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Countless corpses were piled up into hills, and the land was soaked in black blood. Rotting carcasses laid messily amongst the pale bones, colorful guts, silvery-white tendons, and tangled hairs, emitting a sickening stench that filled the air. Even hell would never have such a horrible scene.

Bubbles, big and small, kept popping on the surface of the vast blood lake, as if a burner were heating it from down below. The strong smell of blood lingered in the air, so thick that even the wind could not blow it away. They had condensed into a pale red glow in the atmosphere, and vaguely, countless twisted figures could be seen struggling inside, accompanied by pale faces that emerged and disappeared from time to time. The souls of the deceased were screaming and roaring wildly, but no sound could be heard.

Tens of thousands of Long Bo men were standing still where they were, unable to move. Laughing merrily, Patriarch Yuan Hua pushed Bai Wu down on the blood-colored cloud, and was slowly ripping her clothes with both hands. Bai Wu's face turned deadly pale and her eyes were bloodshot. She opened her mouth and attempt to commit suicide by biting off her tongue, but Patriarch Yuan Hua suddenly grabbed her chin.

"What a silly girl!" Patriarch Yuan Hua let out a strange laugh. "Do you think you're still a mortal? What you have is the body of an immortal! A mortal will die if she bites her tongue off, but you'll only become ugly if you did that! How can you become ugly before I enjoy you?"

He gently swept his finger across Bai Wu's cheek. A blood-red light seeped into her cheek, depriving her facial muscles of all strength. With her last bit of strength taken away, Bai Wu could do nothing but lay stiff on the cloud and let Patriarch Yuan Hua do whatever he was about to do. Off to the side, Patriarch Jiang Yun kept growling and roaring hoarsely, the corners of his mouth torn open. Blood was gushing out from his wounds.

Just as Patriarch Yuan Hua was about to violate Bai Wu further, he looked back over his shoulder and saw the blood gushing out of Patriarch Jiang Yun's face. He burst into a creepy laugh. "Oh, how could I forget that? A beautiful lady, beautiful scenery, an enjoyable moment…It all must be accompanied by blood!"

After saying that, he pointed out a finger. A hundred tall and burly Long Bo men walked slowly to the cloud and stood in a circle around it. They bent stiffly and pointed their heads toward Patriarch Yuan Hua. With a shrill cry of a sword, the black flying sword wheeled down and chopped off a hundred heads as if they were made of tofu.

A hundred streams of blood shot out like fountains. Patriarch Yuan Hua, Patriarch Jiang Yun, Bai Wu, Qing Xia, even the three old Daoists and the others were all drenched in steaming blood. As most of Bai Wu's clothes were torn off, the blood smeared her fair and delicate skin, which made her look eerily beautiful and attractive.

The sight of it immediately aroused Patriarch Yuan Hua. While laughing wildly, he hastily untied his belt and took off his clothes.

Nor far away, the old Long Bo Oracle who was waving his arms and crying incessantly suddenly raised his hands high up and let out a loud, long cry into the sky. "The ghosts and deities of heaven and earth, the spirits of our ancestors, and all spiritual things between heaven and earth, please bear witness of this! Today, we, the Long Bo people, swear the bloodline oath that whoever can kill or expel this fiend and save our people from this calamity, allowing our people to continue living…we will pledge our loyalty to him and be his most faithful slaves for generations to come!"

Patriarch Yuan Hua's vicious and cruel tactics left all the Long Bo people present in utter despair. In the face of this genocidal crisis, the old Oracle could only swear the most sacred bloodline oath with the future of his descendants as the price. He was willing to pay the heaviest price as long as someone could save his people and allow their bloodline to continue, even if they had to be slaves for generations to come.

Tens of thousands of Long Bo people wailed in unison. Although their bodies could not move and their facial muscles were not under their control, that did not prevent them from uttering from their chests and from their hearts what sounded like the whistle of a strong wind. Long, despairing howls spread across the land with an intense chill, smashing the pale red glow condensed from the smell of blood along the way.

As the old Oracle swore the bloodline oath and tens of thousands of Long Bo people wailed in unison, Wu Qi exercised Kuafu Steps and appeared next to the blood lake. He glared furiously at the vast lake of blood in front of him, then turned around to look at the mountains of bodies that stretched for millions of miles. Suddenly his hair band snapped and his long hairs stood upright. Powerful forces poured into his hair as they fluttered and brushed against each other, producing loud metal clashing noises.

"Damn you, old b*stard!" Wu Qi let out a deep roar and made a dash for Patriarch Yuan Hua with all his strength, piercing through the void like a mad dragon with his shoulder pointing straight at Patriarch Yuan Hua's back. The purple mist was rising around him, and countless dragon scales emerged from under his skin. He had exercised both the True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture and the Dragon Transformation Script to the maximum.

Patriarch Yuan Hua did not expect anyone to sneak up on him on Myriad Immortals Planet. He had killed all the demons and monsters on the planet, and even if there were some survivors, their strength would not be his match; they had long gone into hiding in some secret places. He had killed all the creatures on the planet, including even the shrimps and worms. How could anyone sneak up on him?

As Patriarch Yuan Hua, demonic and distracted by Bai Wu's beautiful body, prepared to enter her, Wu Qi's shoulder slammed into him hard on his back. His entire body burst open with a loud boom. Strangely, there were no bones or flesh in his body. What the explosion produced was a mist of blood, that kept screaming while flying high into the sky amidst a beam of blood-red light.

