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On the blood-red cloud, Patriarch Jiang Yun and the others could only see a beam of red light shoot into the sky and then disperse; it was followed by the giant python, who had been Wu Qi, crashing down while Princess Zhang Le, Ao Buzun, and Little Que'er all came plunging down to the ground at the same time. Before long, they saw the blood lake begin to boil, and soon, an altar made of bones emerged from under the surface. On top of the altar sat Patriarch Yuan Hua, and behind him fluttered a ragged flag; the pungent smell of blood that came out of it made them nearly faint.

Patriarch Yuan Hua was sitting on the altar with a blank expression, his eyes gray and dull. Clearly, his consciousness had gone into the Void of the Fiend's Thought. Therefore, he did not show any reaction to the outside world.

Bai Wu was gravely frightened. She had thought they were safe when she saw how Patriarch Yuan Hua was forced to hide deep under the lake from Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le's brutal attacks. But in the end, Patriarch Yuan Hua's fiend technique was so savage that Wu Qi and the others were pinned down with just a beam of blood-red light. At the thought of the miserable situation she would be facing later on, Bai Wu could not help but throw her head back and let out a furious and despairing howl. A plume of white smoke sprayed out of her body as dozens of shuttle-shaped fire-thunder flew whistling out, all goingfor Patriarch Yuan Hua's body.

Suddenly, the ragged flag fluttered a little, and a sheet of blood-red light radiated out of Patriarch Yuan Hua's body. The fire-thunder could only circle around his body before being repelled and sent into the distance. Deep rumbling of thunderclaps could be heard coming from where they went as they smashed into something, causing the dark clouds in the distance to rock with some streaks of white light, darting and flashing brightly.

With the flag protecting him, there was no way Bai Wu could have hurt Patriarch Yuan Hua. Patriarch Jiang Yun shouted at her, asking her to quickly release them from the restrictive spells and free them from the pillars. There were twenty-odd immortals from White Cloud Immortal Sect and Tranquil Vimalā Sect being held here, all at the Heaven Immortal realm. If they could join forces, there would still be hopes in killing Patriarch Yuan Hua.

After all, Patriarch Yuan Hua was only protected by a ragged flag. Even if the flag was some really powerful immortal item, it looked as though it had lost most of its former glory. It would be absurdly unreasonable should the joint forces of over twenty Heaven Immortals fail to destroy an already seriously damaged immortal item.

Bai Wu rushed to Patriarch Jiang Yun in a flurry, her hands performing all kinds of incantation gestures as she sent every single spell she knew that could dispel restrictive spells into the pillars. Unfortunately, as everything she knew was learned from Patriarch Jiang Yun, and since they did not cultivate some extraordinary cultivation technique, she only knew a handful of them. As a result, she could not cause any harm to the bizarre restrictive spells which Patriarch Yuan Hua had inherited from some ancient fiend celestial.

After depleting her energy, all she could produce were some bright sparks. Dejected, she sat back down on the blood-red cloud. Patriarch Jiang Yun threw his head back and heaved a despairing sigh, two streams of blood tears trickling down his face. Clenching his teeth, he looked at Bai Wu and cried out in a deep voice, "Leave now, Bai Wu! If you ever get a chance to become a Gold Immortal in the future, come and avenge us. If you don't get that chance, you... just find yourself a peaceful place and spend the rest of your life there!"

Bai Wu did not respond to Patriarch Jiang Yun's words, as if her soul had already left her body. No matter how Patriarch Jiang Yun tried to convince her, she just stared at him blankly with blood tears running down her face.

Patriarch Jiang Yun hesitated when he saw her behaving like that. With trembling lips, he suddenly shouted at the top of his voice, "Oh heavens! I've never done things that were against reason and nature. Why have you put me in such a perilous situation? Why, heaven? Can you please open your eyes and look at us?"

While Patriarch Jiang Yun was crying bitterly, the three old Daoists, Qing Xin, Qing Shen, and Qing Yi, were stuffed with grievances as well. Although they felt like weeping, they were unable to do so. All they could do was stare at the rolling dark clouds in the sky, enduring the grievances by themselves.

Just like Patriarch Jiang Yun, the three of them had never done things that were against reason and nature. They had been dwelling in Minor Heavenly Circle Realm for all their lives, committing no crimes and just cultivating in peace. They just took in a few disciples and established the Tranquil Vimalā Sect. What made them deserve such a calamity? No long ago, they were still cultivating in seclusion on Myriad Immortals Planet, but how come they had suddenly become someone else's captives?

All of a sudden, Bai Wu rose to her feet, gritted her teeth, and said to Patriarch Jiang Yun, "I may have a way to kill this old scumbag!"

A clang of metal rang out as a sword beam shot out of her forehead. It was an inch-long short sword shaped like a leaf and emitting a faint white light, moving agilely like a fish. When they saw the sword, Patriarch Jiang Yun and Qing Xia's faces fell instantly while the three old Daoists turned pale. They realized what Bai Wu was going to do.

Laughing strangely, Bai Wu stared at Patriarch Jiang Yun and said, "If death is inevitable, we'll die together. I'll never leave this place without my husband and my sister!"

