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The shark let out a piercing cry. After being seriously injured and leaving the water for over two hours, it was at the end of its rope. Hovering in the air with its badly mutilated body, the shark fixed its eyes, shining with a dazzling starlight, at Reverend Yao Yue. It was ready to put up a desperate fight.

But, the moon and stars in the sky were veiled by the natural Yin energy that suddenly grew denser, causing the power of stars that once filled the void to reduce rapidly. No matter how the Green Dome Shark opened its mouth to inhale crazily, it could not absorb even a wisp of star power. With only little energy left in its body after being seriously injured by the Gold Immortal item, the shark was struck dumb and could not figure out why the power of the stars, which had always lingered around it at normal times, had vanished completely.

Reverend Yao Yue, whose chest had a big hole and body was drenched in blood, slowly descended from the sky. Staring at the shark, he laughed in a deep voice and said, "A beast is always a beast... Even though you are much stronger than me, you still have to bow your head before me! Hehe... You are full of priceless treasures… Do you know that? Especially your inner core!"

The Green Dome Shark took a deep breath, but the air quickly leaked out of its body from where it was torn. It was already considered extremely lucky to stay alive after suffering such a brutal attack from the Gold Immortal item. However, it had lost the last bit of strength to move, and the remaining energy in its body was slowly fading away, leaving its body with little blood remaining in its body.

The shark glared venomously at Reverend Yao Yue, when suddenly, a crisp cracking sound was heard coming out from inside of its body.

Reverend Yao Yue's face fell instantly. "Vile creature, how dare you!" he growled, "Spit out your inner core now and I'll spare you a life! If you dare to break it, I'll surely extract your soul, throw you into Hell, and make you suffer eternally!"

Even as he said that, the shark was slowly shrinking with strong starlight and green gases bursting out of its body. After losing the chance to put up a desperate fight, the ferocious shark flagrantly burned all of its blood essence so that it could kill Reverend Yao Yue with self-detonation. And, when it heard that Reverend Yao Yue's target was its inner core, this fellow actually mustered its last bit of energy and began to shatter the inner core, which was the toughest object in its body, and also the source of its power!

Hiding amidst the gusts of chill winds and plumes of dark smoke, Wu Qi glanced approvingly at the big fellow who would rather die than give out its inner core. 'Burn! Let all your blood essence burn! Shatter your inner core and burn it along with your blood essence!' The fact was, when the Green Dome Shark burned all the remaining energy in its body, the strength of its soul would reach an unprecedented peak. At that point in time, by shattering its fleshly body and extracting its soul, Wu Qi would obtain the perfect beast soul of the Green Dome Shark!

In addition, the sentience in the beast soul would be completely wiped out by the impact of the energy. A beast soul like this, who had lost its sentience but retained the ferocious instinct and the strong fighting will, was perfectly suitable to be the item spirit of an immortal item.

Wu Qi's face was twisting and slowly changing into the appearance of an old man as he rubbed his palms gently, between which was a faint flicker of chaotic light. Meanwhile, the Green Dome Shark continued to shrink rapidly, and soon, it was about ten thousand feet long. The light bursting out of its body was growing stronger, and gradually, a tiny shadow of Green Dome Shark, about one foot long, was taking shape above its head.

Reverend Yao Yue was so frantic that he nearly coughed up blood. "Please aid me, my fellow Immortals!" He shouted, "I'll pay you double! Kill this vile creature and bring me his inner core. We cannot let it self-detonate, or all of us will be in huge trouble!"

The self-detonation of an ordinary Nascent Divinity cultivator could destroy everything within one hundred miles. With its cultivation base at the same level as a top-tiered Heaven Immortal, if the shark self-detonated its fleshly body, it could produce an explosion powerful enough to shatter the stars in the sky. Although Reverend Yao Yue could teleport away in the blink of an eye by relying on his strong cultivation base, none of the thirty-six Heaven Immortals here could escape the massive explosion.

As Reverend Yao Yue's howl rang out, thirty-six panicked Heaven Immortals revealed themselves out of the black smokes, lifting their hands to throw thirty-six immortal swords at the Green Dome Shark, whose body was still shrinking rapidly. Then, they began to form hand incantation gestures and incant spells, unleashing immortal thunders shrouded in flame, water, cold air, or golden gleams, and making these thunders of various elements and power rain on the shark like a fierce storm.

The shark screamed incessantly, paying no attention to the attacks, and only focusing on the burning of its blood essence and the shattering of its inner core, getting ready to kill Reverend Yao Yue with self-detonation. The intelligence of these ancient species was rather weak before they cultivated their human forms. And now, this big fellow had its mind totally set on self-detonation, ignoring the fact that the attacks were ripping and splattering its flesh and blood in all directions.

Accompanied by its shrill cry, the shark's body became smaller and smaller, while the Heaven Immortals shrieked with fear. The smaller it became, the higher was the chance that it would explode at any time. Seeing that it had shrunk to less than a thousand feet in size, who could estimate when it would explode and claim the lives of all the people here?

