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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 30: Divine Equipment "Heaven Turner"

Translated by: Kikutatakeo

Edited by: Surjit

'Green Blood Sword Immortal' Zhi Bai finally understood the feeling at the back of his mind. His gaze shifted towards his good friend 'White Haired Blood Devil' Xue Yi Leng’s prey that he wanted to kill but couldn’t — 'Genius Immortal Lord' Jun Luo Yu.

Having become a Level Two Immortal Emperor with only a few hundred years worth of cultivation, this speed was horrifying to whoever heard about it. There were no doubts about the title of genius.

Currently, Jun Luoyun was surrounded by the three Immortal Lords, while the 3 of them were wary of Jun Luo Yu and his unknown skills, Jun Luo Yu on the other hand was drinking his wine, without a care.

He did not escape or panic.

He just stood there drinking his wine.

The 3 people on Zhou Yu's team, on the other hand, were nervous. Earlier, Jun Luo Yu had suddenly materialized behind Devil Emperor Pian Yi, and killed him with only one strike . The 3 of them could still vividly recall that scene. They did not know whether Jun Luo Yu would exhibit that mysterious ability once again and appear behind them.

"The 3 of you, retreat." Zhi Bai waved his hand, and allowed Zhou Yu, Ai Xiao and Duo Mi to retreat to one side.

The 3 of them heaved a sigh of relief, it was nerve-wrecking even after having surrounded Jun Luo Yu, and they were too frightened to make a move. Now the 3 of them retreated back with ecstasy.

'Green Blood Sword Immortal' Zhi Bai just looked at Jun Luo Yu.

"Why didn't you escape earlier?" Zhi Bai called out.

Jun Luo Yu laughed indifferently: "Escape? Why should I, it's not too late to leave after finishing this bottle of wine."

Zhi Bai's expression turned rigid, and cursed in his heart: "Jun Luo Yu ah Jun Luo Yu, I don't know whether to commend you for your guts , or to scold you for being an idiot, 'Genius Immortal Lord'."

Facing the infamous 'Green Blood Sword Immortal', Jun Luo Yu still could not care less, slowly drinking his wine.

"Are you done drinking?" Zhi Bai purposefully called out again.

"Not yet." Jun Luo Yu replied honestly.

Zhi Bai was speechless. Having met a person with such a weird temperament, he breathed in lightly. Zhi Bai laughed: "Jun Luo Yu, this time… it seems like our first meeting right?"

Jun Luo You slightly nodded.

“'Genius Immortal Lord', you only cultivated for a few hundred years and you have already reached the Level 2 Mystic Immortal, this kind of miracle is really shocking. It took me more than a hundred thousand years to reach your present level.” Zhi Bai did not worry in the least. “You took a hundred years, I took a hundred thousand. Such a big difference!”

“I’m done.” Jun Luo Yu tossed the wine flask aside, it drew a small arc as it descended and disappeared downwards.

Zhi Bai’s face broke into a big smile: “Jun Luo Yu. You’re a genius, no one doubts about that. Let me ask you, when you gain more power in the future, are you going to kill Xue Yi Leng?”

Jun Luo Yu nodded: “That’s right. Anyone and everyone working under Blood Devil Emperor is my target.”

“Yet Xue Yi Leng spared your life earlier.” Zhi Bai frowned and lashed out in anger, “Not only are you not grateful for that, you even want to make a move on him in the future, aren’t you too much?”

Jun Luo Yu laughed indifferently: ” It’s not that he doesn’t want to kill me, rather he can’t.”

“He can’t?” Zhi Bai thought back to Xue Yi Leng’s transmission. He really did express that he could not kill Jun Luo Yu himself, and Zhi Bai started to get suspicious.

“What’s more, even if he wanted to, he won't be able to kill me.” Jun Luo Yu continued.

Zhi Bai felt like he had just heard a huge joke. A mere Level 2 Immortal Lord saying that a Level 7 Devil Emperor had no means to kill him, was it not a joke?

“Unable to kill you, what makes you think that?” Zhi Bai replied.

Jun Luo Yu raised his eyebrows, and cast his drunken gaze lightly on Zhi Bai: “Why should I tell you?”

Zhi Bai was not irritated, and replied with a laugh: “You should know, before Xue Yi Leng left, he asked me to do something for him….”

“He asked you to kill me.” Jun Luo Yu interrupted, his gaze still uncaring, “I already guessed it, he definitely doesn’t dare to let me live.”

Zhi Bai nodded: “That is correct. He wants me to dispose of you. He obviously can’t let you live. You managed to reach a Level 2 Golden Immortal in just hundreds of years, who knows how long it will take you to reach Level 8 or 9. Maybe in another 10,000 years you would have reached there. Your cultivation speed is too shocking. Even the ‘White Hair Blood Devil’ wants to kill you off now rather than face you in the future.”

