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The Green Dome Shark, whose eyes were apparently still closed, opened its jaws and swallowed the roasted cows that were floating and drifting on the ocean surface. Reverend Yao Yue had cooked these cows with various rare and precious spices, and although they did not taste very delicious, the aroma was strong enough to spread far and wide, attracting all kinds of aquatic creatures, especially when it was blended with the water.

If not for the fear of this shark, perhaps the fishes and sea monsters in the ocean would have long come from near and far to devour these cows.

Amidst the splashing of water, hundreds of roasted cows fell into the giant mouth that opened in the middle of the ocean. The Green Dome Shark lazily swallowed them all, then burped and sprayed out a foul stench. Then, it lightly flicked its giant tail to create a silvery-blue whirlpool in the water, getting ready to dive back down and continue its sleep.

Just then, a beam of bright light shot out of Reverend Yao Yue's head and turned into a pearl, about ten feet in diameter, as it plunged whistling down, smashing hard into the shark's head. A miserable howl echoed out as the shark's head was pushed into the water, creating a ring of waves that were tens of miles tall. They rushed across the ocean and swept past dozens of islands, crushing them to pieces while bringing large rocks hundreds of miles away.

Plumes rose into the air while a vast amount of water rained down from the sky, slapping at the ocean and filling the void with thunderous rumblings. The impact was so strong that another great wave was produced, throwing the Green Dome Shark's thousands of feet long body high up into the air. As a shrill roar smeared with endless rage rushed out of its mouth, the countless stars in the sky seemed to suddenly sway a little.

Fine strands of starlight that were visible to the naked eyes drizzled down from the sky and into the shark's body. As that happened, a large cloud emerged under the shark and held in midair. Slowly, the Green Dome Shark opened its eyes, revealing two balls of glowing silver light instead of eyeballs.

Suddenly, there was a flash of silver. Thousands of silvery balls, each about the size of a basket, shot out of its eyes and flew towards Reverend Yao Yue like a thunderstorm. A huge iron umbrella that was hundreds of feet in diameter abruptly emerged before Reverend Yao Yue, spinning rapidly as it repelled the silver rain, causing deafening explosions to ring incessantly. These silver balls were 'Star Wave Spirit Shredding Thunders', which were produced by mixing a great amount of star energy and the dark Yin water element energy in the deep ocean, then refined with the shark's Dan Fire [1], hence giving them an incredible power.

A dazzling glow burst from the iron umbrella with each explosion, and an ugly scar was left on its canopy while the impact pushed Reverend Yao Yue hundreds of feet back. When all of the several thousand silver balls were finished exploding, he was already blown hundreds of miles away. The explosions had also destroyed the iron umbrella, which was an immortal item, reducing it to just a handle and a few broken ribs.

Reverend Yao Yue snorted coldly and threw away the umbrella. The pearl on top of his head suddenly shone brilliantly as a beam of blue light that was as tiny as a silkworm shot out of it and landed on the Green Dome Shark's head in a flash. As soon as it touched the shark, a rapid crackling noise rang out while blue ice began to form and spread across its skin. In the blink of an eye, the entire shark was trapped in an iceberg that stood several miles tall.

Then, Reverend Yao Yue looked up at the moon and gave a loud cry. A curved beam of light that was as fine as a hair darted out of his forehead, spinning rapidly while flying straight into the sky. As it climbed higher, a vast amount of moonlight drifted towards it like streams of water as it let out a deafening rumble. In less than three seconds, the beam of light had absorbed a tremendous amount of moonlight, turning into a glowing, blue colored blade, about one mile long and tens of feet wide.

"Moonkill, go!" Reverend Yao Yue's eyes grew wide as he shouted and thrust his arms, unleashing two streams of powerful immortal energy from his body and injecting them into the colossal blade. Immediately, a blinding light burst out of the blade, and it ripped through hundreds of miles of distance in just a flash, hacking right into the iceberg which hovered in the middle of the sky.

In just a split second, the blade had hacked thousands of times on the iceberg, shattering it and revealing the massive body of the Green Dome Shark. However, the shark was now shrouded in a dense layer of green light, which the blade could not penetrate to hurt it, only causing green smoke to splash and spread in all directions.

As a matter of fact, this was how the Green Dome Shark got its name. This ancient species could absorb all kinds of poisonous gases in the deep ocean, including those produced from the feces excreted by other large fishes and sea monsters, the poisonous minerals, poisonous aquatic plants, as well as the venom of sea serpents. All in all, it could absorb anything that was poisonous in the ocean and transform it into a defensive barrier, the 'Green Dome of Myriad Poisons', to protect itself.

