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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 23:Xi Shuang

Translated by: Phillip

Edited by: Surjit

The Liu family Patriarch, Liu Yun Lu was petrified at the moment. The shockwaves from the battle in the sky added to his worry and fear. Whether it was the Jade Sword School on the one side or Qin Yu on the other, the two side's strength was so strong that it was scary.

"Over three hundred Golden Immortals, and the weakest are the Level Eight Golden Immortals, what strength is this?" Liu family Patriarch's heart trembled.

When that Level Eight Golden Immortal Wu Bo contacted the Liu family Patriarch and the Liu family Elders, he had revealed that the lowest level of the experts coming were Level Eight Golden Immortals and the Liu family Patriarch was also aware of the number of combatants.

Since, the planet's teleportation array was under the control of the Liu family, therefore, the Liu family was always aware of the number of visitors, however many they may be.

"That Qin Yu's background is too big, even when compared to the Jade Sword School you can't tell who is stronger." Liu family head remembered the Great Elder being killed and he felt his legs grow soft like jelly. "If the Jade Sword School wins, then they might blame my Liu family because Qin Yu is a honored guest. If Qin Yu wins, since he could kill the Great Elder, he could also easily exterminate my Liu family."

No matter who won, it wasn't good for the Liu family.

The Liu Jia family head could only see darkness ahead of him.

The sounds of the explosions slowly faded away , the Liu family head felt that the blood-red night slowly begin to revert back to its tranquility, like the calm in the aftermath of a storm. It was so eerily quiet that any slight noise could be heard clearly. This caused the Liu family head to become even more distressed.

Sitting in the study, the Liu family head's mental state was very unstable.


A chain of piercing sounds rang outside the study, and the Liu family head's face started to lose color.

"Liu Yun Lu, come out." A thundering voice came from outside the study.

"What was supposed to come has came." The Liu family head still felt depressed as he stood up straight, opened the door, and went out. Outside stood Yu Qing Zi's side, enraged like a bull.

Yu Qing Zi and Immortal Lord Qian Qi, led the surviving seventy to eighty Golden Immortals behind them. When they came, the Level Eight and Level Nine Golden Immortals numbered over two hundred seventy, and now almost two hundred had died, including an Immortal Lord.

"Liu Yun Lu, this is my Jade Sword School's school head, who is the elder generation of Immortal Lord Qian Qi." A Level Nine Golden Immortal shouted.

Liu Yun Lu immediately bowed and said, "Liu Yun Lu greets the elder generation."

At this time, Liu Yun Lu didn't seem at all nervous. When a man's fear reached the limit, they would resemble the present Liu Yun Lu, no longer afraid of anything, since he had already prepared for the worst.

"Are you the Liu family Patriarch?" Yu Qing Zi's gaze was cold.

"Yes." Liu Yun Lu bent to bow.

Yu Qing Zi slowly said, "The Emperor Yu has ordered the arrest or death of Qin Yu's martial elder. However, this time that guy managed to escape. Although we searched the whole Amber Moon Planet for Qin Yu but we couldn't find a trace of him. What happened?"

"I know that the teleportation array on the Amber Moon Planet is controlled by your Liu family. He can't leave without your Liu family knowing, right?" Yu Qing Zi asked.

Liu Yun Lu thought in his mind, and concluded, "Qin Yu's power has reached the Golden Immortal Level. I think he got information beforehand. It might not be impossible that he then used "Greater Teleportation" to escape to another planet."

Yu Qing Zi's hid his dark expression, and the nearby Immortal Lord Qi Qian also was upset.

This time they lost badly. Yu Qing Zi was so mad that he wanted to go on a killing spree. If he had to continue to suppress his anger, Yu Qing Zi would go go crazy from it. In this skirmish, their Jade Sword School lost so many of their elite disciples, and the number of second generation disciples was also reduced to two.

In the Silver Stream Galaxy, this number of experts was far from enough to maintain prestige. Feng Yu Zi's position with Emperor Yu would also decline.

Immortal Lord Qin Qi similarly failed in his tasks. Although the galaxy he was in control of wasn't the Indigo Bay Star Field, but he didn't finish the highly important and sensitive task given by Emperor Yu. Of course Immortal Lord Qin Qi wasn't happy.

"Tell me everything that you know about Qin Yu, especially where Qin Yu could have gone." Immortal Lord Qian Qi spoke out.

Immortal Lord Qin Qi and Yu Qing Zi had already ordered for those people who had fought with Qin Yu in close quarters to be treated. They believed they had no chance of finding Qin Yu's martial elder, so they could only find Qin Yu now.

"Where could Qin Yu be now?" Liu Yun Lu pondered solemnly.

Immortal Lord Qian Qi and Yu Qing Zi stared at Liu Yun Lu.

