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Like the Directorate of Celestials, Military Court, and other important buildings in Great Yu, the interior of the Supreme Tower was dimly lit, the air was stagnant, and every inch of space seemed to be full of souls. Maids and servants dressed in black robes walked quietly along the corridors, delivering items as requested by the important figures dwelling in the Supreme Tower.

Once inside, King Yang Qiu immediately went to a secret room located in the core area and jumped into a pool that gave off a pungent smell of medicine. The pool was made of black jade, and the liquid inside was pitch black, sticky like glue. As he submerged himself in the liquid, the entire pool shook slightly.

The array built with supreme-grade fire element energy stones underneath the pool was constantly providing high temperatures. Tiny bubbles rose and burst silently on the surface of the liquid as the temperature in the pool was high enough to melt ordinary steel. However, King Yang Qiu seemed to be enjoying it. The wounds on his body were slowly healing, and at the same time, powerful medicinal strength rushed into his body to gradually mend his broken bones and nurse his internal injuries.

A procession of maids, wearing black cloaks and holding black jade plates, walked slowly into the secret room and poured the herbs from their plates into the pool. The black liquid swallowed the herbs, and in the blink of an eye, all of them were dissolved, leaving not even dregs behind.

King Yang Qiu gave a deep moan. All the medicinal strength of the newly added herbs was extracted by the magical pool and sent straight into his body. It was faster than if he took the medicines himself. Also, they were the best in quality; some could replenish the vitality, and some could nourish the blood and energy. Each one of these herbs was priceless, and could cause a fierce fight among Immortals.

He coughed and spat out a few clots of blood, then slowly relaxed his tense body as he gasped.

Yu Gu walked into the room, gestured all the maids out, and closed the door. He then sat down by the pool and asked in a low voice, "How are your injuries?"

King Yang Qiu sighed as he closed his eyes and said feebly, "I didn't expect that Liu Bang still had a trump card up his sleeve."

With a cold smile, Yu Gu shook his head and said, "It's not just Liu Bang… Even the people around him are not as simple as we thought. Take the man who controlled you with his eyes as an example, he is actually practicing a divine ability called 'Divine Forging Art', a kind of ability that few people in the Heaven can learn. As for that Han Xin… Well, by the looks of him, he should only be one of the Three Incarnation Corpses!"

"Han Xin is just one of the Three Incarnation Corpses?" King Yang Qiu opened his eyes and asked curiously, "How interesting! That divine ability is the trump card of the few old fellows behind the Heaven, and they actually taught him that? So, this Liu Bang is their immediate henchman?"

Suddenly, he laughed at himself. "Of course, he is their immediate henchman. Otherwise, how could they have spoiled Father's plans? Hehe… Interesting, this is very interesting! What exactly are they trying to achieve, when the Great Heavenly Venerate sends such a messy person to Pangu Continent and ignores the Myriad Immortal Alliance?"

While frowning, Yu Gu said, "How am I supposed to know that when even you can't figure it out? The Immortals of Heaven are full of cunning and malice, and I believe they still have numerous tricks up their sleeves. I am the least skilled at conspiracy, so you have to figure out what they are trying to achieve."

King Yang Qiu nodded and closed his eyes. "Go ahead with what you're doing, Old Mister Yu. When my injuries are healed, I'll continue to destroy the alliance with the army. Now that the Heaven has made it clear that they will not meddle in the matter between Great Yu and the alliance, Pangu Continent will be at peace once we kill all those nasty Immortals."

After pondering for a moment, Yu Gu stood up. "So be it... Your Highness, my Yu Clan is tied up with you now."

King Yang Qiu sank slowly into the depths of the pool. "I understand," his voice was muffled through the liquid. "Part of all the benefits I receive will be given to the Yu Clan. So, don't you worry. Oh, I need your help to pass an order to the Academy and ask them to send me a few capable counselors, preferably the descendants of the Yu Clan with Xiang Clan's bloodline. They are still a little more effective at dealing with Liu Bang."

Nodding his head, Yu Gu turned into a gust of dark wind and left the secret room.

Hiding in a dust particle that hovered mid-air, Wu Qi stealthily reached out his hand and sprinkled some drunken dragon powder, which he made after arriving at Pangu Continent, into the pool. Although he could easily make a true dragon of Gold Immortal level drunk with just five grams of the powder, he poured a total of 1.5 kilograms into the pool.

The pool played its magical role. All the drunken dragon powder was instantly dissolved, and the magical strength was quickly injected into King Yang Qiu's body. As he had committed all his attention in the recovery of his injuries, he fell asleep without even knowing what was going on. The magical pool had circulated all the medicinal strength throughout his body in an instant, more than a hundred times faster than if he had inhaled with his nose.

