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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 22: A Sneaky Escape

Translated by: Okenba

Edited by: Librophile

Impossible! Yu Qing Zi and Qian Qi simply could not believe their eyes! Even the combined attacks of three Immortal Lords was not able to kill Qin Yu! Impossible!

Having just witnessed Xia Hua be destroyed in the blink of an eye, and watching Qin Yu now speeding furiously towards his direction, Yu Qing Zi did not delay but seized the initiative to let loose a tremendous strike with his sword!!

Smash! Qin Yu's entire body was sent flying, and it was several seconds and a few hundred metres before Qin Yu managed to compose himself, floating in mid-air to stare silently at Yu Qing Zi and Qian Qi. Or so it seemed anyway. While Qin Yu looked to be simply staring at the two Immortal Lords, in reality, he was swiftly reloading the sword immortal puppet with a new batch of top-grade holy elemental stones.

"All that energy, completely used up. Gotta load up with these nine fresh top-grade holy elemental stones."

It took but a moment to reload, but Qin Yu was nevertheless shaken by Yu Qing Zi's tremendous attack. In just one strike, roughly 30% of the sword immortal puppet's energy had been depleted!

"Looks like I was pretty lucky that their first strike was meant more to restrict than to overpower. So much of their energy was spent to lock me down that the attack itself wasn't all that powerful."

Qin Yu sighed to himself. This, was the one big disadvantage to the sword immortal puppet, its insatiable need for energy. Obviously, Qin Yu could choose not to power the puppet with top-grade holy elemental stones, yet if he did not, then that last strike from Yu Qing Zi would surely have had him soaring like a comet across the Amber Moon planet. When he was up against an attack of that calibre, there was no way Qin Yu would possibly be able to meet it without expending his precious energy.

"Yu Qing Zi," Qin Yu smiled darkly. "I did mention that I'd be sending some Immortal Lords to hell to accompany my disciple Han Shu, didn't I? Did you think I was kidding?" Qin Yu glared at the two remaining Immortal Lords.

Yu Qing Zi and Qian Qi were completely stunned. To have Qin Yu actually live through the combined attack of three Immortal Lords? Impossible!

"I also said that I would send hundreds of Level 8 and 9 Golden Immortals to accompany him. Look around. How many more do you think I have to kill?" Qin Yu smirked.

Yu Qing Zi and Qian Qi immediately swept across the planet with their spiritual senses. Out of 200 Level 8 Golden Immortals, about 130 were dead, and of the 70 Level 9 Golden Immortals, almost 30 had already died. Even as they watched, Kong Lan, Tu Gan and Dan Meng were leading several others in continuing their slaughter.

Kong Lan was clearly the most outstanding of the lot. Clothed in a top-grade immortal armour and wielding a top-grade immortal weapon, coupled with his own natural ability and strength, not one among the Level 9 Golden Immortals was able to match up to him.

"A top-grade immortal weapon?!" Yu Qing Zi's eyes lit up. Moving quickly, Yu Qing Zi turned swiftly away from Qin Yu, launching himself several hundred meters in the direction of Kong Lan while throwing out a vicious strike in his direction.

Completely taken by surprise, Kong Lan could only hurriedly raise his weapon to block the incoming strike.

A Level 9 Demon King would already be at a disadvantage in a clash with a Immortal Lord ranked sword immortal. Furthermore, this strike from Yu Qing Zi was completely unexpected and Kong Lan was taken by surprise.

Kong Lan threw up a mouthful of blood as he was sent flying from the sneak attack, while Yu Qing Zi was already swiftly closing in to deal the finishing blow. There had simply been no time at all for Qin Yu to react!

But suddenly, even as his entire body was sent flying from the massive blow, Kong Lan simply vanished right in front of his enemy's eyes!

As Yu Qing Zi stared in shock at where Kong Lan had been, a sudden fast approaching shockwave could be felt through the air. As soon as Yu Qing Zi saw those cold bloodshot eyes staring at him, he wasted no time at all in raising his sword, striking out in a beam of stunningly brilliant light.

As Yu Qing Zi and Qin Yu met in a clash of swords, the resulting impact sent both of them flying off in opposite directions.