"Ah, it could be that." Liu Yun Lu's eyes suddenly lit up and he hurriedly said, "Two elders, that year when Qin Yu first came to the Amber Moon Planet he had requested from us an Interstellar Map for the Demon Realm. We talked many times, and it seems that Qin Yu always wanted to go to the Demon Realm.

Immortal Lord and Yu Qing Zi felt their hearts leap with happiness.

"Demon Realm?" The two great Immortal Lords opened their eyes.

"Tell me, is there any other way to find Qin Yu?" Immortal Lord Qian Qi inquired again. They wanted to suck all the information that Liu Yun Lu knew.

Liu Yun Lu thought for a long time, then helplessly shook his head.

Yu Qing Zi's eyes flashed angrily and he asked again, "In your entire Liu family, other than you and the Great Elder, who else was close to Qin Yu?"

"None, even if there were they're all dead now." Liu Yun Lu replied as he thought of Liu Han Shu.

When Liu Yun Lu found out the Great Elder had died, he also found that Liu Han Shu's soul jade slip had also shattered in the soul jade slip hidden storage.

Yu Qing Zi and Immortal Lord Qian Qi were stuck on the Amber Moon Planet doing nothing for a whole day. They carefully searched every spiderweb and horse print. Finally they could only dejectedly head back to Red Leaf Star.

An ethereal white tent floated in the air, playing hide and seek with the drifting clouds.

Within the tent.

A purple robed middle-aged man sat alone in the middle, with a cup of tea on the small table in front of him. On the other side was a green clothed sword immortal who had no more information to disclose.

"A very strong defense? Suspected to have a divine grade battle armor?"

The corner of Emperor Huang's mouth held a trace of a smile. "Looks like it might really be Ni Yang's 'Black Snow' Divine Grade Battle Armor. That person was able to kill Xia Hua, looks like he's around a Level Nine Immortal or a Level One Immortal Lord.

"There were a lot of Level Eight and Level Nine Demon Kings?"

Emperor Yu looked at Soul Transmission Talisman's information and shook his head as he laughed. "That time Hua Yan sent me some information that the Atlas of Ten Thousand Beast was obtained by Qin Yu's martial uncle 'Lan Feng'. Looks like that person who slaughtered everyone really is that Lan Feng, but why would he only send out Demon Kings? His power level should be that of a Level Nine Golden Immortal."

From these several scraps of information, Emperor Yu had already deduced some new ones.

Since he already knew that there was the Divine Grade "Atlas of Ten Thousand Beasts" and "Black Snow", Emperor Yu could easily deduce that there had to be other Divine Grade equipment, such as "Sky Piercer", the Divine Sword and the number one treasure of the Immortal, Devil, and Demon Realms, the "Painting of the Lost God."

Even after listening to these messages, Emperor Yu's expression didn't change, and he only lifted his eyebrows a bit.

"Heading to the Demon World?"

Seeing Yu Qing Zi's message, Emperor Yu hesitated slightly, then immediately understood. "Hua Yan once said that Qin Yu has two brothers, one of which was a Fiery-Eyed Aquatic Monkey. It looks like his two brothers ascended to the Demon Realm, and he wants to go find them.

Everything that Emperor Yu speculated was pretty close.

Then Emperor Yu lightly issued a few orders.

Taking a sip of his tea, Emperor Yu gazed towards the southwest, "From the Indigo Bay Star Field to the Demon Realm, directly heading eastwards from the Immortal Realm should be the shortest path…and it is also the place where my influence is the strongest."

"Lan Feng, QinYu. My many obstacles, can you two, uncle and nephew, pass them?" Emperor Yu's displayed a big smile.

"Ha…" Lightly letting out a breath of air, Emperor Yu said to himself, "Painting of the Lost God! Oh Painting of the Lost God!! Even if it's me, knowing of your existence moves my heart. I am already a Level Eight Mystic Immortal, but I can't tell when I will become a Level Nine Mystic Immortal. The only obstacle before me is that the Divine Calamity's power is too great, and the chances of success are too low."

"Painting of the Lost God, if the fact that you came back to the Immortal, Devil, and Demon Realms gets spread out, those old friends will surely leave their lairs." Emperor Yu raised his tea cup and slowly stood up.

"Last time it was Ni Yang who got the Painting of the Lost God, but it was his bad luck that he was poisoned by the Celestial Realm's poisonous bug. You can't even underestimate a bug from the Celestial Realm! Only this time, I am the first to know information regarding the Painting of the Lost God.This one time it should be my turn to obtain the Painting of the Lost God."

The smile on Emperor Yu's face grew even more brilliant as he peered through the white fog, through space, and finally his gaze fell at…Qin Yu. From the Violet Bay Star Field to the transportation array to the Demon Realm the security is very strict, especially in case, people from the Demon World appear. Even Yu Qing Zi and Immortal Lord Qian Qi were there to carefully inspect any suspicious people.

