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The Green Dome Shark was indeed an ancient species with incredibly powerful innate divine abilities, and this one was even a few times stronger than Reverend Yao Yue in terms of cultivation base. Therefore, three of his immortal items were destroyed by it, and even his precious treasure was ruined by the Green Dome of Myriad Poison.

But, it also had a great weakness, that it must rely on seawater to survive. Once it was out of the seawater for a prolonged period of time, both its physical strength and energy level would decline sharply. A Green Dome Shark which had been away from seawater for more than six hours would have its combative strength reduced to that of a lower-tiered Immortal. No matter how strong it was before, once it was away from seawater, this ancient species would become the subject of slaughter.

Gusts of chilly wind and dark clouds reigned the area. In this dark space, the gravity was forcibly twisted by the formation. Powerful suction forces were coming from all directions, causing those in the formation to lose their sense of direction! For the Green Dome Shark, which was eager to rush out of the formation and return to the ocean, it was highly possible that it could go in the wrong direction.

On top of that, Reverend Yao Yue would not give it the chance to return to the ocean. It was true that the Green Dome Shark was stronger than him, almost as strong as a top-tiered Heaven Immortal. But, how could he have come to hunt this shark without any preparation?

A sharp noise towered into the sky as a huge wheel of blades suddenly emerged above Reverend Yao Yue. The wheel measured over one thousand feet in diameter, completely formed from thousands of blades that were as thin as cicada's wings and a thick shaft in the center. When the purple-gold wheel of blades made its appearance, a pressure that made one tremor fell over the area, causing the Green Dome Shark to tremble and look up at the massive wheel in shock.

The wheel radiated a faint glow, and each of the blades was surrounded by three to five runes about the size of a water tank. A vast, menacing aura kept being emanated from the wheel. Even Reverend Yao Yue seemed to have a hard time resisting the aura.

Wu Qi, who had sneaked into the formation to watch the battle from a close distance, gasped on seeing it. His eyes gleamed on the sight of the huge wheel of blades, and his saliva nearly sprayed out of his mouth. It was a Gold Immortal item! No doubt it was a mighty weapon used by a Gold Immortal! Although its grade was not high, probably just an eighteenth tier Gold Immortal item, but compared with a Heaven Immortal item, their power and magical abilities were far apart!

Although they were separated by a distance of several hundred miles, the aura emanated from the wheel made Wu Qi's hair stand on their ends. His eyes were filled with desire as he kept staring at it. But, he also knew that at this moment, a Gold Immortal item was not something he could put his hands on. It was true that his physical strength had reached the realm of first tier Heaven Immortal, but his energy and divine abilities were still far from that level.

Shaking his head, Wu Qi turned to look at the center of the battlefield.

The Green Dome Shark had sensed that something was not right. It howled and made a dash for a random direction. Wu Qi could not help but smile bitterly at the unfortunate shark. The formation had disturbed the gravity, causing it to lose its direction, and this poor fellow actually flew straight into the sky, rushing further away from the ocean!

With the eighteen tentacles of the giant jellyfish clung to its body, the shark flew very slowly, while the gusts of chilly wind that blew within the formation also reduced its speed. Amidst the darkness, countless fiends bared their teeth as they leaped towards the shark, hitting its body like a meteor shower and further slowing it down with each impact.

There were countless fiends in the formation which howled and screamed while leaping towards the shark.

The thick layer of poisonous barrier outside the shark's body corroded these fiends, dissolving their bones into ashes that fell from the sky. But, there were too many of them. The formation that was thousands of miles in diameter was filled with these strange-shaped, skeletal fiends.

When one thousand fiends were dissolved, another ten thousand would rush forward; when ten thousand fiends were dissolved, another one hundred thousand would replace their places; and when one hundred thousand fiends were dissolved, one million fiends would swarm forward. It was unknown as to which outer domain had the formation connected with, as countless fiends kept appearing while rushing towards the shark without caring for their own lives. Fifteen minutes later, a huge ball of bones was formed around the shark. Countless fiends had formed the big ball, all squirming and shouting crazily while desperately scratching its body.

Harsh quaking noises lingered in the air. As the big bone ball was too heavy, some of the skeletal fiends were crushed to pieces by their companions. Bone fragments accumulated on the bodies of these fiends, gradually melting into their bodies like water and slowly increasing their body size. In just half an hour, the number of fiends in the big bone ball decreased by a hundred times, but the body size of the remaining fiends had increased by a hundred times as well.

The jellyfish continued to emit powerful electric currents and madly tangle the Green Dome Shark. It had no corporeal body, and was entirely formed from electric currents and cold air. It completely ignored the horrible damage caused by the poisonous barrier and just kept pulling the shark towards the fiends.

The skeletal fiends, whose bodies had grown extremely large, stretched out their sharp claws to madly tear and scratch the shark's body, causing sparks to fly out of its tough skin.

