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The knife made of supreme-grade black jade was six feet long, crescent-shaped, and as thin as cicada wings. Countless images of ghosts and deities were carved on its surface, looking life-like behind the faint layer of dark smoke that surrounded the knife. Every now and then, low howling could be heard coming out of it.

On its handle was carved a Pu Lao; its mouth was wide open as if it were roaring, and its eyes were two blood-red gems that emanated a shivering coldness.

As King Yang Qiu swung the knife down at Liu Bang, the air rang with the roar of hundreds of millions of ghosts and deities, while a chilly knife energy swept across the void and a gust of evil wind rose from the ground. It sent a piercing coldness and evil aura into everyone's body, and made them all shudder. For the moment, strength seemed to have left their bodies, and even someone as fierce and bold as Fan Kuai felt powerless to rescue Liu Bang.

Liu Bang, covered in blood, stared at King Yang Qiu, who was in a similar situation, and asked, "King Yang Qiu, are you really going to kill me?"

A rapid crackle rang out of King Yang Qiu's legs as his bones began to mend rapidly. He stared at Liu Bang without a word, clenched his jaws, and continued to wield the knife. The attack was unleashed with all his power, so strong that it could even cut a Gold Immortal in half, not to mention Liu Bang being a mere thirty-second tier Heaven Immortal.

Even Fan Kuai standing nearby was immobilized by the whistling of the knife as it pierced through the air, not to mention Zhang Liang, Xiao He, and Han Xin, who were far weaker than him in terms of their fighting will. They could only watch helplessly as the knife fell, and shouted almost at the same time. Xiao He's condition was especially bad. His eyes had just been seriously wounded by the roar of the Pu Lao, and two streams of blood were spouting out of them right now. It looked as though all his blood would soon run out.

Meanwhile, Yu Gu, who had just been severely wounded with the Primordial Immortal item, smiled grimly as he watched the knife fall. "Kill him... Having tolerated the Heaven for so many years, it's time to settle accounts with them! Kill him... He's just a Celestial Ambassador!" He murmured under his breath.

As the knife was about to cut him in half, Liu Bang suddenly burst out laughing.

Amid the laughter, the pompous and obscene Liu Bang seemed to change into another person! Strong pale golden light poured out of his entire body as he stuck out his chest, seemingly growing taller than before, and thrust a fist to greet the knife.

The golden light was so intense that everyone was forced to close their eyes except Wu Qi, who was able to stare at the source of the light through his Chaotic Divine Eyes. However, the light still penetrated their eyelids, stung their eyeballs, and caused them to shed tears. Of all the people present, only Wu Qi could see clearly what had happened in that instant.

There was a tall, burly figure that appeared behind Liu Bang; his demeanor had changed, now solemn and stately, and was emanating a domineering air several times stronger than Xiang Yu. His right palm clenched into a fist and a dragon claw holding a red pearl appeared vaguely on it, giving off a dazzling light as he thrust his fist toward the knife. As soon as the fist met the knife, a blinding light erupted, and the knife shattered!

Although he had always seemed so lazy and behaved no better than a rascal, he looked totally different now when he jumped into action. It was as if a savage dragon who had been asleep for a long time was suddenly awakened by a thunderbolt. As he struck, it felt like the sky was about to fall and the earth was about to open, while the celestial thunder and nether flame were about to wreak havoc. In the blink of an eye, nine golden dragons emerged around him, all roaring loudly as they charged toward King Yang Qiu.

A brilliant suit of golden armor covered Liu Bang's body. The armor was shaped like a golden dragon, and Liu Bang clad in it looked like a golden dragon standing up. With a red pearl in his right hand and a shining golden sword in his left, he rained down attacks like a storm. Every part of him, whether it was his head, shoulders, arms, elbows, knees, or feet, was turned into a fierce weapon powerful enough to crush the stars, thrusting out rapidly amidst a sonorous and fierce dragon roar.

King Yang Qiu had never dreamed that Liu Bang would have the overall strength to strike back so fiercely and brutally. The cultivation base that he was showing at the moment was not what a Heaven Immortal should have; as a matter of fact, even ordinary high-tier Gold Immortals would not be as strong as him!

Every punch could shatter the stars, every kick could crack the earth, and every blow had the power to tear the void. Caught off guard, King Yang Qiu was trapped in the shower of attacks, and was hit tens of thousands of times in a flash. Having been trapped by Xiao He's three-pupils divine ability and severely wounded earlier, he had lost more than half of his overall strength, so he was no match for Liu Bang now at all.

It was unknown from where did Liu Bang get the pearl and the sword, but they smashed and cut through everything that got in their way. Different colors of bright light kept springing out of King Yang Qiu's body. As the member of the Great Yu imperial clan, it was natural that he was equipped with many life-saving treasures. But, whether it was a spirit talisman or a bone armor, a substitute puppet or some other mystic arts, they were either crushed by the pearl or cut into pieces by the sword.

The heavy attacks rained down on King Yang Qiu and filled the air with dull thuds. The strength of his fleshly body was incredibly strong because he was cultivating the 'Pangu True Body', a cultivation technique that was passed down only in secret among the members of Great Yu's imperial clan. However, Liu Bang's attacks still cracked his bones and broke his meridians, while several parts of his body were pierced by the sword. The sword was extremely sharp, and several times, if King Yang Qiu had not dodged in time, it would have pierced and killed him instantly.

