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Wu Qi's question was almost idiotic. King Yang Qiu stared at him angrily, his eyes red with blood.

"At great risk, you have abducted me, brought me to this dark cave filled with the pungent smell of the ocean, imprisoned me with numerous vicious means, and even trapped my soul with some unknown magical items and a flame that emanates a terrible aura, taking away all my ability to fight back. Yet, after all these efforts, you actually ask me who I am?"

Wu Qi looked at him with a straight face, then nodded and said, "Yes! Who are you?"

King Yang Qiu remained silent for a long while, but Wu Qi then gave him another slap in the face and reminded him not to waste time. Yu Gu could discover the abduction at any time, and with his cultivation base equivalent to a Primordial Immortal's, as well as the numerous bizarre mystic arts he had mastered as an Oracle, he could find King Yang Qiu at any time.

Although Wu Qi had sealed the cave with 3,600 layers of restrictive barriers, he had no confidence that he would be able to isolate Yu Gu's sense of King Yang Qiu. In any case, he was not worried about himself being locked down by Yu Gu. On many levels, his innate chaotic spirit body had transcended the Dao of Heaven and Earth. So, no matter how strong Yu Gu was, he could hardly find any trace of Wu Qi.

But, as prestigious as King Yang Qiu was, he must have been protected with many strange and mystic arts, and through them, Yu Gu could find him at any time.

So, Wu Qi slapped King Yang Qiu eight times with all his strength. The power of each slap was strong enough to smash a small star, and when the palm struck the face, it produced dazzling sparks that flew in all directions, as loud bangs left the entire cave humming and shaking.

King Yang Qiu stared at Wu Qi and laughed sarcastically. "The cultivation base of peak First Pangu Heaven? Well, such cultivation base is merely enough to tickle me! Now, you make me really curious. How did you bring me here? My cultivation base has reached the peak Seven Stars Realm of the Second Pangu Heaven, but you were still able to bring me away from right under Yu Gu's nose, and even stripped my ability to move? You are very good, a man of talent!"

Wu Qi was speechless. With that cultivation base, this fellow's physical strength was comparable to that of the upper-tier Gold Immortals who specialized in the cultivation of the fleshly body! There were not many immortals who specialized in cultivating the fleshly body, and those who were able to reach the Gold Immortal realm were even less. However, for those who did, they were basically almost invincible.

Although Wu Qi had already controlled this man, because of the huge gap between their cultivation bases, he would not be able to kill him even if he repeatedly hacked and slashed with Starshark. And, even though he had also controlled his soul, he did not dare to attack it. Wu Qi had seen a lot of vicious methods used by the Oracles, and who knew if King Yang Qiu's soul carried some sort of mutual perishing curse? If Wu Qi really destroyed his soul, perhaps his own soul too would immediately disintegrate.

Exasperated, he stared at King Yang Qiu with eyes darting from side to side, trying to come up with a way to deal with this fellow.

A faint smile touched King Yang Qiu's lips. "You were hiding well. I suppose it is an advanced escape art, eh?" He said with a calm voice, "And you should have some secret medicine that could make me unconscious. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to bring me here. You are a talent, and I need someone like you to work for me. Be my subordinate, and I'll give you all the glory, splendor, wealth, and rank!"

Wu Qi rose to his feet suddenly and began to untie his pants without saying a word.

King Yang Qiu's expression changed. "What are you going to do?" he asked in a low voice.

While taking off his pants, Wu Qi sneered, "Well, I admit that I can't do anything to you, and with such a strong fleshly body, I'm sure you are not afraid of tortures or anything like that. Hehe, since I can't kill you, I might just let you taste my piss!"

King Yang Qiu's face suddenly turned green. Staring at Wu Qi, who was slowly pulling down his pants, his eyes grew wide and his pupils constricted to the size of a pinhole. It was only after a fraction of a second that he uttered a low roar and said, "I am King Yang Qiu, the son of King Yang Shan of Great Yu!"

He was raised from an early age on a high pedestal and under great care, having never encountered any setbacks since childhood and never experienced any tribulations. Yet, in the face of Wu Qi's near-shameless threat, he was forced to bow his head and admit defeat. He could tolerate being beaten up by Liu Bang in a battle because he was weaker, and he always had a chance to take revenge in the future. But, he would rather be killed than peed on his head by Wu Qi. He would never bear such humiliation and suffering.

So, he obediently told his background. His father was King Yang Shan, one of the eighteen most powerful Kings in Great Yu Dynasty, and the half-brother of the present Human Emperor. He himself had a fief a hundred times the size of Zhong Province in the east of You Xiong Plain, and he was also the East General of Liangzhu, having a million imperial soldiers as well as a large and fierce private army in his own territory.

