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In Great Yu's military camps located outside Yu Hua Immortal City...

Inside a dimly lit bedchamber, on a huge bed carved out of boulders and covered with silky soft brocades and furs, Yu Zong was sprinting for the last mile on top the body of a young, petite girl. The bed measured dozens of feet in both width and length, and there were some thirty-odd pretty-looking girls laying in a mess around them.

The maidens of the human race, Featherman race, Long Bo Kingdom, and even the rare merman race, as well as some strange species such as those with only one leg, a third-eye, two faces, or without a heart... All in all, almost all the species that one could find in Pangu Continent were here on this bed, and all were good-looking, with sexy body shapes.

Among them were seven to eight female cultivators, who possessed pretty decent cultivation base, lying on the bed with tears in their eyes. They looked miserable, with some unknown fluid smearing and covering their bodies and faces. Cold gleams could be seen flickering at their vital acupoints. Clearly, they were kidnapped here and had their power imprisoned by Immortal Detaining Needles. One of them, a Heaven Immortal, even had three talismans blinking with dark lights attached to her body, which had trapped her soul within her spiritual ocean.

Panting like a bull, Yu Zong sprinted to the finish line. His body jerked convulsively while sweat was breaking out of his skin. After catching his breath for a moment, he slowly removed himself from the young girl's body, then rolled over to lie on top of another. A cry of pain rang out, and he was sprinting for his next finish line again.

Since three of his beloved sons were killed by Princess Zhang Le and Lao Ai on Myriad Immortals Planet, and Yu Hehuan, his favorite eldest son, was killed by Wu Qi in Yu Hua Immortal City, Yu Zong had lost all his heirs. Furious and embarrassed, he had instructed his men over the years to kidnap girls back to the camp, and would work very hard to sow his seeds, hoping that he could get a few more sons.

According to the unwritten rules of Great Yu Dynasty, because he had no heirs, Yu Zong could not be promoted for the rest of his life, and even his title of nobility might be deprived for this reason. It was a huge blow to him. He had wished to leave Yu Hua Heavenly Realm and return to Pangu Continent, where he could enjoy a better life. Even if he were to become a Prefecture Overseer of a ninth-grade province, it would still be so much better than being the Protector of the Land in this lousy place.

"I hate this damnable place with all those immortals and cultivators!" While puffing, he worked very hard to torture the girl underneath, clenching his jaws while cursing in his heart at Yu Miao's parents. When his son, Yu Hehuan, was kidnapped by Wu Qi, he had spent all his fortune to request Yu Miao's help. That guy had taken his fortune, and told him that he had killed Wu Qi with a palm strike, yet could never produce any evidence of that. Yu Zong had a feeling that all his fortune had gone down the drain!

He did not believe Wu Qi was dead without seeing the head, and he had a feeling that the man who murdered his son must be still alive. However, Yu Miao was the Grand Elder of Yu Clan in Zhong Province, while he himself was only the member of the branch family. So, how could Yu Zong have the courage to confront Yu Miao? Although unwilling, he could only curse Yu Miao's parents in his heart while torturing the girl beneath him, pretending she was Yu Miao's mother.

As he was approaching the finish line, a heavily built woman clad in a soft leather armor barged into the bedchamber while shouting, "Your Excellency, the boys have found a beautiful girl. You'll certainly like her! We believe they are itinerant cultivators who fled Pangu Continent, as they just came out of the teleportation formation leading there. Our boys have stopped them, but they are too strong to be captured!"

Yu Zong stopped his movement immediately. "They?" he asked and laughed deeply.

The woman answered, "The girl is accompanied by a man who is dressed like a Daoist, and we reckon they are a couple!"

Laughing out loud, Yu Zong rolled off the girl's body and got up on his feet. He then grabbed a cloak and draped it around his shoulders to cover his naked body. "Excellent! I like nothing better than female cultivators with spouses! Hehe… Kill the husband and kidnap the wife, how amazing is that!" With a dash, he was out of the bedchamber. Soon after, the entire camp was stirred as soldiers fell into ranks and banners were brought out. In no time, the entire army was marching for Yu Hua Immortal City.

Back in the city, the team of twenty-odd soldiers were crawling on the ground, all beaten up by Princess Zhang Le. With arms crossed over his chest, Wu Qi was watching the scene of bustle with a smile on his face. The princess had rolled up her sleeves and was raining down fists on the soldiers. Although her fists looked delicate and weak, each of her blows packed a punch, and they had broken the soldiers' bones and injured their internal organs.

Princess Zhang Le was cultivating the Primordial Dao of Divinity. The Ancient Gods mastered all the natural forces, so it was natural that their divine bodies were extremely strong, unlike the present immortals. Although she had not intentionally tempered her fleshly body, as her innate divine energy grew more powerful and her cultivation base advanced, the force of nature had fused naturally with her body, thus giving her a very tough fleshly body.

It was true that she looked just like an affectionate, sweet little girl, but even Wu Qi could not match her physical strength. In order to temper his body with the True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture, Wu Qi had to laboriously gather the mysterious purple mist through meditation. But, the princess never had to worry or waste any of her time on that. The strength of her fleshly body could increase without her doing anything.

