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When he saw dozens of immortal items approaching him together with hundreds of spirit items as well as some lower-grade magical items, Wu Qi couldn't help but smile derisively.

The foundation of Yuan Hua Sect was, after all, not strong enough. Although they had seized many resources and gained a great reputation, they did not seem to have many craftsmen, and could not supply enough immortal items to their disciples. Among the hundreds of people who approached, about fifty were Heaven Immortals. Clearly, the sect had recruited some itinerant immortals over the years, or perhaps swallowed up some smaller sects. But, only thirty-odd Daoists among them had immortal items, which proved how poor the sect was in term of powerful weapons.

Grinning coldly, Wu Qi made a gesture with his hand. Starshark thrust into the sky amidst a silver-blue beam of light, while countless stars in the sky emitted a strong light at the same time, raining down wisps of starlight onto the blade like needles. A vague figure of a hundreds of feet long Green Dome Shark suddenly flashed across the sky, with a streak of light trailing behind.

Sharp clashing and breaking of metals rang incessantly. The dozens of immortal items, hundreds of spirit items, as well as the magical items were destroyed by the attack, all exploding into pieces. The air rang with the miserable shrieks and howls of the item spirits as bright, colorful specks flew and shot out in all directions. It was as if numerous fireworks were blooming in the sky, casting a blinding light against the surface of the ocean to produce a magnificent scene.

The approaching immortals and cultivators coughed up blood while retreating. "Upper-grade immortal item!" Some immortals with sharp visions cried out in shock and terror. They were correct, as only an upper-grade immortal item could have such a suppressive advantage over their immortal items. How else could an ordinary immortal item, or even an ordinary immortal, destroy dozens of immortal items with just one single strike?

The scene of hundreds of people coughing up blood together was spectacular. The people of Yuan Hua Sect had come aggressively while shouting and cursing, but none of them uttered a single word right now. At last, a beautiful lady clad in a green dress came drifting out on a cloud. She forced a smile on her face as she bowed to offer a greeting to Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le, then said, "It's our honor to have two Seniors visiting Yuan Hua Sect. May I know what is the purpose of your visit?"

Wu Qi gently shook his head when he saw the lady. He knew the face-she was Goddess Green Melon, Daoist Chi's spouse who had recovered her beautiful features with the spirit medicine he had given her. They were on friendly terms in the past, but things had changed because of what Patriarch Yuan Hua had done, and they were enemies now.

Wu Qi rubbed his face with a hand and recovered his true features. While staring at Goddess Green Melon, he cried out in a deep voice, "Get Patriarch Yuan Hua here, fellow Daoist Green Melon. He has to answer for what he did to me!"

As he said that, he reached out his right hand and grabbed toward the ocean. Abruptly, the water within tens of thousands of miles circumference rose into the sky, rolling and rocking violently while being rapidly compressed. In front of the shocked faces of Goddess Green Melon and all the people of Yuan Hua Sect, the vast expanse of water with the deepest point measuring about a thousand miles shrunk, then quickly turned into a water elemental Yin thunderbolt the size of a chicken egg.

Without considering how much power Wu Qi had fused into it, the thunderbolt by itself carried an unimaginable power, as it was made from an incredible amount of seawater. If it were to explode, the shockwave it produced could instantly inflict serious damage to the planet. If ordinary Heaven Immortals were even slightly swept by the reverberation of the explosion, they could be ripped to pieces. Not to mention the fact that there were black spirit lights and numerous runes flashing and blinking in this chicken egg-sized thunderbolt. Clearly, Wu Qi had inserted some thunder spells in it, which further increased the power of the thunderbolt to an immeasurable level.

And, it only took him a few short breaths of time to produce such a powerful thunderbolt!

Goddess Green Melon could see stars dancing in her eyes, and she nearly fainted. In the past, she had tried to refine some Yin thunderbolts of different elements. Although water elemental Yin thunderbolts were not her expertise, because it was a magic especially good at countering all kinds of fire elemental magic, she had tried to refine some to protect herself.

It had taken her one day and one night of hard work to compress the water element energies in a pool, only about one mile in circumference and filled with freezing water, into a Yin thunderbolt the size of a soybean. The process included her carefully carving thunder runes on it, injecting her divine will, and refining it with her True Flame. Only then could she produce a Yin thunderbolt that followed her will.

With her current cultivation base, it would take her at least a few Periods to compress and refine the water element energies in this ocean, tens of thousands of miles in circumference, into a Yin thunderbolt! And yet, Wu Qi had just done it in a few short breaths of time, which proved that he possessed a cultivation base that far exceeded ordinary Heaven Immortals!

Perhaps, only those upper-tier or even top-tier Heaven Immortals could have the power to achieve this! On top of that, he had to have an extremely profound attainment in all kinds of thunder techniques, as well as the ability to control the water. Only then he could accomplish such an unimaginable task!

Goddess Green Melon had once heard the legend of refining an entire ocean into a Yin thunderbolt. According to the legend, the core disciples, who came from the powerful sects with mighty Gold Immortals, were given that kind of Yin thunderbolt, which could easily kill middle-tier Heaven Immortals, to protect themselves when they were sent out of the sects for missions.

Gold Immortals!