Reverend Yao Yue ground his teeth so hard that blood was seeping out of them. "Vile creature, what a vile creature!" With the pointing of a finger, the pearl hovering above his head radiated a soft light, and he said furiously, "If you don't give me your inner core today... I'll... I'll not live either!"

Fuming with rage, he cupped the pearl with both palms, and then golden blood began to spray out of his hands, slowly injecting into the pearl like smoke. Nourished by his blood essence, the pearl gradually shrunk just like the Green Dome Shark. In just less than a few seconds, his face had turned pale as a corpse and his body trembled. Soon, the pearl was compressed to the size of a bowl, and radiated out brilliant rays that Wu Qi could not stare at even with his Chaotic Divine Eyes.

The shark fixed a withering glare on the man, and the man stared at the shark with wide eyes. They were like lovers who had just reunion after ten thousand reincarnations, looking at each other so deeply as if they wanted to imprint each other's appearance deep in their souls.

Meanwhile, the thirty-six Heaven Immortals continued to shout wildly, hacking and slicing the shark's body with their immortal swords while showering it with immortal thunders. The fierce attacks caused the shark to bleed profusely, but it did not make a sound and just kept glaring at Reverend Yao Yue.

Wu Qi nodded and pulled the turtle shell out of his chest. A wisp of mist shot out of his fingertip and slowly fused into the shell. He had just ordered the Oracles and soldiers under Mount Moon Gazing to strike. With Reverend Yao Yue's attention fully attracted by the Green Dome Shark, it was indeed the perfect moment to strike!

The shark took a deep breath. Its body was compressed to just over ten feet long and wrapped in a dense clump of smoke and gleam, the color being a mixture of silver and green, and was being constantly absorbed by the shark. On the other hand, the pearl above Reverend Yao Yue's head was shrunk to the size of a thumb, losing all its gleam, with only a hazy fog swirling around it, which made it look fuzzy.

A pale green spirit pearl, the size of a fist and covered with cracks, slowly emerged out of the shark's head. It was the shark's inner core. Although it had tried its best, but as it was seriously injured, the Green Dome Shark had failed to completely shatter the inner core. So, it simply brought the core out of its body, preparing to use it as a magical treasure. It was determined for an internecine outcome.

Reverend Yao Yue stared fixedly at the inner core, then gritted his teeth and bellowed, "You've damaged my treasure! Vile creature, you deserve to die a million times!"

But, before his voice could fade, a golden cicada the size of a thumb suddenly flew out of his belt. Its thin wings rapidly brushed against each other and produced a strange whistle that sounded sharp and unpleasant. He was instantly startled and nearly coughed up a mouthful of blood. He had only given the cicada to his descendants, a communication device to be used in times of crisis, and only he knew the meaning of such a sharp cry - a formidable foe was attacking the mountain, and the sect was at the brink of complete destruction!

"Who is so bold to attack Mount Moon Gazing?" He howled at the top of his voice.

Taking the opportunity that Reverend Yao Yue had lost his composure, Wu Qi rushed out of his hiding place. He was too lazy to even look at those lower-tiered Heaven Immortals. With both hands locked into a strange incantation gesture that looked like a ram's horn, he struck Reverend Yao Yue hard in the back. Flickers of flame darted out of his fingertips and went into Reverend Yao Yue's back in just a flash. Reverend Yao Yue howled miserably, his backbone nearly broken by the sudden attack, while a powerful energy rushed into his body and interrupted the flow of immortal energy inside him.

"Thank you for hunting down the Green Dome Shark for me! I'll take this precious treasure away now!" Wu Qi faked a hoarse voice and gave a strange laugh.

Reverend Yao Yue let out a furious roar as he unleashed a sword beam backhandedly that pierced the foreheads of all thirty-six Heaven Immortals in an instant. Then, a harsh spell spewed out of his mouth, and the bodies of thirty-six Heaven Immortals exploded with a boom. It was as if they had mustered all their immortal energies and immortal soul, concentrating all their strength to self-detonate.

Amidst the explosion, Reverend Yao Yue turned into a beam of light and shot up to the sky. "I'll definitely pay you back a thousand times for today's enmity!"

As soon as he said that, his body flickered and he vanished in the next moment. He had fled away using the teleportation technique. The enormous energy which Wu Qi thrust into his body a moment ago was obediently flowing through his body with the teleportation technique, allowing him to easily traverse a great distance.

Staring at Reverend Yao Yue, who had been seriously wounded but had escaped, Wu Qi muttered under his breath, "Run, run as fast as you can! Mm… Help me make sure that none of those guys have secretly taken possession of your belongings!"

With a strange laugh, Wu Qi swung his hands and shattered the waves of air caused by the explosion of thirty-six Heaven Immortals, then thrust his fist towards the dumbfounded Green Dome Shark. The fist landed right in the shark's head, crushing its badly mutilated body into pieces.

After grabbing the shark's soul with one swift motion, when Wu Qi was about to throw his head back and laugh, he suddenly sensed a suffocating pressure approaching him. His expression immediately changed. "Damn it! A Gold Immortal?"

Having no time to give the beast soul a careful examination, Wu Qi hastily transformed into a wisp of smoke and slipped away.

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