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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 24 Hibernation

Translated by: kikutatakeo

Edited by: Surjit

Qing Yan, the owner of Hao Yue Inn, can be considered one of Blue Flame Star's underground bosses, and the wealth he possesses can rival that of Amber Moon Star's major clans. There are numerous influential people on Blue Flame Star, and people like Liu Ming Weng and Yan Gao would only be considered average if they come to Blue Flame Star.

On Blue Flame Star, the likes of the influential people on the level of those from Amber Moon Star are many. From this, it can be seen that Blue Moon Star is truly worth its reputation. Here, there may be top-tier experts who may even have had the opportunity to see Immortals or Devils of the King level.

Hao Yue Inn's boss Qing Yan had gotten to know this Young Master Xi Shuang just a fortnight ago.

He could remember Young Master Xi Shuang mainly because…. Young Master Xi Shuang was truly generous. The cost of a staying a night at Hao Yue Inn was a hundred stones, yet when Young Master Xi Shuang came, he casually placed a deposit of 10 pieces of high grade holy elemental stones, and just said: "Just deduct the cost of my accommodation and meals from these. Let me know if it's not enough."

10 pieces of high grade holy elemental stones, it was worth ten thousand stones!

It was definitely enough for Young Master Xi Shuang to stay here. Influential customers like him were rare, mainly because those intending to stay long would rather rent a place or purchase a house directly. Very few would stay at the inn.

Hao Yue Inn had 18 levels, level 7 to 17 were the guests' rooms and every room was spacious.

That time, Qing Yan drank with Young Master Xi Shuang at the same table.

The moment Qing Yan saw Young Master Xi Shuang's maidservant, he knew that he was not a common man, as this maidservant's prowess was equal to a Level 6 Demon King, and was just standard. Furthermore, Young Master Xi Shuang seemed to give off an aura of a Level 2 or 3 Golden Immortal.

The master is weaker than the maidservant?

This can only mean that this master must belong to some huge clan. Otherwise, to get someone so much stronger to do his bidding, would definitely be out of the question.

"Young Master Xi, have you gotten used to this place during this past fortnight?" Qing Yan laughed, walking to his side.

"Sit." The youth dressed in blue smiled.

“What is Boss Qing Yan rushing out for?” The youth in blue laughed lightly and asked. Qing Yan was a little startled, the youth continued casually, “If it’s supposed to be secretive then there’s no need to answer, I won’t press further.”

The maidservant who had always been quiet, lashed out: “The young master asked you a question, what are you making a face for.”

“Wan’er.” The youth looked at Wan’er, and she immediately held her tongue.

Qing Yan laughed aloud: “Master Xi, there’s no need to blame Miss Wan’er, there’s nothing secretive about my trip. Most of the time, Hao Yue Inn receives low grade holy elemental stones as payment, rarely do we get mid grade ones. High grade stones are even rarer. Therefore, usually over a period of time, our inn will accumulate huge amounts of low and middle grade stones, I’m just thinking of exchanging for high grade ones.”


The youth understood, “That’s true, the prices here are only so so, why would people use high grade stones? Oh right, the low and middle grade stones that you have right now, where will you go to exchange them?”

Qing Yan chuckled: “Master Xi would not know this. Like I wish to exchange upwards, there are people who want to exchange for the lesser currency as well. Having stayed here for so many years, I have my ways.”

The youth smiled and nodded: “With regards to the understanding of this Blue Flame Star, my knowledge cannot match Boss Qing Yan’s.”

“There’s no need to say that. Young Master usually would have his servants to help with his affairs. How can you be expected to handle all these cumbersome matters? Not knowing some underground matters is normal.” Qing Yan immediately replied heartily.

Qing Yan has long felt that Young Master Xi Shuang was not from a common background.

It was not just the simple matter of observing his maidservant. The way he carries himself, that aloof and elegant aura. Most of the guests of Hao Yue Inn belonged to the Level 8 or 9 Golden Immortal/Devil King realms.

However, this Young Master Xi Shuang did not even seem to care about them.

The youth smiled lightly: “Speaking about exchanging currency, I suddenly recall something I need to trouble Boss Qing Yan with.”

“Please don’t stand on ceremony, if it’s within my capabilities, I will definitely provide my assistance.” Qing Yan spoke at once.

The youth nodded: “Lately, I’ve been thinking of cultivating, the only problem is that my stash of top grade holy elemental stones is too little, and the high grade ones are not enough for me to absorb. I wish to seek Boss Qing Yan to help me exchange my high grade stones for top grade ones.”

Qing Yan was stifled.

He scolded in his heart: “What the hell!! Using high grade stones for cultivation is not enough? Even I feel the pinch when I use just one high grade stone each time.”

Fortunately, the youth had erected a small barrier isolating their exchange, otherwise the other customers would have cursed him equally if they had heard his words.

At the same time, Qing Yan became even more certain.

