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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 25 – Ambush!

Translated by: Okenba & Kikutatakeo

Edited by: Surjit

Qin Yu's suite in the inn was very large, consisting of three bedrooms, one great hall, as well as one guest hall. Qin Yu called out to Wan'er as he entered his suite.

"Wan'er, why don't you head back to your own room and rest. If there's nothing urgent, please don't bother me. If something important crops up, you can just inform me with a thought." Qin Yu smiled at Wan'er as he approached his own bedroom.

"Certainly, Young Master." Wan'er bowed respectfully to Qin Yu. As Wan'er watched Qin Yu enter his own room, she could only sulk quietly to herself.

"Such a rare honour to be called upon to serve the master, yet all he does is coop himself up in his own room to train. It's boring me to death!" Wan'er pouted her lips in annoyance as she entered her own room.

Qin Yu drew open the curtains as he looked down on the mass of people below, along with the occasional expert flying past his window. As he looked out, Qin Yu's brain was swiftly analysing his current situation.

"Emperor Yu should have found out about my background by now, and would definitely be searching all over for me. There is no way I will be able to stand up to him with my current strength, and I'm also much too far from the target that Uncle Lan had set out for me. Completely unlock the 'Jiang Lan Realm'? I'm not even able to open it to the first level!"

With a flip of his palm, Qin Yu took out that little green tower…

"When you are able to fully unlock this Jiang Lan Realm, that's when you will be ready to be reunited with Li'er." Qin Yu could hear Uncle Lan's words still resounding in his ears.

When Qin Yu infused his energy into the 'Jiang Lan Realm', it would start giving off pulses of green light. As Qin Yu poured more energy in, the intensity of the light would slowly increase as beads of perspiration formed upon Qin Yu's brow. After some time, Qin Yu gave up.

"No good. Looks like it requires the strength of a level 5 Golden Immortal at the very least. I am still far from that." The 'Jiang Lan Realm' responded only to a user's energy levels, rather than the offensive strength that was borne out in battle.

Only by unlocking all three levels of the 'Jiang Lan Realm' would he be able to prove himself worthy of Li'er. But exactly what level would he need to obtain before that could happen?

"I may not know how long the road will be, but as long as there is hope… I will never give up." Qin Yu's eyes flashed with determination, his heart was set. No matter how powerful the storm, he would not waver .

As he closed his eyes to rest, thoughts of his friends and family came to mind.

"I wonder how much longer father and the rest of them will have to train for, before they are able to ascend. As for Xiao Hei and Fei Fei, I wonder how they're doing in the Demon world. It will probably still be some time before we will meet again."

Finally, Qin Yu's thoughts rested on his only disciple, Han Shu. Qin Yu was very fond of Han Shu. Perhaps it was because of their similar personalities, or the similar sacrifices that they both chose to make.

Either way, the death of Han Shu was a deep blow to Qin Yu, and while it had healed over time, Qin Yu's recollection of Han Shu's death only served to reopen old wounds, releasing within Qin Yu, repressed feelings of grief, guilt, and rage.

"My only regret… is her." Qin Yu would never forget Han Shu's last words as he gave up his life for his master.

Just a few days before that, Han Shu had shyly revealed that he had fallen in love with a girl. Yet now, that love story would never be brought to fruition.

"So mysterious…" Qin Yu sighed to himself.

"Qin Yu ah, Qin Yu. You sure know how to act mysterious. If only you had told your disciple everything about yourself, and not kept any secrets from him. If only you had told him about your Jade Immortal Mansion. About your Sword Immortal Puppet. About your Ten Thousand Beast Atlas. Would things still have turned out in this terrible way?"

Qin Yu was convinced that the blame for Han Shu's death lay with him. It was his fault, and his alone.

"Emperor Yu, though Han Shu's death isn't really your fault, but it was, after all, caused by your subordinates. Besides, I also gave my promise to the Immortal Lord Ni Yang. Whether it is for that foolish disciple of mine, or for Lord Ni Yang, I've decided that this is something that I have to do."

Qin Yu's face grew calm as he came to his decision. In an instant, his body vanished.

On Qin Yu's bed was a tiny, mite-sized Jade Immortal Mansion, no larger than a speck of dust. After entering the Mansion, Qin Yu immediately started training in the 3-in-9 Soul Refinement. Based on what he knew, this was currently the fastest way to train his soul.

The training of the soul was divided into three main realms. The Human Soul, the Earth Soul, and the Heaven Soul. Qin Yu had finally stepped into the very first level of the realm of the Earth Soul. That mysterious image on his hand was also no longer the same as when he had been in the human realm of the soul.

