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It was a bloody space, about a hundred miles wide. Down below was a sea of blood, and above in the sky hung clusters of blood-red clouds. Just the sight of it would send one's mind reeling and render the soul unstable. Between the sea and the clouds was suspended a huge folding chair of bones, and on it sat a bloody fiend. He was surrounded by dozens of naked girls, all of whom were dancing sexily, posing in all kinds of poses that would make one blush and have one's heart race.

Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le focused their minds and stared quietly at the fiend. Little Que'er had closed her eyes, and her body was protected by a ring of crimson flame that was as clear and pure as glass. No fiend could pass through this ring of flame and harm her divine soul. It was a well-known True Flame of the phoenix, the 'Nanming Flame', and it came with a variety of magical effects. Guarding the divine soul was just one of the effects.

It was obvious that this space was materialized by the fiend with his enormously powerful divine will, very similar to the interstitial world of immortals.

In an immortal's interstitial world, everything was real like the outside world, and it could even be inhabited by countless people. As for this space, perhaps it would be more appropriate to be called the 'Void of Fiend's Will." It existed between reality and illusion, and appeared and disappeared with the fiend's thoughts.

Between its appearance and the disappearance was a gap full of endless mysteries, making it unpredictable and hard to defend against. Because of that, Wu Qi and his companions were caught unprepared and dragged inside by the fiend, who had recovered a significant amount of power after absorbing the souls of countless living beings.

In this space, the fiend needed only one thought to materialize or destroy anything; this gave him an absolute advantage. The girls who were dancing around him, for example, were the ones he had materialized with the power of his divine will. Every move they made coincided with the Dao of the Fiend League. Whether it was the raising of their arms or the kicking of their legs, they all contained hidden killing intents. If one accidentally fell into their trap, the result was an inevitable death.

Little Que'er knew she was young and her cultivation base was weak. So, as soon as she was drawn into this space, she immediately unleashed the Nanming Flame from the depths of her divine soul, which she was granted since her birth, to protect herself. She did not dare to be careless.

Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le were undaunted by the dozens of dancing girls. The princess was too shy to watch all the nasty poses performed by them, but Wu Qi looked at them with rapturous eyes and wished he could cheer and applaud. If he had a dozen cold beers now and was accompanied by some loud dance tune, he would have even danced along with them.

Of all the arts in the Primordial Dao of Divinity, Princess Zhang Le cultivated the art of Ghosts and Deities, so she was particularly good at dealing with Yin ghosts and Evil deities. These girls were too weak to influence her mind. On the other hand, the divine abilities Wu Qi was cultivating could easily make all the Evil immortals, who practiced illusory magic and the likes, cough up blood. His chaotic energy could contain everything, and for him, the fiend energy sent forth by these girls was nothing but spirit herbs that could replenish his energy. He just wished there were more of them here.

After pulling Wu Qi and his companions into this space, the fiend did not utter a single word as he thought he would deal with them later when they had all fallen into his trap. Also, because he had just devoured countless souls, although it had restored thirty percent of his fiend soul, it had also given him a feeling of indigestion. Hence, he was working hard to digest the enormous power contained in all the souls while erasing some of the more stubborn soul marks. For the moment, he was too busy to pay attention to Wu Qi and others.

After staring at each other for a while, Ao Buzun suddenly let out a cry like a wolf while being coiled around Wu Qi's neck. Since entering this space, his shifty eyes had been fixed on the girls who were dancing sexily. During the process, his scales began to stand upright while a line of saliva was flowing down from the corner of his mouth. Eventually, he made a dash for the girls while howling excitedly.

"Why don't you just submit to me, my beautiful girls? You'll be living high on the hog, and I'll give you the best pleasure you've never experienced before every night!" Saliva kept running down from the corner of Ao Buzun's mouth, and his eyes glowed when he spoke. "I had once nearly conquered the world with my dragon spear, and you'll know how powerful my techniques are after you've tried them!"

The girls giggled softly, and a fair-skinned girl with large breasts greeted Ao Buzun with open hands.

"Come, come here… Come now..."

The girl called with a seductive voice, her eyes amorous. While cheering, Ao Buzun threw himself on her. He stood up like a man with his hind claws clutching her breasts and his front claws holding her face as he gave her pale red lips a long, deep kiss with his drooling mouth.

The fiend gave a deep laugh. He rose slowly to his feet, raised a finger, and announced, "First!"

A gleam flashed through Princess Zhang Le's eyes. "This lascivious dragon is a disgrace to us!" She scolded under her breath.

Little Que'er quickly nodded in agreement. Tilting her head, she gave Ao Buzun a disdainful look while gently flapping her wings.

But, Wu Qi was just smiling. Ao Buzun's origin was a mystery, and it seemed he was hiding many things from Wu Qi. If truth be told, anyone around Wu Qi could be caught in such an erotic trap and killed by the girl, having his or her soul extracted and given to the fiend. But, it would never be Ao Buzun, who was a randy old dragon and a seasoned general on the battlefield of romance!

