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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 26: Gathering of all sides

Translated by: Phillip Si

Edited by: Librophile

"Yi Leng, no matter how many people come it isn't enough for us to kill." Zi Bai laughed and said.

Xue Yi Leng hesitated then laughed, "Haha, that makes sense, Brother Bai. Back then when we fought together, our coordination was almost perfect, but, after so many years, what will happen?"

"Coordination?" Zhi Bai smiled lightly. "If you and I work together, how many people will the Immortal, Devil, and Demon Realms have?"

Zhi Bai's tone was forceful.

But even if people with the status of Emperor Yu heard it, they wouldn't doubt what they heard, because Zhi Bai and Xue Yi Leng's attacks were fierce and their killing intent were at the top of the Mystic Immortals, the Level Seven Mystic Immortal Level.

When he just reached a Level One Mystic Immortal, Zhi Bai killed a Level Three Devil Emperor in the Devil Realm. No one could doubt his powerful offence.

The two of them also have a deep understanding forged between Zhi Bai and Xue Yi Leng that year when they went through countless life and death situations together. This understanding has already sunk deep into their subconsciousness.

"That is correct. If we work together, even if the Black Devil Emperor were to come, he couldn't do anything to us. The present that the Black Devil Emperor gave me that year, I remember it. Even now, I still can't grasp of a way to defeat him." Xue Yi Leng's eyes flashed with a cold light.

That year, the person who tried to kill the two of them was the Black Devil Emperor himself.

Zhi Bai lightly laughed. "Which one do you still remember? I have long forgotten it. That year, if it wasn't for the Black Devil Emperor's help, my understanding of the 'Green Blood Sword Technique" wouldn't be so deep!"

"Whatever, don't bring this up again." Xue Yi Leng shook his head and laughed, "His Majesty Emperor Yu's transaction is obviously a trap to capture the enemy's experts. But what are the goods they are trading? I'm not so sure about this."

"The goods this time aren't small, In order to attract the enemy's experts, this deal has a lot of cherished treasure." Zhi Bai lightly smiled. "You know, for people of our level, except for divine grade and other treasure's of that rank, everything else is useless."

Level Two or Three Mystic Immortals might still be attracted to money and wealth.

But Level Six and Seven Immortal Lords did not care for worldly possessions, they will try every single way to improve their attack and their Spirit Boundary. For them, strength is the most important.

"So in order to attract the experts, this time within the goods…there is a piece of divine grade equipment." Zhi Bai lowered his voice.

"Ah? Divine Grade!" Xue Yi Leng was shocked.

Zhi Bai smiled and nodded his head, "If this message doesn't have an accident and arrives to Emperor Xuan, Lord Su and his allies will know about it, and they will definitely sent experts over.

"Zhi Bai, if experts of the same level as Emperor Xuan and Devil Emperor Xiu Luo personally come then what will happen?" Xue Yi Leng suddenly said.

"Personally?" Zhi Bai shook his head. "Whatever position they are in, if they really come and try to take the goods, I will order the immediate cancellation of the deal. At the same time, I will bind the Divine Equipment with my blood. I trust that with my strength, although I wouldn't be able to fight with them, it will not be much of a problem to escape.

Xue Yi Leng thought for a moment then nodded his head, "Yes, if that really happens, that's the only way."

"Yi Leng. The probability that it will happen is too low. All we have to do is rest and wait for the day when countless people are in the Blue Fiery Cloud Inn. We will begin the slaughter then." Zhi Bai's eyes flashed with cruelty.

Zhi Bai, one of the most horrible killers under Emperor Yu's command.

Xue Yi Leng, a Blood Devil who originally became famous by killing people with Zhi Bai.

Two killing experts together; this time Emperor Yu and the Blood Devil Emperor were really cruel to the opponents and told Zhi Bai and Xue Yi Leng to kill until their hearts hurt. After all, the previous transactions already caused the two great powers to feel troubled.

If you kill the enemy enough to frighten them, they won't bother you again.

"Do not have the slightest hesitation, the more experts we kill the better. We want to make the future transactions have absolute safety." These were the orders of Emperor Yu and the Blood Devil Emperor.

Time passed very slowly. Especially with the anticipation, the days passed even more slowly.

Blue Flame Planet gathered more and more experts during this time period. Every time the Emperor Yu and the Blood Devil Emperor met, there would be many random killings. This could also be considered a special feature of the trade.

Most people came just to see the fights between experts at the level of Immortal Emperors.

Normally, when can you see Immortal Emperors act? An opportunity like this doesn't come often.


Cold air outside, Qin Yu opened the window, looking at the endless night. He couldn't sleep at all.