"There goes another third of my energy." Qin Yu muttered in frustration to himself.
"This fella's offensive strength is clearly far beyond that of Xia Hua. Just one strike from him could cleave me in two. Even before I could get close enough to attack him, that one move was so stunning there was simply no way that I could have dodged it!"

Yu Qing Zi's position as one of the "36 Immortal Lords" was truly well earned. How could Yu Qing Zi be so easily defeated?

"Yu Qing Zi, this guy is wearing divine armour and will have a natural advantage in an exchange of blows. Do not let him get close!" Qian Qi transmitted to Yu Qing Zi.

"I know. Don't worry. There is no way that he will be able to get past the defensive moves of my Yu Huan Sword Technique." Yu Qing Zi confidently replied.

*(Note – It's actually the Jade Ring Sword Technique, which could be confusing so Yu Huan was used. The breakdown is probably that it is part of the Jade school and and it creates a defensive ring using the sword!)

"Brother Qian Qi, I get the feeling that his own strength isn't actually all that great. If you use your earth-shaking symbol, even if most of it is blocked by his armour, you should still be able to kill him."

"My earth-shaking symbol?" Qian Qi's eyes lit up.

Qin Yu watched quietly as the two immortal lords conversed. Though he could not hear what they were saying to each other, he was in no rush to attack. After the initial few passes, Qin Yu could tell quite clearly that he would not be able to match up to them.

"Dear disciple, looks like your master still isn't strong enough right now. I'm not even able to get close enough to them to attack." Qin Yu swept his gaze around, taking in the carnage that had been wrought all around him. Currently, among the Level 9 Golden Immortals, only thirty or so had been killed. He quickly made up his mind.

"If I can't kill another Immortal Lord for you, guess I'll have to make it up by killing more Level 9 Golden Immortals!"

A black beam of light shot out in the direction of the various groups of Level 9 Golden Immortals. Every single Golden Immortal that encountered that black beam was swiftly sent to accompany Han Shu in death.

As the Golden Immortals were being massacred, Qian Qi looked on solemnly, his fingers creating many intricate symbols in the air. As he formed those symbols, streams of light were pouring out from them, combining into a glowing green character that slowly imprinted itself onto Qian Qi's palms.

Just as Qin Yu killed the twelfth Golden Immortal, he suddenly felt as if he was stuck in quicksand, his movements restricted like never before! At the same time, a 8 meter high palm appeared in mid-air, fiercely slapping down towards Qin Yu.

Smash! With no way to dodge, Qin Yu took a direct hit and was smashed down to the ground!

As soon as he was hit, Qin Yu felt a strange force that actually passed right through his armour, into his body, heading directly for his '9 by 9 spirit array'.

Qin Yu was scared witless! If his spirit array was breached, the sword immortal puppet would also be destroyed! Thankfully, just as the strange force approached the perimeter of his spirit array, it seemed to immediately disperse.

Qin Yu heaved a sigh of relief and quickly reloaded the sword immortal puppet with a fresh load of top-grade holy elemental stones. Just as his body was approaching the ground, Qin Yu finally managed to regain control and halt his fall.

"Wow! That strike depleted half of my energy!" As Qin Yu took a minute to assess the extent of damage caused, he was stunned by just how powerful that attack from Qian Qi must have been.


Smash! Yet another huge palm from Qian Qi smashed down towards Qin Yu. This palm struck directly onto the top of Qin Yu's head,and that huge force smashed him directly into the ground!

Yet once again, as that strange force approached his spirit array, the entire force just automatically dispersed.

Smash! Smash! Smash!
Qin Yu's sword immortal puppet was smashed repeatedly into the cold hard rock, and all of the energy from his top-grade holy elemental stones had been completely consumed by now.

"Qian Qi's strength is just too frightening! If I was in my real body, even with the help of the divine armour Black Snow, I would still probably be heavily injured, or possibly even killed!"

Qin Yu could feel that although the strength of each palm strike was mostly on the surface level, there was still a strange layer of force that bypassed the surface to strike directly into his body. If this force struck his real body instead of the sword immortal puppet, Qin Yu would indeed be in deep trouble.

The sword immortal puppet however… Not only was the body of the puppet indestructible, it seemed that even its inner spirit was indestructable too!

