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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 32 – Prince 'Wu Ming'/Nameless

Translated by: Kikutatakeo

Edited by: Surjit

Xue Yi Leng and Zhi Bai descended from the sky like meteors and rushed into the inn at their maximum speed. These 2 experts instinctively stopped when they discovered the golden-haired youth.

"It's him?"

Zhi Bai was full of shock.

"It really is Prince Ao Wu Ming. Brother Zhi Bai, I thought that the Dragon Clan didn't interfere with the power struggle? When did this Ao Wu Ming decide to join in the fray?"

“Who knows what this Ao Wu Ming is thinking. He has exhibited his rebellious personality even before this. Even his father Long Huang couldn’t keep him under control. And his own skill is also very high. He is even considered to be the second ranked expert of the Dragon Clan.”

“Brother Zhi Bai, then you guys…”

“Don’t worry that much, just pretend that we didn’t seen this Ao Wu Ming and charge in from two sides to kill Jun Luo Yu. Even if Ao Wu Ming manages to block one of us, can he handle two at the same time.

Their exchange, using transmission, happened within the span of a few breaths.

In just that short space of time it took Xue Yi Leng and Zhi Bai to rush into the inn, both of them had already come to the like-minded decision —- pretend not to notice Ao Wu Ming!

"Hu!" "Hu!"

That fast flying speed, caused fluctuations in the air, and Ao Wu Ming's golden hair also floated as if the strands were dancing.

"Not stopping?"

Ao Wu Ming held his spear singlehandedly, lightly tilted his head and laughed at the 2 figures rushing towards him. Xue Yi Leng and Zhi Bai, one on the left and the other on the right, intending to rush in through the windows of the inn.

Qin Yu, Jun Luo Yu and Jiang Yan were inside the inn carefully observing the scene. Be it Qin Yu or Jun Luo Yu, they had no intentions of fleeing. Ao Wu Ming was staking his life for them, how would they be able to only think for themselves?

“Brother Qin, be at ease. Brother Wu Ming is very strong.” Jun Luo Yu saw the uneasy expression on Qin Yu’s face and tried reassuring him.

However, his own eyes were fixed on the figure standing at the door.

“Can he really block them? His opponents are Xue Yi Leng and Zhi Bai! If it is just him alone, I’m afraid he might not be able to even block a single move.” Qin Yu could not stop worrying.

In front of Qin Yu—-

Ao Wu Ming’s lips slightly parted, and that long golden spear moved!

In just a moment, the skies changed, countless dragon roars reverberated in Qin Yu’s ears. Golden light covered the entire area, and only loud booming sounds continued to ring out.

Gradually . . .

Everything settled down.

In front of Ao Wu Ming, the entire street had been reduced to rubble. All the buildings had been unable to withstand the energy from the resulting clash between these 3 experts and collapsed. The destruction of the surroundings fanned outward.

Only the inn behind Ao Wu Ming was without a scratch.

Zhi Bai and Xue Yi Leng stood shoulder to shoulder in the skies, and had expressions of shock as they stared at Ao Wu Ming.

Ao Wu Ming stood there nonchalantly, as though neither he nor his spear had made any move. His gaze however, was fixed on the 2 experts in the skies, giving off a burning desire for combat.

“So strong.” Qin Yu, who was watching from the back, was shaken to the core of his heart.

Earlier, his sight and hearing had been taken in by the shocking display of power, and the changes in the surrounding from the skill. Only his holy sense had managed to grasp a little understanding of the clash. Even with the aid of the Meteoric Tear, he had only barely seen a little of the exchange earlier.

Qin Yu’s gaze went back to Ao Wu Ming, who looked like a war god. Looking at his back, he could not help but think: “Zhi Bai and Xue Yi Leng’s idea to rush in from both sides was good, most people would not be able to have block against that. However, this Wu Ming is really too strong.”

“I’m afraid I'll never forget this skill.”

Qin Yu’s mind replayed that scene earlier.

