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The army was closing in. Princess Zhang Le frowned as she swiftly picked up a few blank identity certificates which had been prepared on the table. Then, a five-colored divine ray shot out of her body like a tide, rolling up Catfish and the others. The void around them shook suddenly, sending out a tremendously powerful shockwave that forced blood out of those Heaven Immortals' noses and mouths. In a flash, the princess and her company had teleported away.

A burst of cracking noises echoed out. The divine ray had pierced a large hole in all three layers of energy barriers that encompassed the entire Registration Office, causing them to shatter in the next moment. A shower of light filled the sky as all the Immortals and soldiers of Great Yu witnessed Princess Zhang Le turning into a five-colored rainbow and disappearing into the distant sky. The divine ray flew at an incredible speed, such that even the teleporting divine ability of Immortals could not outperform it.

Li Qinghua let out a wail of rage. Without hesitation, he shot into the sky with dozens of Heaven Immortals around him, all turning into beams of light as they flew toward the direction where Princess Zhang Le had gone. However, when they were only one mile into the pursuit, the hundreds of Immortals who had been caught unprepared by Princess Zhang Le's sudden attack unleashed their attacks at them at the same time. Hundreds of immortal swords came flying down with an immense coldness, while numerous immortal thunders rained down like a raging storm.

"How presumptuous! Do you know who I am? I am the Young Master of Myriad Immortal Alliance!" Li Qinghua bellowed angrily.

The Immortal officers who attacked were frozen in action. Soon, the immortal swords were flying back to their masters one after another, while the falling thunderbolts had their tips forcibly turned and made to land hard on a distant hill. Loud rumble rang out as these thunderbolts exploded and vanished dozens of hills into nothingness. One of the immortal officers with the highest rank snapped, "Are you really the Young Master of Myriad Immortal Alliance? It is a misunderstanding then!"

Li Qinghua snorted coldly, then waved his hand and shot straight toward the direction where Princess Zhang Le had gone with dozens of Heaven Immortals around him. But, he was then stopped again, this time by some shadows that suddenly flashed in front of him. In a blink of an eye, the shadows turned into dozens of heavily armored Great Yu captains, their bodies shrouded in roiling white or gray energy barriers. It was clear that they had broken some bone talismans and were ready to fight.

A captain clad in a golden armor and having two maces in his hands came before Li Qinghua. "The Young Master of Myriad Immortal Alliance? Well, we were worried that we couldn't find you!" said the captain with a cold grin as he looked at Li Qinghua up and down. "Hey, you better leave with me right now. There are many things we need answers from you, or rather, the Myriad Immortal Alliance!"

Li Qinghua's face distorted with the desire to kill. Pointing at the captain, he shouted angrily, "Impudence! Do you know who I am?"

The gold-armored captain sneered, "I thought you had told everyone that you are the Young Master of Myriad Immortal Alliance? Don't you know that thirty percent of all the wanted circulars issued by Great Yu are related to your alliance? We were worried that we couldn't find any of your high-ranking people, and now you have brought yourself to us!"

"Hoo-haa!" The tens of thousands of Great Yu soldiers who had surrounded the Registration Office erupted into a loud roar at the same time, the tips of their blades and spears were jutting upward like an iron forest. Hundreds of Oracles were floating above these soldiers and forming an offensive formation that was shaped like a crab, while each of them was crushing bone talismans and casting all sorts of defensive spells on the soldiers.

Dozens of gigantic crossbows had their bowstrings stretched taut by hundreds of soldiers, and special alloy arrows, each as thick as an arm, had been placed on the strings and ready to be fired. With their tips aiming at Li Qinghua and the other Immortals of Myriad Immortal Alliance, these powerful weapons were sending forth an immense killing intent that made the weakest Immortals shudder. They instinctively perceived that death was at hand.

