."

Qin Yu could not bear to let his lair be destroyed.

"You only know how to hide within your Immortal Mansion, so you won't come out right?" Xue Yi Leng's cold laugh resounded throughout the sky, Qin Yu being the owner of the Immortal Mansion, naturally he heard the sounds.

Qin Yu's face changed.

I cannot stay here holed up like this. Hiding here I will just receive his beating.

Outside the Immortal Mansion.

'White Hair Blood Devil' Xue Yi Leng attacked that little spot viciously, although it was inconspicuous, he managed to discover it with his devil sense.

When he discovered that Qin Yu had disappeared, he had immediately spread out his devil sense to search.

However, as he was focused on the broad area, he did not particularly notice the small particle of dust. Furthermore, Immortal Lord Ni Yang's illusions were not off the mill, this led to Xue Yi Leng missing it carelessly.

Hence, Xue Yi Leng was furious, and he unleashed his energy in all directions. Xue Yi Leng's power was really formidable, and in the wake of his outburst, not many things could have survived.

Except that little particle of dust that seemed to be unharmed in any way.

With Xue Yi Leng's strength, he naturally felt the resistance from that particle, that slight power came under Xue Yi Leng's radar, and he knew right away that the dust was not normal. Therefore, he used his devil sense to carefully observe the particle.

Xue Yi Leng was only lower than Immortal Lord Ni Yang by a level, therefore by observing carefully and determining that there was an illusion barrier, he began attacking viciously.

Suddenly . . .

The dust particle disappeared, and a blurry figure flashed by.

"You finally appeared."

Xue Yi Leng discovered that the mysterious person had once again resumed his escape on the divine equipment. Xue Yi Leng having chased for such a long period of time to no avail, it was really getting on his nerves, and chased after him with fervor again.

"Chase, chase, keep on chasing."

Qin Yu's direction changed rapidly to shake off Xue Yi Leng. As he was in pursuit, his Immortal Puppet's energy was being depleted quickly again. He was escaping for his life at the expense of his money. (Chinese term: Burning money)

"Brother Luo Yu, Brother Qin, please come over to my side."

A voice transmitted directly to Qin Yu's mind, at the same time, he felt the location of the energy source. Qin Yu flew towards that direction without hesitation.

He was puzzled, how did the other party knew he was called Qin?

As he was flying hastily towards that direction, he was joined by Jun Luo Yu who was heading there at the same time. Both of them had heard the message, and both discovered each other.

"Brother Qin." Jun Luo Yu transmitted, "That person is my good brother."

When they were spectating at the Blue Fiery Cloud Inn earlier, even though Jun Luo Yu was drinking, he overheard Lu Ba and Qin Yu's exchange and Lu Ba addressing Qin Yu as "'Brother Qin', Jun Luo Yu heard this clearly.

"Brother Luo Yu, let us hurry there then." Qin Yu replied.

Even though they met at a distance of more than 100m away from the place, to them, the distance was like a few metres to normal mortals. Within a breath, both of them entered the inn at almost the same time.

The pursuers Xue Yi Leng and Zhi Bai both arrived shortly.

Standing at the main door was a golden-haired youth, his hands held a long golden spear, just a man with his spear in front of the door. Yet he gave off an aura as if he could hold off ten thousand men on his own.

(Author Note: I haven't exercise for a long time, today tried running 1km, my poor legs are gone, and my head is giddy. Today will just have one chapter, I will make it up tomorrow. Can anyone guess who is this Nameless? Based on the descriptive text, there should be some clever guesses yea?)

Translator Note: The above author note refers to his update schedule I guess? When he was uploading and stuff, can't wait to see who Nameless is. Even while translating I have no idea who he could be.

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