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Just ten minutes after stepping into the teleportation formation on White Cloud Planet, Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le walked out of a hidden cave abode deep in the Meng Mountains. This cave abode was one of the secret bases that Wu Qi had prepared for himself many years ago, which served as his hideout if things turned bad and he was forced to flee.

The cave abode had an array that could conceal the aura. Although his cultivation base was not as strong as now when he constructed it, it was powerful enough to conceal the aura of those in the cave. Meng Mountains covered a massive area that ordinary Heaven Immortals could not even use their divine sense to search every inch of. So, the little cave abode was left intact, without any damage.

As soon as Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le came out of the cave abode, their expressions turned very strange. Ao Buzun had climbed out of Wu Qi's sleeve and stood transfixed on his shoulder, shocked. Even Little Que'er, who had been perching on the princess' shoulder for days while digesting the immortal stone Wu Qi had given her, raised her head in a daze and kept chirping restlessly.

Wu Qi had once read an ancient poem, 'Birds vanish from the surrounding hills, footprints fade from the winding trails,' which described the scene of birds and people disappearing from sight after a heavy snowfall. However, even though birds were not seen flying on the barren hills after a heavy snowfall, at least they could be heard calling.

But now, Meng Mountains was dead silent; not a bird was flying in the blue sky, not a fish was swimming in the green lake, and not even an insect was singing in the grass under the trees. All the flowers and trees were there, but not a single animal could be seen.

Wu Qi, Princess Zhang Le, Ao Buzun, and Little Que'er released their divine senses at the same time, covering the entire Meng Mountains in an instant. What they saw made their faces pale. No man, bird, beast, or fish was found. Meng Mountains were once the paradise for demons, but at the moment, not even a demon could be seen in any of the valleys. The cave abodes of the several demon kings who once lived here had been burned to the ground, and several mountain peaks had been brought down by someone with great magic.

Several years ago, Yan Dan had already left Myriad Immortals Planet with his subordinates and clan members, while the five demon kings of Great Yan had also led most of their subordinates away. But, they did not want to let the cave abodes that they had been living in for thousands of years be abandoned. So, many demons were left behind to guard them. But now, not only had the cave abodes been destroyed, but it seemed all their subordinates had been killed as well.

Wu Qi searched the Longyuan River carefully with his divine sense, from its source to its estuary. But, apart from countless plants in the water, there were no living beings that could be found in the clean river, not even a shrimp. The mighty aquatic clan of Longyuan River had completely disappeared, and even the Spirit Tapeworms that once impressed Wu Qi and made his scalp go numb had vanished without a trace.

All the living beings in Meng Mountains, which stretched for millions of miles, were gone.

Actually, not all the living beings were gone, as those flowers and trees were also living beings. But, all the animals were gone. Wu Qi sent his divine sense three hundred miles into the ground and found that there was no sign of any animals even in the deepest caves. Creatures such as fishes and shrimps that lived in subterranean rivers, and even earthworms that lived in the soil, were all gone.

"What... What's going on?" Wu Qi looked at Princess Zhang Le in horror.

Princess Zhang Le's face turned very unsightly. Suddenly she closed her eyes and walked to a giant tree with its trunk so massive that it required at least a hundred men to encompass it with their outreached arms, pressing her palms against it. A faint greenish gleam poured from her palms into the trunk. The great ancient tree shook its branches, and its leaves rustled as if it were talking with countless little mouths.

Wu Qi watched Princess Zhang Le do her thing with fascination. She had taught him this technique, but he could never learn it. Although he could barely communicate with stray spirits and ghosts, he could not learn how to communicate with the flowers and trees. The princess, on the other hand, could use the technique like it was her innate ability, without any practice at all.

"Fire...A monstrous fire...A giant flying sword streaked across the void... slaughtering, slaughtering, slaughtering… The Longyuan River turns red... Those powerful demons were beheaded, their blood was collected in jade jars, souls were taken... The weak creatures were taken captive, swept away by a gust of wild wind and carried out of the mountains..."

An aura that made Wu Qi uneasy emanated from all over Meng Mountains.

In addition to this giant ancient tree, all the flowers and trees in Meng Mountains were awakened. Although they could not move or speak, they had a bit of sentience, and they had sensed some terrible things happening in the mountains. They sent out what they had perceived through their aura, which was transmitted to Princess Zhang Le through the mysterious connections between the plants.

Streams of gray aura came from all directions and kept injecting into the body of the ancient tree. It made a mournful whine, its trunk and branches gradually becoming withered, and its leaves quickly turning yellow. Even the weeds growing near its root were affected by the aura, quickly withering and falling.

Even without Princess Zhang Le telling him about it, Wu Qi could clearly feel the strong resentment in the aura; it was just too intense. All the plants were wailing and weeping, and the tremendous resentment was just too much for the great ancient tree to bear. Its vitality was rapidly fading away.