She felt a chill washing down from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet, only to turn around and quickly rush back into her head. She was shivering while staring at Wu Qi with a smile that looked uglier than when she was weeping. Her lips were trembling, before she howled in a near hysterical manner, "Wu Qi? You can't be that little boy I knew! Y-yo-you... Oh heaven! Not only have you survived the Primordial Gold Talisman, you even possess the power to refine an ocean into a thunderbolt! What kind of a monster are you?"

Her eyes seemed to have lost their focus while the corners of her mouth were foaming. Obviously, she had sunk into a half-insane state.

Immortal cultivators were particular about gradual improvement. They gained every part of their power and their understanding toward the Heavenly Dao through hard efforts. Apart from the lucky few in the legends who had inherited the legacy of the ancient Fiends and could cultivate at an incredible speed with the cruelest methods, who could reach Wu Qi's level of cultivation base in just a few years of time? He was literally a monster!

Upon thinking about what Patriarch Yuan Hua had done to Wu Qi, as well as what he was doing right now, Goddess Green Melon had a mental breakdown. She was waving her arms disorderly and mumbling incoherently.

All of a sudden, she untied a spirit beast bag that hung from her waist. Ripping the seal apart, she pointed a finger at Wu Qi and growled, "Kill him! Kill him! I'll set you free after you have killed him!"

Wu Qi looked at the bag in surprise, then heard a phoenix cry as he saw a beam of red light coming out of it. A big bird, about ten feet tall and with a body as fat as a bear that was going to hibernate, flew out of the bag. Its appearance looked exactly like a phoenix, although the aura was not as pure. With bleary eyes, the bird threw her head back and cried into the sky, "Remember your promise, woman! I'll kill the man for you, but you have to set me free so I can go look for my master!"

At the sight of this big bird who looked as fat as a ball, Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le burst into a joyful laughter at the same time!

The fat bird was none other than Little Que'er, the descendant of the phoenix whom Wu Qi had purchased from Green Cliff Immortal Market years ago. When Princess Zhang Le fled the planet in a hurry, Gold Horn, Silver Horn, and the others had followed her. But, as naughty as she was, Little Que'er was out playing somewhere on the island. Therefore, she was not with them at the most critical moment, and it was too late for her to leave. After the island's defensive barrier was destroyed, she was captured and imprisoned by Patriarch Yuan Hua, and was given to Goddess Green Melon.

Happily, Princess Zhang Le unleashed a five-colored divine ray and instantly removed all the restrictive spells that had imprisoned Little Que'er. The fat bird had also recognized Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le, and she let out an ecstatic howl while flying toward them amidst a red flash.

The princess pulled Little Que'er, who had grown up a lot, into her arms, rubbing the feathers on the top of her head while saying with a big smile, "So you can speak now, huh? Not a bad improvement for my Little Que'er!"

Little Que'er cried out happily, using her beak to intimately rub against the princess's cheek, and then staring at Wu Qi with her big round eyes.

Wu Qi smiled and gave her a slap in the head. With a flip of his palm, he took out a supreme-grade fire element immortal stone and gave it to the fat bird.

A joyful roar rang out of Little Que'er's mouth as she shrunk to the size of a sparrow, then hopped and perched atop the princess's shoulder. Stretching out her wings, she hugged the fist-sized immortal stone with a beaming countenance.

Suddenly, Ao Buzun poked his head out of Wu Qi's sleeve. After taking a moment to study Little Que'er like a thief in the night, he smiled and said, "The phoenix's bloodline? And a juvenile...? Well, this is what we call a heaven-sent fate, the match between the dragon and the phoenix! Aye, the fate has brought us together, or as someone would say... 'For the benevolence of the Buddha, there is a fate between us!' Hey, little chick, you must have broken thousands of wooden fishes in another life that your prayers have brought me, an excellent husband, to you!"

Wu Qi lowered his head and gave Ao Buzun a look, then shoved him back into the sleeve with a finger. After that, he opened his mouth and inhaled. Immediately, a frightening suction was unleashed from his interstitial world, and soon, the air, water, natural energy, sand, stones, trees, flowers, grasses…everything within tens of thousands of miles flew into his mouth, all the way into his interspatial world, including Goddess Green Melon and the disciples of Yuan Hua Sect.

Grinning coldly, Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le began to travel across the planet in high speed, plundering everything as they went. Except for the ordinary mortals, Wu Qi had devoured everything: palaces and pavilions, beautiful mountains and rivers, underground energy veins and mineral mines, medicinal gardens cultivated by the disciples of Yuan Hua Sect, and even cultivators. Anything that was valuable was thrown into his grayish interstitial world.

He had taken away everything and only left behind a piece of land with a small energy vein for the mortals. Such resources were sufficient for the mortals to continue living and breeding on the planet, but not cultivators. Green Cliff Planet had become a barren planet that could not even support a Nascent Divinity cultivator.

In the following days, Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le visited a dozen planets ruled by Yuan Hua Sect and plundered them like how they did to Green Cliff Planet. They had even robbed the planet with a super energy stone vein which Yuan Hua Sect was fighting for years ago, taking away everything and leaving not even a single lower-grade energy stone behind.

After interrogating the disciples who stayed behind to guard Yuan Hua Sect and learning that Patriarch Yuan Hua was in secluded meditation with a group of elite disciples in Myriad Immortals Planet, Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le immediately set out for the planet.

Half a month later, the couple who had looted everything of Yuan Hua Sect finally arrived at Minor Heavenly Circle Realm, overlooking the White Cloud Planet from across a distance.

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