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As soon as they stepped out of the teleportation formation, Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le leaped into the sky and sped away for Green Cliff Planet. With their present cultivation base, they were able to travel across the void at an incredible speed, passing one little galaxy after another in just a flash. In less than a day, a colossal star emerged from the far distance-they had arrived at their destination.

Compared to a few years back, Green Cliff Planet looked very different now. Yuan Hua Sect was thriving-the Sect Leader, Patriarch Yuan Hua, had grown stronger in his cultivation base, and even obtained an upper-grade immortal sword, which made him almost invincible amongst all the lower-tier Heaven Immortals in outer heavenly realms. As a result, the powers in Puluo Heavenly Realm had gone through a complete reshuffle, and a new interest group was formed, with Yuan Hua Sect as the leader.

It was said that one could disobey Immortal Chuan in Puluo Heavenly Realm these days, but never Patriarch Yuan Hua. The sect had more disciples than before, directly or indirectly controlling a dozen planets. The collection of energy stones, immortal stones, spirit herbs and other resources was increasing steadily as well. Although they had lost two Elders in the form of Daoist Min and Daoist Chi, Yuan Hua Sect was actually flourishing, and in a better situation than before.

In front of Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le, two Heaven Immortals were seen busy working with a group of Nascent Divinity cultivators outside the planet's atmosphere. Between them stood a small hill, about a thousand feet tall with eighty-one holes spread across its surface, each filled with many immortal stones and carved with numerous runes and spells. It had a shape like that of a bamboo shoot, transparent while glowing with a faint green light, and emanating a very powerful energy wave.

Holding a compass each, both Heaven Immortals hovered aside while giving instructions to the group of about a hundred cultivators, who would then adjust the position of the hill.

Wu Qi peered into the distance. In the void several thousand miles away were similar hills. And when he probed about with his divine sense, he found a total of thirty-six hills that had surrounded the entire planet according to the positions of the Big Dipper. The two Heaven Immortals were aligning the position of the last hill, and once they were done, the defensive formation would take shape.

Only a sect with an extremely powerful overall strength could construct such a defensive formation that surrounded the entire planet. Not only was it very troublesome to construct, but it also cost astronomical resources. However, once it was completed, it would possess an extremely strong defensive strength, so much so that no ordinary upper-tier Heaven Immortals could breach it, even with all their might.

Wu Qi was shocked. In just a few short years of time, Yuan Hua Sect had grown strong enough to construct such a powerful formation. He could not help but wonder where they found so many supreme-grade materials. In order for the formation to withstand the attacks of top-tier Heaven Immortals, the quality of all thirty-six hills, which served as the foundation, had to be extraordinary, at least at the level of an upper-grade immortal item!

"Yuan Hua Sect has certainly become prosperous!" Wu Qi glanced at the hills thoughtfully, then turned to Princess Zhang Le while smiling as he said, "Well, the materials they used are indeed of excellent quality, but the formation is too shabby. It is merely an ordinary formation that relies on the power of the Big Dipper. Speaking of the formation, I just realized that the Underhand Sect's base lacks a powerful defensive formation!"

Upon hearing Wu Qi's words, the princess squinted and smiled, her eyes curved like two crescent moons. "If you like them, we can always seize them. After all, the purpose of our return is to murder and burn. Why should we be polite to them?"

With a flick, her pale purple sleeves turned into a sheet of strong purple light that sprinkled down, engulfing all thirty-six hills. The hills trembled, then spun as the purple light sucked them in. In the blink of an eye, they were nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, in the interstitial world inside her body, thirty-six hills emerged out of nowhere. The interstitial world only measured less than a foot in circumference, and the hills looked like tiny specks of dust.

The two Heaven Immortals were startled, turning around in unison to look at Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le, who were hundreds of miles away. One of them, a Daoist with a face full of beard and eyes that shone like stars, snapped, "Are you looking to die here at Green Cliff Planet?"

Suddenly, Wu Qi slapped his collar and cried out in a deep voice, "Are you hungry?"

Ao Buzun quickly poked his head out of the collar. While smiling, he looked around, then shook his head and said, "Yes, I'm hungry...But, I dare not come out for food! Aye, while you two were having fun all the way, I was starving!"

Wu Qi had a thick skin, so he just laughed and acted as if nothing had happened, but the princess flushed at the jest with embarrassment. With one swift move, she took the little black dragon and threw him out. While shrieking, Ao Buzun transformed into a beam of black light and shot straight toward the two Heaven Immortals.

They saw only a beam of black light approaching, and they thought the princess was attacking them with some kind of immortal item. While shouting and hooting, both immortals unleashed an immortal sword each, which were shrouded in raging flame as they shot across the void to meet Ao Buzun. The void flashed with bright lights and fierce flames as the two swords wheeled and hacked at Ao Buzun, sending sparks flying in all directions.