When the 1st mark appeared on both hands, Qin Yu felt his soul consume a huge amount of power, but at the same time, a stream of energy flowed from the Meteoric Tear, and filled up the 'Earth Soul' space of his soul.

It was obvious…..

The moment he entered the 'Earth Soul' space, the rate of absorption of the benefits of the Meteoric Tear rose tremendously.

Half a month later.

In the hall of Qin Yu's room, Wan'er was standing obediently at a side, while Qin Yu was seated.

"Please take a seat, Boss Qing."

Qin Yu laughed lightly as Qing Yan took his seat opposite Qin Yu, his face full of excitement: "Young Master Xi, I've manage to contact a few old friends during this period, and finally gotten hold of an important person. He's willing to exchange a 100 pieces of top grade stones, on the condition that Young Master Xi must change it all for 10,000 pieces of high grade ones. He is not interested in the other inferior stones."

"Wow, you're quite efficient."

Qin Yu laughed and nodded: "Good, I agree to this transaction ."

The quality n of high grade stones belonging to Qin Yu can be considered the highest. This was due to Qin Yu massacring so many Golden Immortals with the aid of his Demon Army, and most of his victims cultivated with high grade stones. Consequently, their possessions and Yuanyings were high grade.

As for top grade stones, those people could never afford too much, and hence, would occasionally use one or two. They could not even bothered with the mid grade ones.

"I wonder when Master Xi will be done assembling the 10,000 high grade stones?" Qing Yan asked heartily.

Qin Yu waved his hand, and in an instant, a huge heap of high grade stones appeared in the hall, occupying almost 30% of the space. It was a huge pile of high grade stones, just like that.

Qing Yan gasped.

"There's 10,500 pieces of high grade stones here, 10,000 for the exchange and the remaining 500 for your commission, as promised." Qin Yu stated lightly.

According to their agreement, Qin Yu and Qing Yan had agreed that for every piece of top grade stone exchanged, Qing Yan would receive 5 pieces of high grade stones.

Qing Yan struggled to suppress his excitement.

Heavens, 10,000 pieces of stones, all in a pile. He himself had never seen such a scene before.

"Young Master Xi, are you not worried that I would run with this fortune?" Qing Yan looked at Qin Yu probingly.

10,000 high grade stones, that was a hundred million worth of stones.

It was enough to drive a person crazy.

"You?" Qin Yu looked at Qing Yan, "If you have the ability to take, just take. However, if you take too much, be careful that you may burn your hands. In fact, you may…even lose your life." Qin Yu raised his cup and took a light sip of his tea.

Qing Yan gripped his hands a few times: "Qing Yan, keep calm, keep calm, if you take it you will lose your life!" He muttered to himself a few times, and finally managed to calm down.

"Don't worry Young Master Xi, I will ensure that everything is handled smoothly." Qing Yan spoke confidently.

"Since Boss Qing is personally handling it, I am at ease." Qing Yu changed the topic at once. "Oh right, Boss Qing, that Emperor Yu and Blood Devil Emperor's trade, when are they holding the next one?"

Qing Yan pondered a while, looked at Qin Yu and laughed: "This, as of now, I am unsure, but there is one thing I am certain of and can let Young Master Xi know. Emperor Yu and Blood Devil Emperor are influential characters after all, their exchange will definitely be aboveboard. They would not conduct it in secret, so when it is time, Young Master Xi will naturally come to know of it."


Qin Yu considered awhile, and understood.

For a trade of such a scale, both sides would definitely mobilise their own experts.

So what if they were aboveboard? Most of those who knew of it were absolutely too weak to snatch. As for Emperor Qing, Emperor Xuan, Black Devil Emperor, etc, even if Emperor Yu and Blood Devil Emperor were to be secretive of it, they will still get wind of it. Furthermore, both Emperor Yu and Blood Devil Emperor valued face, and would not stoop to being covert.

"Rest assured Young Master Xi, before the trade happens, Emperor Yu and Blood Devil Emperor will announce to the public, even the location of the trade…both sides will prepare heavy security, and they're not afraid of anyone who wants to try disrupt." Qing Yan whispered.

Qin Yu was elated.

This Emperor Yu and Blood Devil Emperor were really crazy, to even announce the date and location a few days prior.

"Young Master Xi, let me say this: This trade between Emperor Yu and Blood Devil Emperor, those who want to show themselves will definitely be powerful experts of the Immortal Lord level, and those hiding in the shadows may even have more powerful experts, who will be able to succeed in stealing from them?"

Qing Yan expressed this profound opinion .

Qing Yan had always felt that Xi Shuang was really mysterious. Who knows, he could really be planning to steal from Emperor Yu and Blood Devil Emperor. Qing Yan was trying to warn Qin Yu: To wade into these muddy waters, it would be difficult, and he may even lose his life!