Liu Bang burst into a deep laugh. "King Yang Qiu, who are you to act so presumptuously in front of me? Just because you are someone from the Great Yu imperial clan?"

A loud dragon roar echoed out as Liu Bang bellowed, "I am a Human Emperor as well, and you are nothing in front of me!"

A sidekick lashed out and heavily slammed King Yang Qiu in the face, breaking his cheekbone and upper ribs. Blood mixed with crushed bones and minced meat spouted out of his mouth. While screaming, he was thrown away like a cannonball, leaving a distinct white trail in the air as he flew hundreds of miles away in the blink of an eye.

Wu Qi was greatly frightened by what he saw as he gave the power of Liu Bang's kick a rough estimation — if it were on him, his body would have instantly vanished, with not even a hair left behind. The force of the kick had reached the limit of some power, and if it had been a little stronger, it would step into a realm which he could not comprehend at present.

The golden armor suddenly disappeared, and Liu Bang, who had just become mighty and invincible, sat down on the ground with a pale face. "My beauties, come and help me!" He screamed. "Oh, I'm cramping all over my body... B*stard! The power and divine ability that are not cultivated by myself really cannot be used at will. Every time when I use them, I'll have my entire body cramping! Aye, come and help me! My balls hurt, they are cramping as well!"

All the female Immortals rose from the rubble, their bodies swaying and trembling. Not only did Pu Lao's roar bring down Yuaya City and the barracks, but it had also wounded them, causing them to cough up blood and be left with bruises all over their bodies. But fortunately, King Yang Qiu had only temporarily controlled them without hurting their souls, so as soon as they heard Liu Bang's cry, they were able to struggle to their feet.

Covered in blood, the group of female Immortals came to Liu Bang and began to massage his entire body skillfully. His face was purple with pain, and his body was shivering as he kept shrieking in pain.

A fierce gleam flashed through Yu Gu's eyes as he slowly raised his right hand. Immediately, countless Oracles drifted down from the Supreme Tower in the sky, while heavy footsteps rang from all directions as numerous soldiers were closing in. Meanwhile, the flying ships suspended at a high altitude opened their bottoms, revealing various weapons that flickered with a bright light. Some Oracles had even begun to chant incantations and sing ancient songs that summoned ghosts and deities.

A deep, grim laugh came from the distance, and soon, King Yang Qiu, whose bones and meridians were mostly broken, flew back. "Liu Bang, what act are you putting on now?" He demanded fiercely. "Aren't you dying of your injuries? But, you don't look like dying at all! Is Jing Mo part of your scheme? Oh, you may be able to hide it from others, but you can't hide it from me!"

In no time, countless soldiers had surrounded everyone. Liu Bang only looked sideways at King Yang Qiu and did not seem to have the intention to answer the questions.

Yu Gu's palm gradually tightened. As he was about to issue an order to have Liu Bang and his men captured alive, a beam of golden light suddenly sprinkled down from the sky. For a moment, the air was filled with a melodious immortal tune, and numerous golden petals were falling from the sky like the snow. Amidst the golden light, a vague figure shrouded in purple mist came flying down with a golden scroll in his hand.

"The King of Han, Liu Bang, here's the decree for you!" Hovering in the air, the purple figure announced in a flat tone, "The Great Heavenly Venerate decrees that the matter of Myriad Immortal Alliance shall be settled by Great Yu themselves. As the Immortal King conferred by the Heaven, King of Han, Liu Bang, you shall keep the duty of protecting the Heaven's best interest as the top priority. The conflict between Great Yu and Myriad Immortal Alliance does not and shall not be the concern of the Heaven. Your mission here is done, and no one from the Heaven is permitted to interfere in this conflict again!"

When he had finished, the figure dropped the golden scroll, pulled a piece of black jade about the size of a child's arm from his sleeve, and threw it to King Yang Qiu.

"Here's the Human Emperor's imperial edict: all those loyal to Great Yu shall not hinder King of Han and his companions, and anyone who violates this edict will have his or her entire clans executed!"

Blankly, King Yang Qiu took the black jade and touched it with a beam of light that shot out of his forehead. Then, without uttering a single word, he suddenly snorted and disappeared into the Supreme Tower. At the same time, Yu Gu glanced at the purple figure with bright gleams flickering in his eyes. But in the end, he could not muster the courage to violate the Human Emperor's imperial edict. So, he just bowed his head, transformed into a gust of black wind, and flew back into the Supreme Tower.

Wu Qi stared curiously at the purple figure. To him, the Heaven's response was rather strange. 'Why has the Heaven decided to not interfere in the conflict between Great Yu and Myriad Immortal Alliance? Wouldn't that leave the Immortals of the alliance be slaughtered by Great Yu? The alliance is just an organization formed by the itinerant cultivators on Pangu Continent. How could they possibly have the power to fight against Great Yu?'

Liu Bang, who had been crying with pain, jumped to his feet, raised his hands in joy, and shouted, "All hail the Great Heavenly Venerate! I've long wanting to give up mediating this mess! I'd rather go to Liangzhu as soon as possible and enjoy my life than always on the move!"

Laughing wildly, Liu Bang clapped his hands and said, "Fan Kuai, gather all the people. We'll return to Liangzhu now!"

After pondering for a brief moment, Wu Qi suddenly drifted up the sky in a gust of wind and flew straight to the Supreme Tower.

Ao Buzun was instantly taken aback by Wu Qi's daring move.

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