A formation consisting of ten thousand human soldiers was strong enough to kill a lower-tier Gold Immortal. Although Li Qinghua was surrounded by many Heaven Immortals, the strongest among them was merely a seventeenth tier Heaven Immortal. So, how could they have the courage to fight against such a formidable army? One of the old Heaven Immortals, who was close at Li Qinghua's side, cried in a low voice, "My Lord, we should leave quickly."

Li Qinghua was stunned. He took a deep look at the heavily armored captain standing in front of him, then suddenly said with a cold grin, "Well, as someone who is as lowly as an ant, you do have guts! I'll keep you in mind for certain! Pray that you do not bump into me in the future!" He finished that with a strange laugh. Abruptly, a blue immortal item shaped like a shuttle leaped out from the top of his head, which quickly transformed into a one-hundred-feet long flying ship. Upon making its appearance, the ship shot out a beam of blue light and pulled Li Qinghua, as well as the dozens of Immortals around him into its belly. Then, it turned into a dazzling blue ray and shot through the air, vanishing in the blink of an eye.

But, how could these captains of Great Yu allow Li Qinghua to make his escape so easily? Dozens of flying ships that took the shape of the dragon came flying out of the immortal pass officially set up by Great Yu. The soldiers were springing up in the air to board the ships, so they could hunt down Li Qinghua and his company.

But then, the immortal officers sent by the Heaven suddenly descended together, and a few of them held the golden-armored captain off. A vague immortal energy had locked down the surrounding void and slowed down the movement of the human soldiers, causing them to fly at a speed not faster than a snail. They could never board the ships at such a speed. With these immortal officers disrupting the void, it had become impossible for the captains who were stationed here to continue the pursuit.

The captain in golden armor flew into a rage as he pointed a finger at the immortal officers and snapped, "What are you doing? How dare you! Those from Myriad Immortal Alliance are officially wanted by Great Yu!"

All the immortal officers responded only with a false smile on their faces. They did not provide any explanation, nor did they allow these captains and soldiers to board the flying ships smoothly and pursue Li Qinghua. It was obvious that they were just stirring up the already muddy water. Though the captain was extremely angry, but there was nothing he could do to them.

Each of the major teleportation formation on Pangu Continent was extremely important, so both the Heaven and the Great Yu authorities had sent appropriate personnel to guard them. The so-called appropriate personnel meant that both sides were equal in overall strength, and once there was a conflict, it would be an internecine outcome. The number of Immortals and Great Yu's military power here was exactly equal. Therefore, when these Immortals were deliberately obstructing Great Yu's military operation, the army would not be able to be mobilized.

Just as the two sides confronted each other, the five-colored divine ray which Princess Zhang Le had transformed into had already traveled hundreds of millions of miles away. On the other hand, the blue shuttle-shaped flying ship that Li Qinghua used was a rare treasure. It was crafted by his father, the Master of Myriad Immortal Alliance, using the body of a Blue Luan [1] which could fly with an extremely fast speed, and some other rare materials. The item spirit was the soul of the Blue Luan. The ship could fly at a speed of more than one hundred times the speed of an ordinary Immortal when using teleporting divine ability. It was a great treasure for Li Qinghua to keep himself safe.

It was true that Princess Zhang Le's five-colored divine ray was very magical, as she could fly hundreds of millions of miles away in just a flash. But, Li Qinghua's flying ship could fly even faster than that. Also, as she was fleeing, she had to use her own energy to protect Catfish and the others. On the other hand, Li Qinghua had dozens of Immortals who could take turns in fueling the flying ship with their energy. Because of all these factors, in just six hours later, Li Qinghua was less than one hundred miles behind Princess Zhang Le.

Princess Zhang Le frowned as she looked over her shoulder at the blue light approaching from behind. The natural energy was constantly pouring into her body to replenish her energy, which was depleting very quickly because of the high-speed fleeing. However, there was always a limit to one's energy, and as her cultivation base was not as strong as the few old Immortals who came with Li Qinghua, her speed was reduced gradually, but the speed of the flying ship was getting faster.

