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Chapter 41 - Seizing Souls

The movement of that barbarian beast warrior was extremely fast. With a single punch, he had killed a guard. In the next second, he sent out two punches toward Old Devil and Lord Flame.

Both old devils were indulging in the fit and silky smooth bodies of the barbarian girls. When the guard was killed and his blood and flesh spilled on their bodies, only then were they roused and realized something was happening. However, it was too late, the heavy punches from that beast warrior approached them like two heavy battering rams.

Both of them cried out in shock. Lord Flame’s response was slightly faster. He hurridly climbed up from the girl’s body, swinging both his arms backward and defend himself from the punch. Due to the suddenness of it, he couldn’t counter attack with sufficient force and the heavy punch of barbarian beast warrior slammed onto his palms, making him cry out in misery, and sending him flying over a hundred feet away. His head smashed right into a huge rock.

“My palms!” As if just crushed by a steamroller, both of Lord Flame’s palms had become twisted, like a chicken's feet. The skin and muscles on his palms looked like they had exploded, and blood kept rushing out from the broken part, revealing some broken bones underneath.

While Lord Flame was crying out in misery and pain over his palms, the Old Devil was suffering an even greater pain.

No matter whether it was Lord Flame or Old Devil, both of them had cultivated with evil skills, and they had both reached the Embryonic Breath tier of the Xiantian realm by using external forces. Therefore, both of them had messy internal energies and weak foundations. Their strength was weaker than other, more pure Embryonic Breath tier Xiantian realm warriors. Both of them lacked the body strength that went along with their ‘supposed level’, the speed of their internal energy circulation was even weaker than some ‘Meridian Cultivating’ tier Xiantian realm warriors.

Old Devil could only sense a foul breeze approaching him from behind. He was forcibly absorbing the Qi of barbarian girls, how could he had enough time to stop and turn around to defend himself? By the time the attack had arrived, he had barely removed himself from the girl’s body and concentrated a little bit of internal energy on his back to protect himself.

With a deep thudding noise, Old Devil was sent flying two hundred feet away. The furious punch had exploded at his back like a bomb, tearing apart his skin and muscles. His spine had broken into at least three parts. Although he was a cultivator of the Embryonic Breath tier of the Xiantian realm, with the spine broken into pieces he was destined to become a disabled man.

The Old Devil lay on the ground, crying out painfully. He was scratching and pushing frantically on the ground, however, since his spine was broken, he had lost all feeling below his chest. No matter how much strength he used, he still couldn’t get himself off the ground. The Old Devil, who had killed countless innocent lives, had finally tasted fear, “Save me, Old Flame, save me! Marquis, please save me, please!”

Lord Flame had his palms severely injured, and was busy applying medicated paste to them. Therefore, when he heard the Old Devil’s miserable scream, he simply ignored him, as he was busy.

Liu Suifeng couldn’t allow an Embryonic Breath tier of Xiantian level cultivator, who his family worshipped, to die like this. He quickly got up and tried to find some guards and ask them to save the Old Devils, but the barbarian beast warrior had spotted Liu Suifeng, who had a golden helmet and a luxurious shirt.

“Father! Mother! Sister!” The beast warrior looks up into the sky and roared. Then he punched forward and forced back eight of the strongest right-hand men of Liu Suifeng. After that, he sprinted in the direction of Liu Suifeng, both his eyes had turned red. Easily evading two longswords that were trying to slash his body into half, this beast warrior grabbed the heads of two of Liu Suifeng’s personal guards and squeezed them into clumps of blood and bones. The next second, he kicked Liu Suifeng.

Liu Suifeng screamed and hurriedly fell back, but his speed couldn’t match with that of a beast warrior. Luckily, Liu Suifeng managed to pull majority of his body back before the beast warrior struck, but there was a small part of his body, which had grown bigger and still standing straight up, that was still in range. The tiptoe of the beast warrior hit dead on, smashing this little brother of Liu Suifeng into a clump of blood.

“Oh, my mother!” Liu Suifeng cried out in extreme pain. His face started turning green and he immediately jumping around while holding his crotch.

The barbarian beast warrior roared angrily and said, “Fuck your mother!” Then he moved like a black whirlwind, roaring while making his way toward Liu Suifeng.

All the guards brought by Liu Suifeng and Lu Quyuan rushed up and attacked this barbarian beast warrior without considering their own safety, but this beast warrior was like a real tiger in human form. He had a massive strength and was extremely fast. He even injured two Embryonic Breath tier old devils with a sneak attack. How could these guards handle such a threat so easily?

Especially when this beast warrior roared. His roar was like dozens of tigers roaring out at the same time. The incredibly loud roar had shaken these guards and sent an endless buzzing sound through their ears, making them lose their balance. They just couldn’t attack the enemy effectively.

Something even more terrifying had finally happened, right when dozens of peak Houtian realm warriors were attacking this beast warrior, the shadowy tiger behind him became concentrated, looking up into the sky and letting out a silent roar. All the grasses and flowers within thousand feet started to rattle, though there was no breeze. Weeds that had grown on the rooftops were sent flying away in all directions.

These dozens of peak Houtian realm warriors dropped their weapons at the same time and, with extreme fearful expressions, they stared at the shadowy tiger. They covered their ears with both hands but could not stop blood from rushing out. The silent roar of this shadowy tiger was resonating in these guard’s minds. It seemed like it might even shatter their souls.

Seeing no one could defeat this beast warrior, Yan Bugui decided to strike finally.

“Why are you guys just standing around? Round him up and shoot him with your crossbows!”

Yan Bugui shouted out loud, and brought a sense of order back to those panicky guards, then he drew out a longsword from his back, and his eyes seemed to start glowing. A long howl of a wolf came from his back as a faded figure of green wolf made its appearance on Yan Bugui’s back. As a result, Yan Bugui sprinted forward at an incredible speed. At the same time, he swung the longsword in his hand, thrusting toward the barbarian beast warrior ferociously.

