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Chapter 42 - The Ritual

Although they managed to completely slaughter a barbarian village, they had suffered great losses as well.

Without taking those guards who were killed into consideration, Lord Flame had both his palms wounded severely, thus his battle ability had dropped by at least thirty percent. Old Devil had his backbone broken, without some legendary medicines that could rejoin his bones and meridians, he would be a cripple for the rest of his life.

As for Liu Suifeng, he was lying on the ground with both hand holding onto his crotch. His face had turned pale, due to extreme pain, while white bubbles kept spitting out from the corner of his lips. He was in so much pain that both his eyes were popping ou. Green veins near his neck kept trembling and both of his hands were stained with blood.

“Why did this happen to me? How can it be? How could he do this to me? No. Impossible! I would rather have one leg chopped off than become a cripple like this!” Liu Suifeng was experiencing a severe pain that caused his body to keep trembling. He looked to Yan Bugui and said, “Master Yan, Master Yan Bugui, save me, please save me! Do you have any medicine that can make my broken part be reborn? Please save me!”

Yan Bugui kept a straight face and didn’t make a sound.

Make a broken body part be reborn? Maybe some legendary medicines could do this? But even if there was one, it would not be something that he, as a Scouting Officer, would have in hand. Even if he had it, would he really gave it to Liu Suifeng to regrow his dick?

Wu Qi, with his hands on his back, walked toward Liu Suifeng with a bright smile on his face. He popped his head in and thrown an examining look at where Liu Suifeng was wounded. He breathed out a long sigh, “Master Yan, after this mission, you definitely need to say a few good words for Marquis Liu. If there is any vacancy in the palace of Great Yan, could you help Marquis Liu get a position there?” [1]

Yan Bugui had his face twist in an odd manner when he heard what Wu Qi said, without giving any response, he clenched his teeth tight and turned around, looking at his subordinates, who were busy searching the village.

Liu Suifeng was so angry that his eyes turned green. He gnashed his teeth at Wu Qi and let out a hoarse roar, “Wu Qi, I swear, One day I will kill you! I’ll kill you!”

Hearing this, Wu Qi jumped back like a frightened rabbit, and ran up beside Yan Bugui. He pointed at Liu Suifeng, who was yelling in fierce anger and shouted, “Marquis Liu, both of us are working together with master Yan for his military mission, you’d better nott do anything silly!” He turned to Yan Bugui, “According to the military laws of the Great Yan Dynasty, what is the punishment for killing a comrade during a mission?”

Yan Bugui replied with a cruel voice, “According to military laws of the Great Yan Dynasty, punishment for the one who killed his comrade is death! Also, all his family members titles will be demoted by one rank!” Liu Suifeng shut his mouth instantly. He just kept staring at Wu Qi in an insidious way, clenching his fist tighter and tighter. As a result, he squeezed his crotch too tight and almost smashed what’s left there, making him scream out in terrible pain again.

Yan Bugui glared at Liu Suifeng, then, in a deep voice, said, “Lord Flame will lead the rest of guards and follow me in the mission. Have two men stay here and take care of Marquis Liu and Old Devil. Both of you, if you have the courage, just stay in the village and wait for our return. If you lack in courage, return to where you came from by yourselves!”

Liu Suifeng’s body trembled, and he stared blankly at Yan Bugui.

He was only leaving two men behind to take care of Liu Suifeng and Old Devil? Staying in this village of the barbarians? What if some barbarians from another village came and visited their friends? What if there were some wild beasts or poisonous bugs? It was really risky to stay in the village! But, how could they return to where they came from? With just the four of them, Liu Suifeng had no confidence they could make it out alive!

Yan Bugui didn’t care what Liu Suifeng was thinking about, he just kept giving out orders and had everyone gather in front of him. Seven of his subordinates had found few sheets of thin beast skins in one of the biggest wooden houses in the village. Something unknown was drawn on top of these skins. Yan Bugui rolled up these beast skins like they were something really precious, then he inserted them into a copper pipe made from an Earthfire tri-alloy and tightly sealed it.

Earthfire tri-alloy copper, it was an alloy that made from melting red copper, purple gold, and white silver essence together with Earthfire. Lightweight and tough, it was able to withstand high temperatures. This kind of copper pipe was a special tool used by Scouting Officers to keep important documents safe.

Lu Chengfeng watched Yan Bugui as he carefully placed the copper pipe into a small bag on his waist. To his surprise, the unattractive, dirty, black, small bag was actually a magical storage bag. By storing a few thin sheets of beast leather in such a protected place, it was obviously that the things recorded on it were really valuable.

After wiping out this village, Yan Bugui gave out an order and the whole group continued their journey deeper into the forest.

A guard was ordered to stay back in the ruined village and take care of Old Devil, who had his backbone broken into pieces. Liu Suifeng had his severely wounded little brother dressed up with a bandage, then asked two of his guards to make a stretcher with a wooden door from the village. They carried him, staggering behind the group. According to Liu Suifeng, as long as he could keep moving, he wanted to follow Yan Bugui and help him to accomplish the mission, risking his life for the Great Yan Dynasty!

Along the way, Wu Qi kept strolling around Liu Suifeng and purposely looked at Liu Suifeng’s bleeding crotch. Liu Suifeng was extremely pissed off, but since his little brother was severely wounded, how could he be in the mood to quarrel with Wu Qi?

After the first barbarian village, Yan Bugui brought the whole group and wiped out another thirteen barbarian villages along the way. These villages had small populations. The most populated village had about six hundred barbarians residing within it. Except for four villages, which had beast warriors, the rest of the villages only had ordinary barbarian fighters. Under the brutal attack from Wu Qi and the rest, none of these villages caused them much trouble.

There were a few times when Yan Bugui’s group met with one of the other groups. Sometimes they even worked with other groups to wipe out a few barbarian villages. After that, they would quickly separate. As Wu Qi thought about it, he found out that all five groups of men were separated, yet moving in a straight line, wiping out all the barbarian villages along the way.

After another seven days of the expeditioning, the group had finally come to the deepest area of the Meng Mountains.


[1] Only queen and princess lived in the palace, besides the Emperor himself, all male servants had to get their dick cut off before they could serve in the palace. They are called eunuchs.

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