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Outside White Cloud Planet, many planetary ships were seen shuttling through the void like shooting stars. Some were entering the planet's atmosphere, while some were leaving and flying into the distant space. Every hour, there were at least dozens of ships entering and leaving the planet. Judging by the busy traffic, it seemed that White Cloud Immortal Sect — by relying on the power and influence of Yuan Hua Sect — had transformed the planet into the traffic and trading hub of Minor Heavenly Circle Realm.

Hovering in the void, Wu Qi sent his divine sense to engulf the entire planet and brought himself a vast stream of information. He had digested the millions of evil spirits which he absorbed in Pangu Continent, improving the strength of his divine soul to an incredible level. Hence, even though his head was flooded with information, he was able to easily analyze it and learn everything that was happening on the planet.

At one time, there were many mortal dynasties on the planet, but there was only one now. The dynasty had its capital built at the foot of White Cloud Peak, and its title was 'Yuan Hua', while the surname of the imperial clan was 'Zi'. The present emperor possessed the cultivation base of early-stage Gold Core realm. It was clear that the dynasty was founded by Patriarch Yuan Hua's descendants.

The emperor, who was sitting high up on the dragon throne and conducting state affairs, had a very poor latent talent. Normally, a man like this could never cultivate up to Gold Core realm. The Gold Core in his body looked variegated. Clearly, it was forcibly formed with spirit pills and external forces. When Wu Qi's divine sense swept across the palace, the emperor Zi Yuehu and his courtiers were taking inventory of the various ores and energy stones mined in the past six months, preparing to send them to White Cloud Peak.

Those who presided over White Cloud Peak were Wu Qi's acquaintances. The group comprised of a few Heaven Immortals and dozens of Nascent Divinity cultivators headed by Immortal Green Staff. In front of the mountain stood Yuan Hua Dynasty's capital, and behind was a large immortal square, inside which were tens of thousands of immortals and cultivators trading with one another. With over ten thousand shops selling all kinds of items, it was bustling with activity, and seemed even livelier than Green Cliff Immortal Market.

Wu Qi's lips curved in a smile, but as he was about to enter the planet and plunder it like he had done to Green Cliff Planet, his expression changed suddenly.

On White Cloud Planet, within a courtyard in a remote town, a group of burly men dressed in red brocade clothes and armed with weapons was ferociously attacking a group of fewer than twenty men. There were a total of three to four hundred burly men, each of whom were clad in a soft leather armor under their brocade cloth. A hundred of them had surrounded the courtyard with crossbows in their hands while the rest carried either swords or blades, and were charging at the small group like waves, pushing them back and back. It seemed they were about to break into the small building the smaller group was protecting.

Without hesitation, Wu Qi focused all his divine sense on the small town. The massive and powerful divine sense immediately stirred the surrounding natural energy; the clouds in the sky were churning, the wind was blowing furiously, and deep roaring of thunder could be heard from the distance. The strong wind rolled up dust and grasses that flooded the town, picking up sand, stones, and roof tiles like arrows. Panic-stricken, the people in the town hurriedly shut their doors and windows, and nobody dared to leave their homes to walk on the streets.

The wind had also thrown the burly men off balance, and even flung some of them into nearby walls and trees. As they were struggling to defend against the strong wind, the small group of fewer than twenty men quickly regrouped and regained their position before the small building.

The wind caused by Wu Qi's divine sense came in a very bizarre manner. The burly men dressed in brocade clothes were shouting and yelling, their voices mixed together into a loud clamor. When the dark wind finally left the courtyard along with all the dust, Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le had arrived there, standing firmly with hands held together. Ao Buzun was coiling around Wu Qi's neck, squinting at Little Que'er who was perched atop Princess Zhang Le's shoulder stupidly. The combination of a man, a girl, a dragon, and a phoenix looked rather strange.

All the attackers were looking at Wu Qi and his companions with blank expressions. Their leader, a strong man who stood about ten feet tall with a sickle in hand, frowned as he strode forward. He then cupped his fist and bowed to Wu Qi. "Greeting, Seniors! We are the imperial guards of Yuan Hua Dynasty, and by the imperial edict of His Majesty, we are here to capture the leaders of the rebellion, Li Yifeng and Zi Qianyan, as well as their pair of b*stards. We hope you will not interfere with the internal affair of Yuan Hua Dynasty!"

He paused and fished out a jade medallion from his waist, flashing it before Wu Qi. Then, he sent a spurt of energy into it, immediately causing clouds to spray out of it, swirling slowly around him. Although the man looked fierce with his stocky figure, the clouds actually made him look like an immortal. He then said with pride, "In case you don't know, White Cloud Immortal Sect is Yuan Hua Dynasty's..."

Wu Qi interrupted the leader with a simple action — he patted Ao Buzun's head and pointed a finger at the man.

Obediently, Ao Buzun opened his mouth and sprayed out a plume of dark smoke which enveloped the leader in the blink of an eye. The man let out a shocking cry as he was pulled into Ao Buzun's little mouth by the smoke. Then, the dragon closed his jaws and chewed slowly. The air rang with the cracking of bones, while blood dripped down from the corner of his mouth.