Tomorrow was the date of the transaction.

“Tomorrow I will act again. When Emperor Yu comes, I will already be on the Blue Fiery Planet, so it looks like we will have to move it forward.” Qin Yu made a complicated smile. He did not worry about escaping.

Whether his identity got leaked, he still had to see what happens at that time.

If Yu Qing Zi and Immortal Lord Qian Qi weren’t here and he didn’t use the Atlas of Ten Thousand Beasts, the probability that his identity would be revealed is very low, as no one else is very familiar with him.

“Han Shu, I will one day kill Yu Qing Zi and Immortal Lord Qian Qi to avenge you. As for now, I'll get some interest." Qin Yu slowly said in his heart.

His gaze shifted towards the endless night.

Qin Yu just stood like this…

The night passed, and the sky started to light up. A distant star hung in the sky. Today, the Blue Fiery Planet was bustling with people in the air. Many of them were flying headed for the Blue Fiery Inn.


Wan Er stood outside the door, she had already watched over Qin Yu for the entire night.

Qin Yu took in a cool breath of air and turned to look at Wan Er. "Wan Er, today things are going to get very dangerous. It's best if you don't show yourself here, go back to the Atlas of Ten Thousand Beasts."

"Yes, Master." Wan Er nodded her head. She already knew long before that this would happen, and her heart was moved. She then returned to the Atlas of Ten Thousand Beasts.

From Qin Yu’s body another one split out. It was the Sword Immortal Puppet.

A fragment of his soul sunk into the Immortal Sword Puppet, and Qin Yu put his original body within the Atlas of Ten Thousand Beasts. For today’s purpose, the Sword Immortal Puppet’s body was safer.

After changing the face of the Sword Immortal Puppet. His shadow flickered and his figure disappeared from the windowside, going into the clouds.

“So many people.”

Qin Yu concentrated a little bit and discovered that with a few hundred meters, there were four or five experts flying towards the Blue Fiery Inn. However, with just a little of his divine sense, he found that there were many experts coming.

“Brother, are you also going to the Blue Fire Cloud Inn?” A large chinned blue cloaked man with a long beard flew to Qin Yu’s side. “I am called Lu Ba, a Devil Realm Black Devil School’s practitioner.”

Qin Yu smiled lightly, “You can call me Qin. I come from the Silver Stream Galaxy.”

“Oh, the Silver Stream Galaxy. That is the territory of the Immortals. I just like to make friends, so, if Brother Qin doesn’t object, how about we go to the Blue Fire Cloud Inn?” Lu Ba personally came to invite him, which seemed very nice.

Qin Yu smiled while nodding his head.

Then the two people flew together, and their flying speed was not too fast. After all, there is a period of time until the transaction will start.

“Brother Qin, when we arrive at the Blue Fire Cloud Inn, we should stay farther away.” Lu Ba said. “This big transaction, I have already come to see it two times. Once, I almost lost my life.”

"It involves the bystanders?" Qin Yu was puzzled.

Lu Ba nodded his head in fear and asked, "Brother Qin, you haven't seen it before?"

"This is my first time coming to the Blue Fiery Planet." Qin Yu honestly said.

Lu Ba has considerably more experience than Qin Yu. "Brother Qin, you power is greater than mine, but you haven't reached the Immortal Lord or the Devil Emperor level yet, right? When the transaction happens, the people who usually act are at the level of the Immortal Lords or Demon Lords."

"Since Brother Qin has not seen that you don't know, when that level of experts start fighting, just an unintentional wave of Sword Qi can be fatal for us." Lu Ba exclaimed. "But sometimes, even staying far away is no use. While they kill they also fly, and maybe they suddenly fly next to you. If a stray energy wave hits you, you're finished."

"Lu Ba, then why do you still come?" Qin Yu asked back.

Everything that Lu Ba said, Qin Yu could already imagine it. Several great Immortal Lords and Devil Emperors experts fighting against each other, that kind of scene was easy to imagine.After all, experts of the Immortal Lord level release their power, a planet can be completely destroyed!

Lu Ba frustratingly said, "Relying on our own cultivation speed is too low, so watching the Immortal Lord and Devil Emperor experts fighting can also help. Not only that…the opportunities to see the Immortal Lord and Devil Emperor fighting are too few.

Qin Yu nodded his head.

The status of the Immortal Lords and Devil Emperors experts were already very high in the world, it was like they were in a different territory altogether.

When Qin Yu was fighting with Yu Qing Zi that time, it was only because Qin Yu's speed was very fast and he attacked without a care for his life. But for some reason, Yu Qing Zu managed to always block Qin Yu's attacks.