Wu Qi still could not figure out Ao Buzun's background, nor the number of trump cards he had. Although his cultivation base had not fully recovered, and his overall strength was only equivalent to that of a lower-tier Heaven Immortal, his dragon scales were absurdly tough. The swords had been hacking him violently, yet they could not even leave a scratch on him. Instead, the edges of the swords were chipped as if they were bitten by some mad dogs.

The swords, controlled by the two unlucky Heaven Immortals, landed cut after cut on Ao Buzun, and with every cut, a row of notches would appear on their edges. As the swords were damaged, the souls of the two immortals suffered backlashes at the same time. With every strike, their internal organs would tremble, and blood would spray out of their mouths. To make it worse, their swords were very quick, and their attacks were very fierce. So, in just a fraction of a second, they had attacked over a hundred times, resulting in both of them coughing up over a hundred mouthfuls of blood!

Ao Buzun opened his mouth and swallowed both swords, then growled angrily, "You two spendthrifts! Each drop of your blood belongs to me! How could you cough them out? Tsk, you've stained the blood with your saliva. How am I supposed to swallow it now?"

Even as he was scolding, he transformed into a beam of black light and rushed before the two immortals, opened his mouth, and swallowed them whole. A moment ago, he was expressing his dislike of the blood that had been stained with saliva, and in the next moment, he had swallowed up both immortals, as if he had forgotten the fact that both immortals' mouths were full of saliva.

Wu Qi shook his head and muttered under his breath, "You should be grateful for having something to eat. Do you ever see Catfish nitpick her food?"

Ao Buzun had a quick ear. Though there was no air in the void, and Wu Qi's words vanished as soon as he spoke, he still heard him. He looked back with disdain and said, "That ugly fish? How can you compare her with me? I'm an Ancient True Dragon, and she hasn't even cultivated her dragon body. How can she ever compare with me? I've always been fastidious about my food!"

As he blew his trumpet, Ao Buzun rushed into the group of cultivators, about a hundred of them who were trembling with fear. Then, he opened his mouth and swallowed all of them. A moment ago, he was boasting how he was fastidious about his food, and the next moment he had swallowed more than a hundred cultivators alive. Perhaps it was the thick layer of dragon scales on his face, as he was many times more shameless than ordinary people.

After a belch, he spat out loads of clothes, shoes, socks, and the likes from his mouth. "Satisfying...This is really satisfying! Hey, can I eat everyone on this planet?" While flexing his front claws and with saliva dripping off the corner of his mouth, he asked, "Well, if you happen to find a few beautiful female immortals... can I have some fun with them?"

Without uttering a word, Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le transformed into two rays of light and flew into the planet. As he passed Ao Buzun, Wu Qi grabbed him by the neck and stuffed him into his sleeve. He gave the little dragon a knock in the head, grinned derisively, and said, "What can you do to those women with that less than two feet long body of yours?"

Ao Buzun was so angry that he breathed smoke. "Yes, my body is small and short, but it is strong and powerful!" He bellowed. "What you need in a bed is never the size, but skills and experiences! I have the skills that I've mastered after bedding countless women over millions of years! Do you know what the skills mean?"

Princess Zhang Le snorted coldly as she gave Ao Buzun a fierce glare.

Reflexively, the little dragon shrunk his head and scurried back into Wu Qi's sleeve. After the time it took to finish a pot of tea, perhaps he thought the princess had forgotten what had just happened. So, he poked his head out again, grumbling this time, "Poor me... I'm still a virgin after being reborn with such a long time having passed...If this were to be known by those acquaintances of mine, they'd surely laugh at me! Aye, how could you know my misery, when the two of you have enjoyed to the fullest?"

A sudden thunderclap echoed out as a lightning smote Ao Buzun's head, making his body twitch violently. Without the slightest hesitation, the little dragon shrunk back into Wu Qi's sleeve, daring not to speak another word again. Princess Zhang Le stared at the sleeve for a long moment, and after making sure that Ao Buzun had indeed shut his mouth, she snorted coldly and took Wu Qi's hand angrily.

As soon as the two rays of light plunged into the planet's atmosphere, they heard a bell rapidly ringing from across the distance, on top of the Green Cliff Mountain.

When the two Heaven Immortals and over a hundred Nascent Divinity cultivators were killed, their soul jade slips had broken at the same time. It had alerted the cultivators in Yuan Hua Sect. Therefore, the defensive barrier on Green Cliff Mountain was activated, the alarm was sounded, and all the disciples on the planet gathered toward the mountain.

Seeing that the entire Green Cliff Mountain was wrapped in the defensive barrier, Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le snorted coldly. They did not go to the mountain, but flew straight to the cave abode which they had built on the ocean years ago.

With their trip of returning to Green Cliff Planet, settling the old scores was not the only purpose, as they also intended to take away something.

For example, all the energy veins on Green Cliff Planet!

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