A cold gleam flashed across Princess Zhang Le's eyes as she waved her hands. Immediately, a dark cloud stretching hundreds of miles in circumference emerged in the sky behind her. Forks of lightning poked out from it, and were followed by deafening thunderclaps that shook the land. Dozens of mountains trembled violently amidst the thunderclaps, and the tremendous force brought up some huge boulders in the air, hurling them up into the sky like a reverse meteor shower.

As the flying ship plunged headlong into the area covered by the dark cloud, Princess Zhang Le intoned a few words of incantation. All of a sudden, the dark cloud was kindled and turned into a flaming cloud that poured streams of crimson flame down. It was as if some heavenly river had just broken through its dam. Amidst the sea of fire, there were also countless red thunderbolts that were as thick as water tanks, which smashed down viciously like some living beings, all landing on the flying ship.

The cloud rolled over and swallowed the flying ship.

The temperature of the flame was so incredibly high that dozens of mountains on the ground had been slowly melting, causing large amounts of lava to flow down from them. The rivers and lakes were all scorched, and the land within one hundred miles had turned into a lava hell. The temperature around the flying ship was rising rapidly, while the once blue flying ship had been coated with a faint layer of red glow.

The flame and thunderbolts came crashing on the flying ship, producing a deafening explosion and powerful shockwave that ripped the land below with numerous rifts. Each of the thunderbolts shattered on the ship and made it sway violently. Loud cries of alarm could be heard coming from within the ship. Li Qinghua and his company never thought that Princess Zhang Le could have such a magical divine ability. On top of that, the many Immortals in the flying ship were shocked to find that when the ship broke into this cloud of fire, they could no longer access the natural energy, and it was much difficult for them to fight back with immortal spells.

With her innate divine ability, the five-colored divine ray, Princess Zhang Le had isolated the natural energy from this part of the void, depriving the rights of using natural energy from those Immortals in the flying ship. If it were some ordinary cultivators being trapped here, they could never cast any spell in the area covered by the cloud of fire.

But, Li Qinghua had a few senior Heaven Immortals with him, who had accumulated a significant amount of energy in their bodies. Although they could not utilize the natural energy, these Heaven Immortals could still directly use the immortal energy in their bodies to cast powerful immortal spells.

A beam of white light shot out from the flying ship, amidst which, an ancient-looking great axe materialized purely with immortal energy was gradually taking shape. As it appeared, colorful thunderballs the size of a fist began to emerge around the axe. When there was a total of three hundred and sixty thunderballs, a faint cry was heard coming out from the flying ship. Abruptly, the great axe shot toward Princess Zhang Le's back, while the three hundred and sixty thunderballs pierced whistling through the air and smashed toward Princess Zhang Le and her company like a fierce shower.

Princess Zhang Le reached out her palm and snapped, "Break!"

Following her cry, a space about ten feet in circumference behind her collapsed and shattered abruptly, and the great axe flew right into it, disappearing without a trace. As the collapsed void was healing rapidly, three hundred sixty thunderballs slammed brutally onto the divine ray of five-colors that had her protected within.

Rapid sounds of explosion went on and on, and each of the explosion made Princess Zhang Le's energy barrier tremble, pushing her and her company hundreds of miles forward. By the time all three hundred and sixty thunderballs had depleted, her energy barrier had become so shattered that it had almost vanished. Princess Zhang Le, with blood dripping off the corner of her lip, had no more strength to flee.

The flying ship shot up and was about to stop before Princess Zhang Le and her company.

At that very moment, Gold Horn and Silver Horn roared together as they suddenly transformed into two Dragon Pythons of Fire and Ice, each having a body stretching three thousand feet long.

Gold Horn held everyone in hand and sped away, while Silver Horn was wheeling behind, threatening the flying ship that was coming from behind.

The brothers spread their wings and suddenly transformed into two beams of light that pierced through the clouds, traversing thousands of miles in the blink of an eye. A furious roar came from the flying ship as it turned into a beam of blue light once again and chased behind Gold Horn and Silver Horn.

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