The Green Dome Shark let out a sharp and unpleasant howl. It could sense the approaching crisis, and it was desperate to rush out of the formation. However, the formation was bizarrely constructed, focusing purely on its weakness. So, how could it find the way out with the limited time it had? Moreover, even an ordinary old woman could walk faster than it now, so how long would it take for it to get out of this formation with a diameter of one thousand miles?

Reverend Yao Yue hovered in the air. He had consumed a few pills to temporarily stop the corrosion of the poisonous gas, and was concentrating all his energies on the giant wheel of blades above him. The purple-gold wheel slowly spun as his hands locked into an incantation gesture and his mouth intoned spells as he kept injecting his immortal energy into it. The wheel of blades was, after all, a Gold Immortal item, and there was no way he could fully control it. What he could do was rely on spells and a hand incantation gesture to barely control it, while having his immortal energy and blood essence deplete at a constant rate.

Wu Qi squinted at the giant wheel. The purple-gold wheel glinted brilliantly and looked full of sentience. He could tell that it was owned by someone else. In other words, the true master of this mighty weapon was somewhere on Pangu Continent, and Reverend Yao Yue had only temporarily borrowed it. Judging by how he kept forming incantation gestures and intoning spells, he should have learned that from the original owner. But, even though he had the method to control it, it would take him some time before he could drive it.

By the looks of it, it would take him another hour to use the Gold Immortal item to attack the enemy!

Shaking his head, Wu Qi muttered under his breath, "The Green Dome Shark is not so easy to deal with! It is true that its body is full of treasures, but how could one get those treasures without paying some price? Tsk… Whatever! All I want is its soul, and you just have to kill it for me. Why should I be bothered?"

The wheel of blades began to tremble, and its horrible aura was getting stronger. It felt difficult to breathe for Wu Qi, and he couldn't help but flew back some distance.

The Green Dome Shark, who was the first to face the aura, felt the horrible killing intent that came from the wheel of blades. The poor fellow howled and suddenly withdrew the Green Dome of Myriad Poison that protected it. Taking the opportunity, the skeletal fiends leaped and clung to its body, forcing their sharp claws into its skin and causing vast streams of green blood to spray out of the wounds.

A sharp cry echoed out as the shark's body expanded rapidly, swelling from thousands of feet long to hundreds of miles.

After a series of battles, the Green Dome Shark was finally wide awaken from its deep sleep, and had mustered all its power to regain its original form. The huge bumps and needles on its skin whistled sharply as a great deal of green gas sprayed out of them, piercing through the air like arrows and shattering the giant fiends that were clustered around its body. Fragments of bone blotted the sky and soon crumbled into ashes amidst the green gases.

The jellyfish let out a sad cry as the sudden expansion of the shark's body broke its tentacles into pieces. Later, the shark shot out a dazzling beam of starlight from its mouth and blew it into countless fragments of electric currents and cold air.

Looking up at Reverend Yao Yue, the shark gave a ferocious smile with its mouth slightly opened. Green gases and starlight flashed and blinked around its body, gradually condensing into a gigantic ball of light near its mouth, about a few miles in diameter. It was the strongest attack of the Green Dome Shark, the 'Moon Breaking Thunder', an attack that would consume half of its energy. No ordinary immortal item could defend against this powerful attack.

Cold sweat was breaking out of Reverend Yao Yue's forehead. He had never dreamed that this big fellow would be so fierce and savage. At the sight of the thunder that was about to be released from the shark's mouth, he hastily bit the tip of his tongue and spat out three mouthfuls of blood essence.

The purple-gold wheel of blades suddenly moved as three dazzling streams of blood injected into it. The Gold Immortal item had finally absorbed enough immortal energy and hence, began to spin rapidly. At that moment, the void was filled with the sound of blades ripping through the air. However, even though Wu Qi heard the deafening sound, he could not describe it with words.

He watched the wheel spin rapidly and witnessed how the void was ripped into a complete mess by the thousands of huge blades on the wheel.

The ball of thunder shot whistling out of the shark's mouth, and at the same time, the wheel of blades smashed down amidst a blinding golden light.

The ball of thunder was dragged into the wheel. A loud boom rang out as the wheel bounced a dozen miles high and the thunder exploded. Reverend Yao Yue was struck by a tiny thunderbolt, which left a fist-sized hole in his chest and threw him tens of miles away.

Then, the wheel fell quickly back and brushed past the shark's body in a flash.

A miserable shriek echoed out as the wheel turned into a beam of golden light and disappeared into the sky. The Green Dome Shark hovered in the air, half of its body sliced to pieces, and the other half riddled with nasty wounds that went miles deep. Vast streams of green blood kept bursting out of the wounds.

At that moment, the sky and the ocean suddenly trembled. Natural Yin energy towered into the sky and veiled the moonlight and starlight, while dark cloud blanketed the entire sky.

It was midnight, the hour when the natural Yin energy covered everything.

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