"Once news of the trade is out, just inform me at once" Qin Yu stated indifferently, "I am interested in this matter, it should be fun to observe a little."

"Sure, Young Master Xi." Qing Yan laughed, yet his heart was suspicious, "Just to observe?"

The days passed with haste, and not long after, Qing Yan successfully exchanged a hundred top grade stones for Qin Yu, and Qin Yu himself was cultivating quietly during the 3 months, and the progress for his soul refinement he made during this time was great.

Hao Yue Inn 2nd level.

"Have you heard? His Majesty Emperor Yu and Blood Devil Emperor has arranged for the trade to take place 7 days later at the Blue Fiery Cloud Inn. We definitely must go check it out. Previously, there had been people who tried to stir trouble. Too bad, we missed it."

"You might not have seen it, but I sure did! The troublemaker was really strong, at least an Immortal Lord. That battle was really fierce, at the end, many experts made their move, some died, some escaped."

2 Golden Immortals were drinking and discussing the events at a side.

These discussions were springing up everywhere on Blue Flame Star. Because it was not considered a secret, most of the immortals or devil experts were discussing without a care.

Similarly, Qin Yu had already received the news two days previously.

And at this moment, Qin Yu was sitting by the window drinking his wine.

"Blue Fiery Cloud Inn, 7 days later….who knows how many experts will take action then." Qin Yu thought to himself, then tilted his head backwards to take a huge gulp from his wine cup, and gazed towards the clouds, "Regardless, I will make my move!"

Wan'er, who was sitting obediently beside, poured wine diligently for Qin Yu.

Blue Fiery Cloud Inn, this was a palace built in the clouds, split into 3 levels. Its entire body was blue in colour, and its top designed to look like a flame. Even though it had only 3 levels, its interior was massive, exceeding a few hundred metres for both length and width.

Far above the skies, amongst the enormous clouds, was the huge magnificent palace – Blue Fiery Cloud Inn.

Inside one of the humble rooms on the 3rd level, there were 2 people.

A man dressed in green, with a long sword on his back. It was the attire of a Sword Immortal. The other person was dressed entirely in dark red robes, in contrast with his long white hair, and the cold gaze in his eyes.

The green clothed Sword Immortal was one of the 18 Immortal Lords under Emperor Yu's command – 'Green Blood Sword Immortal' Zhi Bai.

Being a Sword Immortal of a Level 7 Mystic Immortal strength, his power was estimated to be within the top 10 in the entire Immortal Realm, and appearance of such a character at Blue Fiery Cloud Inn would definitely surprise those who knew. Even if there was security required for the items, it should not have warranted the appearance of a Level 7 Mystic Immortal.

The white long hair man with that icy aura was also not someone simple.

Blood Devil Emperor was without a doubt, the strongest on the Blood Devil Path, and the person second to him was the legendary 'White Hair Blood Devil' – Xue Yi Leng! Similarly, he was an expert with the strength of a Level 7 Demon Emperor.

2 such powerful exponents were actually gathered here.

Both of them were apathetic people, but currently, they were actually smiling while talking.

If the people who knew them saw that the Green Blood Sword Immortal and White Hair Blood Devil were actually talking and laughing, it would definitely come as a shock. It was a rare sight to even see them smile.

"Brother Zhi Bai, how long has it been since we last met?" Xue Yi Leng laughed lightly.

"I think….a million years." Green Blood Sword Immortal Zhi Bai also had a smile on his face, "I still recall the scene all those years back. During the slaughter in the Devil Realm, if it hadn't been for you….I would have died at the hands of someone. I can still feel my blood boil thinking of it.."

Xue Yi Leng laughed: "Yes…..At that time, even I thought I was going to die. Who knew at my moment of desperation I would meet you, under the same circumstances of being pursued. Never would have thought that the 2 of us would manage to live on."

Zhi Bai sighed: "At that time, I was only a Level 9 Golden Immortal. You were also the same. As we killed our way out, I suddenly advanced to the Level 1 Immortal Lord, and at the same time did away with a Level 3 Devil Emperor, 2 Level 1 Devil Emperors, and countless Devil Kings!"

Both of them became quiet while reminiscing.

At that time, caught in the middle of that fierce fighting, constantly hovering on the edge of life and death, how could they ever forget that their entire lives? This was also the reason why they became sworn brothers.

The reason Emperor Yu could forge a good relationship with Blood Devil Emperor, was precisely because of the 2 of them as well.

"This time, the two of us are together again. It is just that we do not know if the experts sent by Black Devil Emperor, Asura Devil Emperor, Emperor Qing, Emperor Xuan and others, would be enough for us to kill to our satisfaction!"

Xue Yi Leng laughed aloud, Zhi Bai joined in as well.

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