The moment Ao Wu Ming had made his move—-

Everything had changed colour. That spear had given off such a tyrannical aura, and had pierced towards the skies like an furious dragon, striking towards the space between the 2 experts in the skies. Following which, that hard spear had suddenly bent like a coiling snake, and was circling in that space, forming a “Tai Chi” diagram.

Just that one skill!

Both experts had been forced to stop in their tracks.

“Ah, so it was Brother Wu Ming.” Zhi Bai wore an expression as though he had just recognized him. “I was still wondering, who had the power to block Yi Leng and me, so it was Brother Wu Ming.”

“Brother Wu Ming, earlier Zhi Bai and I were too focused in our pursuit, and ran into you, please don’t take it to heart.” Xue Yi Leng forced a smile and said.

At the same time, both of them descended from the skies.

Ao Wu Ming looked at the 2 of them, and a spear cover appeared in his hand. He carefully kept his long golden spear, and hoisted it back onto his back.

Ao Wu Ming had a habit, he did not like to keep his weapon inside his body, instead he liked to carry it.

“Green Blood Sword Immortal Zhi Bai, White Hair Blood Devil Xue Yi Leng, both of you are legendary experts, how come both of you are joining hands in pursuing people? What kind of people are actually worth your time?” Ao Wu Ming laughed lightly and said.

Zhi Bai and Xue Yi Leng exchanged a look, and Zhi Bai replied: “Brother Wu Ming, earlier, the deal between Emperor Yu and Blood Devil Emperor was going on at Blue Fiery Cloud Inn, there were people who actually caused problems, and even killed our men. Killing our people like this in broad daylight, is tantamount to not giving a shit about Emperor Yu nor Blood Devil Emperor, how can we let them off?”

Ao Wu Ming felt helpless.

However he had already promised Jiang Yan, he could only try his best to defend Jun Luo Yu and Qin Yu.

Ao Wu Ming frowned and responded: “Zhi Bai, Xue Yi Leng, the two of you are considered to be famous and respected elders, there’s no real need to concern yourselves with such small matters.”

“Brother Wu Ming, what do you mean by that?” Zhi Bai and Xue Yi Leng were starting to feel displeased.

Ao Wu Ming lightly smiled: “I’m sure you can guess the meaning behind my words, if you want me to spell it out . . . The 2 guys you were chasing earlier, are under my protection. Consider it as giving me face, just let the 2 of them go, how about it?”

“Brother Wu Ming, don’t tell me the 2 of them are with your Dragon Clan” Zhi Bai replied.

“Dragon Clan?”

Upon hearing those words, Qin Yu could not help being suspicious. Jun Luo Yu laughed and replied: ” Brother Wu Ming is a prince of the Dragon Clan. Brother Qin, don’t tell me you have not heard . . . There are 2 experts in the Dragon Clan, termed as the Kingly Duo of the Dragon Clan!”

“Kingly Duo? Do pardon my ignorance, I’m not very knowledgeable about this.” Qin Yu asked apologetically.

Jiang Yan blinked her eyes from the side, “Wa, you don’t even know about this, let me tell you then. Oh right, what exactly is your name? I only know your surname is Qin.”

When Jiang Yan and Jun Luo Yu were at Blue Fiery Cloud Inn, they had overheard the exchange between Qin Yu and Lu Ba, and hence knew that his surname was Qin. As for his full name, they were still in the dark.

Qin Yu hesitated a little while, then replied, “My name is Qin Yu.” After which he looked at the 2 of them, having felt that providing his real name was a little hasty.

“From their actions and mannerism, this Jiang Yan and Jun Luo Yu can be considered friends worth having. Furthermore they saved my life, letting them know my real name shouldn’t be a problem.” Qin Yu calmed himself down.

Jun Luo Yu laughed. “So it was Brother Qin Yu, you can call me Jun Luo Yu.”

“And I am Jiang Yan.” Jiang Yan hurriedly interrupted, suddenly her eyes widened and she pouted, “Oh right, I seemed to have told you my name already the first time we met.”