After hacking and slicing several thousand times on the green barrier, the colossal blade, which could fly incredibly quickly, became slower and slower. Before long, its body was smeared with many green patches that looked like rush, and when it flew, it produced an unpleasant squealing noise.

This shocked Reverend Yao Yu greatly. Without hesitation, he gestured and called back the blade, then gave it a wipe with his palm to dismiss the green moonlight and reveal the dazzling beam of light. He saw that the curved beam of light was also smeared with green poisonous gases, and amidst his furious roar, the beam of light broke in half. It appeared that the Green Dome of Myriad Poison was extremely powerful, so much so, that it had completely destroyed his favorite weapon, the Moonkill Blade.

Wu Qi was greatly amused by what he saw. He knew that the Green Dome Shark was hard to deal with, so although he coveted its beast soul, he had decided to let Reverend Yao Yue mess with this poisonous creature first. His hand was clutching the turtle shell, waiting for the moment when Reverend Yao Yue and the shark were locked in a bitter battle.

"Vile creature, you are courting death!" Reverend Yao Yue snapped, with a finger pointing at the shark. His jaws were clenched as his body trembled with rage. Although the Moonkill Blade was not his Prime immortal item, it had been his defensive treasure since he began cultivating the Dao. It had saved his life many times in the past, and he had developed a deep feeling for it. Yet, it was completely destroyed by the Green Dome Shark today. He felt a stabbing pain in his heart.

The exasperated Reverend Yao Yue howled, then suddenly turned into a beam of light and shot towards the Green Dome Shark. As he flew through the air, the pearl above him unleashed streams of cold water that quickly transformed into a massive snowstorm and rushed towards the shark. Then, a palm-sized, silver, octagonal shield sprung out before him in a flash, unleashing a straight pillar of light that slammed onto the green barrier and produced a glaring rain.

In addition to the octagonal shield, he was accompanied by a large, transparent creature that resembled a jellyfish. The beautiful creature was pale blue in color, with a slim body measuring a few miles long. Hovering amidst the snowstorm, its eighteen tentacles swayed gently while it kept shooting light arrows at the Green Dome Shark.

The Green Dome Shark let out a loud and sonorous cry. Fine starlight shot out of the countless needles and bumps on its skin, turning into a shower of light that rained in all directions. After these silver-green lights were ejected, they made a great arc in the air and shot towards Reverend Yao Yue at the same time, as if they were creatures with sentience.

The moon shone brightly in the sky, and the water rippled endlessly below. Amidst the hazy fog, the ferocious beast and the mighty Immortal were fighting each other with all their might, filling the void with rains of light. Sitting cross-legged on a cloud, Wu Qi could not help but take out a bag of spirit nuts, peel away their shells one by one, and eat them while watching the battle across the distance with his Chaotic Divine Eyes.

All of a sudden, he heard Reverend Yao Yue let out a miserable howl. The octagonal shield before him shattered, and dozens of light beams hit him like a storm, throwing him high up in the air. His chest was dotted with dozens of holes about the size of beans, and dark smoke came drifting out of them. Wu Qi even saw the skin on Reverend Yao Yue's chest quickly melt away like snow under the hot sun. The poisonous gas of the Green Dome Shark was too strong for Reverend Yao Yue's immortal body to resist.

He flew up into the sky as if he was fleeing. After repelling the enemy, the savage shark ignored the attacks from that beautiful jellyfish-like creature and the cold arrows that kept hitting its skin. It then sprung into the air, chasing after Reverend Yao Yue.

Quicker than words could tell, the jellyfish leaped onto the shark's body with eighteen tentacles spread wide. Electric currents bolted out of the tentacles as they fiercely grabbed the shark. Although they looked slim and soft, the tentacles were extremely tough. Like eighteen steel blades, they cut through the skin while the electric current charred the body. Gradually, the tentacles sunk into the shark's body.

The Green Dome Shark cried out in pain, but it had also aroused its savage nature. It soared into the sky as it opened its mouth to unleash vast streams of starlight and green gas, then shot towards Reverend Yao Yue like a huge firework.

With his jaws tightly clenched, Reverend Yao Yue kept flying higher into the sky. When he was several hundred miles high, he turned around and shouted, "It's time to strike, my fellow Immortals!"

As his voice echoed out, thirty-six Heaven Immortals who took their positions according to the Celestial Dippers rushed out at the same time and threw the nets in their hands into the sky. A complete darkness fell and veiled everything within one thousand miles. After that, with a wave of the flags in their hands, a chilly wind blew over the ocean while countless fiends emerged out of nowhere, all rushing fearlessly towards the shark.

The Heaven Immortals roared with laughter as they dashed into the darkness that was filled with the chilly wind.

'The formation is activated! Here comes the fun part!' thought Wu Qi as he rose to his feet excitedly.

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