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A hazy mist veiled the ocean, with the moon shining brightly up above, smearing the rippling water surface silver. Some aquatic creatures were floating in the ocean and quietly absorbing the essence of the moon and stars, dreaming about gaining their sentience someday and becoming demons.

The island where Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le had constructed their cave abode was taken over, now occupied by a few elite junior disciples of Yuan Hua Sect. All the restrictive spells were destroyed, and the immortal energy veins Wu Qi had hidden were exposed. Nowadays, the island had become one of the best cave abodes that the sect owned, and only those who received favor and had the best innate talents were allowed to come here.

But, with the ringing of the alarm, all the disciples who were meditating in the cave abode had rushed back to Green Cliff Mountain, leaving behind only a few servants and apprentice Daoists. The defensive barrier on the island had also been activated, though it was far weaker than the one Wu Qi had constructed in the past.

After giving the island a brief glance, the couple exchanged a smile. Pointing at the ocean with one finger, Wu Qi said leisurely, "Why don't you do it, Zi Xuan? Your divine ability is perfect for a job like this, and it's not so convenient for me to use my chaotic energy here!"

The princess nodded cheerily. She rolled up her sleeves and a gleam of five-color swirled around her fingertips. As she let out a sonorous cry, dozens of colorful specks shot whistling out. Suddenly, plumes of blue smoke and cloud gushed out of the rifts on the screen-shaped island, turning into a thick layer of cloud that enveloped everything. Rapid explosions rang out as the colorful specks shot into the layer of clouds.

Hundreds of feet tall, massive waves suddenly rose and swept across the surface of the ocean. The blue clouds that protected the island were ripped and shattered to pieces, the mountains on the island were cut in half at the middle, and boulders were hurtled tens of miles away in all directions. The sudden explosion terrified those aquatic creatures, causing them to let out sharp and unpleasant cries while fleeing desperately into the distance.

The few servants and apprentice Daoists guarding the island screamed in fear as they bolted out of the cave abode, crawling and rolling along a flight of newly constructed stairs down to the beach, and quickly hiding under a big rock that looked safe. Wu Qi only gave them a brief glance, and was too lazy to pay them any heed. Reaching out his hand toward the ocean, he drew a circle in the air. With that, the rocking ocean calmed down instantly; the water surface thousands of miles in circumference looked as smooth as a mirror, with the reflection of the moon shining gently like a crystal.

After that, the princess chuckled as ten fine five colored divine rays shot out of her fingertips, streaking across the air like lightning and stabbing into the ocean surrounding the island. Before long, a deep rumbling began to echo from the depth of the ocean. The divine rays had pierced through the thick layer of rock and bound up the few large energy veins that passed under or around the island.

No ordinary Heaven Immortals had the ability or power to extract an underground energy vein. But, as Princess Zhang Le was cultivating the Primordial Dao of Divinity, a profound technique that matched the natural order, and with her cultivation base touching the Gold Immortal realm, every more she performed was blessed with a great power of nature. So, as soon as the divine rays made contact with the energy veins, they began to twist obediently and vigorously as if they were some pet dogs.

Most of these energy veins measured about a hundred miles in diameter and tens of thousands of miles in length. The largest one, which was also the primary energy vein, had its root at Green Cliff Mountain and stretched all the way into the ocean, spanning hundreds of thousands of miles. Therefore, when they moved, the ground shook violently as a result. Half of the planet experienced strong earthquakes; numerous mountains and hills collapsed and lands caved in, as many deep valleys rose to form new mountain ranges.

In just the fraction of a second, the landscape of half of the Green Cliff Planet had changed forever.

Blinding lights radiated from under the ocean while the air rang with faint dragon roars, and a terrible energy wave swept whistling across the void. The energy was so strong that it made even Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le feel difficulty in breathing. If he had not restrained the ocean with a spell, they would have already been surrounded by hundreds of miles tall waves.

All of a sudden, the rock layer at the bottom of the ocean, tens of thousands of miles in circumference, shattered along with a deafening boom. Amidst a dreadful rumbling, a dozen energy veins leaped out from under the ground and soared high up into the sky.

The dozen energy veins, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of miles in length, and all measuring at least a hundred miles in diameter, flew into the sky like some colossal dragons. Flashing with strong light and looking hazy, these energy veins did not have physical shapes-they were entirely composed of highly compressed immortal energy. Vaguely, there were dozens of shadows that were shaped like dragons blinking inside each energy vein. They were actually the cores of the veins, and it was them who absorbed the natural energy and stored them under the ground, eventually forming the energy veins.

The five-colored divine ray was racing around the princess as she separated her palms and cried out softly, "We'll have half each. Let's quickly devour them!"

While laughing, Wu Qi slapped the back of his head with his right hand, and a giant hand shrouded in a towering dark mist rushed out of him. Upon making its appearance, the palm measuring ten thousand miles in circumference grabbed hold of a few energy veins, followed by a beam of chaotic light that shot out of Wu Qi's forehead, pulling them into his body. Suddenly wisps, of bright light radiated out of his entire body, and the interstitial world inside him started going through a tremendous transformation.