In the way of heaven and earth, the most important thing was nature. Seasons came and went, flowers bloomed and fell, herbivores ate plants, carnivores hunted, and their wastes and rotting carcasses became fertilizers for plants and trees. The cycle of nature was that simple!

Everything in the world, including animals and plants, came from nature! Who said plants were emotionless? These plants all had a bit of spirituality, and they actually had a great deal of affection for the world, for all the living beings, for the animals and demons who had been living among them for years!

Animals played around them, lived amongst them, and reproduced under their shelters. In the depths of Meng Mountains, there were many huge ancient trees that had lived for unknown ages, and they had recorded what happened in their growth rings. When all the animals suddenly disappeared and their auras and souls completely vanished from the world, a monstrous resentment immediately grew within the bodies of all the plants!

If Myriad Immortals Planet were not surrounded by harsh man-made environments which had prevented the aura of these plants from leaking out, perhaps the monstrous resentment produced by all the plants here would have attracted some unpredictable disasters! The so-called 'snow in June' was only a natural phenomenon caused by the heaven and earth when they sensed some unfavorable events. Therefore, with such a monstrous resentment accumulated in Meng Mountains, it was more than enough to make a certain existence on Myriad Immortals Planet suffer the wrath of heaven!

Wu Qi took a deep breath as he felt the terrible resentment in the gray aura.

Nodding slowly, he put a hand on the rapidly fading ancient tree and said in a deep voice, "Don't die yet! If your old friends are really wiped out, I'll take you to a place full of life! I won't allow you to die now! Live!"

A great stream of energy essence was poured out of Wu Qi's body, being injected into the ancient tree. A brilliant green light burst upon the surface of the tree as life force quickly returned to its blighted trunk and branches, while its yellow leaves quickly turned green. Soon after, a ball of black light emerged from Wu Qi's palm, and like a black hole, it sucked every bit of the resentment sent over by all the plants in Meng Mountains into his body.

Chaotic energies could contain and digest everything. If ordinary immortals touched this monstrous resentment, their immortal souls would immediately disintegrate. However, when they were sucked into Wu Qi's body, his chaotic energies digested them in the blink of an eye.

"It's Patriarch Yuan Hua!" As he digested the aura, Wu Qi sensed some information. He recognized Patriarch Yuan Hua's look, as well as the flaming immortal sword in his hand. What happened that day was gradually taking shape in Wu Qi's mind.

Endless rage drove Patriarch Yuan Hua to Myriad Immortals Planet himself, with the sole purpose of killing all of Wu Qi's kin. But, after discovering that Wu Qi had no family here, Patriarch Yuan Hua began rooting out everything related to him. Starpicking City was razed to the ground, and Great Yan was wiped out. However, by the time he came to Meng Mountains to attack Meng Village and Little Meng City, Wanying Dragon King had already secretly relocated all the people.

His heart was full of anger, but he could not fully vent it. As a result, Patriarch Yuan Hua deviated further into the Fiend Dao.

Moreover, in the process of wiping out Starpicking City and hundreds of cities of Great Yan, he massacred hundreds of millions of people, which made the killing intent in his heart skyrocket to a humongous level. Finally, he caught the attention of some fiend from the outer domain, and was eventually possessed by some unknown existence! That day, it was here in the depth of Meng Mountains that he completely turned into a fiend cultivator; many nearby flowers and trees had 'witnessed' the process of him being possessed by the fiend.

What followed was horrendous massacres and abductions. Patriarch Yuan Hua kept repeating the names 'Blood Sea Technique' and 'Myriad Beings Blood Pool', and muttered about breaking through the realm of Gold Immortal and becoming the disciple of an unknown existence. While he kept murmuring these things, he raised a heinous wave of blood in Meng Mountains.

Wu Qi's face turned deadly pale. He quickly compressed his divine sense into a line, and then swept it toward the capital of Great Yan, Ji City.

Now that Meng Mountains had been slaughtered, what about Great Yan?

Princess Zhang Le's face turned blue with rage. A gust of green wind suddenly blew out from her side, and the green storm rushed to Ji City with a wisp of her divine sense. As her relationship with nature was more intimate than Wu Qi's, her divine sense reached Ji City one step earlier than his.

The scene, which was more terrible than hell, making Princess Zhang Le's face extremely pale; she suddenly she coughed up a mouthful of blood.

"My people!" Her body suddenly became translucent and obscure, and then transformed into a thundercloud that headed straight for Ji City. A black plume of fiend energy suddenly surged from Wu Qi's body and towered into the sky.

"Patriarch Yuan Hua, you old b*stard! You deserve to die a million times!"

Exercising the Kuafu Step, Wu Qi's body began to flicker as he arrived outside Ji City with just one step!

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