He had just turned three hundred years old this year, outliving the average people on Pangu Continent, whose average age was about one hundred years. When he was only eighteen years old, he had successfully fused with the beast soul of an adult Pu Lao, possessing the enormous soul power and inheriting seventy percent blood and energy essence of that Pu Lao. Since then, the progress of his cultivation base advanced at a tremendous pace, and it only took him slightly more than two hundred years to cultivate to the level of the peak Seven Stars Realm of Second Pangu Heaven, strong enough to compete with a fourth tier Gold Immortal.

Because of Wu Qi's piss threat, King Yang Qiu told him everything about himself, even confessing that he only had one wife, hundreds of concubines, and more than one hundred children. Although he felt deeply humiliated by the threat, he could only grit his teeth and tremble with rage while confessing everything.

Wu Qi slapped him in the face and sneered, "As an imperial descendant who holds great power, why are you messing with that King of Han, Liu Bang?"

A bright gleam flashed across King Yang Qiu's eyes as he said coldly, "I'm just helping my father out. Years ago, when my father was working on his plans somewhere, Liu Bang and his subordinates had sabotaged his plans, reversing what had been a near success. Hmph! Since he dares to come to Great Yu as a messenger now, why can't I mess with him?"

Upon hearing this, Wu Qi immediately confirmed that the mysterious black-clothed man who had taken control of Yan Dan and others on Earth was King Yang Qiu's father, King Yang Shan. At that time, the seven states were constantly warring with each other, and Ying Zheng had finally unified all the states. But in the end, it was Liu Bang who reigned over every state. That must have caused a lot of enmity and intrigue between them. One could easily tell how much King Yang Qiu hated Liu Bang by how aggressive he was today, and it was clear that King Yang Shan must have suffered a lot because of Liu Bang as well.

After considering for a moment, Wu Qi continued, "Liu Bang has been appointed as Celestial Ambassador for more than a year. Why didn't you bother him until today?"

King Yang Qiu looked at Wu Qi as if he were looking at an idiot. "Wouldn't it be impossible for me to get away if I bothered him for no reason? It was his assassination that gave me the best excuse to come to Yuaya City."

Then, he muttered indignantly, "As I expected, Liu Bang pretends to be assassinated! Hehe… So, even if I killed him on the spot, I'd have an excuse to get away with. I can always accuse him of being part of Myriad Immortal Alliance, and nobody would blame me for that! But too bad that he is too strong for me to kill… What a waste of opportunity!"

Wu Qi nodded slowly. So that was why King Yang Qiu came to pay Liu Bang a visit? It was a pity that instead of teaching Liu Bang a lesson, he was beaten up instead, and then the imperial edicts of the Heaven and the Human Emperor arrived at the same time, which made it impossible for him to do anything to Liu Bang anymore.

While holding his belt, Wu Qi repeatedly asked King Yang Qiu a lot of trivial questions, including whether he had wet his bed when he was a child. For the next two hours or so, King Yang Qiu was dazed by all the strange and unimportant questions, and he looked at Wu Qi with his teeth clenched, seemingly wanting to eat him alive.

After giving King Yang Qiu two more slaps, Wu Qi asked coolly, "Just now you mentioned that the magic you used to control the female immortals in the tent was the 'Black Celestial Forbidden Curse'. Is this magic really as amazing as you claim?"

With an arrogant smile, King Yang Qiu said coldly, "Although those female immortals look the same now, they're completely under my control."

Wu Qi's eyes glittered with a bright gleam. "Excellent! It sounds like a great magic. I'll let you go if you teach me this magic. Otherwise..."

King Yang Qiu looked at Wu Qi in surprise and shook his head. "You can't use this magic with the power of the immortals!"

The corner of Wu Qi's mouth twitched a little as he forcibly controlled his heartbeat and snapped, "That's not what you should worry about. As long as you hand over all the spells and incantation gestures of this magic, I'll let you go safely! If you refuse..."

The seven starlight strands transformed from the Starshark flashed, and a wisp of Divine Flame of Order slightly burned King Yang Qiu's soul. He howled bitterly in pain and his face went pale. After staring at Wu Qi for a long while, he finally uttered the spells and incantation gestures word by word.

Wu Qi almost burst out in cheer. With this magic, how many more things could he accomplish? But then, he was also surprised by King Yang Qiu's quick decision to hand over the spells.

King Yang Qiu noticed a slight change in Wu Qi's expression, and he asked suddenly with a twinkling in his eyes, "Are you King Zhang Qiu's subordinate?"

Wu Qi looked at King Yang Qiu with surprise.

"King Zhang Qiu has always suspected that I used the Black Celestial Forbidden Curse to control his men," said King Yang Qiu. "So, he always wanted to learn this magic. But, as the magic came from 'Hei Mo', the celestial fiend whom my father worships, he failed to learn it."

Seeing Wu Qi's startled expression, King Yang Qiu said with more confidence, "What he can give you, I can give you a hundred times more! Be my subordinate! I really need people like you to help me!"

Wu Qi was more surprised than he could describe.

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