After glancing around cautiously, Wu Qi slowly descended and carefully moved King Yang Qiu out of the pool.

When he followed King Yang Qiu into the Supreme Tower a while ago, Wu Qi had been prepared to flee at once if the situation went wrong. But, he never dreamed that there was no proper defense in the tower, and that all the maids and servants were just ordinary mortals, who merely looked more beautiful and handsome than normal. Other than that, he did not even seen a guard.

Not only that, but even Yu Gu, who made Wu Qi most anxious, had retracted all his aura and divine sense when he entered the tower. So, it was as if Wu Qi had entered a deserted place, allowing him to follow King Yang Qiu into this secret room without any obstacle.

Wu Qi could understand why Yu Gu had retracted all his divine ability and divine sense — his life was approaching the end, so he had to conserve his strength and power. With each additional use of his power, his life would be reduced even more. Therefore, it was impossible for him to waste them on useless matters. Furthermore, because he had just been wounded by Zhang Liang with a Primordial Immortal item, he had to reserve his power for healing. So, he could not probe around with his divine sense at this time.

And, it actually made sense that the defense within the Supreme Tower was so lax. There were numerous Oracles stationed outside the tower, along with one hundred thousand soldiers below. Furthermore, the reputation of the Supreme Tower was well-known — it represented an existence of Primordial Immortal level. With all of that, who would have the courage to stir up trouble by sneaking into it? Those who had the ability to do so, their status was usually similar to Yu Gu's, and they would only do things in an above-board manner, and not as sneakily as Wu Qi.

Under a strange combination of circumstances, Wu Qi was able to easily knock out King Yang Qiu with the drunken dragon powder, hide him in his sleeve, and then turn back into a dust particle, slowly flying out of the tower amidst a gust of breeze.

This time, Wu Qi did not dare to be careless. He no longer used the Kuafu Steps which would leave obvious traces, but concealed all his aura and let the wind send him up into the sky. When he was high enough, he transformed into a Gale and sped away.

Gales lived high in the sky, and the sky was their territory. Yu Gu would never have thought that it was a Gale who had abducted King Yang Qiu even if he had grown eighteen heads. Also, as he had already admitted that he was not good at conspiracy, which also meant that he did not have a very strong analyzing ability. Therefore, he would not suspect a Gale who merely flew past above Yuaya City.

After flying over several provinces, Wu Qi transformed into a dragon python, went underground, and slithered a long way through some water veins. Then, he transformed into an ancient Shen and swam in the ocean for a long time, before finally choosing an uninhabited island and dragging the unconscious King Yang Qiu into a cave half-submerged in the water near the shore.

With hands waving quickly, countless primordial runes sprung out of his fingertips and wove into 3,600 layers of restrictive barriers around them, preventing their aura from leaking. After that, Wu Qi pulled out 360 Immortal Detaining Needles and stabbed them into King Yang Qiu's vital acupoints, then gave them powerful slaps to destroy his meridians.

Next, he grabbed King Yang Qiu's body and shook it to dislocate all the joints. Except for his skull, which remained intact, even his spine was divided into sections. Worried that King Yang Qiu was too powerful and knew some mystic art that could burn his blood essence and soul to recover quickly, Wu Qi had also injected a wisp of Divine Flame of Order into all his joints. With that, as soon as he reconnected the bones, the flames would erupt and turn his bones to ashes.

With all this preparation, Wu Qi was still not at ease. He unleashed the Starshark, turned it into seven hair-like strands of starlight and sent them into King Yang Qiu's body through all his orifices. The starlight locked his spiritual ocean, while specks of divine flame clung to the starlight and wrapped his soul.

After he was done, Wu Qi changed his appearance and woke King Yang Qiu up with an antidote.

As soon as he opened his eyes, King Yang Qiu gave a furious roar. He tried hard to struggle, but with all the joints dislocated, seventy to eighty percent of the bones broken, and the vital acupoints pierced by Immortal Detaining Needles, he just could not move at all.

Wu Qi slapped him in the face and snapped, "Now, I'll ask you questions and you'll answer. If you refuse to answer, I'll kill you and leave. Do you understand?"

Without waiting for the answer, Wu Qi slapped him dozens more times.

The slapping made King Yang Qiu dizzy. His fleshly body was extremely strong, so the slaps only made him feel a bit numb. But, the humiliation had made him bleed from the corners of his mouth. He stared at Wu Qi with his teeth clenched. "You're dead... YOU ARE DEAD!"

Wu Qi slapped him again. "Cut the crap! Now, tell me who you are."

King Yang Qiu was taken aback and almost driven mad by Wu Qi's question.

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