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Chapter 40 - Beast Warrior

The evening was closing down tranquility, Wu Qi lie on his stomach on a huge tree and overlooking ahead, few miles away from him was an open space surrounded by trees, it was a small barbarian village.

A fence made of thick wooden stakes surrounded the village and formed a wall. behind the fence were nearly a hundred wooden houses with weed rooftops that had been arranged in a neat manner. At the land closest to the wooden fence, no matter whether it was in front or behind the house, these barbarians had plowed it and planted some common herbs there.

A few old barbarians were sitting near the entrance of the village, leaning themselves on the fence and chit chatting happily. At the stream behind the village, dozens of teenage barbarians were washing and cutting a wild boar that weighed at least a thousand pounds, its blood had turned half of the stream red.

Within the village, dozens of fair skinned, beautiful barbarian teenage girls were collecting herbs in an open field. On the open field, wooden boards were arranged. On top of these boards were neatly arranged herbs, which had been put there to be dried out by the sunlight. These teenage girls were collecting them and storing them in some wooden box.

Those young barbarian men had their bodies covered with frightening tattoos, making anyone that looked at them tremble with fear. But this was the first time Wu Qi had seen these barbarian teenage girls. They had a fair and delicate complexions. Their faces looked really beautiful, and they were only wearing short leather clothes and skirts, which exposed their arms and legs. Their fair skin reflected the sunlight and was glowing gently.

Unlike those male barbarians, these girls only had a small and colorful tattoo of flowers on their wrist and ankle. These tattoos were not awful at all, they even gave these girls an oddly seductive charm.

Wu Qi slid down from the tree and gave Yan Bugui a hand gesture. Then he said, “A lot of old folks and women. I can’t seem to find too many of young men or adult men.”

Yan Bugui cut a vine beside him and drank some water out of it, then he said, “The young and adult barbarians should be out for hunting now. Let’s kill everyone in the village first. Then, when those men return, we’ll kill them as well. Judging from the time, I think they should be back soon.”

Liu Suifeng let out an evil and lustful smile, while rubbing his lap he said, “Those barbarian girls are pretty nice to fuck, this time, I want to fuck at least a few of them!”

Lu Quyuan, Old Devil, and Lord Flame had the same lustful looks on their faces.

Yan Bugui gazed at them and, with an indifferent tone, said, “You’ll have only fifteen minutes. I’ll give you fifteen minutes to do your stuff!”

Old Devil stick out his fat red tongue and lick on his lips, with an evil tone he said, “Fifteen minutes is more than enough for me to suck three girls dry!”

Lu Chengfeng raised his head up and took a look at these lustful men. He shook his head slightly. He took out three formation pillars, found a tree, and setup the Grand White Golden Dagger Formation. Zhang Hu and Hu Wei was tempted by those barbarian girls too, but when they looked at Lu Chengfeng’s dark face, they simply took a few steps back, keeping a distance between them and Liu Suifeng.

Lu Quyuan turned around and gazed at Lu Chengfeng. With a low voice, he cursed, “What a poser, those barbarian girls look real fun and delicious, why not seize the chance and fuck a few of them?”

On the other side, Yan Bugui was looking at Lu Chengfeng in approval, and slowly said, “I didn’t know Mr. Lu knew about formations. That’s really good news. There might be some strong barbarians in the village. Since we need to kill every single barbarian in the village to prevent any survivors from leaking out our arrival, we’ll need mister Lu’s formation help later.”

Lu Chengfeng held his fist and bowed. With an indifferent voice, he said, “Don’t worry, I’m here to help.”

Wu Qi didn’t say anything, he drew out his long sword and squatted under the tree which was also the center of formation, portraying a look that said ‘no matter what, I’m not stepping out from this formation’. When Liu Suifeng and the others saw how he behaved, they felt satisfied. There might be some good stuff in this village. Since Wu Qi didn’t show any signs that he would go with them, that meant that any stuff they found would be theirs.

Darkness began to close on the scene. Flickering lights had begun to appear within the village. The groups of adult barbarians who went out hunting had returned happily. Yan Bugui stood on a high ground and estimated the number of adult barbarians. According to the numbers of wooden houses in the village, almost all the adult barbarians had returned. Yan Bugui let out a few cries of a night owl, signaled to the other Scouting Officer to grab their swords, and disappeared into the forest.

Pointing his finger forward, the impatient Liu Suifeng immediately sprinted toward the barbarian village with his guards.

Fifty personal guards of Liu Suifeng went to stand guard at the back of village. Old Devil was attacking from the left side, Lord Flame from the right side, and Liu Suifeng and Lu Quyuan lead the rest of personal guards and marched into the village from its front entrance.

A couple of peak Houtian level guards struck at the same time, their longswords slamming on the front gate of the village forcefully. The two foot thick village gate was broken into pieces after a loud banging sound. There were a few barbarians standing on top of the gate as a night watch, before they could sound the alarm, Yan Bugui waved his hand and shot out a few daggers, killed them by sending these daggers into their throat.

These barbarians let out a painful scream and fall down from the fence. The quiet village swelled into a roar, and more than three hundred strong adult barbarians grabbed their weapons and dashed out from their houses.

There was only a small path in the middle of village, which was now packed with over three hundred adult barbarians, pushing each other in a mess, they were so confused that, even after a few minutes, they still couldn’t figure out who had just attacked them and from where these attackers came.