After all, Yu Qing Zi and Immortal Lord Qian Qi have seen Qin Yu as well as Kong Lan, Tu Gang, and Dan Meng.

Emperor Yu's influence is very strong.

The number of galaxies that he actually controls is over 20, but…it is impossible for him to control an entire star field. The galaxies controlled by the three great powers of the Immortal Realm were all scattered, no one could control an entire star field.

Emperor Yu controlled about twenty galaxies, and he also has many allies and vassals, so Emperor Yu controls a large area.


But despite Yu Qing Zi and Immortal Lord Qian Ri running around till their legs were almost broken and searching all the suspicious things, they could not find a trace of Qin Yu. This caused the faraway Emperor Yu in the headquarters to be surprised. On one relatively busy planet, Yu Qing Zi and Immortal Lord Qian Qi faced each other.

"Brother Qian Qi, just now His Majesty Emperor Yu sent a message, and it seems the two of us can rest for some time." Yu Qing Zi let out a long sigh of relief.

Immortal Lord Qian Qi also smiled helplessly, "It is clear that Emperor Yu pays a lot of attention to the school which Qin Yu comes from, making us expend our best efforts to try to catch those two, and monitoring anyone who came from the Demon Realm. But…it was all for nothing."

"That Qin Yu and his martial elder are so strange, it's like they evaporated into thin air, how can we not find them?" Yu Qing Zi helplessly said.

Immortal Lord Qian Qi lightly smiled, "When we were on the Amber Star Planet, the enemy escaped and we couldn't find anything, and even now there is no trace of them, haha…it really is interesting."

"We are monitoring everything so strictly and yet we couldn't find anything, maybe…when they're traveling among the stars, maybe they didn't use the transportation array, but directly use…Greater Teleportation?" Yu Qing Zi suddenly said.

Immortal Lord Qian Qi hesitated.

"Repeated use of Greater Teleportation for interstellar travel?"

Even Immortal Lords wouldn't be so crazy, Greater Teleportation's range was certainly greater than teleportation, but to continuously use it for interstellar travel, not only does it waste energy but it also consumes time.

Using the teleportation array, not only was it easy, but it was also fast and optimal for long distance travel.

"If Qin Yu and his martial elder really used Greater Teleportation to travel, then they could have avoided Emperor Yu's men." Immortal Lord Qian Qi smiled as he said, "Except if they were to do that, wouldn't it be too 'crazy'?"

The intersection of the Devil and the Immortal Realms, the Indigo Bay Star Field has ten big galaxies. Of them, the biggest was called the Blue Moon Galaxy, which was shaped like a crescent. In the Blue Moon Galaxy, there were two planets with an enormous influence, one of which was the Lord Yin Star.

Lord Yin Star was in the northern region of the Blue Moon Galaxy, and the experts were as many as the clouds. In normal planets, the number of Golden Immortals were very small. However, in the Hidden Emperor Star, you could see them everywhere. After all, on the Hidden Emperor Star, there lived the number one expert of the Immortal Realm, "Lord Yin."

Of the two powerful planets in the Blue Moon Galaxy, the other was the Blue Flame Star.

Blue Flame Star was the central planet of the "Indigo Bay Galaxy", very powerful and flourishing. Even among the countless planets of the Immortal, Devil, and Demon Realms, the Blue Flame Star could be considered one of the top planets, filled with countless Immortal, Devil, and Demon experts. There were people from many mysterious places, it was like fishes and dragons were mixed together.

On the Blue Flame Star, there was a upper-middle class inn called "Bright Moon Inn", which was an eighteen story inn. For Immortals and Devil Experts, not to mention an eighteen-story inn, even a hundred story palace is easy to build.

On the second floor of the Hao Yue Inn, there were quite a few people eating and drinking.

"Young Master, please go back and rest, the meal has taken too long to eat, the dishes are cold now." A maid with bright eyes and a pretty smile gently pulled at the hand of her master. This maid was from the Demon Realm and was already a Level Six Demon King, and was originally a white rabbit

Her Young Master was a young man clothed in blue.

"Wan Er, don't worry, please wait until your Young Master finishes drinking this wine." This young man treated his maid very nicely.

The maid Wan Er puffed her cheeks and looked at her master while nodding her head.

The blue clothed young man gave a light smile, then slowly drank some some. He gazed outside the window and looked at the bustling city. The street was full of experts, and Golden Immortal Level experts could be seen everywhere.

This was the central planet of a Star Field.

Although the Hao Yue Inn was not one of the top ones, but a stay for one night was a hundred low-grade holy elemental stones. It wasn't something normal people can afford to live in.

"Owner Qing Yan." The blue clothed young man suddenly called out.

A stout middle-aged man heard the cry, and immediately turned his head and looked over: “Ah, it's young master Xi Shuang, I didn't think that I could see young master Xi here." As he said this, he laughed out loud and walked over.

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