This Young Master Xi Shuang must be from a big clan, with only the strength of a Level 2 or 3 Golden Immortal, his training already requires the usage of top grade holy elemental stones, just 1 piece of top grade holy elemental stone is worth a million.

It can be estimated how vast his wealth was.

“Exchanging for top grade stones….” Qing Yan thought deeply and after a moment, smiled bitterly, “Master Xi, although I have my means, I usually only exchange for high grade stones, as to top grade ones…..I did exchange a few times, but only a few at that.”

Young Master Xi Shuang smiled mildly: “I know you’re familiar with the channels here, I won’t let you work for nothing.”

Qing Yan heart leapt a beat upon hearing this.

He knows when such an influential character promised him something, then the rewards for his efforts will definitely be huge.

After pondering a while again, Qing Yan’s eyes shone with determination, and looked at Young Master Xi Shuang: “Master Xi, this time I will do my best and try for your sake. How many are you intending to exchange for?”

Young Master Xi Shuang took a light sip of his wine, and smiled lightly: “Do your best, a hundred is not considered little, nor is a thousand considered much, of course….. the more the better. I have plenty to exchange .”

"Gulp….", Qing Yan swallowed.

He felt his heart trembling.

A hundred is not considered little?

A hundred top grade holy elemental stones was worth a billion, even if Qing Yan was to pool his entire fortune, it barely came to that much. Hearing Master Xi's tone, it really sounded like it meant nothing to him.

Seeing Qing Yan's expression, Young Master Xi Shuang smiled to himself.

What does a billion mean to himself?

During the battle at Amber Moon Star, the number of Level 9 Golden Immortals killed was huge. Even the dead Level 8 Golden Immortals numbered in the 100s. The divine beasts under his command managed to obtain the Yuanyings and spatial rings of those they killed.

This was Qin Yu's command from the get go.

Pillaging treasures during the slaughter, it was perfectly normal.

Level 8 and 9 Golden Immortals, even the poor ones had more than 10 million, the rich had at least 10 billion. Amongst those that Qin Yu killed, the richest was naturally Immortal Lord Xia Hua, he was after all an Immortal Lord, his fortune was alone worth almost 50 billion.

When combining all that wealth, he easily exceeded 100 billion.

Furthermore, at that time, the three emissaries Hua Yan, Ao Feng and Du Zhong Jun possessed a lot of treasures, even if they did not have as many stones. The sum of the wealth from those 3 was also unbelievable .

If one was to count treasures also, Qin Yu himself possessed over a 100 pieces of top grade divine equipment, and over a 1000 pieces of high grade ones.

"Xi Shuang, Xi Shuang….. Wan'er actually feels that this name is feminine." Qin Yu smiled self-deprecatingly.

Xi Shuang. It was an alias Qin Yu had invented for himself.

The battle at Amber Moon Star.

At the last moment, Qin Yu had dodged like lightning, and relied on the continuous use of Greater Teleportation to move from planet to planet, for over 3 days and 3 nights.

From one planet to another planet.

Fortunately, Qin Yu possessed the comprehensive map of the Indigo Bay Star Field, and knew which planets were safe, which were not. It was like this that Qin Yu made his way through planets. One moment an entirely deserted one, the next, a populated one.

This was how he spent three whole days, and at the end after exiting the Silver Stream Star System, he managed to recollect himself, changed his appearance, and sent Kong Lan, Tu Gang and Dan Meng back into the Atlas. After which he made his way to Blue Flame Star through the relaxing means of the teleportation arrays.

Even if he met patrols along the way, no one could recognize Qin Yu.

With the aid of the Meteoric Tear, even if Yu Qing Zi and Immortal Lord Qian Qi came personally, they would not be able to even discover his breath. His Dark Star had perfectly condensed, and currently rested at the dantian’s deepest and smallest spot.

At this point of time, Qin Yu arrived at Blue Flame Star.

Knowing that Emperor Yu would definitely lie in wait along the way to the Demon Realm, Qin Yu decided to lead a quiet life. And therefore Qin Yu decided to bide his time at the most vibrant place in the Indigo Bay Star Field, Blue Flame Star.

Qin Yu knew that Emperor Yu would have ordered his subordinates to keep a look out for the existence of Level 9 Demon Kings.

Appearance of even a single Level 9 Demon King aroused suspicions of the Beast Atlas being nearby.

The bustling activity on Blue Flame Star can be disconcerting. There were many experts from all three realms here as well. Qin Yu decided to choose a Rabbit of the Level 6 Demon King strength; here this type of strength was not noteworthy.

Qin Yu even went the extra mile to instruct ‘Wan’er’ to address himself as ‘Young Master’, instead of ‘Mi’lord’.

Like this, a maidservant Wan’er and a young master Xi Shuang led a life unnoticed by many. How would the underlings of Emperor Yu be able to find them?