Qin Yu's attacks hadn't touched the opponent's body.

Qin Yu could tell that the speed of Yu Qing Zi’s sword wasn’t fast. Why is it that each time he could always block it? And he himself would always get knocked back. This was incredibly mysterious, it was just that the Qin Yu right now couldn’t feel it.

While talking, the two finally came within sight of the Blue Fiery Cloud Inn.

Above the clouds, sunlight reflected off the Blue Fiery Cloud Inn, giving everyone a sense of brilliance from the Blue Fiery Cloud Inn.

The sound of greeting, laughter, and fiery curses…sound of every kind came from around the Blue Fiery Cloud Inn, making it supremely noisy. Qin Yu couldn’t help but frown as he flew. Then he could see the people standing at the cloud level near the Blue Fiery Cloud Inn.

“There are at least tens of thousands and close to a hundred thousand people here.” Lu Ba confirmed.

“It’s also possible that it’s over a hundred thousand.”

Qin Yu couldn’t help but look at the sea of clouds crowded with people. In fact, this was nothing. The Immortal, Devil, and Demon Realms had too many people. Any single galaxy could have this many people.”

"Even the normal Immortal, no… even Kongming Stage Xiuzhenists came?” Lu Ba swept the surrounding area with his eyes.

Qin Yu also looked around and found many normal Immortals. Except for a few Xiuzhenists who didn’t know what was going on, most of the Xiuzhenists came with their elders.

A Xiuzhenist wants to observe a battle between Immortal Lords?

If something happened, they wouldn’t even have time to escape, but if a Xiuzhenist could see a battle between Immortal Lords, he can already be proud of that.

“Lu Ba, will we go into the Blue Fiery Cloud Inn, or will we stay outside with that many people?” Qin Yu inquired.

Lu Ba smiled, “Brother Qin, going into the Blue Fiery Cloud Inn? Stop joking, look how many people are in the Blue a Fiery Cloud Inn right now?”

Qin Yu spread out his divine sense.

When he spread his divine sense, Qin Yu was shocked completely.

“Experts, so many experts!” Qin Yu immediately dispersed his divine sense before it could attract the attention of those great experts. The experts who were sensitive to divine sense felt it, but it was only the divine sense of a Level Two Golden Immortal, so they didn’t care. They also thought that Qin Yu was unable to find them.

Qin Yu cast a glance to his left.

To his left four hundred meters away, there stood a white clothed woman and a dirt yellow clothed man. These two people were inconspicuous within the large group, but because of Qin Yu’s Meteoric Tear, he could clearly feel that the power of these two…were greater than Yu Qing Zi.

Immortal Lord level experts.

Qin Yu also cast a glance at the tall thin Devil practitioner not far ahead of them.

“Devil Emperor level expert.” He wasn’t able to clearly determine the person’s level but he was able to tell that practitioner could pose a great threat to him.

And not far from that tall and thin man was an indifferent young man.

“An even more terrifying Devil Emperor level expert.”

Qin Yu felt envy in his heart.

Heavens, it is rare to see a Immortal Lord or Devil Emperor at all. And today he only partly spread his divine sense, which didn’t cover the whole area, and he already found so many Immortal Lords and Devil Emperors.

No wonder so many people gathered here. The majority of them were here to look at the fight scenes between Immortal Lords and Devil Emperors.

“Brother Luo Yu, fly a little bit more steadier.”

A crisp voice sounded not far behind. Qin Yu couldn’t help but turn back and look.

Only to see a depressed young man unsteadily flying. Next to him was a very sweet girl with attractive big eyes. Qin Yu had a very good impression of the pretty girl when he saw her.

“It’s another two Immortal Lord level experts.”

Qin Yu was speechless. Even this depressed youth and pretty girl were experts of the Immortal Lord level?

“Lu Ba, how many Immortal Lords or Devil Emperors appeared last time?” Qin Yu faced the nearby Lu Ba and asked.

Lu Ba excitedly replied, “Last time four Immortal Lord and Devil Emperor experts appeared. My whole life, the only time I’ve seen Immortal Lords and Devil Emperors were in the Blue Fiery Cloud Inn. I haven’t seen them anywhere else.

Qin Yu was very surprised.

Last time there were only four, but this time he spread out his divine sense a little and found so many Immortal Lords and Devil Emperors.

"This time Emperor Yu and the Blood Devil Emperor's transaction doesn't seem to be the same as the ones before. The number of Immortal Lords and Devil Emperors are unusually high…" Qin Yu looked at the mountains and seas of people around him, and he thought of a scene involuntarily.

Once they start fighting, how many of the millions of people around them will be affected and how many will be killed?

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