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No one could tell what the fiend looked like. He was shaped like a human, but his entire body was covered with a layer of sticky blood that was hundreds of feet thick. As he thrust his fist, the red gleam from thousands of miles around the area crazily rushed toward it, forming into what looked like a steel plate; its surface was covered with numerous sharp spines.

Wu Qi laughed, ready to counter the fiend's punch with his fist. His cultivation of True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture and Dragon Transformation Script was already seasoned, with both reaching the peak of Heaven Immortal realm. For him now, shattering a star with one punch was just a piece of cake. He was eager to fight the fiend with his bare hands and find out who was stronger.

But, before he could punch out, a five-colored ray suddenly flashed near him. Princess Zhang Le had arrived, her face turning cold when she saw the huge fiend striking a punch at Wu Qi. Two streams of five-colored flames shot thousands of feet out of her eyes immediately like the eruption of a volcano, and soon, large dark clouds began to quickly gather. As they pressed down from ten thousand miles above the ground, countless thunderbolts smashed whistling down, ripping the blood-red clouds above the lake of blood into pieces.

A sheet of purple light emitted from her fingertips as she began to softly recite a simple and primitive song. Before long, she was surrounded by countless specks of spirit light that swirled incessantly. Countless thunder-fireballs, each as large as a man's head, were formed within the purple light, then rained down on the giant fiend like a fierce storm.

The continuous explosions shook the sky and the earth. The power of every thunder-fireball was astonishing, and each shockwave caused by the explosions swept at least a hundred miles away. Countless thunder-fireballs exploded on the fiend's body, taking away an enormous amount of blood from him which was then vaporized by the force of thunder and turned into a scarlet mist that rose up high in the air. Even as that was happening, the countless souls trapped in the blood uttered shrill cries of despair while being blown to pieces by the explosions, turning into tiny glowing specks that dispersed in all directions.

At that very moment, Patriarch Yuan Hua's harsh howl was heard coming from the depths of the blood lake. "Wu Qi, you little b*stard! You have killed my beloved disciples! I'll definitely kill you today!"

Wu Qi uttered not a single word and just sneered. He clenched his palms into fists, causing all the surrounding winds to suddenly rush toward him, quickly gathering around his fists. Before long, his fists were shrouded in a layer of hazy, greenish light. Soon, the light turned into a dazzling glare, so bright that it made his fists look like two little suns. Cyclones suddenly emerged within the land thousands of miles around him one after another, all spinning rapidly while producing sharp and deafening howls that made one's ears hurt. With a loud cry, Wu Qi pressed his hands down, and two green light balls shot out one after another, smashing into the blood lake with the massive force of the wind.

Two green colored light balls exploded in the blood lake, while this part of the world had seemingly turned into a world of wind. Wu Qi was silently chanting all of the various scriptures found in the Song of Gale in his heart, and his limbs and body seemed to have turned hollow like bamboos while powerful windstorms were shuttling through them. He gradually pulled the surrounding wild winds over, turning them into countless wind blades that measured a hundred miles long each, and were wreaking havoc in the blood lake.

The lake was torn apart by these blades, and more than half of the various restrictive spells Patriarch Yuan Hua had laid down in advance were destroyed. Taking the opportunity, Wu Qi's divine sense quickly used the blood in the lake to form numerous primordial runes, which emitted a dazzling light that could be seen from the surface of the lake. Hiding at the bottom of the lake, Patriarch Yuan Hua felt like he was beginning to lose control of the lake.

Wu Qi was now far ahead of Patriarch Yuan Hua in terms of both the cultivation and realm. Patriarch Yuan Hua, already possessed by a fiend, conducted himself more on instinct; there was no sense in his moves, so Wu Qi did not face any difficulty in dealing with him.

Moreover, he was aided by Princess Zhang Le, who kept unleashing thunderbolts from the side. These thunderbolts were called 'Fiend Conquering Thunder', which was a very effective technique against all kinds of fiends that she inherited from the Primordial Dao of Divinity. They were formed directly with the forces of nature. Although they were not so cleverly structured and also lacked variety compared to the Immortal thunder arts, they were actually more direct, brutal, and better conformed to the Heaven and Earth, hence giving them a greater offensive strength.

With them, she had ripped the giant fiend into pieces, followed by these thunderbolts piercing into the blood lake.

Meanwhile, she had turned her divine sense, which was defter and more sensitive than Wu Qi's, into a giant net that covered the entire blood lake, and was searching for Patriarch Yuan Hua's traces. Following her divine sense, the purple-colored thunderbolts swam back and forth inside the lake like fishes at lightning speed, actually smearing the surface of the lake purple.

Suddenly, Princess Zhang Le's divine sense found a bloody shadow hurtling through the depths of the lake. Thousands of thunderbolts immediately rushed over, all attaching to the shadow and exploding at the same time. A howl of misery was heard coming from the bottom of the lake. Patriarch Yuan Hua's body was blown apart, and countless droplets of blood were sent propelling in all directions, most of which were vaporized by the force of thunder.

Every drop of blood was Patriarch Yuan Hua's life essence; therefore, he was severely wounded due to most of them evaporating into smoke. After letting out a few miserable howls, his true form went hiding on an altar made of dark bones in the deepest part of the lake, where he began to absorb nearby blood to repair his body while watching the chaotic mess around him with his teeth clenched.