Lu Chengfeng shouted out in amazed, “So, Yan Bugui is a beast warrior too!”

The barbarian beast warrior let out a shrill howl, then he roared, “Father! Mother! Sister! All of you, die!”

Striking out with both arms, like a raging thunderstorm, this barbarian beast warrior sent dozens of punches and kicks toward Yan Bugui. The ground was shook when the barbarian beast warrior jumped up and landed back on the ground, his massive weight and the forces he generated made the land shake violently, launching tiny rocks on the ground a few feet up in the air.

Yan Bugui lowered his body and began to swing the sword in his hand. Every slash of his sword generated a gleam of light. In quick succession, multiple sword lights were unleashed, they were like endless lightning strikes that slashed through dark clouds, thrusting continuously toward the vital points of the barbarian beast warrior.

The barbarian beast warrior possessed a strength without rival, and his speed was fast as well. Although Yan Bugui’s strength was weaker than the barbarians, his speed was much faster. Both men were like two crazily spinning whirlwinds that swept across the village. In just half a second half of the houses were destroyed by them. Whenever the punches of barbarian beast warrior arrived, a wooden house would explode into pieces. Wherever Yan Bugui’s sword light reached, whatever it hit would be slashed into debris.

Suddenly, a few guards of Liu Suifeng let out loud shouts at the same time.

When Yan Bugui heard the shout, he immediately fall back. In next second, those guards pointed their nine-bolt crossbow toward the barbarian beast warrior and pulled the triggers.

A total of thirty-six pure steel bolts were shot from a distance of less than twenty feet. Although the reaction of barbarian beast warrior was fast, he simply had no way to evade these powerful bolts at such a short distance. Eighteen bolts managed to hit the barbarian beast warrior’s body, piercing through his strong muscles and coming out the other side with eighteen streams of blood, finally nailing themselves on the village fences.

The deadly poison on the arrowhead soon took effect. He started to tremble then the dark skin of barbarian began to turn a dark green color.

“You, killed all the people of my tribe!” The barbarian beast warrior stood standing on the same spot. He continued to roar, “I curse you, in the name of Mountain Spirit, I curse you! All of you will die within this forest, your souls will be devoured by the Mountain Spirit and you shall perish in the eternal darkness!”

Yan Bugui withdrew his longsword and stared at the barbarian beast warrior, sneering, “There are no Spirits. All of those Spirits that you barbarians worship, they are all fake.”

The barbarian beast warrior roared angrily, trying to strike Yan Bugui with a punch. However, the deadly poison had spread across every part of his body, including his heart. Therefore, as he raised up his fist, his body became stiff and fell to the ground.

The faded shadow of the tiger standing behind the barbarian suddenly became concentrated. It gazed at Yan Bugui for some time, then it looked into the sky and let out a silent roar. Layers of bright lights appeared all over its body. At the same time, countless tiny bits of amber flew out from the barbarian’s body, slowly merging with the tiger’s body.

Yan Bugui let out a cruel smile and said, “I can’t let this happen. You were killed by someone. If your soul is merged with this beast soul and both your souls escape from the cycle of reincarnation, you might turn into a devil soul a couple of years later. At that time, we’ll have a big problem on our hands!”

He quickly walked in front of the barbarian beast warrior and pressed his palm on the tiger’s forehead. In a low voice he start to read out some scripts.

“All souls are from the same root. Heroic soul of the mountain, this is not a place you should stay. In the name of the Mother of All Souls, I command you to leave now.”

A green bright light shot out from Yan Bugui’s palm, merging into the body of the shadowy tiger.

The shadowy tiger shattered immediately. As if countless fireflies had suddenly appeared within the village, these small dots of red light were dancing in the night breeze. Soon they flew to where Wu Qi and the others were standing.

Yan Bugui breathed out a sigh of relief and said, “It’s finally done.”

After these red dots were pushed by night breeze into the forest, and kept floating for a few thousand feet. They had became faded and could barely be made out with the naked eye. Wu Qi unleashed his water vapor into surrounding area, attempting to sense their whereabouts.

That was a pure soul energy which had lost all its memory. Yan Bugui had shattered them into the most basic and pure soul particles with a secret skill.

Wu Qi suddenly recalled the memory from when he was in the Great Universal Dimensional Portal. He instinctively took a deep breath, then circulated his Qi and silently activated his Hand of Web.

Water vapor had filled the surrounding area, and soon more than 80% of the soul particles were pulled toward Wu Qi. Viewed through Wu Qi’s divine senses, the huge amount of water vapor started to spin extremely fast, and all these soul particles were absorbed into his body by the vortex.

In just a few breaths time, the strength of Wu Qi’s soul had quadrupled. Now, even with his eyes closed, he could easily sense everything within a hundred feet. The grass swayed and leaves were dancing in the breeze. There were even some bugs hiding underneath the soil in front of him. Everything was so clear, it was as if it was all right in front of his eyes.

The internal energy within his body was rapidly compressed. A few important acupuncture points along the twelve meridians were broken through by this ‘press’ of energy. Water vapor, which could been seen with the naked eye, started to slowly gather around Wu Qi’s body.

Lu Chengfeng stared blankly at Wu Qi, his face was trembling and twisting, as if he had just seen a ghost.

Wu Qi stared back at Lu Chengfeng and gave him a smile. With both hands on his back, he said, “After watching the fight between the two beast warriors, I had a moment of inspiration and broke through to the ‘Respiration’ tier of the Xiantian realm!”

Zhang Hu and Hu Wei, who were standing under a tree, were so shocked they almost bumped their heads into the tree.

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