Facing a genius.

How could ‘White Hair Blood Devil’ not worry and let him continue growing?

Jun Luo Yu lazily stretched his arm and raised the rusty sword onto his shoulder, and looked towards Zhi Bai, “There’s no need to say so much. I know you want to kill me. Didn’t you want to know why Xue Yi Leng cannot kill me? Try it and you will find out . . . Because even you don't have the qualifications to kill me.”

Zhi Bai laughed coldly in his heart.

An expert must have absolute confidence in his abilities, otherwise, he could not be considered an expert as well. Zhi Bai could roam the 3 realms for so many years, it was due to his confidence and the fact that he was not easily swayed by a few words.

“You think I won't be able to kill you? Everyone knows how to talk big. But toback it with action , only a few have succeeded.” Zhi Bai slowly raised his hand towards the sword on his back.

“I am, exactly one of those few.” Jun Luo Yu laughed lightly.

“Oh, so you are that formidable? Let’s try it out!” Zhi Bai flicked his hand.

Unsheathe sword!

A blinding green coloured sword energy shot towards Jun Luo Yu. Based on the speed of that sword energy, it was impossible for Jun Luo Yu to dodge in time. Furthermore, Zhi Bai could even control the direction of the attack.

Seeing the green sword energy pierce through Jun Luo Yu’s body, ‘Green Blood Sword Immortal’ Zhi Bai laughed blandly, “Another one who only knows how to talk big.”


“Ah . . . ” Pitiful screams filled the air.

Earlier, when the sword energy had shot through Jun Luo Yu, its energy did not seem to dissipate. Instead, it continued forward and in the blink of an eye, it reached the distance of a 1000 li.

There were still many spectating Golden Immortals, Demon Kings and Devil Kings surrounding the area. Many of them died instantly when the green sword energy struck.

“That’s not possible .” Zhi Bai’s face changed colour. He looked once more towards where Jun Luo Yu stood earlier.

Only to see . . .

Jun Luo Yu was standing about 10m away laughing at him.

“You didn’t die?” Zhi Bai could not fathom what was happening, “I saw you getting pierced with my own eyes, how is it that you are totally unharmed?”

Jun Luo Yu was still showing that despondent look, “I already told you. Not only is Xue Yi Leng not qualified to kill me, even you are no exception. Do you believe me now?”

"I . . . " Zhi Bai faced Jun Luo Yu once again, "Still don't believe!"


The divine sword came out of its sheath.

That long sword of Zhi Bai's turned into many long swords. In a flash, shining with radiance that pierced the sky, they shot towards Jun Luo Yu.

Divine Sword 'Green Blood', its sharpness was without peer.

3 of the long swords pierced through Jun Luo Yu's body, while the rest were piercing the space around Jun Luo Yu.

The divine sword entered back into its sheathe.

Zhi Bai carefully observed Jun Luo Yu’s body again. his time Zhi Bai noticed that the different parts of Jun Luo Yu’s body that were pierced and scattered, started to fade. Jun Luo Yu appeared once again where he stood.

“I told you, you can’t kill me.” Jun Luo Yu laughed lightly.

While Zhi Bai was observing, he also used his holy sense to detect changes in the surrounding space. When he had attacked earlier, the space around Jun Luo Yu had actually distorted.

“Don’t tell me . . . ”

Zhi Bai thought of a possibility.

“Divine equipment 'Heaven Turner', how did you come to possess it?” Zhi Bai’s face turned white, “It should belong to a girl, why do you have it?”

The experts who knew about the divine weapon ‘Heaven Turner’ numbered a few, and Zhi Bai was one of them. And because he knew of it, he did not continue making a move.

“Don’t tell me you killed that girl?” Zhi Bai’s face was full of shock.

“No.” Jun Luo Yu laughed indifferently, “I didn’t expect that you knew about ‘Heaven Turner’ as well. Yes, the reason why I said you guys wouldn’t be able to kill me is precisely because Yan’er lent me this ‘Heaven Turner’.”

“Lent you?” Zhi Bai hesitated.

Others may not know what possessing the ‘Heaven Turner’ represents. However, he, the famous 'Green Blood Sword Immortal' being Emperor Yu's 2nd-in-command, knew about it. This divine equipment allowed the user to teleport to any location out of thin air.

However, it was not invincible. As long as one attacked the space under the user's control, one could still damage the user sufficiently enough to kill.

Nonetheless, having the divine equipment 'Heaven Turner' also represented a status.

"Ah . . . I couldn't care less. That person just told Emperor Yu not to touch her disciple, that young lady. Even if I kill Jun Luo Yu, she shouldn't have any reason to find trouble with Emperor Yu." Zhi Bai convinced himself.