"Young Master Xi, a hundred, that kind of exchange, I don't have that ability." Qing Yan exclaimed helplessly.

Qin Yu was not worried at all.

In the aftermath of the battle at Amber Moon Star, he obtained so many spatial rings. In them he found quite a few top grade holy elemental stones, the total number was shocking! Especially Immortal Lord Xia Hua's. It could be because of his position and status, or because his cultivation required the use of top grade holy elemental stones, but he possessed over a whopping 200 pieces of them!

"Do what you can, just exchange as much as you can, for every 1 piece of top grade holy elemental stones that you change, your commission will be 5 pieces of high grade ones." Qin Yu's had a light smile.

Qing Yan's eyes brightened, and his breathing became rougher.

"Rest assured Master Xi, I will do my best to help you exchange enough top grade holy elemental stones." Qing Yan's manner had changed completely, he had obviously decided to make full use of his channels and means to assist this youth.

For every top grade holy elemental stone he exchanged, he would get 5 pieces of high grade ones.

That is to say, if he managed to exchange for 500 pieces of top grade stones, he would earn 2500 high grade ones, that would mean a fortune of 25 million!

"Regarding this matter of exchange, whatever you can change for me during the period that I am staying here, I will accept that amount." Qin Yu laughed, "I still have to seek your advice on another matter."

"Please go ahead, Master Xi." Qing Yan was definitely motivated.

Qin Yu's eyes twinkled, "Boss Qing Yan, I heard that 10 years ago, the Emperor Yu and the Blood Devil Lord from the Devil realm forged a good trading relationship, right?"

"That's right." Qing Yan had a look of envy, "Emperor Yu and the Blood Devil Lord, both of them are supreme characters. Their agreement, has led their wealth to reach truly frightening proportions . 10 years ago, their newly formed friendship was a huge event on Blue Flame Star. At that time, there was a Level 8 Golden Immortal assisting Emperor Yu to facilitate the negotiations, called Yu Dian if I recall correctly."


Qin Yu nodded lightly.

This time, he had two motives for staying at Blue Flame Star. One was to hide amongst the numerous experts of both sides of the law. Naturally it would be safe. The second was to investigate!

Investigate about Emperor Yu!

The agreement between him and Blood Devil King, allowed for the strength of these 2 super powers to grow even more.

There trade agreement related to items specially belonging to the Immortal Realm, and some only native to the Devil Realm. Thus, the agreement was beneficial to both.

It was just that such an investigation was not so simple. Qin Yu had to make sure he understood everything thoroughly, before making his move. At that point of time, he would also make use of the Immortal Puppet’s identity.

“How often is the trade conducted?” Qin Yu continued asking.

“I am not very sure but I think that they conduct their trade once every 3 years. Even then, it is not fixed. Sometimes it could be once in 4 years. This is only hearsay, but I heard Emperor Xuan, Emperor Qing, even the Black Devil Lord and Asura Devil Lord from the Devil Realm want to sabotage the trade agreement.

Qing Yan continued speaking to himself, “Ah, just Emperor Yu and Blood Devil Lord, their partnership has increased their strength. Damn it, every time they do a trade, if one manages to steal that, it would be worth at least a 100 billion.”

“So the other Immortal Lords, and Devil Kings have been plotting in the shadows too.”

“No, it can’t be said ‘in the shadows’.” Qing Yan hurriedly said, “There’s no one here on Blue Flame Star that does not know. As long as there are people who can think, they will be able to guess. However, since the agreement is important to a lot of people under Emperor Yu and Blood Devil King, hence there hasn’t been any issues.”

Qin Yu understood, this was all conjecture of people on Blue Flame Star.

It was just that the possibility of this information being positive was still huge.

“Young Master Xi, why are you asking all these? Don’t tell me…..” Qing Yan thought of a possibility.

Since this Young Master Xi was so generous, he must definitely belong to some super huge and strong family. It was likely that the family had their motives and wanted to take action as well.

Qing Yan knew, regardless of realm, there were many strong individuals other than the strongest Emperor Yu, Emperor Xuan, Emperor Qing, Blood Devil King, etc, and the strength they possess may not necessarily be lesser.

“Be careful of what you say.” Qin Yu smiled lightly.

Qing Yan immediately broke into laughter: “Ha ha, it was a joke.” However, he thought: “Who knows, this Young Master Xi’s family could really be thinking of planning a heist.”

Qing Yan was a small character in this boundless world, with regards to having designs on matters of importance like this, he only dared to dream about it.

Qin Yu lifted and finished his cup of wine.

“Boss Qing Yan, regarding the exchange of currency, I have to trouble you already.” Qin Yu stood up, “Wan’er, let’s go back.” After which, Qin Yu dispelled the barrier.

“Yes, Young Master.” Wan’er hurriedly stood up beside Qin Yu.

“Young Master Xi, please take care.” Qing Yan smiled and bowed lightly.

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