Vicious curses came from the beam of red light. With all kinds of indescribable curse words, Patriarch Yuan Hua cursed the heaven and earth, cursed anyone he could think of right now, no matter if they were his sons or daughters, grandchildren, or disciples.

A great sheet of blood light and ghost flames flew out of the dark clouds while a pillar of blood shot up into the sky from the blood lake below at the same time. They fused with the mist that Patriarch Yuan Hua had turned into, and soon turned into a blood-red cocoon that was about ten feet in diameter. Wu Qi snorted coldly and raised his hand to unleash a stream of cold air which condensed in the void into an ice blade, about ten feet long and no more than three inches wide, its blade as thin as cicada's wings. As soon as it appeared, the blade pierced through the void in a beam of white light and hacked onto the cocoon.

This was an offensive divine ability recorded in the Dark Yin Water Scripture, the 'Dark Yin Divine Blade.' It was a blade made of the Yin energy existing between the heaven and earth, as well as the pure immortal energy of the caster. With its biting coldness, it could effectively restrain some malicious spells, and had a very strong offensive strength. In the blink of an eye, the ice blade cut the cocoon in half. Patriarch Yuan Hua, who had just regained his human form in the cocoon, gave a muffled snort as the blade pierced his chest, freezing his bloody chest into a block of ice. At the same time, the blade emitted an immense cold air that turned the blood gleam in the air into snowflakes.

As if had seen a ghost, Patriarch Yuan Hua, Patriarch Jiang Yun, and all the people tied to the pillars stared at Wu Qi with wide eyes. Patriarch Yuan Hua shouted in his hoarse voice, "Wu Qi, you little b*stard!"

Because the restrictive spell that bound them had been removed, Patriarch Jiang Yun and Bai Wu were able to speak, and both shouted Wu Qi's name at the same time. They could not understand how Wu Qi, who was so weak when he left, gained such a great power in a few short years that he could destroy Patriarch Yuan Hua's body with just one blow. The attack would have killed Patriarch Yuan Hua had it not for the bizarre fiend technique he cultivated, which made his body very different from ordinary immortals.

A dark, roiling fiend energy shrouded Wu Qi's body. When the blood gleam in the air touched the fiend energy pouring out of his body, it was sucked in directly, digesting and turning them into a part of the fiend energies. Wu Qi sent out his powerful divine sense to engulf all the dead bodies and the blood lake, searching inch by inch for some runes and talismans that were hidden deep somewhere.

The blood lake in front of him looked somewhat strange. Patriarch Yuan Hua had split a strand of his divine sense and attached it to the lake, seeming to be setting up some evil and bizarre formation. Wu Qi's divine sense plunged into the lake without hesitation and began to fight for the control of the lake with the strand of Patriarch Yuan Hua's divine sense.

Whatever Patriarch Yuan Hua's ultimate goal was, Wu Qi just needed to sabotage his plan and not let him succeed! Furthermore, Wu Qi did not want to waste the blood lake made up of the blood of countless creatures on Myriad Immortals Planet. If he could sacrifice it, he would surely get the best out of it!

Wu Qi stared at Patriarch Yuan Hua with his hands clasped behind his back. He did not utter a single word, only concentrating on fighting with Patriarch Yuan Hua's divine sense in the blood lake. The lake already had various restrictive spells that the latter had laid out, so when his divine sense rushed into it, the whole surface of the lake churned with waves.

Patriarch Yuan Hua, too, was hovering motionlessly in the air. He had sensed a terrible divine sense hundreds of times stronger than his, seizing the control of the blood lake from him. His face fell, and while grinding his teeth, he sent all his divine sense into the lake. He had no time to kill the remaining tens of thousands of Long Bo people, as he wanted to activate the Myriad Beings Blood Pool immediately!

The old Oracle, who kept waving his hands, looked at Wu Qi and suddenly fell to his knees while shouting, "Mighty immortal, we have sworn a bloodline oath… If you can save us from the scourge of genocide, we will be your most faithful servants for generations to come!"

A bloodline oath? The bloodline oath of Long Bo people?

Wu Qi had been worried about Dong Hai County's lack of potential because of its sparse population. So, when he heard the old Oracle's words, he was overjoyed. He quickly turned his head to the old Oracle and said with delight, "Excellent! If you are faithful to me, I'll surely let your race flourish! Haha… This puppet spell is nothing to me!"

He pointed out a finger. A great sheet of chaotic light flew out of his fingertip and turned into countless primordial runes that slammed into the bodies of those Long Bo people. The air rang with rapid explosions as black smoke rose from their bodies. In the next moment, they suddenly recovered their ability to move!

Wu Qi laughed and said, "I'll save you today! Let's see who else can kill you now!"

A ray of chaotic light shot out of his mouth and instantly enveloped tens of thousands of Long Bo people, dragging them into his interstitial world!

Patriarch Yuan Hua roared with skyrocketing anger. The blood essence and soul of a Long Bo people could match the amount of blood in tens of thousands of ordinary people. By saving tens of thousands of Long Bo men, Wu Qi had taken the blood and souls of hundreds of millions of ordinary people from him. Patriarch Yuan Hua could no longer hesitate, and he had no time to do so either. His body transformed into a flash of blood and shot into the blood lake. Before long, a monstrous fiend rose from the lake, made entirely of blood.

The fiend stood a hundred miles tall, emitting a very strong smell of blood. As soon as he appeared, he thrust his fist toward Wu Qi.

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