Qin Yu looked at Jiang Yan’s cute expression and could not help but laugh.

Jiang Yan coughed, “Weren’t you curious about the Kingly Duo earlier? I shall tell you out of kindness.”

Qin Yu was speechless.

He did not seem to have asked Jiang Yan, just that she was too zealous of her own accord.

Jiang Yan had already began her speech. “The Dragon clan is one of the most united great groups in the Immortal/Devil/Demon realms. The Demon group can be classified into 3 major groups, the Land Beasts, the Flying Beasts and the Dragon Clan. Out of the 3, the fighting strength of the Dragon Clan is considered the weakest, but undoubtedly, amongst the 3, the Dragon Clan is recognized as the strongest.”

“Be it the Land Beasts or Flying Beasts, they always have internal strife amongst their own clans, therefore they aren’t as united. On the other hand, the Dragon Clan is extremely close, and precisely because of that, they are the strongest.”

“What’s more, the Dragon Clan has 2 extremely powerful experts, plus they share a father-son relationship. One is the Dragon King, one his very own son ‘Ao Wu Ming’, which is our brother that you see.”

Jiang Yan giggled while looking at Qin Yu, “Now you know how powerful Brother Wu Ming is, he is comparable to Emperor Yu in terms of status, and definitely is more than a match for that Idiot Blood Devil, and Green Vegetable Sword Immortal

[Translator Note: White Hair has become Idiot – A pun on the ‘White’ portion of the name; same goes for Green Blood becoming Green Vegetable – A pun on the ‘Green’ portion. It’s pretty funny in Chinese]

Qin Yu could not help but look at Xue Yi Leng and Zhi Bai, as Ao Wu Ming spoke with them. "Who would have expected that Ao Wu Ming was such a character. Just his Dragon Clan's forces are comparable to those from the Immortal Realm. He really can be considered of equal standing as Emperor Yu."

Jun Luo Yu also chipped in, "Speaking of which, the case is also rare for him. In the Dragon Clan, the Dragon King's strength is immeasurable, being a 5-Clawed Golden Dragon Super Divine Beast. Plus he's of the Level 8 Demon Immortal strength, and he possesses the Dragon Clan's greatest Divine Treasure. It would be enough if you just consider his own strength, but the offsprings of him and his wife, an ordinary Green Dragon, are considered to be even more rare."

"He has 2 sons?" Qin Yu was intrigued.

It was not just Ao Wu Ming one person, but he has a brother?

"Qin Yu, you should know that amongst the Dragon Clan, the 5-Clawed Golden Dragon is very rare. Even if one was born a 5-Clawed Golden Dragon, his son may not necessarily be one!"

"This I know." Qin Yu was quite clear on this.

5-Clawed Golden Dragons, was a chance happening. It could be an offspring between a Green Dragon and Black Dragon, or it could have been between any other Dragon. It was based on pure chance, however the probability was perhaps less than a billionth.

Therefore, within the entire Dragon Clan itself, the number of 5-Clawed Golden Dragons did not exceed 10.

"The Dragon King's 2 sons, are truly formidable. One is Brother Wu Ming, and Brother Wu Ming is also a 5-Clawed Golden Dragon Super Divine Beast!" Jun Luo Yu sighed.

"It is really rare, a 5-Clawed Golden Dragon begetting another 5-Clawed Golden Dragon, in the history of the Dragon Clan, it must be a rarity." Qin Yu nodded his head in agreement.

Jun Luo Yu continued, "This is not all, the other son is even more shocking."


Qin Yu looked towards Jun Luo Yu in shock.

If the Dragon Clan's other prince was that formidable, then why were they not termed as the 'Kingly Trio', instead of the 'Kingly Duo' now. It was obvious that the other son could not compare to Ao Wu Ming.

"The other son was born a Red Dragon." Jun Luo Yu laughed, "This matter was considered the biggest joke in the Ascendant Realm at that time. A 5-Clawed Golden Dragon was a Super Divine Beast. Even if his own son was not another 5-Clawed Golden Dragon, at the very least, he should be a Golden Dragon, or the weakest possibility, a Black Dragon or Silver Dragon. Who would have thought that the son was the weakest and most common Red Dragon."