With a sway of her body, Bai Wu transformed herself into a clump of white smoke and enveloped the short sword. A dazzling white light erupted from the sword as it began to absorb the smoke that had been Bai Wu. She was about to launch a desperate attack by disintegrating her immortal soul and immortal body, fusing all her immortal energy with her Prime Sword. It was a technique Patriarch Jiang Yun found in some ancient cave abode when he was roaming the world during young age. Not only Bai Wu, all those present, including the three old Daoists, had learned it.

So, as soon as they saw what she was doing, the corners of Patriarch Jiang Yun's eyes burst open while blood dripped slowly from Qing Xia's lips; the bodies of the three old Daoists were shaking, blood flowing from the corners of their mouths. They were either husband and wife or good friends, and had known each other for several Periods. How could they not be moved when they knew Bai Wu was going to risk her life?

Seeing that Bai Wu was about to sacrifice herself, Patriarch Jiang Yun burst into a hysterical scream.

At that moment, a plume of dark smoke suddenly sprayed out of the void above the blood lake before Patriarch Yuan Hua. A black dragon claw, as large as a basin, slowly stretched out of the dark smoke and grabbed the part between his legs, then twisted and turned fiercely a few times before plucking out a chunk of bloody mess. It even flicked its nail to throw away a few strips of clothes and black hair, only then returning into the dark smoke with the bloody chunk.

As the dark smoke dissipated, Patriarch Jiang Yun hastily cried out, "Don't do anything stupid, Bai Wu! Things have changed!"

Bai Wu's body gradually emerged within the white smoke. She stared at the roiling dark smoke with a dropped jaw and wide eyes; she too had seen what had happened just now. Clearly, someone had used some unimaginable queer divine ability to rip through the void and take Patriarch Yuan Hua's male part away!

But, it seemed that person was too nasty and mean, as what he took away was Patriarch Yuan Hua's male part! He could have destroyed Patriarch Yuan Hua's immortal body by crushing his heart or head! If a Heaven Immortal lost his immortal body, even if his immortal soul managed to escape, he would have lost his root and almost all of his overall strength, which would have put him at others' mercy!

Why did the dragon claw do such a strange thing? The owner of the dragon claw was too... mean!

While Patriarch Jiang Yun and others were rendered speechless by the dragon claw's bizarre behavior, Patriarch Yuan Hua's body suddenly trembled, and two beams of blood-red light shot out of his eyes. Then, something happened and struck everybody dumb. Patriarch Yuan Hua actually lurched to his feet with both hands holding his crotch as he let out a piercing scream. Then, he fell back down and rolled back and forth on the altar with his body twitching convulsively, tears and snot smearing his face.

Immortals had far more control over their bodies than mortals, so even if his male part was ripped off, he shouldn't be in pain like this! All he had to do was seal the nerves near the wound and he would not feel any pain at all. But by the looks of him, he was experiencing a pain far exceeding the pain caused by that wound. It was as if someone was chopping his entire body with a cleaver!

Suddenly, the ground trembled as the massive python which Wu Qi had transformed into slowly lifted his upper body. He opened his giant mouth and said with a bitter smile, "Why is he in such pain? What have you done?"

Standing on Wu Qi's head, Ao Buzun said smugly, "Nothing special. It's just that not only can my technique hurt his fleshly body, but also rip off the corresponding part from his divine soul!"

Wu Qi shuddered, then suddenly gave Ao Buzun a slap with his tail.

Princess Zhang Le and Little Que'er had regained their consciousnesses as well. They flew up into the sky, looking at Patriarch Yuan Hua twitching and screaming on the altar in horror, and gasped at the same time. Ao Buzun's Dragon Stealing Peach Palm was so evil and mean that it made them wonder how many people had suffered from such a nasty technique in the past!

Wu Qi's enormous body shrank slowly and gradually returned to human form. He glanced at Patriarch Jiang Yun and others, then suddenly sighed. "You've brought this to yourself, Yuan Hua! Today, I'll kill you first, and then I'll kill your entire clan, completely wiping your bloodline from this world!"

Patriarch Yuan Hua suddenly sat up straight and smiled grimly at Wu Qi. "How can you kill me today? Although I didn't meet the Senior's request, he gave me a talisman and promised to save my life if I'm in a life-threatening situation... Hehe, Wu Qi, I'll settle today's score with you later!"

While laughing wildly, a plume of purple mists and golden flame suddenly burst out of his sleeves. Wu Qi's face fell, and he immediately thrust Starshark toward Patriarch Yuan Hua's head.

At that moment, everybody heard a loud noise. The void tens of thousands of miles in circumference above Myriad Immortals Planet was smashed into pieces. A colossal golden-purple hand stretched out of the shattered void, grabbed Patriarch Yuan Hua with one swift motion, and sped away.

Wu Qi was horrified. The colossal hand was sending forth an overwhelming aura, and although he had exhausted all his strength, he could not lift even a finger.

Of all the people present, only Ao Buzun was able to move. Blood suddenly spurted from all over him, and accompanied by the sound of bone cracking and breaking, he sneaked out a front claw and grabbed toward the direction of the colossal hand.

The void suddenly closed up and Patriarch Yuan Hua was gone. But, at the same time, Ao Buzun had an inkstone shrouded in purple mists grasped in his claw!

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