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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 21 Pay With Your Death!

Translated by: philip & kikutatakeo

Edited by: Surjit and Librophile

Emperor Yu commanded many experts, especially Immortal Lord Qian Qi, after all he was the leader of the "36 Immortal Lords", be it in power or status, he was much higher than Yu Qing Zi.

"Was it you who killed my disciple Yu Dian?" Yu Qing Zi shouted condescendingly.

Currently, Yu Qing Zi felt that everything was under control. Therefore, before making a move, he wanted to find out in detail what kind of person the murderer of his disciple was.

"It was me." Qin Yu lifted his head and gazed coldly at Yu Qing Zi, "Not only have I killed your disciple Yu Dian, but today I want to kill many more of your disciples."

"Utter nonsense." Yu Qing Zi glared furiously.

At this time, Immortal Lord Qian Qi's voice transmitted to Yu Qing Zi: "Yu Qing Zi, don't forget Emperor Yu's order, it would be best if we can capture him alive, if not, after we kill him, it would not be too late to use the 'Soul-Searching Art'."

"Brother Qian Qi, it was rash of me." Yu Qing Zi apologized immediately.

Seeking revenge for Yu Dian was not as important as completing Emperor Yu's order, which was of the utmost priority.

Immortal Lord Qian Qi gazed indifferently at Qin Yu: "I, Immortal Lord Qian Qi, am after all the leader of Emperor Yu's 36 Immortal Lords. I do not kill small fries, tell us your name now." Qian Qi wanted to use this tactic to find out the opponent's name.

Emperor Yu? 36 Immortal Lords' Leader?

Although murderous qi filled his entire chest, Immortal Lord Qin Qi's words made him vigilant from the bottom of his heart. If the enemy only wanted to get revenge for Yu Dian, moving this big of a force was simply unimaginable.

"Whatever my name is, you people are not qualified to know." Qin Yu coldly said.

"Brother Qian Qi, let's just stop this nonsense. According to Emperor Yu's orders, we can just kill him right now, then use the 'Soul Searching Art' later right before he dies." Yu Qing Zi said icily.

Yu Qing Zi even spoke this out loud so Qin Yu can hear it.

"You can crazily resist all you want, Emperor Yu personally sent a order for your capture, do you think you can still escape?" Yu Qing Zi coldly said to Qin Yu.
"Qin Yu's mind was somewhat feverish, but his heart was calm. "Stay calm, stay calm, the other side is clearly under the orders of Emperor Yu. So Emperor Yu must have heard the name 'Qin Yu'. In the mortal world, both Qing Xu Mountain and Yin Yue Palace had a way to communicate with the Ascendant Realm. When that Hua Yan was in the mortal world, he definitely contacted the immortal world, most likely….Emperor Yu is also familiar with my name."

Qin Yu suddenly felt a surge of wrath.

"I don't believe that they can stop me. If I really wanted to escape, the horizons of Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms are limitless, how will Emperor Yu be able to find me?" Qin Yu's killing intent started to rise. "When this matter is resolved, with the help of the Meteoric Tear, I will be able to breathe a little and gather my strength. Once I have left here, I will change my appearance. No one will be able to recognize me then!" Qin Yu felt more certain of his chances.

Nothing afterwards can worry him, what does Qin Yu have to fear?

Just then, Qin Yu stopped suppressing his fury, and, in a flash, it filled his thoughts.

"Brother Qian Qi, let's stop wasting time, we should make our move." Yu Qing Zi called out.

Immortal Lord Qian Qi looked once more at Qin Yu: "I shall give you your last chance, as long as you surrender, you can at least keep your life, otherwise…with a single command, your death is certain."

"My death is certain?" Qin Yu licked his lips, and a bloodthirsty light flashed past his eyes.

Kong Gang, Tu Gang, and Dan Meng; these three people were waiting quietly for Qin Yu's order.

"Emperor Yu, you put in so much effort to figure out my identity, so I cannot disappoint you." From Qin Yu's heart gushed an uncontrollable urge to kill, and his pupils shrank.

Immortal Lord Qin Qi saw Qin Yu's expression and knew that the enemy wouldn't just let himself get captured. He ordered immediately, "Kill all four people within one breath."


All 70 Level 9 Golden Immortals and 200 Level 8 Golden Immortals responded to the command. Their voices shook the area, and the practitioners in the entire city felt their hearts trembling, only daring to peek out of their windows to watch the shadows of the numerous experts in the skies.

"Hu!" "Hu!" "Hu!" Countless sword energy shot towards the 4 individuals, like a rain of arrows.

Qin Yu and his companions were surrounded by the sword energy in a flash.

"All the Level 8 and Level 9 Demon Kings in the 10-Thousand Atlas, attack!"

When Immortal Lord Qian Qi gave his command, Qin Yu had done similarly.

"40 pieces of holy elemental stones, let's see how long it can fuel this Immortal Puppet's body? Silly disciple, this is your Master's memorial gift of a bloody night for you!" Qin Yu saw the imminent sword energy, and his whole body suddenly sprung into action.