Zhi Bai knew exactly how formidable the person whom 'Heaven Turner' belonged to. Yet he and 'White Hair Blood Devil' Xue Yi Leng could be considered sword brothers. For his sworn brother, what could he not forsake?

Furthermore. That person only against harming her disciple, and she did not mention Jun Luo Yu.

"Just because you possess 'Heaven Turner', you really think you're above death?" Zhi Bai slowly pulled out his divine sword 'Green Blood', as compared to previously where he drew it out in a breath.

Now Zhi Bai was about to unleash his fury.

Green Blood Sword Art – Blood Shadow, Confuse!

Countless sword shadows covered the entire space of a 100m around Jun Luo Yu in the blink of an eye, condensing around him. Regardless of where he hid, he would be attacked.


A sound rang out, Jun Luo Yu's silhouette appeared at another place, blood dripping from the corner of his mouth: " 'Green Blood Sword Immortal', you really live up to your name. Your strength is indeed powerful . . . But if you want to kill me, dream on."

This statement was still ringing in the air when Jun Luo Yu's entire body stepped on his rusty blade and flew above quickly.

"Even though my attack was scattered, every sword energy contains at least 10% of my strongest power, yet this Level 2 Immortal Lord could actually block it. Don't tell me that rusty blade of his . . . is not a common blade?"

Zhi Bai's was still hesitating in his mind, yet he chased on.

Zhi Bai had actually guessed correctly. Jun Luo Yu's rusty blade was also a divine weapon, Jun Luo Yu had come across it very early on.

Stepping on that rusty blade, Jun Luo Yu's speed was extremely fast.

However, Zhi Bai was also using his divine blade. His speed was not slower than Jun Luo Yu. Only . . . with Jun Luo Yu possessing 'Heaven Turner', it was incredibly hard for Zhi Bai to catch up to Jun Luo Yu.

Jun Luo Yu would often change his position and direction every once in awhile amidst the pursuit. His entire being appearing at other locations in the blink of an eye.

Under the onslaught of the sword energy, Zhi Bai did not dare teleport. Even though his speed was fast, Jun Luo Yu's craftiness and change of direction rendered him helpless, and he could only chase on furiously.

"Pu Chi."

Jun Luo Yu had just changed his location again, tens of sword energies shot towards him, leading him to change his position yet again: "This Zhi Bai actually predicted my change of locations."

Jun Luo Yu proceeded on with caution, Zhi Bai was equally persevering.

Zhi Bai only used his index and middle finger to form a sword shape, and the resulting sword energy was sharp, with a strong condensed attack power, and continually attacked. Jun Luo Yu had to rely on 'Heaven Turner' to dodge constantly.

Jun Luo Yu had been dodging with ease.

However the residents on Blue Flame Star were not as lucky, those who were unfortunate to be hit by any of the sword energies died instantly, and the death count was rising.

In another area amongst the skies of Blue Flame Star, there was another ongoing pursuit.

'White Hair Blood Devil' Xue Yi Leng was currently on his blood red thin sword, summoning his energy with fervor to chase Qin Yu who was quite a distance away: "This mysterious person's speed is really too fast."

Xue Yi Leng, a Level 7 Devil Emperor, the sword beneath his feet was a low grade divine equipment. As the top general of Blood Devil Emperor, how could he not have a divine equipment.

Qin Yu, was riding on the divine blade 'Sky Piercer', and it was a mid grade divine equipment.

Qin Yu's divine equipment was slightly better than Xue Yi Leng's. Plus his body was the Immortal Puppet, it could be considered a divine equipment as well. Body and sword as one, his speed was needless to say, fast. The only weakness . . . was that Qin Yu's current flight strength was equivalent to that of a Level 9 Golden Immortal only, due to the strength of the 9-by-9 Spirit Array.

Xue Yi Leng, when comparing his body or equipment, could not match Qin Yu. However, what he possessed was raw strength. His energy was more pure, stronger, and his resulting speed was faster than Qin Yu just by a little.

"At that time when I used 'Sky Piercer', that Immortal Lord Qian Qi could not even see my shadow flashing past in the blink of an eye. This Xue Yi Leng, even though he is a Level 7 Devil Emperor, his speed is really much faster than that Qian Qi." Qin Yu could still clearly remember the scene where he made use of 'Sky Piercer' to let Qian Qi eat his dust.

"This Xue Yi Leng is not slower, rather he is just a little faster, really too terrifying." Qin Yu was kept busy trying to avoid falling as he dodged the constant sudden attacks by Xue Yi Leng.

Qin Yu tried to hold in his laughter. He was actually making Xue Yi Leng chase after him relentlessly.

A dignified Level 7 Devil Emperor, with the possession of a low grade Divine Sword, had to consume huge amounts of energy like crazy and yet, still could not catch up to Qin Yu.

These 2 pursuits continued to play out in the skies of Blue Flame Star.

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