With an order from Liu Suifeng, dozens of his guards took out their nine-bolt crossbow and pointed them at the group of barbarians and pulled the triggers. The distance between them was less than a hundred feet, and the force of nine arrows crossbow allowed the arrows to penetrate heavy armor in more than hundred feet away. These barbarians were only mere mortal, how could their muscles resist these heavy bolts? In an instant, countless cries of pain were heard, at least half of these barbarians fell to the ground.

Before they left the city, Yan Bugui had ordered these guards to apply deadly poison on their arrowheads, therefore, even if the arrows didn’t hit on these barbarians’ vitals, as long as they got their skin cut a little, the deadly poison on the arrow would kill them in a few seconds.

In a very short time, half of the male barbarians within the village were killed. What happened next was even more devastating.

Old Devil let out an odd cry and jumped over the fence. With a wave of his sleeves, twelve thin copper cymbals shots out and flew alongside the path right in the middle of the village. These copper cymbals swept across the path, cutting through dozens of barbaria, and splitting them in two.

As for Lord Flame, he unleashed a tall red flame that covered his body. With a wild laugh, he spread both arms and sprinted through the barbarians. Any barbarians that were touched by the flame on his body would catch on fire instantly, and be burned to ashes.

Suddenly, Yan Bugui shouted out loud, “Be careful of the fire! Don’t burn any houses in the village. I don’t want other barbarian villages to find out about this. Along our way, we’ll have to slaughter the other barbarian villages!”

After hearing what Yan Bugui said, Lord Flame retracted the flame on his body hurriedly. He then held his internal energy within both palms, struck forward, his palms moving like flying butterflies. The barbarians didn’t even see him coming. Ultra high temperature flowed into the bodies of these barbarians from Lord Flame’s palm strikes. In an instant, their skin turned red and their blood started to boil.

With the help from the two old devils at the Embryonic Breath stage of the Xiantian level, it only took a short time before all the barbarians in the village were dead. The only survivors were dozens of beautiful teenage girls.

“Fifteen minutes, we have only fifteen minutes!” Liu Suifeng couldn’t hold his lust anymore. He tore off his clothes and leaps toward a teenage girl. The teenage girl let out a frightful scream, pulled out a short knife made from jadestone, and stabbed toward Liu Suifeng. Liu Suifeng responded to her with a slap, sending her flying up into the air. She lost conscious when she landed on the ground.

Old Devil, Lord Flame, Lu Quyuan, and all guards dashed to those hopeless teenage girls impatiently. Soon, the ear-splitting sound of screaming, yelling, and cursing began to resound within the village.

Deep and subtle chirps came from village’s surrounding, only Yan Bugui could understand the meaning of these chirps. There were fifteen barbarians trying to flee, but they had been killed by the other Scouting Officers who were on guard in the forest. In the dark forest, these elite Scouting Officers represented death.

All of a sudden, a girl cried out in an absolutely terrifying scream.

Old Devil was laying on top of this girl, his muscles were contracting in a weird manner, while the girl’s body was trembling violently. Soon, the girl’s skin turned extremely pale, as if all her blood was missing. Her eyes began to pop out and stare blankly into the sky. Her pupils had shrunk to the size of needle.

“I need more! Hahaha, I told ya these barbarian girls were full of blood and energy!” The Old Devil simply threw away the dead girl, turned around, kicked away a guard who was moving his lower body crazily on top of a girl, and laid himself on top of the poor girl eagerly.

Within the forest outside of village, Wu Qi and Lu Chengfeng were standing on a tree branch side by side. Under the dimmed light of the village, they were watching what was happening silently.

“They are animals, right?” Lu Chengfeng asked with a low and deep voice.

“Indeed. If I have the chance, I’ll kill that Old Devil.” Wu Qi looked at Lu Chengfeng with a serious expression, “He better not let me have the chance, or else I will kill him.”

Hu Wei, who was standing beneath the tree, raised his head up and said, “When these barbarians attacked Little Meng City, they did the same thing.”

Wu Qi stared up into the sky with both his hands hidden under his sleeves. He said, “But, we are not barbarians! When two races are at war, it was normal to kill each other, and insulting a few girls occasionally, that’s fine. But to suck girls dry, like they did? They girl really died miserably.”

Lu Chengfeng raised his head up, staring into a blinking star. He breathed out a sigh and said, “Old Devil? When I have a strong enough cultivation level, I’ll help you in killing him!”

Wu Qi and Lu Chengfeng looked at each other and smiled at the same time. When they were just about to say something, a loud tiger roar came from afar and shook their bodies.

Outside of the village fence, a nearly seven foot tall, dark skinned, and muscular barbarian was walking slowly into village with an over two thousand pound wild boar on his shoulder. When he stood at the entrance to the village, he saw what was happening on the open field, which was usually full of dried herbs, and let out a thunderous roar.

The barbarian threwn the wild boar on his shoulder far away with one hand while roaring in rage. Suddenly, a four meters tall, full red shadow of a tiger appeared in the middle of the air behind this barbarian.

Lu Chengfeng’s body trembled, and he shouted out in disbelief, “Beast warrior! Why there is a beast warrior in a small village like this?”

Wu Qi looked at that barbarian who had a tiger shadow on his back, amazed, then he asked, “What is beast warrior?”

The barbarian beast warrior let out a loud cry, then he leapt forward like a real tiger. With just a single leap, he had traveled nearly a hundred feet, striking his big fist onto a guard who was crazily raping a girl.

A crystal clear cracking sound rang out. It was as if someone had just stepped onto a honey peach. The guard’s armor was crushed like a tin can, and his body was crushed into meat paste.

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