Qin Yu's entire body became a dark shadow and pierced through the gathering of the Level 9 Golden Immortals in the skies, fresh blood spraying into the night sky. Wherever Qin Yu's body flashed past, a few Level 9 Golden Immortals would fall.

Those Level 9 Golden Immortals had holes in their abdomens, their Yuanyings penetrated.

Qin Yu made use of the Immortal Puppet's indestructible defence, and attacked without a care for the enemies' immortal weapons and sword energies. His whole body flashed with the quickest speed and used the divine "Heaven-Sundering Art"to cut off his opponents' lives.


Immortal Lord Qian Qi, Yu Qing Zi, Immortal Lord Xia Hua were all shocked.

Even an Immortal Lord's defence would not reach Qin Yu's level where he can ignore all Level 9 Golden Immortals' attacks, and, on top of that, be able to kill 12 of them in a short span of time to boot!

Slaughter. This was a slaughter!

"Ah~~!" Screams filled the air.

Immortal Lord Qian Qi, Yu Qing Zi and Immortal Lord Xia Hua only then realised, many shadows appeared amidst the Level 8 Golden Immortals, and they were crazy beyond any comparison.

With just a "shoosh", many people had appeared.

In the 2nd Tier of the 10-Thousand Beasts Atlas, there were 28 Level 9 Demon Kings, and over a 100 Level 8 Demon Kings. This entire group had also suddenly launched their attack, so the Golden Immortal army was caught off guard right from the start and lost many experts. However, in a short while, these Level 8 and 9 Golden Immortals began their counterattack.

Some of the Golden Immortals saw that they were not a match for their enemies, and immediately tried to escape. In a blink of an eye, they were beyond miles away, yet some of the Demon Kings chased after them.

What was supposed to be only a battle in the skies above Liu Feng City had transgressed to a huge war zone that affected many areas due to the ferocity of the fighting.


Huge explosions sounded everywhere, the power of the Level 8 and 9 Golden Immortals fighting surged non-stop and exploded everywhere like a thunderstorm that raged incessantly. Not only the Liu Feng City, even the other two capitals on Amber Moon Planet heard the sounds of this battle.

Sword energy everywhere!

Light shot in 4 directions!

Houses fell, mountains split, and rivers stopped flowing….

Hundreds of Level 8 and 9 Golden Immortals clashed with madness, the entire Amber Moon Planet seemed like it was in the midst of hell. Even the strongest cultivators only had strength of a Level 1 or 2 Golden Immortal, so they simply could not match up to the levels of the experts.

Apocalypse! Countless cultivators were all trembling.

“The fifteenth one!”

Qin Yu's entire self shot out from yet another Level 9 Golden Immortal, whose body split into 7 to 8 parts, fresh blood splattering all over, and Qin Yu proceeded to keep the Yuanying inside his Flame Ice Ring with a flick of his hand.


A green sword energy shot down from the sky, heading towards Qin Yu.

Qin Yu thought to dodge, but he suddenly felt that his whole body was bogged down and his speed fell drastically. There was not enough time to escape, so Qin Yu switched to hisshort sword to block that sword energy.

Qin Yu descended fiercely as though he was smashed by a huge weight.

"The power consumption is too fast."

Just by blocking this strike, Qin Yu could feel that it used up 30% of the power generated from the 9 pieces of holy elemental stones.

“To think that you are able to take a hit from me and not die, your strength is remarkable.” Yu Qing Zi stood in front of Qin Yu, looking coldly at him. “You were able to withstand so many attacks earlier, are you wearing some divine battle armour?”

Immortal Lord Qian Qi and Xia Hua both looked at Qin Yu, the 3 immortals' gaze searing.

They had seen Qin Yu's reckless actions during his massacre of their army earlier. Other than the explanation of having a divine armour, they could not fathom how Qin Yu's defence could be at such a formidable level.

Divine battle armour?

To date, even Immortal Lord Qian Qi did not have a single divine equipment, so one can only imagine how precious they are, let alone a complete divine armour.

All 3 immortals' eyes were green with envy (although the chinese said red). Qin Yu did not move, he just stared at Yu Qing Zi.

"What technique did you use just now, how did you make me feel as if I was bogged down?" Qin Yu questioned directly.

Yu Qing Zi, Immortal Lord Qian Qi, and Xia Hua were all startled.

"When achieving an Immortal Lord's level, one can control the ability 'Domain'. Don't tell me you didn't even know this?" Yu Qing Zi was stunned, and laughed coldly. "You do not need to act dumb here."

Yu Qing Zi made his move again!

This time, Qin Yu saw the misty sword energy.

The moment Yu Qing Zi's sword swung, the surrounding area spread out like a wave. At the same time, countless sword energy naturally appeared in this space and gathered at the sword without stopping."

"This must be 'Domain'?" Qin Yu wondered.