"Not going to play around with this Qian Qi any longer. Just two palm strikes was all it took for him to deplete my puppet of all its energy!" Qin Yu swapped in yet another new batch of top-grade holy elemental stones and stopped to look around.

As Qin Yu took stock of his surroundings, he realised that he had already been struck deep into the crust of the planet!

"Hmm, it seems that the spirit beasts have already returned to the Beast Atlas, so that's one less thing to worry about. Just that I've still yet to find out exactly what these attacks are all about!" Even up till now, Qin Yu had no idea why these enemies were after him. Were they trying to find out more about his identity? Or were they simply trying to take revenge for Yu Dian?

Just as he was thinking about this, Qin Yu suddenly realised that Qian Qi was speeding down the tunnel that the puppet had carved out as it was being struck into the earth. Without a moment's hesitation, Qin Yu made his decision and swiftly rushed off in the opposite direction.

Neither of them dared to teleport. As it is, the air around both of them was vibrating with the force of their passage. Teleportation under these circumstances was incredibly dangerous and there was a risk that their bodies would be torn apart amidst the chaotic space.

Relying on the strength of the immortal sword puppet, Qin Yu smashed through the rock and, in a single breath, arrived once again on the surface. With a quick sweep of his spiritual sense, Qin Yu detected a Level 8 Golden Immortal somewhere nearby. Without even bothering about the chasing Qian Qi, he took off immediately in the direction of the Golden Immortal.

This Golden Immortal had been engaged in a prolonged fight with a Level 8 Demon King. The fight had taken them through several cities when his opponent had suddenly vanished without a trace!

Right now, the Golden Immortal was incredibly frustrated that all his efforts had come to nought. Just then, out of the corner of his eye, he sensed a swift shadow passing behind him. And then, he knew no more.

Qin Yu's hands were stretched out like claws, sunk into the head of the Golden Immortal. Soul search demonic art!

The soul search demonic art was dependant on the soul of the user. Even though Qin Yu was in the body of the sword immortal puppet, this did not in any way inhibit him from performing this demonic art. As he searched through the soul of this third generation disciple of the Jade Sword School, Qin Yu finally realised the truth.

"Yu Qing Zi, Qian Qi and the rest of these people aren't here to seek revenge for Yu Dian?" Qin Yu finally realised the truth. If the enemy wasn't here to seek revenge for Yu Dian, then there could only be one other possibility…

Emperor Yu was now truly suspicious about Qin Yu.

"Bah! So what! Emperor Yu, by the time your subordinates have reported back to confirm your suspicions, you may have guessed by then that I do indeed have the Beast Atlas, but what good would that do you if you aren't able to find me?" Qin Yu muttered confidently to himself.

The meteoric tear could hide him from the spiritual searches of others, so as long as Qin Yu disguised himself, there would be no way for Yu Qing Zi, Qian Qi, or anyone else to be able to identify him!

Suddenly, Qin Yu felt a terrifying force descending from the sky! Not far away, the immortal lord Qian Qi was finally catching up to him.

"Eat my dust!"

The divine sword Sky Piercer magically enlarged itself as Qin Yu stepped onto it while it floated in mid-air. As soon as Qin Yu got on, Sky Piercer shot away at a terrifying speed. Qian Qi could only stare, wide-eyed and slack-jawed as Qin Yu literally left him eating his dust.

In a little while, Yu Qing Zi and the remaining Level 8 and 9 Golden Immortals also arrived. Roughly only twenty Level 9 and fifty Level 8 Golden Immortals were still left standing, and even then, every single one of them was heavily injured.

"Brother Qian Qi! Where did he go?" Yu Qing Zi looked quizzically towards Qian Qi.
"He got away!" Qian Qi could only reply bitterly.

Throughout this entire battle, the enemy did not suffer any significant losses. Perhaps only a few enemies were killed when their own golden immortals unexpectedly self-destructed. And yet most of the immortals on their own side had been killed, including the immortal lord Xia Hua!

On the other hand, Qin Yu left the battlefield with a huge bounty of Level 8 and 9 Golden Immortal Yuanyings, and even the Yuanying of an Immortal Lord!

And now that Qin Yu had fled the battlefield, how would they ever be able to find him again?

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