Wu Qi remembered Ao Buzun bragging that among his former concubines were several mighty and powerful Apsaras [1] from outer domains. How could he be a simple minded guy if he could let those heartless Apsaras to bear children for him?

Ao Buzun gave the girl a deep, wet kiss, his long tongue going inside her mouth, twisting and licking before backing out. Then, he spat and complained, "This old fiend must have never touched a girl in his life. How else could he conjure a girl who doesn't move her tongue? To me, a beautiful girl must have a tongue as flexible as a snake, as naughty as a fox, and as sweet as honey… Only then can she be considered perfect. This fellow's tongue is hard and cold, and it made me feel as if I'm tasting a braised pig tongue!"

The fiend, who had just risen to his feet, was stunned. "Are you not fooled by my magic?" he bellowed.

Ao Buzun gave a strange laugh. His body flickered suddenly, then transformed into a black lightning and darted away. In the blink of an eye, his right front claw had grown as big as a palm-leaf fan, and it was clutching at the part between the fiend's legs. "You've underestimated me! Let me show you one of my proudest techniques, the 'Dragon Stealing Peach Palm', which made my name be heard throughout the Three Realms, and frightened even the Great Emperor of the Heaven!"

Numerous runes suddenly appeared on his claw, as dense as ants; these strange runes then began to flicker, quickly turning into a thick layer of black smoke that covered his claw. Then, he clenched his claw tightly and pulled it backward hard. Accompanied by a shrill scream, a string of bloody objects was ripped out by him. When he was done, he immediately returned to Wu Qi's shoulder amidst a beam of black light.

The fiend gave a deafening roar. While staring at Ao Buzun, he growled with bewilderment, "This is a space materialized with my divine will! How could I be hurt here? My body here is the manifestation of my fiend soul, so it doesn't have any organs at all. How could you... How could..."

With a mysterious smile, Ao Buzun flaunted the bloody string of objects in his hand. "Do you really think I'm a fool who hasn't gone through many situations? Back in the day, an idiot whose wife was stolen by me had trapped me with a similar space, having the intention to refine me with his fiend flame. Unfortunately, he didn't know that I'm a genius! It was only three months after being trapped in that space that I created this 'Dragon Stealing Peach Palm!"

He threw the bloody thing away, wiped the blood from his claw on Wu Qi's shoulder, and said proudly, "You shouldn't use this space against me! There is an unbreakable connection between your fiend soul and your true form in the outside world. Although I'm taking something from your fiend soul here, the things I took are actually the treasures from your true form!"

Wu Qi was horrified and Princess Zhang Le was startled, while Little Que'er lowered her head and covered it with her wings.

Ao Buzun roared with laughter, "If you don't believe me, you can send a strand of your divine sense out there… See if I've castrated your true form or not"

The bloody fiend howled miserably. His body suddenly became stiff; clearly, he had sent a strand of his divine sense to the outside world to examine his true form. Soon, he was waving his arms in anger and shouting furiously. "How could you be so mean and have no sense of shame at all? Who are you? How did you manage to attack my true form even though you're trapped in this space? How could you use such a malicious magic?"

Ao Buzun just smiled and gave no explanation.

Wu Qi instinctively tightened his legs and gave Ao Buzun a fierce glare. Then, he pointed out his right hand and unleashed a great sheet of Divine Flame of Order. With the intense heat that could wipe out all divine souls, fiend souls, Yin ghosts, evil deities, fiends from outer domains, and anything that existed in the form of divine will, the purple-green divine flame filled the void in an instant.

Almost at the same time, Princess Zhang Le raised her hands to unleash hundreds of flaming dragons, who were made of divine flames that were thicker, higher in temperature, better in quality, and more agile than Wu Qi's divine flame. Together, both divine flames began to wreak a havoc in this space.

The intense heat melted everything in the space; the blood-colored clouds were burned through, the sea of blood evaporated, the dancing girls vanished, and the throne turned into smoke. The fiend shrieked and growled furiously, "Divine Flame of Order? How could you, some mere Juniors, own an innate divine flame such as this? This is ridiculous!"

Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le had no intention of explaining to him at all. Instead, the Divine Flame of Order closed in from all directions and wrapped the fiend tightly.

The air rang with a miserable howl as a large part of the fiend was burned off.

Abruptly, the fiend exploded, and a beam of blood-red light shot out from the explosion, leaving the space at an incredible speed. Losing the control, the enormous power of souls began to tumble messily in the void.

Wu Qi, Princess Zhang Le, and Ao Buzun were in rapture, quickly absorbing the endless power of souls.

They had absorbed the power of all the souls in an instant. Then, the void shattered, and their souls returned to their own fleshly bodies.

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