"Master, the number of Level 9 Golden Immortals are too many, and quite a few of them are Sword Immortals. Our brothers cannot hold on." Kong Lan's voice sounded in Qin Yu's mind.

As Qin Yu retreated swiftly, he spread out his Holy Sense.

What he saw was a massacre everywhere, the people from the Jade Sword School had powerful might. Level 8 Golden Immortals fought against the Level 8 Demon Kings, however many of these Golden Immortals were Sword Immortals whose attack might was much stronger than average Golden Immortals. Qin Yu’s beast army was facing a disadvantage.

One by one, whenever the Level 8 or 9 Demon Kings were about to be killed by their opponents, they would retreat unanimously into the Atlas.

This led the numerous Golden Immortals to discover, to their disdain, as they were about to kill off their opponents, the enemy would just disappear as fast as they had appeared.

However, the similarly powerful Level 8 or 9 Demon Kings were mostly Divine Beasts, they could also deal huge damage to the opposing Golden Immortals by penetrating their bodies, destroying their Yuan ying, and scattering their unfortunate souls.

The Demon Kings could escape into the Atlas in times of danger.

The same cannot be said for the Golden Immortals being killed by Demon Kings.

Fresh blood…..painted the night sky.

One by one, many lives were lost , with the huge majority belonging to the Golden Immortals.

“Kong Lan, kill as many as you can. When it becomes overwhelming, just hide in the Atlas. With regards to the remaining….” Qin Yu felt the limitless energy in his body, “Leave it to me.”

Qin Yu held the “Heaven-Sundering” Sword in his hands tightly.

“Yes, Master!”

Qin Yu looked towards Yu Qing Zi, who was at a distance, and called out, “Yu Qing Zi, I remember that Silver Stream Star System is under your control, right? You must be considered the number one expert on Silver Stream Star System.”

“At this point of time, you still want to drag out the time? Your death is certain, so you don’t have to rack your brains for another way out.” Yu Qing Zi looked coldly at Qin Yu, while the other two Immortal Lords surrounded Qin Yu on the other sides.

Qin Yu could not be bothered by this, he just looked at Yu Qing Zi: “No, I just want to tell you one thing. On this Amber Moon Planet, the Liu Clan had a member whose name was Liu Han Shu. He reached the middle Jindan stage only at 25 years old.”

“Only middle Jindan stage at 25 years old?” Hearing this, Yu Qing Zi could not help but smirked at Liu Han Shu’s lack of talent.

“Liu Han Shu could be considered the lowest lifeform, always being ridiculed and looked down upon. When he was 25 years old though, he experienced a life-changing chance.” As Qin Yu was recounting, Immortal Lord Qian Qi and Xia Hua were secretly laying a formation array.

Qin Yu did not seem to care, Yu Qing Zi was also gladly delaying the time.

“Leading a life where he could live proudly and freely, it was only a short 10 years. He died…..because of me, and was killed by your man.” Qin Yu’s voice had turned mild, not only was there no anger, he even had a trace of a smile, however his smile made people shiver, “Therefore, I want every single Golden Immortal here, even the Immortal Lords, to be buried with him as compensation.”

Qin Yu lightly swept his gaze over the three Immortal Lords.

“A single 25 year old piece of trash in the middle Jindan stage died, and you want us Immortal Lords to die as compensation, dream on.” Yu Qing Zi sarcastically retorted.

“Whether it is wishful thinking, you will know right away!” Qin Yu laughed lightly.


As Yu Qing Zi’s voice rang out, 3 blades of light shot out from the 3 Immortal Lords' hands. Qin Yu’s entire body seemed to be engulfed in it, and the space around him seemed to distort into 3 colours.


Suddenly, the area surrounding Qin Yu exploded, and, in just a flash, the entire area lit up as brightly as the sun, shining over the whole Liu Feng City.

“Must be dead.” Immortal Lord Qian Qi was feeling very satisfied, thinking, “Even if it was me facing this skill, I would have died on the spot.” The other 2 Immortal Lords also reckoned that Qin Yu was dead.

Just then—–

The weakest Immortal Lord Xia Hua was only 10 metres away from the explosion as a single shadow shot out from the explosion. The distance was too short to prepare any defence, Immortal Lord Xia Hua could only block with his strength.

The short sword pierced through Immortal Lord Xia Hua’s body, right through his Yuanying. The sword swept upwards ferociously, resulting in a wound over half a metre long. Qin Yu grabbed his body with both hands, and tore apart Immortal Lord Xia Hua, blood splattering the entire ground.

Qin Yu’s entire body floated where he stood, bathed in the blood of Immortal Lord Xia Hua, whose fresh blood slowly dripped off Qin Yu's body. Under the blood red light of the moon, Qin Yu looked even more horrifying.

“Silly Disciple, this is the first Immortal Lord that I bury for you,” Qin Yu silently thought in his heart, and with just a slight movement, shooting like a meteor, he appeared in front of Yu Qing Zi.

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