As soon as the few energy veins entered his body, they were sucked into the interstitial world, then quickly digested and transformed by the chaotic energy. In the blink of an eye, his interstitial world had expanded by at least a hundred folds, and the total amount of energy in the chaotic world had skyrocketed by ten thousand folds. Energy spread out tumbling in his body, then quickly transformed into chaotic energy and filled up his meridians.

Like the Gold Core and Nascent Soul to cultivators, the interstitial world was the most important Prime Treasure for a Gold Immortal. The difference between the one who had it and the one who didn't was like the difference between an emperor and a beggar — there was no way they could compare with each other. It brought two main benefits, to be specific.

Firstly, it could absorb natural energy to improve the Gold Immortal's cultivation base, increasing the speed of cultivation by at least ten thousand folds!

Secondly, an interstitial world was a complete world. When a Gold Immortal was studying the Heavenly Dao, he could simulate the natural phenomena found in the real world right inside his own interstitial world and study all the profound wisdom. For a Gold Immortal who owned an interstitial world, his speed of studying the Heavenly Dao would also be at least ten thousand-folds compared to that of ordinary Gold Immortals!

But, in order to grow the interstitial world, one would have to supply it with a massive amount of natural energy. If Wu Qi were to cultivate himself, his interstitial world would not grow too much even after tens of thousands of years. Usually, when a Gold Immortal formed his interstitial world, he would immediately find a remote and uninhabited planet, seizing all the energy veins to supply his interstitial world. An excellent energy vein could save a Gold Immortal tens of thousands of years' hard work.

What Wu Qi did today was exactly the same as those Gold Immortals. Yet, despite how strong and powerful their backings were, no Gold Immortals would plunder a planet occupied by an immortal sect, as it was a taboo to do that. Had it not been for Wu Qi's hatred of Patriarch Yuan Hua and his determination to wipe out the foundation of Yuan Hua Sect, he would not have done such a cruel deed.

Wu Qi's interstitial world was filled with chaotic energy which seemed to contain everything, but at the same time looked like a vast expanse of nothingness.

As for the princess, after fusing the other half of the energy veins with her interstitial world, it had abruptly grown from one-foot to about one mile in circumference. Inside, there were mountains and plains, rivers and lakes, as well as various natural scenes. The natural energy was so copious that it rolled about violently in her world, gradually forming into wind, rain, thunder, lightning, and all sorts of natural phenomena. Soon, the cycle of seasons had begun.

Under her control, the largest energy vein was being compressed in the air of the small world, gradually forming into a ball of light the size of a sesame. It was emitting a great light and heat, hanging in the sky like a sun and bringing life and color to the small world.

A delightful smile emerged on Princess Zhang Le's face. Narrowing her eyes, she considered for a moment, then her fingers twitched a little. All of a sudden, numerous bolts of lightning filled the sky of her interstitial world and disappeared in the next instant, only to appear out of her fingertip in the form of one giant lightning bolt that was a hundred feet in diameter and a hundred miles in length. Accompanied by a frightful rumble that seemed to almost bring down the sky, the lightning streaked across the void and smote hard into a distant island.

A thunderous boom erupted as the island, which was about a thousand miles in circumference, vanished amidst a blinding flash. The frightening power of lightning vaporized all the water within ten thousand miles in just the blink of an eye, causing a giant hole to appear right in the middle of the ocean.

With sufficient energy, Princess Zhang Le could produce various devastating energy storms in her interstitial world, and then unleash them to attack her enemies. It was at least a few times faster than the normal way of casting spells, and also was easier to control.

Wu Qi could not help but feel happy when he saw the incredible blow unleashed by the princess.

The quality of the energy veins they extracted from under this ocean was extremely high, notably the immortal energy vein among them, which had brought great benefits to their interstitial worlds. The dragon-shaped cores of these energy veins had fused with their interstitial worlds. Therefore, the natural energy was constantly being absorbed into them. Even without them deliberately cultivating, their interstitial worlds were expanding and growing by themselves.

As their interstitial worlds were functioning on their own just like the outside world, all kinds of mysterious auras were being sent into their divine souls. It made them feel as if their divine souls had become completely transparent, and the world in their eyes had become much clearer.

Delighted due to this, the couple exchanged a smile. Wu Qi seized Princess Zhang Le's around the waist, then pouted and gave her juicy lips a deep kiss.

As they were about to get intimate, hundreds of sword beams suddenly came whistling over from across the distance, and a female voice rang out in the void.

"You ruthless rascals! How dare you act presumptuously in Green Cliff Planet?"

Half the energy veins of the planet had been looted by Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le. Losing them, the energy in half of the planet would gradually dissipate, and the land would gradually lose its vitality. The dissipation of the energy would inevitably affect the situation of the other half of the planet as well. Although it looked fine as of now, the planet had entered the state of old age.

Green Cliff Planet was the very foundation of Yuan Hua Sect, so how could the immortals of the sect not be angry when the planet was seriously damaged?

Following the furious reproach, hundreds of sword beams rained down on Wu Qi and the princess like a fierce storm.

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