Wu Qi's wind blades were hacking and slashing anything they could find in the lake; they were also a big threat to Patriarch Yuan Hua. He had witnessed how several bodies drifting in the lake were hacked by one of the wind blades. Following that, thousands of nearby green wind blades, all different in size, immediately rushed over, dicing them into the tiniest of molecules. After that came swarming hundreds of purple thunderbolts, which exploded in just the blink of an eye and turned all the molecules into nothingness.

The blood lake was now a world totally controlled by Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le. Patriarch Yuan Hua could only hide in this core altar, surviving under the protection of a broken blood-red flag behind him. The dozens of feet long and wide flag fluttered slowly in the blood, trembling slightly whenever a wind blade or a thunderbolt came near it and causing the surrounding blood to rock as well. All this would send the wind blades and thunderbolts hundreds of feet away.

The shift in space was incredibly amazing, and even with their current overall strength, both Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le could not find any trace of Patriarch Yuan Hua, who was under the protection of the flag. It was obvious that the blood-red flag was a very powerful treasure. It was a pity that the flag was riddled with hundreds of holes, and the pole was hacked multiple times by some sharp weapon, as if it had been bitten by a few mad dogs, making it far less powerful than when it was intact.

"Little b*stard, little b*tch!" Patriarch Yuan Hua trembled with rage. He gritted his teeth and murmured, "You've come to Myriad Immortals Planet? What about White Cloud Planet? What about Green Cliff Planet? Damn it! I should have killed that little b*stard and raped that little b*tch myself! I should have sowed the seeds myself, and if I did, I would have enjoyed all the benefits now!"

Waving his fists fiercely, Patriarch Yuan Hua ground his teeth and growled, "The whole game is lost because of one careless mistake!"

After letting out a furious roar, Patriarch Yuan Hua's voice suddenly became extremely soft and evil, "But how could I lose? I'm Lord Blood Ocean, the disciple of Lixue Zi... Heh, no, I'm Lixue Zi himself. I'm the ancient celestial fiend, Lixue Zi! How could I... lose?"

Reaching out his hands and pointing his fingers at the sky, Patriarch Yuan Hua muttered in a strange voice, "Just you wait, the Great Emperor of the Heaven? The Five Emperors? Hehe... Xuanyuan Sword is indeed an extraordinary treasure, such that even my Bloody Fiend Flag can't withstand its attacks! Ah... my head hurts! Who owns the Xuanyuan Sword? Who are the Five Emperors? The Great Emperor of the Heaven? I thought he is dead!"

He took a deep breath, and a fine beam of blood-red light suddenly radiated out of his forehead, inside of which, a vague tiny figure could be seen sitting cross-legged. As that happened, he cried out in a low voice, "Why think so much now? It's better for me to extract the power of souls from the lake and restore my fiend soul. Only then I'll come back for them! I'll definitely make them pay for it... Did you think I'd suffer losses without avenging myself?"

Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le kept using their divine abilities to search for Patriarch Yuan Hua's trace in the blood lake. But, with that Bloody Fiend Flag protecting him, even though they had exhausted all their power, they could no longer find the exact location of his true form. Wu Qi was momentarily anxious and angry. Suddenly, he gave a loud shout, and his body grew one hundred thousand feet tall in just the blink of an eye. Then, in front of the startled Patriarch Jiang Yun and others, he transformed into a colossal, one hundred thousand feet long, gold-and-silver Dragon Python of Fire and Ice.

An aura of cruelty and savagery spread out from the dragon python Wu Qi had turned into. Judging by his appearance as well as the aura in his body, he was clearly a real python and not an immortal who had attained a significant cultivation base!

Patriarch Jiang Yun roared involuntarily, "Wu Qi, are you really a dragon python who has cultivated his human form?"

Wu Qi did not answer him as his throat suddenly bulged. He was mustering all the energy in his body and turning them into the Dark Ice Divine Beam, which was a dragon python's unique ability, getting ready to shoot it out and freeze the entire blood lake. He did not believe that Patriarch Yuan Hua could still hide in the lake when it was completely frozen.

But, Princess Zhang Le flew into a rage. She pointed angrily at Patriarch Jiang Yun and snapped, "You are the dragon python, all of your family members are dragon pythons!" Perching on her shoulder, Little Que'er twittered insults at Patriarch Jiang Yun as well; and when she was done, she spat directly in his face.

Ao Buzun stood on Wu Qi's head and stared at Little Que'er with a troubled look. "Although she doesn't act like a lady, at least she has the phoenix bloodline... Well, all I want is some pleasant moments… Why bother with her being a lady or not? Aye, but how am I supposed to get her? They're guarding her too strictly!"

After a quarter of an hour of preparation in the air, Wu Qi opened his mouth and shot out a beam of white light that was about a mile in diameter, hitting accurately on the blood lake.

The whole lake shook, and then countless ice cubes of various sizes emerged out of thin air while the lake quickly froze into a huge blood-red block of ice.

In that instant, the souls of billions of living beings in the lake vanished at the same time. A very powerful suction came from the core of the lake and sucked them away. Soon after, a very thin ray of blood-red light shot out of the frozen lake, accompanied by a monstrous fiend aura that slowly spread across the void.

"Hehe… My fiend soul has at least recovered to thirty percent! It's more than enough for me to cause some trouble! Now, I'll kill that little b*tard first and spend some time to enjoy that little b*tch. Only then I'll extract the vast power of blood essence in this blood lake to restore my fiend energy!"

Abruptly, the thin ray of blood-red light flashed, and Wu Qi, Princess Zhang Le, Ao Buzun, and Little Que'er stiffened at the same time. Then suddenly, all of them fell from the sky.

A boundless sea of blood suddenly appeared in front of them. Their divine souls had been drawn into an unknown space.

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