All the burly men in brocade clothes were so scared that they felt the strength leaving their legs. They had never seen anything as cruel and savage as this. A man, alive and kicking a moment ago, was devoured by a monster who looked like a black snake. They could not figure out how this little snake, whose body was only about two feet long, could have swallowed a man who stood ten feet tall! With faces twisting in fear, a few of them cried out, "Demons, they are demons! Quickly get help from the Senior Immortals!"

A flame blazed high into the sky and exploded dozens of miles from the ground with a loud boom, producing a ball of white light that was about one mile in circumference. It was so bright that it was visible to all people within hundreds of miles. Before long, a few streaks of white light could be seen flashing in the distant sky, and soon, dozens of sword beams had pierced through the clouds while approaching the town at a high speed.

'These cultivators are real posers!' Wu Qi thought as a cold smile emerged on his face. When his divine sense swept past this town just now, he had discovered that both Li Yifeng and Zi Qianyan were seriously wounded, and had lost their abilities to move. As arrogant as they were, those cultivators were ashamed to attack two seriously wounded targets, so they had sent these burly men to capture them. Now, with Ao Buzun devouring their leader, the rest of the lackeys immediately alerted them, and only then they came in a hurry.

While laughing, Wu Qi opened his mouth and shot out a beam of chaotic light. The burly men surrounding the courtyard cried out as the light beam brought them up into the air and pulled them into his interstitial world. Inside, a great amount of energy gathered together to form into one primordial rune after another, each of which represented the meaning of suppression, imprisonment, and sleep. Once taken shape, the runes branded onto the foreheads of the captives. Before they could figure out where they had been brought into, all the men had lost their consciousness. They would not wake up without Wu Qi's permission now.

Wu Qi would bring these men, together with the disciples of Yuan Hua Sect he captured from Green Cliff Planet, back to Pangu Continent for a blood sacrificial ceremony; the target of the ceremony would be Lei Meng, who had promised to become the Ancestral God of Dong Hai County. He had achieved quite a result in Dong Hai County, and although he had an army of fifty thousand soldiers, they were very weak. If he were to put them in good use, he would have to hold at least a few dozens of blood sacrificial ceremonies.

When they saw how Wu Qi shot out a beam of light and swallowed all the men into his mouth, the dozens of cultivators who came flying over the sky thought he was a Fiend or Demon cultivator, and that he had eaten every one. One of them, a handsome youth clad in a white cloth who assumed a stately manner and appeared to be a peak Nascent Soul cultivator, snapped in a fierce voice, "How dare you, demon!"

Together, all the cultivators pointed their fingers out, and dozens of sword beams mixed with some lower-grade spirit items and magical items rained down like a storm. Wu Qi grunted coldly, and six green colored fiend shadows suddenly darted out of his body. While howling, six celestial fiend puppets he brought with him all the time soared up into the sky. They clashed with the weapons, and shockingly, absorbed all of them into their bodies.

The celestial fiend puppets could devour all kinds of ores to enhance the strength of their bodies, and these flying swords and magical items were the best tonics for them.

As all the approaching weapons were devoured by the puppets, Wu Qi shot out another beam of chaotic light. The cultivators, who had not yet even given their names, could see nothing anymore as they lost their orientation and were soon pulled into Wu Qi's interspatial world, being imprisoned by the primordial runes.

After settling the imperial guards and cultivators with ease, Wu Qi turned and looked at the dozen men standing in the doorway of the building, all covered in blood but unwilling to flee. He gave them an approving nod. As his divine sense swept past their bodies, he said in a deep voice, "You are very loyal to your master. Mm, that surely will bring you great fortune soon!"

Although they were outnumbered and had suffered serious injuries, these men still fought bravely. They were very loyal, and could be put into a good use. They had cultivated some rather basic cultivation techniques, and the strongest among them only had the cultivation base of peak Xiantian realm. It would not be a waste to give up that meager cultivation base. Wu Qi planned to let them cultivate the True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture, and then hold a blood sacrificial ceremony to improve their overall strength.

When they saw Wu Qi was walking toward the building, the men raised their weapons at the same time. One of them, a burly man whose face was hacked twice and had lost the upper row of his teeth, cried out hoarsely, "Halt! These are His Majesty's field headquarters. No outsiders are allowed to intrude!"

Looking at the ordinary two-storied building constructed of green bricks, Wu Qi suddenly burst out laughing.

"Li Yifeng, Zi Qianyan, you do have a group of loyal subordinates!" With a flick of his sleeve, the building shattered to pieces, revealing Li Yifeng and Zi Qianyan, who were laying on a bed. A gust of strong wind rolled them up, and before the men could see what was happening, the couple had landed next to Wu Qi, his hands pressing against their backs.

These men who had been on the run with Li Yifeng and Zi Qianyan for years roared in horror as they raised their weapons and charged at Wu Qi.

While Wu Qi was grinning, Li Yifeng cried out in rapture, "Stand down, all of you! STAND DOWN!"

Zi Qianyan broke down and cried. "Master, please help us!"

The men were startled, then happily threw down their weapons, dropped to their knees, and kowtowed at Wu Qi! Princess Zhang Le waved her hand quietly, and a five-colored divine ray flew out of her palm, sprinkling on the seriously injured men.

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