Qin Yu knew all this clearly.

Within the Dragon Clan, the 5-Clawed Golden Dragon was the most revered, termed as a Super Divine Beast.

The Golden Dragons were next, termed as Top Divine Beasts.

The Black Dragons, Silver Dragons followed, termed as Uncommon Divine Beasts.

As for the Green Dragons, Red Dragons, Blue Dragons and others, were considered the most common and weakest Dragons, Common Divine Beasts.

"How is that shocking?" Qin Yu was doubtful.

The Prince was actually a Red Dragon. How was it shocking, it was more of a joke.

Jiang Yan excitedly interrupted, "It's my turn to say, that Red Dragon is actually Brother Wu Ming's elder brother, his name is 'Ao Wu Xu' (*No Humility/Proud*). There were a lot of people in the Dragon Clan that looked down on Ao Wu Xu. Who knew . . . Ao Wu Xu's cultivation speed was horrifying, his strength is actually not at all below his 5-Clawed Golden Dragon younger brother Ao Wu Ming."

"What?!" Qin Yu was truly curious.

A Red Dragon could actually chase up to the 5-Clawed Golden Dragon 'Ao Wu Ming'?

Being a Super Divine Beast, not only was the cultivation speed fast. At the same time . . . with regards to opponents of a similar level, a Super Divine Beast actually possessed stronger combat power.

"Brother Wu Ming's elder brother Ao Wu Xu, was more withdrawn due to being looked down on from young. He left the clan to wander around the realms, and only afterwards was his true identity disclosed!"

Jiang Yan paused for dramatic effect, with a mysterious face.

[Translator Note: So funny, I can totally imagine the kind of energy and anticipation she tried to build up.]

Qin Yu waited for Jiang Yan to continue.

[Translator Note: Somehow I got the feeling Qin Yu must have looked nonchalant.]

"Ao Wu Xu's actual identity was not a normal Red Dragon . . . Rather, he was the rarest variation of Dragon, not seen in the history of the Dragon Clan for a billion years — A Super Divine Beast 'Blood Dragon'!" Jiang Yan finished dramatically, and waited expectantly for Qin Yu's awestruck expression.

A rare variation in a billion years? Super Divine Beast Blood Dragon?

"Blood Dragon, Red Dragon . . . Ha ha, interesting, interesting!" Qin Yu laughed, "The Dragon King is truly capable, of his 2 sons, one a 5-Clawed Golden Dragon, one a variation but similar Super Divine Beast, a Blood Dragon."

Qin Yu looked towards Jiang Yan and asked: "Then how come they are termed 'Kingly Duo'? Based on what you said, Wu Ming's brother Ao Wu Xu is not weaker than Wu Ming. Why aren't they termed the 'Kingly Trio' then?"

"Who knows? That Ao Wu Xu left when his power was weaker. His character is a bit eccentric, rumours are that his strength is actually above Brother Wu Ming by a little. Just that Ao Wu Xu never once returned to the Dragon Clan, nor does he calls himself from the Dragon Clan. Therefore, most of the Ascendant Realm call them the 'Kingly Duo', but everyone in the whole Ascendant Realm knows this name — the Blood Dragon 'Ao Wu Xu'." Jiang Yan shook her head while pouting her lips.

[Translator Note: ???? Reminded of somebody? I looked back at the old chapters to find that person I suspected but the strength differs, or so I think.]

Qin Yu thought for awhile and was able to guess a few things.

"Oh no, seems like negotiations between Brother Wu Ming and the others have failed !" Jun Luo Yu called out, Qin Yu and Jiang Yan stopped talking and looked outside.

[Translator Note: I can't wait to see who is Ao Wu Xu, if he ever appears. However, I seek your pardon as I'm kind of busy these few days, and will try to translate as much as I can, when I can.]

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