The soldiers possessed only the overall strength equivalent to Nascent Soul realm. Although their fleshly bodies were strong, they were not stronger than a rusty iron plate. With her cultivation base almost touching the Gold Immortal realm, the princess had given them a brutal beating. If truth be told, she did not even use too much of her strength. A few of the soldiers had their necks broken, and seemed likely to die very soon.

Many immortal officials were watching the scene from the distance in the mansion while smiling, and there were even a few lower-rank officials clad in green uniforms with little hats cheering and applauding. The Heaven had decreed that none of their officials were allowed to involve in the conflict between Great Yu and Myriad Immortal Alliance. Because of this, Yu Zong had been acting wantonly in Yu Hua Immortal City, abducting uncountable female immortals and cultivators over the last two years. Naturally, these immortal officials were very happy to see that his soldiers were brutally beaten up by a delicate pretty girl.

It was only when a few soldiers could no longer withstand the beating, kneeling and kowtowing and begging Princess Zhang Le to spare their lives, that a deep, oppressive clatter of hooves rang through the air. With that, the aggressive Yu Hua Immortal City army marched into the city, comprising of three thousand soldiers. At Yu Zhong's command, the soldiers circled the square, while he himself went straight to Princess Zhang Le along with a dozen of his assistants.

Wu Qi gave Yu Zong a glance. The man still had the same cultivation base as when he met him long ago. It seemed Yu Zong had wasted all these years on nothing. A man like this could no longer pose a threat to Wu Qi, so he just yawned lazily and did not utter a word. The princess could handle him easily enough.

Yu Zong had only brought a dozen of officers and a small army here, but even if he brought all the armies stationed in Yu Hua Heavenly Realm, with her cultivation base touching Gold Immortal, Princess Zhang Le could still kill them with just one thunderbolt. The gap between their cultivation bases was too massive, and the number of people could not make up for the gap in their overall strength.

Grinning coldly, Wu Qi rubbed his face with both hands to slightly change his features. He was dressing like a Daoist and acting like an immortal now, so he could not use the same face he wore in Pangu Continent. As he was operating in secret and could not risk being exposed, he had changed his features many, many times, to the point that he had almost forgotten what his original look was.

While Wu Qi was rubbing his face off to the side, Yu Zong gave him a cold look. When he saw Wu Qi standing there as if nothing had happened, he could not help but sneer. 'He's actually hiding behind his spouse and letting her handle the soldiers? What a coward!' Yu Zong had lost his interest in killing a man like this, and thought he might just chase Wu Qi away.

Then, he turned to look at Princess Zhang Le. 'She really is beautiful! That face, that body shape... and her noble temperament, as well as the charm that feels ancient and mysterious...' Everything about the princess made his heart boil with lust, and he couldn't wait to race to the finish line on her body.

Unlike ordinary female cultivators, Princess Zhang Le was born in the imperial palace. She had been living in luxury and holding great power. No one in the entire Great Yan Dynasty dared to provoke her. Therefore, her temperament was very different from those female cultivators. Noble, superior, sacred, and inviolable, that was her right there. Yu Zong had never met such a wonderful girl before!

Hardly containing himself, Yu Zong reached out to grab Princess Zhang Le's arm. "Now, be nice and follow me back!" He said while laughing out loud, "I can provide you with all the luxury and grant you everything that you wish, so long as you surrender under my belly!"

Princess Zhang Le was beating up the few soldiers happily. She did notice that the square was surrounded by soldiers, but she did not take them seriously. However, she flew into a rage when Yu Zong was trying to grab her arm, and countered that with a slap in the face.

Yu Zong did not think the slap could hurt him. The girl in front of him looked sweet and delicate, too weak to pose a threat. In fact, as Princess Zhang Le was cultivating the Primordial Dao of Divinity, nobody could figure out her actual cultivation base by just looking at her. When he saw she was giving him a slap, Yu Zong actually smiled and cocked his head so the slap could land on his face, and he could feel the warm and smooth palm of this pretty girl.

A loud boom echoed out, and Yu Zong's head was smashed and exploded like a watermelon. Instead of a warm and smooth palm, all he got was a palm millions of times harder than diamonds, and the force that could shatter a star. After killing him, Princess Zhang Le shot out a stream of orange flame from her fingertips, which engulfed Yu Zong in just the blink of an eye. Soon after, a faint shriek rang out of the raging flame as Yu Zong's body as well as his soul were burned to ashes.

The soldiers Yu Zong had brought here cried out in terror, drew their weapons, and charged toward them.

The princess snorted coldly. Her body flashed with purple lightning as numerous thunderbolts pierced through the air and threw the army of three thousand soldiers to the ground. In the time for a man to take a sip of water, three thousand soldiers, whose cultivation base was only equivalent to Nascent Soul realm, and their captains, the strongest of whom were equivalent to lower-tiered Heaven Immortals, were completely wiped out by the fierce and savage princess.

A perfect silence reigned the square, and even those immortal officials in the mansion had cautiously retracted their glances, not daring to look again.

The couple shared a smile and stepped into the teleportation formation.

A quarter of an hour later, they arrived in Puluo Heavenly Realm.

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